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"Farfala!" king Butan's voice rung across the great hall as his eldest daughter ran towards the great black beast before her. "Farfala get back here!"

"Please daddy! let him go!" grabbing Farfala around the waist, Jayden Lady Lillian's brother pulled the struggling girl away. "No! Jayden! Don't do this! Please! He's just a baby!"

"please stop this Farfala, you know how your father is, he'll send you away, and i cant loose you." Jayden urgently whispered in Farfala's ear as tears streamed down her face.

"i cant let him die Jayden, Bane reminds so much of him.and im all he has, please Jayden you have to help me save him, he's just a baby" Jayden looked into the tortured green eyes of his love, and saw the determination hidden there "if you stop me from saving him, ill never forgive you." defeated he lessened his grip. immediately Farfala pushed away from Jayden breaking his hold and raced towards Bane, the black dragon she had been secretly raising, Jayden's short sword griped in her hand, with out pause she turned the blade over and hit one of the guards over the head with the flat side of the sword causing him to drop to the ground unconscious. now only held down by one guard Bane jerked the chain out of his hands stepping protectively in front of farfala who was in a state of shock at what she had just done.

"YOU STUPID GIRL!" her fathers voice rang across the hall, bringing her out of her state of shock.

"If anyone in this hall is stupid its you! you are destroying our world by trying to get revenge for an ACCIDENT that happened 19 years ago!"

"GET OUT OF MY KINGDOM! AND NEVER COME BACK!" Butan was outraged at his daughters defiance. Bane who was still fending off the guards let out an ear spliting shriek, which caused everyone in the throne room but Farfala to collapse to the ground with their hands clasped over their ears. when he stopped, everyone stayed on the ground, trying to clear their heads, turning the the king who was kneeling on the ground in front of his throne he said in a voice centuries old

"You have maid a grave mistake, Queen Cynthia and sir Max's death was an accident, as my kind has been trying to tell you, we have repeatedly tried to once again extend the hand of friendship to you and your people and you have repeatedly refused to stop the slaughter, you will even go as far as exiling your daughter, your own flesh and blood just to be able to continue this hate you hold for us, so i tell you this, We will no longer try to fix the riff between our people through friendship , as of now we are going to war, my mothers last words to me were this 'you can not help the blind see if they refuse to believe that light exsists' you sir are blind, and your daughter is the light and you have refused to see that." tears still streaming down her face Farfala climbed onto bane's back, without another glance Bane turned to leave, Farfala looked over her shoulder and what she saw was heart breaking, her father, still kneeling on the ground was looking at her with such hate she was sure if he could kill her with just a thought that she would be dead at this very moment, next she saw Jayden, who was looking at her as if she had personally driven a stake into his heart, she had been betrothed to Jayden since birth, that had never bothered her though because as children they were best friends and at the age of 15 she had realized that she loved him. to see such a look on his face was torture, but even worse was the look of pure satisfaction on Pantan's - Farfala's 19 year old sister - face.

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There are several punctuational errors here, and grammatical ones as well (lack of capital leters, i should be I) other than that, this seems fairly interesting.

Fri, October 14th, 2011 4:45pm


i was hurredly writing it on my lunch break sorry, im also just horrid with the whole punctuation/grammar thing, but ill go back through when i have a moment and fix it up

Fri, October 14th, 2011 5:53pm

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