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Chapter 1 (v.1) - EYES OF SILVER

Submitted: September 13, 2013

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Submitted: September 13, 2013



Chapter 1

The sky was luminous for a second , as the lightning flashed over the landscape , giving the impression of day. The air was misty and the scent of despair rode along it , the window was now  silhouetted with dew and the view of the the valley had vanished but the emptiness in my soul remained . . . until I saw her.

I've never seen her before , her eyes were hazel and they looked beautiful with her shimmering hair , her face was like and angel and she seemed to make me feel feelings I've never felt before . I stared at her through the misty window as my heart beated against it . It turns out she and her family had just moved in and already I was in love with her.

She was effortlessly beautiful. Her long blonde hair waved and caressed her body in a way that made me envy hair in a way I never have before. Her deep emerald green view took over my soul and wrapped itself around my heart. As she occasionally looked towards me, I longed for that single moment where she looked back at me as well. And for that split second of pure bliss and perfected joy, our eyes would meet, and what I perceived in my mind as a mutual attraction became stronger with each and every passing moment we shared our gaze. I found myself questioning everything else I thought about the ideas of love and beauty. I imagined a idealistic scenario where she would be mine and I would be contempt and in complete ecstasy as I held her close to me with a typical sunset in the background. Perhaps on a beach, even. We would hear the sounds of the waves crashing; feel the cool water beneath our feet; and she would pull my face to her lips as I pulled her body closer to mine.

All of this raced through my mind as she looked at me for those 3 and a half seconds, and I realized, depending all on me, that this could be the start of something grand. Maybe this time she could be more than what I want, but what I need.I moved away from the freezing glass and sat in the cushiony couch in front of the dusty fireplace,eyes battling against sleep but in the end the battle was lost and dreams of her arose. The dreams were beautiful, she was there her face against mine and her warmth submerged my body into her sweet essense but the warmth didn't seem to last long because I was awoken by an elderly voice shouting "Carlos,Carlos,it's time for school"shouted my sixty something year old grandmother , Aunt Dorothy, who was my guardian since my mom and dad died in a car crash when I was 10 approximately six years ago."Hey,get up"! shouted Aunt Dorothy, this time with a little more force. I sprinted up to the bathroom , stripped down and took a flashy shower and brushed my teeth.I wrapped the towel tightly around my kinda muscular body and ran into my room and jumped into my sky blue uniform and put on my jet black shoes, then slid down into the kitchen swallowed a piece of toast and kissed grandma goodbye and halfway through the door popped a mint into my mouth. While standing outside waiting on the tartar yellow bus, I saw her , her blonde hair blowing in the wind and her skin sparkled in the sun light , then it hit me, she was wearing the same blue uniform like I was , she was attending Alcrois Academy !She was just standing there all dressed in blue and occasionally glancing at me , I couldn't help but blush then the bus came and the hectic day began.She came on the bus after me but we didn't get the same seat,the bullies , Greg and Raj, had already started the daily wedging of the nerds and every five minutes you would hear one of their screams ring throughout the ugly bus followed by the thunderous laughing of Greg.The drive was bumpy but it wasn't long before we arrived in front of the big green gates where the bus dropped us off and before I stepped through those doors I told myself " Here we go again".

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