Giving a Second chance

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Danny Miller who is a motivational speaker has a wonderful family a Beautiful Wife and Son He is on a mission as He travels across the world reaching out to Students in school and faces his toughest Challenge yet. Along the way they learn what it's like to Heal scared wounds and what it means to have a second chance by accepting who you are and the Grace of God.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Giving a Second chance

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My Name is Danny Miller, and this is the story of my life. If I'm going to tell you what happened I'll have to start from the beginning. It started in the Fall of 2012 when I was 26 years old. I got into my car and started heading down the road though I didn't know where the Holy Spirit was taking me I looked at the sky and knew that as long as God was on my side everything was going to be alright. I had my hands on the steering wheel thinking of the life I had before I came to know Christ, my life before was Nothing like it is now. I was living out on the streets in the dark ally I was someone who had nothing that was given a chance because someone made a choice to change my life and they made a diffirence and the effect changed me and the situtation I was living in and made my life better.

Now, I'm a Motivational Speaker and I travel to schools reaching out to other people kindengarden to high school telling them what God has done for me and how He gave me a chance to live again. I speak to those who are in Need, who are searching for answers, who are trying to discover about themselves, who are stuck between who they are and what they want to become, who might need Encouragment, to keep going, who feel discouraged, who don't feel strong enough and want to give up, who are trying to turn to other things to fill that void. Since God has changed my life through Him I want to be able to Reach out to others by the Power of God and the Holy Spirit.

Now I've asked God to do something special in my life more than anything I need the Holy Spirit in my life I want more of what God has for me. I want to continue to walk in His ways and be a Light for others the ones who are Lost and in Need to be Found for the Kingdom of God. I want Jesus to be in Complete and Total control of my life I surrender myself to Him everyday falling down on my knees and giving Him my all giving Him my Heart asking God to be my Everything, to be my Strength, to be my Guide as He leads me through this life. All I want is His Power and Presence to be so Real and Alive that when others see me they see Jesus in me and letting my Light shine to Influence others around me and lead them to Christ for God's Glory and His Kingdom.


Everytime before I speak out to the student's I always pray and seek God's face and ask Him To be my words that I speak and to reach out and touch the student's hearts to Grip them and Stir them up inside as they feel His Holy Presence." One Day, someone called me and asked if I could come and Speak out to the Students at their school. I begin to pray about it and God lead me there. " I headed towards the school and walked to the princible's office and went in and the princible was sitting in his chair as we began to speak to each other." Hello, Mr. Miller He said. "Please call me Danny. ' What can I do for you?' I believe I was led here for a reason today, I'm a motivational speaker and I travel to schools and reach out to students."

There is no need to explain." the princible said." Sir?' We have been praying for Revival to happen in this school for years and I believe through God in you we are going to see that.' Danny I pray that God will continue to Bless you and pour out His spirit opon you." thank you, sir." I'm gonna need it.' Don't worry son, as long as you keep your eyes on Jesus He will never let you down or dissappoint you." Thank you Mr.Huntsman I really needed to hear that." I replied. "Everyone need's encouragement sometimes." That's true." Each and everyday I fall down on my knees and pray to God and ask Him to forgive me because I know I'm not Nothing but a Sinner Saved by Grace."

I looked at the princible and saw he was crying." What's wrong?' I asked. "I can feel God's presence and through you He's speaking to my Heart." I've messed up and I've failed in my life" Sometime's in my walk with God my spirit feels trapped and back to a corner and I don't think that God can forgive me of my sins because I have gone to far." Mr. Huntsman that is not true. That is just the devil trying to convince you that God isn't going to forgive you for what you've done the devil is a liar, no matter what you've done God still loves you because He gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life." The princible fell to his knees and cried out as I placed my hand on his shoulder and began to pray for him.


You can make a diffirence in someone's life wither it's Big or Small. The Princible walked across the stage and began to speak. "Ladies and gentlemen, several days ago I got the privilege to meet a wonderful man of God Danny Miller who is a motivational speaker and I would like him to come and minstery to you, everyone welcome Danny Miller." the princible said as he left the stage and I walked out. "Hello everyone, I'm Danny Miller and I am here today to share to you what God has done for me and how he changed my life. Before I ever knew Jesus Christ, My life was Pointless I was alone, left with nothing and I felt Hopeless. I'm grateful to be alive and I am blessed to have such a wonderful life that God has given me I have a beautiful wife and a son at home that I love very much."

