A Soul of a Champion

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I remember hearing the crowd roar full of excitment and cheer, I remember looking straight ahead towards the finish line, I remember the cold air blowing in my face, I remember seeing the other jockey's beside me falling behind, I remember thinking of myself in the winner's circle with my horse Grace with a patch of flowers on her back and me holding the trophy. I could hear nothing but the beating of my racing heart and the ground shaking beneath me. Grace and I were running our last in the horserace coming around the corner, the crowd roar louder as they stood up on their feet seeing us pass the finish line. Grace and I started to come to a halt as my hand's gently pulled back and then she came to a complete stop I lifted my hands and smiled, we stood in the winner's circle and I got off Grace and placed a patch of flowers on her back she neighed in excitment and she was proud as I kissed her nose and then stood there with the trophy in my hand and a smile on my face.That day was the most greatest day of my life. Grace and I had such a bond that nothing can tear us apart,a bond that grew into trust that became a friendship.

Over the past several years I grew up, When I turned 12 years old that was the day that I met Grace my horse. It was early in the morning, My mother went upstairs came into my room and woke me up. " Sarah Blackheart, Wake up sweety. " Your Dad is in the barn and Beauty is having a baby." When I heard my mother say that Beauty was having a baby my eyes shot open and I jumped out of bed with a smile on my face as my mother watched me put on my shoes and housecoat and ran downstairs and out the door I went and headed to the barnhouse. As I ran to the barnhouse the door was opened and I heard my dad talking to Beauty as she was in labor, my dad turned his head and saw me as I approached the stable I looked over and saw Beauty and she was breathing very heavy through her nose. " Daddy, why is she breathing like that?' I asked my dad turned to me and smiled "Because she is in labor and the baby will be coming soon." My dad looked at Beauty and saw that she was getting close to delivery. " Come on Beauty, it's time to push." my dad said Beauty looked at my dad and started to neigh as she started pushing.

I experienced such a wonderful thing, seeing a baby horse be born when I saw the baby colt came out it had some kind of fluid on it and my dad took off the slimy fluid stuff that was on the baby horse. Than the baby started to try and stand up, the mother horse licked the baby horse and I smiled at my dad,then I came into the stable and stood by my dad as we watched the baby horse stand on it's feet and fell back down.I giggled as my dad chuckled and that was the first time when I met my beautiful horse named Grace. My mother came out and stood beside us as we watched Beauty eat her hay and the baby colt flickered her tail as it drank the mother's milk. My mother, father and I headed back to the house my father and I sat down at the dinnertable as my mother set the food on the table. "Shall we say the blessing." my mother said as she sat down and looked at me and my dad as she took our hands. Me,my mother and father bowed our heads and prayed "Dear Heavenly Father, we are gathered here today, and we give you praise glory and honor for everything that you've done and we thank you for this beautiful glorious day that we have been given." "Amen."

Several years have passed by, I'm living on my own ranch and my dog Maggie she is a black and white collie early in the morning before dawn she would follow me and Grace when we would go for a morning run out in the fields. Grace grew up from a colt to a beautiful throughbred she has beautiful brown coat and black hair I've been training her over the years Grace and I have created such a bond that can never be broken and we developed a beautiful friendship. Earlier in the morning, I woke up at 6:00 am and I got dressed and poured me some fresh coffee and then I walked outside and went to get the newspaper that was lying on the ground than I went back inside. My dog Maggie was lying down in her bed wagging her tail as she looked at me and I sat down and looked a the newspaper. When I was searching through the newspaper I saw someone had posted that there was going to be a horserace. I was really excited I looked over at Maggie. "Hey Maggie, how would you like for me and Grace to be in a horserace?" Maggie barked and wagged her tail, I smiled and walked over and rubbed her head.

Suddenly, I heard Grace neighing out in the barn I looked out the window and smiled, after my breakfast I ran upstairs and packed my bags as my dog followed me she lied down on the bed as I started packing."Maggie, me and Grace are going to North America." Moments later I got my bags packed and we headed to North America I was driving in a truck and pulling a trailer behind. We stopped along the way we stayed at a hotel because we were both getting tired and we needed to get alot of rest before the race. Later that afternoon we arrived in North America and we settled in and got everything ready for the race me and my horse Grace went to the horserace track and I gave Grace a bath. As I was cleaning Grace and giving her a bath she started neighing and I laughed, "You like that don't ya? " After her bath I put her back into her stable and started rubbing on her and I gave her a carrot, "Are you ready to race?' I asked Grace and she started neighing. "Are you nervous," I said as I looked at Grace she didn't say anything." You know we've won three races in three years, you think we can make it a forth." Grace neighed with confidence.

Later that night, I went to my bedroom and got changed into my pj's, and I reached into my bag and pulled out my necklace my mother gave me when I was younger that was the last thing that she gave me before she died. My father gave me five hundred dollars in savings account to get me to live my dreams and to get me to be where I needed in my life. My mother and father were such great parents and if they were alive I know they would be out there in the crowd cheering me on, and they would be so proud of me that I came this far and never gave up. I remember the day when I was last with my mother and father, I was only 15 years old and I ran upstairs when I came home from school hearing my mother wasn't doing very good. I opened the door and saw my mother her eyes were dark and her face was pale, my father was sitting with his head down praying and I heard the last thing she said after she passed, "My daughter, I love you and I will always be with you." Several years ago, my father killed himself.

