Locked in Introspection

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

Submitted: May 23, 2008

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Submitted: May 23, 2008



The twins pushed the doors open and pulled Brooke out. Surrounding the empty building was nothing but dark trees.

The twins continued to pull her out. She finally was able to slip her hands free from their grasp. They stopped and turned to her.

“Where are we?” she asked them with irritation in her voice. They smiled.

“Anywhere!” they informed her. She gave them another blank stare.

“That’s it, I’m going back.”

“Where did you come from?” they asked.

“I don’t remember.”

“Then…” one said.

“…How can you go back?” the other asked. This made Brooke think some more. She tried to remember how she ended up in this place, but everything in her head was disappearing.

Brooke finally decided that she had enough of their nonsense. She turned to go back into the building she woke up in, but to her horror, it was gone.

“What happened to the building that was just here?” she asked, pointing to a now empty location.

“What building?” one asked.

“the one you two found me in.” Brooke answered. The twins gave each other confused looks.

“There was no building there.” the other stated.

“Then where did you find me?”

“Laying on the ground.” they answered together.

“but, when you found me, you asked what I was doing in the locker.” Brooke pointed out.

“No we didn’t.” they said. Brooke became confused. As she stood there, oblivious to all her surroundings, the twins found their chance and began to walk off. It took Brooke a few seconds to realize what was going on.

“H-hey! Wait up!” she tried to catch up, but when she was one step away from reaching them, the ground began to collapse under her and she fell. To Brooke’s surprise, she didn’t continue falling. When she looked up, she saw the twins tugging on her arms, trying to pull her up.

“You’re more trouble than your worth.” One informed her. She didn’t respond. She was a little embarrassed.

When they finally pulled her out, they walked away, leaving her sitting on the ground. Tears started pouring down her face. her sobbing forced the twins to turn around and walk back to her.

“Don’t cry…” one said.

“…Everything is going to be fine.” the other finished.

“No it won’t. I got the crap bear out of me by Lyla, shoved in a locker, I got no help from you two when I was trying to figure out where I was, then I just fell into a hole. How is everything going to be okay?” The twins wrapped their arms around her to comfort her.

“Don’t worry…”

“…We will be here for you.” Brooke’s tears stopped flowing. She smiled as she hugged them back.

In the distance, the twins could hear what sounded like paws hitting the ground. The two shot up from the ground, taking Brooke with them. One took off into the woods. The other one lifted Brooke into the air and placed her on his back. Once she was secure, he took off after his brother.

“What’s going on?” Brooke asked, trying to hang on. Before he could answer, a large black dog charged at them from the forest. It lunged for them, causing the two of them to fall. The boy hit the ground, throwing Brooke away from him and the dog.

“Run!” he screamed. Brooke couldn’t move. She was too horrified to do anything. she watched, terrified, as the dog circled the red-haired boy. “I said run! Get our of here! Save yourself!” Brooke still didn’t move. At that moment, the twins voices rang through her head. “Don’t worry…we will be there for you.” They didn’t know her, she didn’t know them, and yet they told her that they would be there for her. If they were going to be there to help her, she may as well be there to help them.

The large black dog plunged one of its paws into the boy’s chest. It snarled and growled as he jerked around to get out from under the pressure of its foot. The dog looked as though is was going to kill him, so Brooke took it upon herself to take action. She tried to move, but her body refused to go nearer. She was scared out of her mind. The dog growled louder. It was either now or never. If she didn’t do anything, he would die. The only thing that was stopping her was that she could die if she did do something.

The red-haired boy screamed louder. Without thinking, Brooke started charging and tackled the dog off of him. The dog was much larger than she expected. It was about the size of large wolf.

The dog threw her off of it and hovered over her. It growled and snarled in her face. she slowly began to pull herself back. When only her legs were left under it, it started to bark. At this time, Brooke’s head was finally back together. In one quick action, she jerked her legs back and planted her feet in the dog’s face. It whimpered in pain, then began its barking again. Brooke looked around for something to defend herself with. A few feet behind her was a large stick. It looked like a branch that fell off a nearby tree. The only way she could get it was if she made a run for it.

The red-haired boy saw what she was looking at and ran to get it. At the same time, Brooke pushed herself up and ran for the branch. The dog chased after her and lunged for her feet. It sank its teeth into her lower leg and began dragging her back. The boy grabbed the branch and tossed it over to her. His aim was a little off, or she just couldn’t catch well, because it landed right next to her. It didn’t matter much, she could still reach it. she grabbed the end of the rough branch, spun her body around, and slammed it against the side of the dog’s body. It whimpered again and released its grasp on her leg. Brooke stood and repeatedly bashed the branch against the dog. It continued to whimper until if finally fell silent.

Brooke’s breathing was heavy. There was blood splattered all over her clothes and face. the branch she held in her hand was laced with blood and fur. The dog lay below her, motionless, as she jabbed it for a sign of life. When she was positive that it was dead, she threw the branch to the side and tried to control her breathing. When she tried to walk, pain shot through her leg and she collapsed.

“Are you going to be okay?” the boy asked, running up to her. He knelt down beside her.

“I don’t think I can walk.” she answered. The first thing that came to both of them was, no shit. “Do you think that you can carry me?” The boy nodded. He picked her up bridal style and started to make his way through the woods towards his brother.

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