All because I met a Man named Jesus Christ who has changed my life because I realized that I needed Him I am Nothing without Him. He is the one who has set me free, He is the one that Saved my Soul from Hell, He is the one that took away all my sins because He loved me that much." Student's of Niceville High, I promise you if you'll come and let Jesus into your life and ask Him into your Heart your life will change and nothing will ever be the same. " It's a wonderful opportuntity Jesus is waiting for you with his arms wide open the question He is asking you is:Will you let me in?

I don't know maybe your going through something that you can't escape from all you have to do is come down and give it all to Jesus, maybe you are feeling that God is pulling your heart don't hesiaste let him move and touch your life whatever it is I know that God is more happy to met you at your time of need or disperation." Because of Christ I am who I am today very grateful I have a wonderful life. " If you don't know this Man all you have to do is come down here and I will pray with you, if God is speaking to your heart don't let this moment pass you by, I promise if you let Him change your life things will change." In a few moments as the music began to play student's came down and begin to ask Jesus into their lives and they were never the same.


I headed back home, I was really amazed at how God's Holy Presence came and changed the lives of those student's who came down and asked Jesus into their hearts. During the night, I was awoken and I started couching really bad and I felt that maybe I was coming down with something I shook it off and walked to the kitchen and grabbed me a cup of water and went back to sleep. As the days passed by, my coughing started getting worse and I was hoping it wasn't a chest cold. I called the doctor and told him on the phone how I was feeling. The pain in my chest and I was having a hard time breathing, hopefully he would figure out what was going on.

The day came to go see the doctor. I was sitting in the lobby waiting for the doctor. "Mr. Miller." the nurse said. I followed her down the hallway to check my weight and blood pressure. Your weight has gone down a little bit." She said. Is that bad?' I asked. "It's not good. Let's check your blood pressure." Um...your blood pressure seems fine." I'll be back I'm gonna have a word with the doctor." the nurse replied as she left the room. I sat there and waited which seemed like forever. The doctor came in with a concerned look on his face. "Hello, Danny what's going on?' the doctor asked. "I don't know I thought you would know." What seems to be the problem?' I'm coughing, having chest pains and trouble breathing." Let's run some test and see what we can find."

At first I wasn't concerned now I'm not so sure." Don't worry we'll figure out what it is?' The doctor ran some test's and I headed back home a couple of days later the doctor called. "Hello?' This is the doctor Danny I've got some news you might want to come and see me." Sure, I'm on my way. I went back to the doctor and entered the room."Danny, you might want to sit down.' the doctor said."What's going on, doc?" I asked. Danny, the result's came back Postitive." Oh no!" Danny, you have what they call a Small-cell-lung cancer." What!" Is it treatable? It depends if it's Limited we can if it's Extensitive we can't." How long?" It depend's on the Cancer, I would say 6 to 12 months." a Year!' I'm sorry." the doctor said as he left the room. In that moment everythingfroze and suddenly it seemed like everything had fallen apart.

Ch-5 I was lying down in the hosptial bed when the sun was rising in the easteren sky. I opened my eyes and woke up and walked towards the window and began to pray. "Dear God, I don't know why I'm in this situtation all I know is that no matter what happens I'm trusting in you that I will win this battle." Suddenly there was a nurse that came in holding her clip board as she looked at me." Danny, there are some vistor's here to see you.' I turned my head and saw the some of the student's from Niceville High."Hello, Mr. Miller we wanted to come to pay our respects because of what God did for us and we wanted to say thank you for coming to our school and making a change in our lives.

" Thank you, for coming." I said. Each and everyone of them came up towards me and gave me a hug some even shook my hand. Mr. Miller, through you God was the one that changed us and made a diffirence in our lives.' We Love Mr. Miller please get better soon.' I wouldn't be who I am if you never lead me to Christ.' Because of Jesus I am a diffrent person.' Several of the student's said to me." I started to cry as the student's left the hosptial they gave me a get well card sighned by those student's who came and I felt God's presence though I felt alone God was still with me.