After staring at the ceiling lying on my bed thinking of my mother and father I signed and closed my eyes as I lied there and fell to sleep. Hours later I woke up I couldn't think of nothing but my mother and father all I could think was that I had to get my head straight because tommrrow I was going to have a big day in the race with my horse Grace. I sat up in my bed and looked down at my dog Maggie she got up and jumped on my bed and lied down next to me. I thought to myself that I couldn't let what was happening get in the way of what was to come tommrrow I had to put it behind me and try to get some sleep. I got out of bed and walked to the bathroom, and opened the bathroom mirrow cabnet and took some medicine to help me sleep. Than I walked back to my bedroom and lied down. That night I had a dream unlike any dream I have every had it seemed so vivid. I was walking to my house and I didn't know where I was going or what I was doing there. I ended up swinging on the swing at my house and I saw my mother I started to cry."Mother I miss you so much, I am very proud of you and I'll always be watching over you, I love you Sarah."

The next morning, I woke up and got out of my bed and got dressed into my jockey outfit I wore white pants and a shirt with yellow strips on it and then I put my shoes on and got my whip and helmet and headed out the door. I went to my horse's stable and she saw me walking up to her she was excited she neighted I came up to her and gave her a carrot."Are you ready for the final race?" I asked Grace as I rubbed the side of her face she snickered. I saddled Grace and got on her and headed towards the track, "Come on, Grace let's show them what we're made of?" There were alot of horses there lining up at the gate of the starting line we approached the gate and I looked over to my left and to my right seeing the other horses and their owners getting ready for the gates to open. I tightened my hands on the reins my heart started pounding and I got into postition getting ready to take off. My horse Grace looked at me and snickered I saw the way she looked at me and I nodded my head in agreement that no matter if we win or lose at least we never gave up.

I was looking straight ahead getting ready to take my postition as I we all heard the man announce over the speaker. "Are you ready?" "Set, Go!" the bell dinged as the gates opened and we all started running around the track several times. I could hear the people cheering the arena was extremely loud the only thing I was focusing on was the race. When it came down to the last and final race I leaned over to Grace's ear and whispered in her ear saying" Grace let's show em what we got." Grace ran faster and faster we were going by all the other horses when I looked behind and when I looked back in front of me another horse ran into me and Grace the thing next I knew I fell to the ground and I was being trampled by three other horses not knowing what happened to Grace. As the other horses ran by the crowd stood up and gasped as they saw the accident. I was lying on the ground not being able to move I was in such pain as for my horse Grace I don't know what happened to her, everything stopped. The Paramedics came out and a ambulance followed right behind them and they gently picked me up and set me on the stretcher as I was being rushed to the hospital.

That was the last thing I remember, All I could hear was people talking and feeling the most horrible pain I could ever have felt. The doctor's said that I had broken some rubs, I had a concussion but it wasn't severe and my leg was so damaged they had to do surgery. My eyes slowly opened up I looked up and saw the ceiling than I looked over and saw the window and I remember hearing a heart monitor I looked down and saw I had an IV in my arm I was on oxygen to help me breath I was in horrible shape, I was in a coma for several weeks after I woke up the doctor came in and sat down next to me, "Doctor, what happened to me?" she looked at me and put her hand on mine." Ms. Sarah, you were in a horserace accident. You lost your balance and fell off your horse and was trampled by three other horses you were in such a horrible condition that we never thought you would have made it." The ambulance told us that they nearly lost you on the way here to the hosptial."

Tears started to dwell in my eyes and all I think of was my horse. "Where's Grace? What happened to her?" I asked the doctor. "Sweetheart, I'm sorry but after you fell Grace tripped and broken her cannon bone and she was in such bad shape they had to put her down, I'm very sorry." What! No. No. No." Oh, Grace!" That day, I realized I was struggling and dealing with the loss of a great Champion and a part of myself I never thought I would be able to accept. Weeks later, the hosptial released me and the race was over I went back and packed my bags and went home. When I arrived home, I went inside the house and sat down and started crying and my dog Maggie jumped on the couch and lied down beside me. "Maggie, I don't understand who's ever going to want me like this, who will ever accept me the way I am now." As the days went by I constantly struggled with what had happened I walked outside and walked to the barn I opened the barn and there was nothing there...nothing but silence that filled the place.I walked over to where Grace's stable use to be and cried.

Months went by, Everyday it became harder and harder for me to cope with what happened to me and how I was going to be able to accept the way I was. I wasn't the same after the accident, I wasn't myself, and at night I wouldn't sleep much, my eyes would become dark, I would feel depressed and I would blame myself for the accident, I would stress out because I have lost a great friend. I went to Counseling and I lied down on this couch at first I wouldn't say anything to her most of the time I would twittle my fingers and look at the clock." Ms. Blackheart!" the counsler said Are you listening?" I heard what she said but I wasn't paying attention. "Ms. Blackheart," she raised her voice I looked at her." I'm sorry, this isn't helping me I don't have time for this. sorry for wasting your time." And then I got up and left as I started lumping out the door and walked out of the building, and headed towards my car. I got into my car and started feeling angry I yelled out in frustration hitting my hand on the steering wheel and started crying all I could think of was this wasn't helping me and I didn't know how it was going to get better.

I went back home and shut the front door and went into the kitchen and opened the fridgerator and tried to find something to eat. I looked and couldn't find anything and my stomach was growling, my dog came up to me and I looked down at her and rubber her head."Good girl," I was so tired and I had to sleep somehow at least try to get some rest so, I walked to the living room and lied down on the couch. All of a sudden I heard someone talking outside my dog Maggie heard it and she ran out the door I ran after her calling her name and I stopped when I saw a young man get out of his moving van and my dog Maggie ran over to him. "Maggie, get back here!" I said as I ran over to him and he looked up at me with his baby blue eyes and smiled. "I'm so sorry." I told the stranger. Don't worry about it." the young man said with a gentle voice as he took out his hand and shook mine. "My name is Ben Hunter. It was very nice meeting you Ben, I'm sorry about my dog." I replied. It's alright," Ben said. Did you just move here recently?" I asked. "Yes I have." My name is Sarah." Nice to meet you, Sarah." Well, I'll see you later." I said.

Later that afternoon, I went outside and sat down on the porch swing and started reading my Bible. As I was reading suddenly I heard a noise I looked up and saw Ben riding a beautiful black horse with blonde hair. I was surprised I walked over to watch him ride his horse in the yard around the barrels. After I saw him riding around the barrels Ben saw me and came to the fence, "Good afternoon." He said. Hi Ben, are you in the rodeo? I asked. I'll be riding in the barrel compition this weekend." Ben replied Wow! That's great." I've won 2 years in the barrel compititon." Really?' If you would like to you can come with me and cheer me on at the compititon." Sure,I'll be there." It will be at the fair grounds here in town." I'll be there cheering for you." Good." You know my brother Harry is coming this afternoon, He's going to stay until Friday and watch me in the compition, he'll be here shortly if you want to meet him." Sure." I replied as Ben got off his horse and we both headed towards barn house. "How long have you been in the Barrel comptition?" I've been doing for a couple of years." Ben said as he unsaddled his horse.

You must be riding horses all your life." I said as I helped him unsaddle his horse." You must know alot about horse uh?' Ben asked "I really don't want to talk about it." I'm sorry." It's okay," Thanks for helping me unsaddle my horse." You welcome." Ben and I stood near each other and stared into each other's eyes and he placed his hand on my side and I wrapped my arms around his neck, as we slowly leaned in and kissed each other on the lips. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do that." No. it's my fault well, I better get back to the house." I said as I started walking and Ben grabbed my hand." Sarah wait, I was wondering if maybe we can have dinner tonight at my place." Ben asked. I looked back at him seeing his beautiful blue eyes and smiled."I would like that." Okay, I'll see you tonight." I headed back to my house went into my room and got myself ready to go on a date and I was very nervous I was afraid I didn't know what I was going to do. I looked over at the clock as I put on my shoes and I feed and watered my dog before I left and then I headed over to Ben's house

I arrived at Ben's house the lights were on and I saw Ben setting the table and making sure everything was going to be perfect. I took a deep breath as I closed my eyes and exhaled very slowly as my hands felt sweaty reaching the door knob. Suddenly the door opened and there stood Ben with a surprised look on his face.'Wow! you look beautiful, come in." Ben said as I stepped into his house and he shut the door behind me. "It's beautiful." I replied looking around the house and then I walked into the kitchen and saw a candlelight dinner and walked up to the table as Ben pulled out the chair and I sat down and then he went to go and sit down in his chair."Ben I thank you so much for inviting me over for dinner." I said as I smiled He took my hand and looked into my eyes and replied Sarah, I am glad you came." And then We bowed our heads and we started to say grace over the food and than we started eating, we had steak,corn,green peas and salad." After dinner was over I looked over at Ben and smiled."Thank you Ben the food was amazing," Of course, I enjoyed the company."

I started to leave and I headed out the door." Sarah, for your safty can I walk you to your house." I chuckled a little bit and smiled. "Ben my house is just right next door." I know but I want to make sure your safe." I looked at him and said "Yes, Ben you can take me Home." Ben grabbed his jacket and we headed out the door and started walking back to my house, we held each other's hand until we got to the entrance of the house and I took out my keys and looked at Ben." Ben I really enjoyed spending time with you." I said and without warning Ben grabbed me and pulled me closer to him and kissed me passionately on the lips, I pressed my lips against his and kissed him back at the same time. We stopped and looked at each other and stared into each other eyes and smiled and I blushed he took my hand and kissed it." I'll see you later."Ms. Blackheart." Ben said as he turned and headed back home, See you later, Ben." I whispered under my breath and then I turned to the door and unlocked it and as I went inside I shut the door and locked it with a big smile on my face.