Though I felt alone I knew that I wasn't going to be afraid of what the enemy has brought against me and I wasn't going through this battle alone without Jesus and I need Him I needed to know that I was going to make it through this. God knew what I needed and through those student's I felt the peace and comfort that lifted my spirit as I begin to read that get well card I laughed and cried tears of Joy and I knew everything was going to be alright.


Later that night, I was lying in my bed watching tv when suddenly my stomach started hurting and I began to feel nausea and I quickly got up and ran to the bathroom and puked in the toilet. Afterwards I stood up and looked into the mirrow and saw that the color of my skin was pale and the color of my eyes were turning yellow. I started puking some more and started gasping for air and getting dizzy and I collasped on the cold hard floor in the bathroom. A couple of mintues later, a nurse came in the bedroom to check on me and saw my bed was empty she walked towards the bathroom and saw the door was open she looked inside and saw me unconscious on the floor and yelled out for the doctor.

Everything was dark at first as I was trying to open my eyes. I looked and saw the ceiling above me and realized I was still in the hospital. I saw the heart montior and I looked down at my arm and saw an IV, I felt the fabric on my skin and realized I was wearing a hopstial gown, I noticed something in my nose and I knew it was consuls to help me breath. My doctor came in and saw me Concious. "Dr. Carter, what's wrong with me?' I asked. The Cancer is Extentsive and it's spreading to your Liver."

"What can we do doc?' I asked. There's not much I'm afraid." the doctor begin to say as he sat down and talked to me about my options. I was becoming more afraid because I didn't know what was going to happen to me." What can try to make you as comfortable as possible?' Thanks doc." Of Course." Can I ask you something?' How long do you think things become worse." I asked. It's only a matter of time." I couldn't believe what was happening to me I was only 26 years old and I was dying of this Cancer. Later that night before I went to bed I was standing in the bathroom looking in the mirror. I was saying to myself. "Everything is going to be fine.' God is not going to let anything happen to you." I was very determined in my mind that I was not going to let the enemy get me down in defeat because I know who was going to win this battle no matter how it was going to end.


Early that morning, I woke up and wrote a letter to my family. My Wife Marie and my son Conner. As I was writing the letter I began to think of them and remenise. I thought of my beloved wife Marie and her wonderful smile the way she would look at me full of Love, Warmth and Beauty in her who has a heart of a mother, and my Son Conner who loves Jesus more than Life itself He has a passion to Reach out to other's and desire that God has given him to be there for those in Need. Conner is such a wonderful young boy and I am very proud of him.

I remember the last time I saw them before I left and headed down the road. "Hey Sweetheart," I said as I approuched my wife and wrapped my arms around her."Danny!' I Love you." I whisper in her ear. My wife turned around and wrapped her arms around my neck and held me close as she kissed me. My Son Connor was outside playing basketball. I headed outside and saw him shooting the hoops." Great shot!" Thanks Dad." Do you want to play some one on one with your dad?" I asked. "You bet." Alright let's go." I said as I started bouncing the ball. reality: I missed my wife and son very much. I wanted to tell them that I had cancer but I didn't know how and I was afraid." What I missed the most was having my wife in my arms again being able to hold her close to my heart, and my son the things we would do together I realize it could be the last time. That treehouse we never got to finish before I left to go on this mission."

I grabbed a mirror that was lying beside the bed and I became so angry inside and my heart was breaking. I didn't want to dissappoint my family because they are counting on me and I don't see how they could understand what I'm going through. I was so afraid as I held the mirror in my hand it began to shake and I dropped it on the ground as the peices shattered I got down and started to pick them up and I threw them away in the trash can. I lied there my mind was racing and I couldn't seem think straight I felt like I was going to lose it all and everything was going to fall apart.


During that night, I began to toss and turn and I couldn't go to sleep. I felt frustrated and restless inside. I got out of bed and walked to the bathroom and looked into the mirror I saw how I was broken and damaged inside but I knew how beautifully and wonderfully I was made through Christ. I smiled a bit as I thought to myself I didn't care if I was in Peices because I knew of the Man named Jesus who can keep me together. I walked to my bed and I grabbed my bible and began to pray as I held it close to my chest and bowed my head. " Dear God, I thank you for showing me through you that no matter what I look like no matter what shape or form I'm in you will always love me for who I am. Thank you for loving me when noone else would thank you for accepting me for who I am instead of who I was." I ask you to take all my Broken and Damaged peices and Restore them back together again." Amen.