Later that night, I started to go to bed and the telephone rang. "Hello." I said as I sat on my bed as I was rubbing my dog's head. "Hey it's Ben." Hi!" How are you doing?" I'm good how about you." I'm great, listen I was wondering tommrrow my brother is coming and we'll be heading to the rodeo if you want to come with us." What time?" My brother won't be here until tommrrow morning, so we'll be leaving tommrrow afternoon and the show will be starting tommrrow night." Okay, what time do you want me to be there at your house." 10:00 am." Okay I'll see you there." Alright see you then." Ben said. And then I hung up the phone and lied down in my bed and fell asleep. Later the next morning, my alarm clock didn't go off it was 10:30 am I woke up and looked at my alarm and hurried to get dressed because I was already late and I feed and watered my dog and went out the door and there I saw Ben and his brother waiting for me."What took you so long? Ben said I'm so sorry my alarm didn't go off." This is my brother Harry." I looked over and I saw Ben's brother Harry and shook his hand. "Nice to meet you Harry

We were heading down the road and I was so excited seeing Ben in the rodeo and I sat in the back seat of his truck as Ben was driving and his brother was in the passenger. We arrived at the Rodeo and there were many people there and I was sleeping in the backseat when I dreamed of the accident that I had several months ago, I woke up as I jumped and looked out the window Ben looked at me from his rearview mirror. "Are you okay, Sarah." Ben asked as his brother turned around and I looked at them. "Yeah just a bad dream." We arrived at the rodeo and parked in the parkinglot and got out and headed towards the rodeo and Ben grabbed his stuff that he needed and Harry and I headed towards the Blechers as we waited for Ben to get ready and waited for him to come out. Are you nervous?' Yeah, kinda this is my first time at the rodeo." I told Harry, "Are you kidding me?' Nope.' Wow!" So you and your brother must be really close uh?' Yeah we grew up together, his my family and the only family I have.

" So what brought Ben all the way out here." Our parents died when we were teenagers and he doesn't talk about them very much, since then Him and I have been taking care of each other." I guess he decided to move out here to get away from everything that was happening in his life because after the death of our parents Ben changed and his life just turned upside down. Several months ago he lived on a farm and bought himself a horse named Shadow and he's been riding in the rodeo since then." Ladied and gentlemen" The announcer said "The Rodeo is about to begin." Moments later the rodeo began their were alot of wild horses and the cowboys were trying to catch them and ride they had clowns out there and they were funny, the crowd was going crazy. Finally the end had come and Ben was about to ride a wild horse in the Arena, I was very concerned even though he knew how to ride a horse I didn't know how he was going to take riding a wild Horse, I looked over and saw Ben sitting on that wild horse and he tightened his reigns around his hand and helf on for his life."

Finally the buzzer rang and the gate was open my heart was pounding when I saw that horse trying everything he could to buck Ben off but Ben was very determined to stay on that horse as long as he could. Suddenly he lost his grip on the reigns and Ben went flying in the air and landed on the ground on his back first and he lied there and the crowd gasped as the horse feet stepped on Ben's stomach and he was in pain holding his stomach curled in a ball. They had the Paramedics out there just in case there was going to be any accidents and they had to take him out of the Arena and Harry and I followed them. Harry and I approuched the amblance, and we saw Ben without his shirt and they had wrapped a gauze around his stomach and they told us he had a broken rib it was going to be hurting for awhile but there was nothing they could do except tell Ben to take some pain medicine and get some rest. Ben didn't feel like going to bed and taking pain medcine but he had to do what they told him.

After the Rodeo was over we went home. And we went to Ben's house Harry and I helped Ben into the house."Guys I can walk my legs aren't broken." "we know that but the doctor said you need some rest and take those pain pills, wither you like it or not!" Harry said I don't care what the doctors said." Ben replied. we sat Ben down on his bed, "Ben don't worry we'll take care of everything for you until you feel better." I said " But I don't want to put that much work on you." Ben said Well, you don't have to worry about that Harry and I will take care of it." Would you like us to get you anything?' A glass of water and some pizza." That sounds great." After we ordered the pizza Harry was paying for it as I was getting the plates and putting ice in the cups as Ben was sitting at the table. "Thank you, have a great night sir." Harry said as he shut the door and then walked over to the kitchen table and set the pizza down and we grabbed our plates and said grace than we started eating, we enjoyed our pizza and we drank some water.

Later that afternoon, I went over Ben's house and walked to the barn I opened the door of the barnhouse and as I opened the door Shadow was neighing and I walked over to him and for the first time I was scared because I haven't rode a horse since the accident happened and I don't know if I can because I never tried to ride. I looked at Shadow and I rubbed the side of his face and he started to snicker slowly and I smiled as I leaned over and whispered in his ear. " Shadow would you like to go for a ride." Shadow neighed in excitment I started to saddle him and then after I tried to lift up my leg but when I tried I couldn't get my leg up, as I was struggling to try I didn't know Harry was standing nearby and saw me from behind and had a curious look on his face. I started to get very upset and began to cry and I stopped when suddenly I turned around and saw Harry. "Harry!" I walked up to the barnhouse and saw you struggling." Harry said as he walked up to me tears were falling down my face,I looked up as he wipped the tears from my face and started to turn away.