Suddenly, after I sat there and prayed I felt God's presence of Love come into my heart I felt Encouraged and Lifted in my Spirit. I lied down in my bed under the covers and fell asleep. I had a dream that God showed me. A vision of Victory and Triumpy and I was climbing a Mountain in my life I was facing a spiritual battle from within myself that noone knew of. As I started to climb the Mountain I heard voices in my head telling me "Your not going to make it!, Your such a Worthless peice of trash!, How can you depend on God when all He does is let you down and He's never there for you!" Suddenly, I looked up and I saw Jesus standing on top of the Mountain reaching down his hand I kept my eyes on Him and it made me forget about the voices in my head as I reached the top I took Jesus's hand and we stood on the Mountain.

I knew that with God I can do anything, though I felt small and weak I become strong and I was able to Overcome the Battle I was facing. When God showed me that Vision. I realized that God was never going to dissappoint me or let me down though I knew there were things that were trying to come against me I had to trust in God that through it all I was going to be Victorious.

Ch-9 The next morning, a nurse came in knocking on the door. "How are you doing today? the nurse asked. I looked at her and smiled. "I'm taking it one day at a time." I replied. "That's great." I'm glad to see you have confidence in yourself." What's your name?' I asked the nurse as I looked into her eyes. "I'm Sarah Meyers." Can I ask you something Sarah?' Sure,' When did you know you wanted to be a nurse?' About 3 years ago...I lost a paient!' Sarah's voice trumbled. I reached over and grabbed her hand. "Sarah, you don't have to tell me what happened." No...I want to- The Paient was a little 7 year old boy and He was caught in a cross fire and he had third degree burns." Oh my goodness!" I replied. " It was his left leg and we tried to save him but...he died."

"Sarah it wasn't your fault.' Actually I look into the mirror and I tell myself that everyday." Sarah cries. Sarah, what happened!" I asked. She walked over to the window and looked out as she began to tell the story. /Flashback/ The entrance of the hosptial door opened and the EMT rushed a little boy in the Emergency room. He was hooked up to the heart montior and started going into cardiac arrest I kept trying and trying nothing seemed to work." I tried to revive him and I never gave up when everyone else did and when I realized He was gone I had to accept the fact... He wasn't coming back... and I had to tell him family.' /Reality/ Sarah, you shouldn't blame yourself." He died because I couldn't save him!" Sarah said as tears came down her face. " I had to tell his mother and father along with their little 4 year old daughter, you know how hard that was to tell the family that their son...died!" Sarah started raising her voice and getting upset as I held her in my arms. "He died because of me!' Sarah cried.

I placed my hand on her back as she cried in my arms and I felt the presence of God and started praying for Sarah. "Sarah, I want you to know that God says that you need to learn to forgive yourself and let go of the's not your fault." Sarah fell down to her knees and began to sob in my arms." I'm so sorry...Sam please forgive me...I tried to save you...I'm sorry!" I held her in my arms as tears fell down from her face and she suddenly felt that burden lift off of her shoulders and she felt Peace and Comfort in her Spirit as she started wipped the tears from her eyes.


I went for a walk down the hallway of the hospital smiling as the doctors and nurses walked by. As I was walking I realized that since I was at the hospital how many people God has touched and moved through there lives and I realized that God was using me to reach out to these people who were calling out. I looked up and saw these two kids who were chasing each other and running past me I chuckled to myself thinking of my son when he was their age. I was coming around the corner and ran into another young woman we both fell on the floor as her papers scattered everywhere around us. "Excuse me!" I said. "Don't worry, it's my fault I wasn't looking." I reached out and our hands touched as I looked up at her and she blushed. "Thank you." she said as I handed her the paper as she placed them back into her folder. "What's your name?" I asked as I held out my hand. " Amy Green.' she replied I noticed the scars on her wrist she pulled her hand back and tried to cover them up. "What happened?" I asked. " I really don't want to talk about it." she said as she stood up.

I placed my hand on her shoulder and looked into her eyes. "Everything is going to be alright." Why don't you care., you don't know me?' You haven't been in my shoes you don't know what I've been through!" Amy said as she turned around and left. She walked outside and grabbed a cigerette and started smoking as she said to herself."What does that man think He knows about me?" The Back door opened and Sarah walked out as she sat down and started eating her lunch when she noticed something was wrong with her friend Amy." How are you doing?" Sarah asked. "What does it look like?" Amy replied with an angry voice. What's wrong?' Sarah said. " Nothing!'

"Would you like to talk about it?" Sarah asked her friend Amy. ' You think a little sharing and caring is going to do anything." Amy, we've been friends for a long time you can talk to me." Would like me to pray for you?" Sarah said. " No thanks, I've got things I need to do." Amy said as she left the scene and Sarah looked down at her feet. I really would like to know what is going on with Amy." Sarah thought to herself.


Sarah sat down and stared at her lunch. "I'm not hungry." she said to herself. All she could think about was Amy she knew that something was wrong but she didn't know what. She picked up her lunch and placed it in the trashcan and headed back inside. She ran to the bathroom and started crying she fell on her knees and started praying. " Dear God, please Save my friend Amy I know that she is searching for answers and I don't know what to do but ask you to please somehow someway bring her to redemption. " Amen." Sarah felt God's presence and she began to life up her head and smile as she wrapped her tears away and started praising God as she walked out of the bathroom. Suddenly, another nurse grabbed Sarah's arm. "Where have you been?' I was in the bathroom." There has been an accident." What happened?' Sarah asked. " There are two victims, a mother and her daughter." The Daughter's name is Diana was on the passenger side and the mother was driving when they were hit."

I approuched the mother who was lying on a stretcher." Where's my daughter?' She asked." Don't worry she's in the other room." Is she alright?' the mother asked." Everything is going to be fine." I said as I looked into her eyes and took her hand. "Sarah, we need you in the other room now!" I'll be back soon." Please don't leave me!" the mother said. I went into the other room and saw the daughter I was shocked to see the daughter as the doctor was giving her oxygen to keep her breathing. " What's going on?' Sarah asked. " Diana is Unconscious." Amy said. Diana's heart rate is dropping." A Nurse said as they looked at the heart montior. Sarah started to feel fearful for Daina's life in the back of her mind she started thinking of Sam.

Suddenly, Daina's heart rate flatlined. For a while they tried to revived her. "Not on my watch!" Sarah thought to herself as she started doing CPR. " Amy, how long as it been?' Sarah asked as she looked at the clock still doing conpressions. " About 10 mintues." Amy replied. " Grab the paddles!" Sarah shouts. " Clear." Amy says as she grabbes the paddles and shocks Diana."Nothing." Sarah replies as she listens to Diana's heart. Nothing!' Amy said. Clear." a nurse says. I don't hear anything." another nurse replied. Charging 300, clear." Sarah says. She's dead!' a nurse said." We've got one more option."Sarah said as she grabbed the syringe and stabbed it into Diana's chest as they all looked at the heart monitor and waited and waited until suddenly her heart started beating very slowly. "Good work everyone." the doctor said.


Moment's later, The mother and daughter were stable. Sarah walked out of the room when her Husband John came out. "Are you alright?' He asked. "I'll be fine." Sarah replied. You did a great job saving that girl's life." John said. " Thanks." Sarah replied as tears dwelled in her eyes. " What's wrong?" John asked. " I was scared John, I could have lost her...and I don't know how I could live with that!" Sarah cried. John wrapped his arms around his wife and held her close. "Come here, Sometimes when you fall down you don't give up you keep pressing forward and God will give you the Courage." John said. Sarah looked up into her husband's eyes and smiled. "Thank you John, I love you." I love you Sarah." Come on, let's go back to work." John said as they turned around and started walking together holding hands down the hallway. "John, I've got a paient I need to go check on." That's fine, I'll see you later." Bye." I'll give you a beep if I need you."

Sarah headed towards my room and knocked on the door. "Come in." I said. "How are you doing?' Sarah asked. "I turned around and she saw how deathly ill I looked and how weak I had become. My eyes looked dark and my face seemed pale." Sarah, If anything happens to me...there is something I want you to do?' I asked. "What is that?' Sarah replied. " I wrote a letter to my family could you give it to them?' Sure, of course." Thanks." I have a wife named Marie and a 10 year old son named Conner." Would you like to see a picture of them?' Yes I would.' Sarah looked at the picture and smiled." They are beautiful." she replied. "Thanks, I love them so much." I don't know what I would do without them!" Can I tell you a secret?" I asked."What?" I haven't told my family I have Cancer yet." Why not?' Because I haven't got a chance to tell them and I'm afraid." I replied as tears fell down my face.