"Hey what's wrong?" I really don't want to talk about it?" Sarah, I want you to know that you can tell me anything and I want you to know my brother and I are here for you." I can't...I don't know where to start." I said as I started crying harder. "Try to remember what happened?' I walked over to a pile of hay and sat down as I started to remember hearing the roaring of the crowd as they started to stand up as they cheered us on. "It started when I was 17 years old my horse Grace who was a throughbred we were in a horserace and there was an accident, I don't remember much it happened so fast." I said as started to cry. It's okay, Take you time" Harry replied. "We were close to the finish line and I looked up and the next thing I knew I fell off my horse and was trampled by three other horses, and I didn't know what had happened because I was in a coma." I'm very sorry." Harry I've had a hard time coping with the way I am since I have an artificial leg and I don't think that I will be able to ride anymore." Sarah I don't know why bad things happen to people but you're going to make it through.

Later that night, I had a Dream and I was awakened and I wondered, I had to decide was God trying to tell me something. It all started when I lied down in my bed and my dog Maggie came up to me and lied her head down on my lap and we both fell asleep, and that was when I started to have that Dream. I remember seeing myself getting ready to race I was saddling my horse Grace, and Suddenly the sky opened and departed when all I heard was horses running as the ground shook and people cheering and than I saw myself racing But this time I didn't fall and I made it to the finish line. I woke up and thought to myself "Is God trying to tell me something, is He trying to tell me that I should race again. I haven't been in a race since the accident or tried to ride a horse, But all I wondered was why did I have that dream. I looked at my dog Maggie and she started to bark and I looked at her and said" Maggie I don't know if I should start racing again." She barked again. "Maggie, it's Impossible!" That night, I couldn't go back to sleep and I got out of bed and started to pray and I asked God what I should do.

The next morning, I woke up and Maggie followed me to Ben's house. It was 9:00 am in the morning and I knocked on Ben's door. Ben and his brother was already awake, Ben's brother answered the door and saw the look on my face and he let me in without saying a word. Ben saw me from the kitchen and I sat down on the couch and I looked at Ben and his brother. "Sarah, what's wrong?" Ben asked as he walked over to me and sat down, Harry just walked over to the kitchen and turned the stove on low as I started to talk he came back into the living room. "Guys, I'm really shocked and I don't know what to say." I said as I looked at Ben and Harry, "You look like you saw a ghost." Harry replied "Why don't you start off by where it all started." Ben says as He looked at me and giving Harry a look. "It was weird, but I felt like God was trying to tell me something." What do you mean?" It all started when the accident happened several years ago." What happened? Ben asked. "I already told Harry, I was in a- " I stopped myself and decided that instead of hiding my secret I decided to show them.

I looked at Harry and he nodded his head and I looked at Ben and took his hand and said" Ben, I want you to know no matter what you are about to see, I don't want you to freak out." Sarah, what is going on!" Ben said as he seemed confused and than I just lifted my leg pants and my secret was revealed to the one I loved but I was afraid he would treat me or didn't want to be around me anymore. Ben had a very shocked look on his face when he saw that half of my leg to my knee down was artifical. Ben looked at Harry and said" Harry did you know about this?" Harry shook his head and Ben looked back at me."Ben I want you to understand and I'm sorry Ive kept this for so long, because I didn't want you to think that I was different or I wasn't the same woman you fell in love with." Ben took my hand and looked into my eyes as tears started to fall and I turned away. Ben took ahold of my hand and turned my face towards his and smiled.

"Sarah, I will always love you no matter what has happened to you, and I knew the time I saw you there was something I couldn't figure out that you were hiding from me, I don't want you to ever feel that way." Ben said as I smiled. "You're not mad at me." Why would I be mad at you I might be a bit of suprised but I'm not mad." Thank you so much, I wanted to tell you but I couldn't." I replied as I gave him a hug. Sarah, no matter how you feel I want you to be able to tell me anything you don't have to feel like you have to keep secrets from anyone." Ben said as he looked into my eyes and I laughed a bit as tears came down my face and Harry smiled. Didn't you have something you wanted to say?" Harry asked. "I had this Dream last night and I was wondering if God wants me to learn how to ride again and be able to race because I dreamed that I was on my horse and I made it to the finish line." And I couldn't go back to sleep so, I got up and started to prayer and I really feel that God wants me to Ride again, But how can I?"

Sarah if you truely Believe that this is what God is telling you, that He wants you to ride again than Ben and I would be glad to help you in anyway." Harry said The Question is: Do you Believe that you can do it." Ben said as he looked into my eyes. I looked at both of them and I said" I never said it wasn't going to be Easy I just want to know that if it's Possible." Ben and Harry looked at each other than back at me and Ben said" That all depends on you, do you think you can do it, or do you know you can do it." Harry said. I started to wonder that question in myself if I had enough Faith to be able to Believe that anything is Possible and to know that no matter what I face I will be able to get through it." That afternoon, Ben was able to walk all though He has some bruises on his stomach from the horse that tried to crush him He was able to get back up and continue doing what he loved the most. As Harry was getting the stuff out of the stable room I walked over to Ben that was with his horse Shadow and I saw his scars that were on his stomach and I looked at him as he was petting his own horse.