"How much time do you have?' Sarah asked me." About a year." I replied. Danny, I'm sorry!" Sarah said. "To be honest I don't believe I'm gonna last that long." Danny, please don't talk like that, don't give up." Sarah said as she placed her hand on my shoulder. " I looked up at her as she saw how much I was struggling."Sarah, can you pray for me?' Dear God, please give Danny the Strength and Courage He needs to keep going and to have the Heart to not give up, knowing you are in control of every situtation and whatever comes our way we will stand knowing you are always with us.' Sarah prayed.


The next morning, Sarah came in and checked on me and saw that I was asleep she smiled to herself as she left the room. Moment's later, I woke up and looked over at the desk next to my bed and saw a letter I reached over and started to open the envelope." My Darling, I'm so proud of you for what God has done through you and I want to tell you how much I've missed you and I hope that you come home soon I love you and your Son Conner can't wait for you to come home, He's so excited to see you." With Love your Beloved wife Maria and our son Conner. Tears fell from my eyes my mind was racing trying to figure out how to break the news that I have Cancer and I don't know how much longer I have hoping that before I die I would love to see my family again.

I miss them dearly my beautiful wife who works as a Sunday school teacher on Sunday mornings, and a School Teacher at Gray High School, and my son Connor, who is in Elementary school I am proud of how far he has come. I just want to hold them in my arms one last time and never let them go. I climbed out of bed and walked down the hallway and reached a payphone. I held the phone in my hand as I begin to think of how I should tell my family the bad news. I put the change in and started dailing the number to my surprise the phone started ringing. As I waited for someone to answer I looked down at my feet and held my arm up to the wall as my fingers started tapping the wall.

"Hello?' a voice answered. At first I couldn't feel like I could say anything...I started to trumble and I had a hard time trying to find my words. "This is the Miller's speaking." my wife said. "I tried to open my mouth nothing would come out. "Hello, Is anyone there?' she replied. "Mar- Marie?' I finally spoke." Danny!" Is that you?' Yeah it's me." I cried. " Are you alright?' Where are you?" Are you coming home yet?" My wife asked. "I'm not going to make it home.' I answered. "Why not?' she asked. Because...I'm in the hospital." What do you mean you are in the hospital?" Marie said. ' I don't have much need to come down here!" Why! What are you saying?' Marie replied. " Marie, I have Cancer!" What?" I'm dying, Marie!' I want to come and see you, where are you?' Marie said. "At the Okaloosa hosptial." I'll be there tommrrow." I love you Marie." I love you." Danny, whatever it takes hold on." I'll try.' I love you Danny." I love you, see you tommrrow."


The next morning I woke up and noticed something diffirent. My hair was falling out because of the Cemo Treatment's the doctor's gave me though I knew that my body was rejecting it. I walked towards the bathroom and turned on the shower and stepped in as the water was running down my body. I had my hand on the wall and I was thinking about how much longer I was going to be able to hold on when I looked at myself in the mirror I broke down crying. "God Please help me!' I cried. I'm trying to be brave and I don't know how much longer I can hold on!" I need your strength to keep me going I know when I don't feel strong enough you can give me the Faith I need in you to carry me through I know when I am weak you make me strong." Amen!" I prayed. Meanwhile at home, my wife was packing her clothes in her suitcase when our son came into the room."Mom, what are you doing?' Connor asked. She started wipping her eyes as tears came down her face she looked at her son. Is dad alright?' He asked as he approuched her. " Daddy, is in the hospital and we're going to go see him, wouldn't you like that?' Marie said trying to think postivite. "We're going to see dad!" Conner replied surprised. "Yes, go get your things together." Marie and Conner headed out the door as they were carrying the suitcases to the car. "Put your suitcases in the trunk with mine." Marie said as she placed hers in the trunk, Connor handed his suitcase to her and she placed it in the trunk and shut it then they got into the car and drove off to the hospital.