Ben can I ask you something?" I said. "Sure, what is it?" When you fell off that wild horse in the rodeo what was going through your head and when you got Hurt, did you ever feel like that stopped you in anyway." Ben looked at me and started to remember the moment when he fell off that horse and what had happened to him, and then he started to talk. "Sarah, I want you to know something, when I lost my grip and started to fall off that horse, I was scared for that moment just for that moment thinking I was going to die, and when that Horse trampled over me and I felt the pain that I had to experience I didn't know what was going to happen." But I do know one thing I was never going to give up and let what had happened to me destory my life." How did you know?' Because I'm a fighter and I don't let anything get in my way because I know that there is nothing that is stronger or bigger than the Power of God behind me." I stood there and wondered how can someone like that have some much Faith in himself.

Moments later, As Harry and Ben were getting Shadow ready I sat down and thought to myself really hard about not giving up because what Ben had said it made me realize something about myself the true Champion within me." Ben and Harry walked over to me with Shadow and they looked at me and told me if I was ready to ride again. " Ben, Harry I said as I looked at them and started crying." I'm really scared!" Sarah, there's nothing to be scared of?" Harry said. " Sarah we are going to be right here with you we know you can do this we believe in you I know you're scared but you have to try that's all you can do is just try." Ben said. "Okay, I'll try." I said as I wipped the tears away. Ben turned his horse around where I can reach the sterup. "Okay, put your right foot on the sterup and I'm going to help you push yourself up on the saddle, are you ready." Yes I'm ready." Ben and Harry tried to get me ontop of the saddle but it didn't work.

"We are going to get you on that saddle,we just have to keep trying." No, stop okay, it's worthless." I said as I walked away and Ben came after me." Sarah you are not a quitter, you have to keep trying." Ben I'm never going to learn how to ride ever again, you know why because I have a fake leg." You shouldn't let that stop you, just because I fall off a horse and get trampled that doesn't mean I should just give up!" Ben raises his voice I stop and turn around." This isn't about you Ben!" I never said it was all I'm saying is just because you fall down that doesn't mean you should give up." I can't do this anymore!" Sarah please." Harry came up to Ben and stopped him he looked at Harry." Ben, let her go she needs some time alone." I don't understand I thought she wanted to ride again. " Ben she has been through so much in her life, and we just need to let her have some time alone right now, sooner or later she will find her strength within herself that she needs to help her overcome this battle." What do we do Harry, I tried I really have what do we do." We pray, Ben that's all we can do."

After the day was through, Ben and Harry prayed before they went to bed. Ben was praying alone when Harry heard him." God please I don't understand why, Sarah is going through this battle but God please give her the strength and courage she needs to find from within herself to be able to overcome this Struggle that she is facing, please God I know that she can ride again but she needs to Believe in herself and she needs you God, she needs your Power and Ablity to do it and God I just ask you to please be with her, In Jesus Name I pray Amen." Amen." a voice said behind Ben he turned around and saw his brother. "Ben don't worry everything will all work out in Time." Thanks Harry." Goodnight Bro, Harry replied. "Hey Harry, do you think Sarah will be okay." Ben God's got a plan we may not understand it and we may not need to but His ways are far more than we can imagin and I know when God works in our lives Miracles happen." We need a Miracle?" Ben I want you to know Sarah is going to be alright." " I know, it's just." You love her don't you." Yes I do." Harry smiled and said "God's got our back and he's not going to let us down."

3 weeks later, It was a beautiful sunny day that afternoon. " Are you ready?" I'm ready as I'll ever be!" I said as I had my foot on the sterup and I tried to push myself up and fell back down."It's okay, keep trying." Ben said. I tried to hold on to the reigns and the saddle as I pushed myself up but I fell back down again." Come on Sarah you have to move your leg you can do it!" Harry replied. I kept trying a couple of times when I felt like I was losing my strength but I had to keep going and I couldn't give up because I knew in my heart I was a step closer than where I was. I used all my strength and with all my might I pushed myself up one last time with all I had left and I finally was able to get ontop of the saddle. "Whoo hoo! Sarah you did it." Ben said as he shouted for Joy and Harry looked at Ben and that gave each other a high five.Moments later, Ben was walking beside Shadow and Harry was holding a Camera video taping." I can't Believe it, I'm riding again I'm really riding again." I said as happy and excited as I was. Ben took us around the arena and Ben was very proud of me because I finally found the strength and the courage within myself to keep trying and to never give up.

Later that afternoon, Ben and Harry were in the kitchen as I was putting Shadow back into his stable. "Goodbye Shadow, you did a great job today good boy." In the kitchen Ben and Harry were up to something and I didn't know what I entered back into the house and all I heard was surprise." Wow, guys you shouldn't have." I said as they came out with a cake." It's not even my birthday yet?' I told them. " We know, we just wanted to celebrate this wonderful Night." Thank you Guys, I know I wouldn't have made it if God didn't show me that anything was Possible." Amen!" Harry and Ben said. "Are you ready to eat your Cake?" Ben said as He took a peice of cake and put in my face and Harry was laughing as he took out his camera and took a picture and by the end of the night we had a cake fight, it was everywhere all in our hair, our clothes and all over the floor but we knew that if it was worth the fun we had it was worth the cleaning.

After we all took turns taking a shower and cleaning up the mess we made, Ben, and I sat down in the living room as Harry came in the room and threw down a newspaper and we both looked up at him."What is it?" Ben asked. "Read the first page, it talks about a racing competition." What!" I said as I looked with Ben through the newspaper. "What are you saying that's 2 weeks away, are we even going to be ready for that?' Ben said Don't underestimate the Power of God." Harry said. Ben looked at me and said" Sarah are you ready to race one last time. I looked at Ben and I said to him" I don't know, it's all happening so fast, I mean are we going to be ready within 2 weeks from now." If I know Shadow He is a hardworker and I know he can face anything that comes his way, as much as I believe in you standing in the winner's circle."Ben said. "Well when do we start?" I asked. In the morning, right now it;s late and we all need to get ready for bed." Harry replied as he started to yawn. "Someone's getting sleepy." Ben said I am not!" Harry said.

We had two weeks until it was time for the race and every since then I learned alot from Ben and his brother Harry. They taught me so much after everything we've been through together, I have realized that it was God that I needed in my life to get through this Struggle that I was facing. And through the End I have learned that Falling is Tough, realizing it happened is even Worse, But We never give up and whatever happens we fight for it, because it is a Passion that we have inside of us to keep going, it's who we live for, and it's what we are going to become. And that is A True Champion who is someone that wants to make a difference, who never gives up, and who gives everything they have no matter what the circumstances are. To be able to learn to Work Hard and to Never lose Sight of your dreams. Everyday, Ben and Harry helped me practice riding on Shadow and than it became Hard because we had to learn how to race but I never said it was Impossible. We were able to learn to ride and race everyday. "Good job Sarah you are doing great." Ben said as He watched me riding Shadow by myself.

"You know Ben, I believe that Sarah has came such a long way and she has been through so much do you really think she'll be able to make it across that finish line?" Ben looked at Harry "Harry I believe without a Doubt she is going to make it across that finish line." You know what I Believe that she's going to make it, Sarah has so much ahead of her." Later that night, Ben Harry and I were eating at the dinner table talking and laughing having such a great time being together." Hey Sarah can I ask you something." Harry said "Sure, Harry what is it?" I replied. " Are you excited about the race." You know I have never been this much excited about anything since the accident I just feel so pumped up and I just feel like I want to hit the Devil in the face because we all have came so far in our lives and to be honest without God where would we be, because I really don't know." I'll drink to that." Ben said as he held up his rootbeer and took a sip of his coke, as Harry smiled. I want to make a toast." Ben said as he stood up. "I want to say that I know it's not Thanksgiving But, I want to say what I'm thankful for."

"I want to say that I am so Thankful to have such a wonderful Family since my parents died I want you to know that this is the most Beautiful, Wonderful Family I have ever been with and for my Brother that I love, I grew up with you are like my Best friend and I don't know where I would be if God didn't put you by my side, and Sarah I wanted you to know that I love you so much and that you are such an Incredible woman that have come such a long way and I want you to know you will Never be alone God will never leave you nor foresake you." Harry and I raised our cups and Ben raised his and we all said Amen. After dinner was over Ben and I cleaned up the dishes as Harry went to bed. "Wow, what a wonderful time we had today." Ben said as he was washing the dishes, I can't Believe how much we have Accomplished over the past few weeks."I said as I started drying the dishes.

After Ben and I washed the dishes we sat down on the couch turned on the t.v. and watched a movie that was on t.v. called Titanic. "This is such a sad movie." I said. "I know but it has Romance in it a love story between a young woman and a stranger she doesn't even know and they fell in love and he died knowing that she was going to live on forever." I know, But I hate it when they have to end that way." It doesn't they end up together." that's the really good part I like." Hey Sarah, it's late and we need to get some sleep and get ready for Tommrrow because it's the Big day when you get to race again." I know and I'm very excited and I can't wait." I know you are going to cross that finish line I know you are and I'll be right there with you in the winner's circle when you do." Hey Ben, Thank you so much for being there for me because after the accident I never thought I would ever end up with someone as wonderful as you are. Ben smiled and I smiled back. "I love you Sarah, I'll see you in the morning."Goodnight Ben see you in the morning."

That next morning, we all were getting everything ready, we woke up early that morning. Ben was getting Shadow into the trailer as Harry was getting all of out stuff into the truck as I was getting my shoes on and I went out the door. I walked towards the truck as Ben was shutting the trailer and locking the door. Harry, are you ready." I asked Yeah, I got our stuff in the truck let's roll." Me Ben and Harry got into the truck and we headed off to North America and got ready for the most biggest race of all. Harry was driving I was in the middle of the truck as Ben was on the right and moments later I fell asleep." Ben what did you and Sarah do last night, she sure is tired." Harry asked. "Come on, Harry I'm still a Virgin, we didn't do anything but stayed up late watching a movie and fell asleep on the couch." Right, uh hu?" We did, I promise you I didn't do anything." Alright, " Hours later we finally arrived and we reached our destination. There were alot of people there and horses,we parked and got out and saddled the Horse as they waited for me to get changed into her Jockey clothes.