The next morning, there was a knock on the door."Danny, you've got vistor's." the nurse smiled as Connor came running into the room shouting Daddy and a young beautiful woman followed behind smiling. "Connor, Marie!" I said smiling. " Connor wrapped his arms around me and I placed my hands on his back and held him in my arms. "Connor, I've missed you so much." I've missed you!' Connor said." It's great to see you when are you coming back home?' I'm not going to be able to." Oh man." Connor replied. "Connor, your dad is very sick and the doctor's and nurse's are going to try to make him better." Marie said trying to be confident. " Sarah, this is my wife Marie and Son Connor." I said as the nurse approuched me. "It's nice to finally meet you." Sarah replied. "Sarah can you take Connor to the game room, I need to talk to my wife for a moment." Sure, Connor do you want to go play some games?" Mom, is it alright?" Sure sweety go ahead." Marie said."Connor and Sarah left the room. " I've missed you so much!' I said as I looked into my wife's eyes. "I love you with all my heart." I love you and I am very blessed to have such a wonderful family!'

"So, what did the doctor's say?' Marie asked. "They said that the Cancer is spreading." What?" The Cancer has probley spread to my liver." How long until things become worst?" Only time can tell." At times all I want to do is lie down and give up." I said. "Danny, I love you so much and I don't want to lose you!" Promise me whatever it takes you will keep fighting." As long as it takes...until there is nothing left." Danny, please promise me." I grabbed my wife's hand and kissed her soft sweet lips" I promise." Your not going to lose me!" You never have and you never will. "I love you so much." Marie said as she lied her head down on my chest." I love you very much Marie." You and Connor are the Best thing in my life." I smiled as I stroked her arm.


That afternoon, I went for a walk down the hallway of the hospital and heard a woman crying. I approuched her and placed my hand on her shoulder. "Is everything alright?" I asked. She looked up at me and saw who I was." It's you!" she groaned. What do you want and why are you here, I don't understand how you can care for someone like me." I'm a nobody?' she said as tears fell down her face. "Amy, is that who you think you are?" I asked her she looked down at the floor as I lifted her head and wipped away her tears as I gave her a smile. "Would you like to take a walk with me?" I can't, I've got to get back to work." Amy, please it won't take long." I said as I reached out my hand. She looked at my hand as she slowly reached out. "Amy it's alright."

We went for a walk as we began to talk. "Amy, I care about you and I want you to know I'm here for you.' Danny, I want to tell you something personal that noone knows about my friend Sarah doesn't even know.' What is it, you can talk to me?' When I was 16 years old I grew up in a messed up world because my father was...abusive to my mother and me!' Amy cried. I would try to cover up and hide every bruise and mark that was on my body. Everyday, I would hide myself in the attic where he couldn't find me because I was frightened of my father." Most of the time I would hear my mother yelling and begging for her life I would close my eyes and ears hoping that everything would just go away!"

Amy fell to her knees and cried as I knelt down in front of her and wrapped my arm around her."Amy, God can take those Wounded Scars and take the Broken and Damaged peices of your life that you have and set you free." I said. "I just want it to be over!" I'm tired of living this way I want to change." Amy cried. " Amy, have you accepted God's Love into your heart?" I want too." Do you know Jesus Christ as your lord and personal savior?" No!" Do you want to accept Him into your Heart and into your life?" Yes!" I began to pray the Sinner's prayer with Amy and she asked Jesus into her life and became accepted and Amy was Saved.


The next morning, Sarah came into the room to check on me."Good morning Sarah!" Goodmorning Danny, I have someone I want you to meet." Who is this handsome fellow?" I asked seeing another man beside her."This is John Meyers my husband." Nice to meet you?" It's great to meet you Danny." I hate to cut this short but I'm needed in the ER." John said as he left the room. "How are you doing?' Sarah asked. "Good as I'll ever be." John seems like a great husband." He is? I am blessed to have him in my life." Sarah replied. "That's great." Where is Amy I've got something for her?" I asked. "I'll go find her." Sarah said as she left the room. Suddenly, I felt something was wrong I started feeling a sharp pain in my side and I lifted my shirt and saw a bruise on my body. I didn't know what to do and the pain started to get worse I pressed the nurse call botton on the side of the bed and I lied there...I couldn't really move and the pain was increasing I begin to yell out.