Ben and Harry were getting Shadow ready for the race as I was in the changing room putting on my Jockey clothes I looked into the mirror as I saw myself and I smiled. "Mom, Dad, you would be so proud of me I love you so much." I started to cry but I held back my tears because I knew that this wasn't a time to cry for it was time to come here and finish what I once started a long time ago and I knew it was the same place where I had the accident and I wasn't going to let it get to me because this was the moment this was the time to be strong and brave because I know that whatever happens I'm going to pull myself up and I'm going to fight for it because it's something that I have been doing my whole life and I know that this is my moment here and now to finish the game. I looked into the mirror one last time before I stepped outside and embraced myself for what was not only about to happen but what I was going to become.

I walked over to the stable where Ben and Harry was finishing saddling Shadow."Are you ready?" Ben asked." I'm ready!" I said."Sarah, no matter what happens wither you win or lose you are still a Champion in God's Eyes." Harry replied as he handed me my helmet."Thank you so much, for everything that you've done to help me learn to not give up on my dreams and to always know that All things are Possible with God." Ben grabbed me and Kissed me on the lips and than he looked into my eyes."No matter what happens out there I love you." Thank you guys I'll see you in the winner's circle." I said and than I gave them both a hug before they left and I got ontop of Shadow. "Come on, Shadow let's finish the race finish what we're started." "Ladies and Gentlemen, let's get ready to start the race." the announcer said as Shadow and I approuched the other horses at the entrance of the gates. And that was when I started to look out at the track and remember the accident.

I remember what I felt when I fell and I heard people gasping in the crowd and hearing my Horse Grace I looked up and I saw her not to far from where I was, But I couldn't focus on her much longer because that was when I was trampled by three other horses and everything slowly dissappeared, I remember the moment and I remember the pain when I felt blood coming out of my mouth and the sound of my bones in my body being crushed underneath the horses feet before everything dissappeared into the darkness. I shook my head trying to focus on the race and that moment I had realized after I was in the coma for weeks and weeks I never remembered what exactually happened during the accident because I had short term memory lost and I couldn't believe everything was starting to come back to me now, But this was the moment when I could not let my past regrets keep me from doing what I was going to do that day. I looked over to my right and to my left seeing all the other Horses and I saw one of them that looked like my Horse Grace and that was when I saw what had happened to my Horse that day of the accident.

After,the three Horses had trampled over me that was when I couldn't move and I thought I was paralyized despite the pain I moved my eyes and saw my Horse Grace and she was lying on her back and she rolled over and she was trying to get up when another horse trampled over her as I tried to move but I couldn't I was in terrible pain, my leg I couldn't feel my leg and tears started to fall from my face I couldn't even scream, I wanted to scream so badly, I just lied there not knowing what had happened to Grace and that was when I knew she was in more bad shape than I was and I saw people running over to her and she wasn't moving at all and Grace weigned when she looked over at me and that was the last thing she saw before being put down that day as I slowly drifted away into the darkness. It was a painful memory but that was why I couldn't remember anything before about the accident because I had forgotten what happened but now I knew and I started to pray and ask God for his strength to be able to help me focus on the race and not of the past.

"God please, if you can hear me I know that the Devil is trying really really hard to stop me from what I meant to do today but I know by your Power that I will overcome this battle this struggle that I am going through and I know that you will help us get through this no matter what comes our way. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen." And suddenly, I felt so much Peace and Calmness come over me and that I knew God had heard my prayer and that he was not going to let us down or dissappoint us." Ladies and gentlemen the race is about to began. the announcer said. "It was here and now that this was the moment that we were going to become True Champions and I knew that we were not going to give up no matter how hard it became because nothing was going to stand in our way." Get ready, get set,Go!" The Gates had opened and all of the Horses started running. "What number is she?" Ben asked "I see her, right there she's number 11." Harry said as he pointed to her on the screen. "Come on Sarah you can do it." I have never felt so much Freedom, so much Peace, and so much Happiness than what I was feeling at that moment, Shadow and I were running as if we were Free.

And I started to feel this Connection, talking with no words I knew what Shadow was saying as he began to pick up the speed as other horses were feeling behind. I started to feel an Unconditional Passion we had shared, being able to be ready for anything, Shadow started to pick up the pace as we began to fly without wings, experiencing the delicacy, of the Adrenaline running through our veins, trespassing the limit of Freedom, as it was than I knew what Shadow wanted to do because I felt what he was feeling and I just let go and He ran faster and faster panting out of breath, But was determined to cross that finish line. And it came to the final lap, and this was the moment Shadow and I worked together as a team we pushed ourselves to the limit and we were right beside another racer, I looked behind me and saw the other race horses running near us and I looked in front of us and the racer we were beside we were running the same pace But we had to pick up the speed just a little bit. I leaned and whispered into Shadow's ear. "Shadow, you know what to do." I saw Shadow look at me and said I saw the skies depart from the Heavens, and the ground shook beneath my feet, as I was moving Graciously past the finish line and stood with you in the winner's circle.

And it was that final moment that push of determination that lead us all the way home, and we had finally cross that line. The crowd went crazy as people stood on their feet cheering as Shadow and I crossed the finish line, as Harry and Ben met in the winner's circle. I had realized there was a reason why everything happened the way it did because God had a plan, and I never could have made it without Him being there in my life because without Him I wouldn't see who I am now, A Champion in God's Eyes!

Never Lose faith,Never Give up, Never back Down.
The End.

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