Sarah and Amy came into the room and knew something was wrong. " Danny, where are you hurting?" In my side." I groaned in pain. Stay with us Danny!" Amy said starting to get worried. Sarah lifted my shirt and saw a bruise and pressed down I yelled louder as tears fell down my face. Though I didn't know what was wrong with me I knew that my life was in danger and all I could think about was what my wife Marie said. "Keep fighting." We need to get him to the ER statis!" Sarah said. What's going on?" Amy asked. "It looks like the Cancer has spread to his liver!" As Amy and Sarah were rushing me to the ER everything begin to become blurry and I started sweating trying to keep my eyes open I could hear Amy and Sarah speaking and all I could hear was an echo. "Hang on Danny!" Sarah said. When I went into the ER they did a Abdominal CT Scan and found where the Tumor was located." Has it spread?" Amy asked. Not yet, we need to Operate quickly." We can't if we do he'll die, He's not strong enough!' Amy argued."Listen Amy, if we don't do something He is going to die, I don't have time to argue with you right now!" Sarah shouts. Have Faith in God I know that Danny is strong!" Sarah said. "What do you want me to do?" Amy asked. Call his family." Sarah replied.

Marie and Connor arrived at the hosptial. Amy spoke with the family. "Mrs. Miller, we found out the Cancer has spread to his liver." What does that mean?" We don't know how much time he has left because Danny seems to weak for the surgery and we feel it's best for you to see him one last time.' Are you saying my husband might not make it through the night?' Mrs. Miller, we've tried all we can do I'm sorry." Amy said as her eyes started to dwell tears. Marie went to the bathroom and started crying. " Oh God, please don't let my husband die!' Please God don't let him go!" Marie cried. Marie shortly returned to the lobby and sat down in her chair when Connor approuched her. "Mommy, Is dad going to be alright?' Connor asked. Marie placed her hand over her mouth and shook her head as she continued to cry. " I'm not sure!' Can we go and see him?' Connor asked. "Let's go see him." Marie said as they walked to my room.


Marie and Connor entered into my room. I turned my head and saw my wife and son as they approuched me Marie grabbed my hand. "Danny!' she spoke. "Marie!' I said weakly. " Daddy!' Connor cried. Connor, I am very proud of you promise me you will help take care of your mother." I promise." Marie, Promise me you will keep your heart open for Love." Danny, your the only man for me in my life." Marie, please for the sake of our son don't give up on finding love again!' I'll try!' Marie, I will always love you...this is not goodbye...I will see you again on the other side!' I smiled. "I love you daddy!' Connor said as he wrapped his arms around me. "I love you my Son!' Marie, Connor, I love you and that will never change." Your Love for me will in my heart and nothing can take that away...because I will always love you!' I'll!' as I breathed my last breath and closed my eyes and my heart montior flatlined. My Wife and Connor started crying while Sarah, Amy and John were standing at the door way as tears began to fall from their face.

A couple of days later, I was buried in the ground several people came to the funeral. " Several of the student's from Niceville High and the Princible came to honor my familes respect. Some of them spoke a couple of words. " Danny, was a great man of God through the power and the presence of the holy spirit He changed our school and the student' s. He Changed lives and made a diffirence." I wanted to say that Thank you Danny, you changed many Hearts and you will never be Forgotten by what God did through you. ' Several days later, Sarah and Amy came to visit my grave. They stood there looking at the gravestone and read what was written on the Grave. "A Man who Chased after God Wholeheartly." A Living Father and Husband whom will never be Forgotten." If it wasn't for Danny who Lead me to Christ...I would have never really knew what it was like to live have a second chance at life." Amy said. "Before Danny died, He wanted me to give this to you?' Sarah said as she handed her the gift. "A Bible!' Amy said surprised. "Thanks Sarah." You welcome I knew Danny what have wanted you to have one." Amy held her Bible close to her chest and never let go as she looked up at the sky and smiled.

"You ready to go?' Sarah asked. Bye Danny I'll see you again someday." Amy replied. As Sarah and Amy walked away the both looked up at the sky and saw the Sun was shining through the clouds. Together Amy and Sarah headed back home to where they belonged as they both drove off in the distance.

The End.

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