Locked in Introspection

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Chapter 4 (v.1)

Submitted: May 30, 2008

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Submitted: May 30, 2008



It took them a long time to make their way through the thick, dark forest. Out in the opening was the other twin. He noticed his brother was carrying a blood covered Brooke and became deeply worried. When he ran to his brother, he noticed that she was out cold.

“What happened?” He started freaking out.

“Don’t worry. Most of it isn’t her blood. Only her leg is hurt. She managed to kill one of the Dark One’s barguests. It caught up to us as we were trying to get away.” The other brother explained. “But, I guess it was a young one. It wasn’t that big or strong. She bet it to death with a branch. The Dark One may have thought little of us, or she didn’t expect us to have her.” The twins smiled down at Brooke.

“Lets go. When the Dark One hears word about one of her barguests being slaughtered she’ll send larger ones.” The thought of full grown barguests after them sent chills down their spines. They needed to get out of the valley before they were caught again. Plus, if the Dark One found Brooke, she would kill her. Things weren’t looking so great for them.

When Brooke finally woke up, she was laying on a bed of straw with a blanket over her. It took her a minute to realize that she was still covered in the now dried blood of the dog. She tried to sit up, but two pairs of arms pulled her back down. On either side of her was the twins. They were sound asleep.

“Um, guys?” They didn’t wake up. She squirmed under their arms, but her attempt failed. Their grasp on her seemed to tighten.

“Shhh…” one mumbled.

“…You need to stay quiet.” They didn’t open their eyes as they told her that. Their voices were hushed.

“Why?” she asked, matching their voice level.

“We’re hiding.” they answered.

“From what?”

“Don’t worry…” one whispered.

“…We’ll protect you.” the other finished. Brooke didn’t talk after that. She was just happy that she wasn’t alone. She slowly closed her eyes and drifted away to sleep.

“Ena! Wake up!” Brooke didn’t move. She opened her eyes and saw the twins hovering over her. “Good morning, Ena!” Brooke sat up and looked around. They were in the back of a carriage full of food.

“My name is Brooke, so stop calling me Ena. Also, where are we?”

“We hitched a ride.” one informed her.

“You wouldn’t wake up, so we carried you.” said the other.

“Where are we going?”

“To see the Fair One!” the twins answered.

“The Fair One?”

“Yea, she can protect you.” one spoke.

“Why are you so concerned about my safety?” The twins shrugged their shoulders.

“We don’t know.” they spoke.

When the carriage stopped, the twins quickly grabbed Brooke and hopped out the back. One of them picked her up and carried her into the large city. She had forgotten about her little rumble with the dog the other day.

“Where are you taking me?”

“To go fix your leg.” they answered. Fixing her leg most likely meant needles and stitches. She started fidgeting in the boy’s arms. He tried to get her under control, but she jumped out of his hands and started running in a random direction.


“Ena, come back!” The twins chased after her. “You can’t be running on that leg!”

“Ena, come back!” they yelled in unison.

“No, I’m not going to the doctor……AND STOP CALLING ME ENA!” she screamed. Brooke highly underestimated the speed of the twins, because they quickly caught up with her. “I’m not going to see a doctor. I don’t want or need stitches in my leg.”

“Ena, calm down.” one said, grabbing her arms.

“You’re not going to get stitches.” the other said, picking her legs up.

“I’m not getting stitches?” she asked.

“Stitches are for people who have time…”

“…And time is something we have very little of.” Brooke looked at them, confused, as they carried her against her will to the doctors.

Brooke tried to ignore the stares from the passing people as they twins drug her into a small, run-down building. Inside was dark except for a small, faint light in the next room. the twin that had a hold of her legs gently set them down and walked away into the light. There was some soft whispering and mumbling in the next room, but it was mostly quiet.

“Thanks for saving my brother.” the boy with her finally spoke. Brooke looked up at him. “I guess we’re lucky we found you.” Brooke nodded even though she knew he couldn’t see it.

“So, you managed to run into a barguest, but not a quintaped? You must be lucky or something.” a young girls voice spoke. The room suddenly filled with light, revealing a small child. She was standing next to the other twin.

“It wasn’t a wild barguest. The Dark One sent it after us. Ena here killed it.” the boy next to her informed her.

“Killed it? She doesn’t look strong enough to take on and kill a barguest, let alone one sent by the Dark One.”

“It wasn’t fully grown. I think it may have been a new born, or something.”

“Still, wondering around the woods in the Valley of the Dark and not even seeing a quintaped is amazing.”

“Quintaped?” The young girl laughed in amusement at Brooke’s question and walked into the other room. “What’s a quintaped? Oh, you can let go of me now.” The twin holding onto her quickly realized that his arms were wrapped around her upper body and let her go. She limped over to a nearby chair and placed herself in it.

“Ena, are you o-“ one twin started.

“Brooke.” she corrected.


“My name is Brooke, not Ena.”

“But, calling you Ena…” one said.

“…Is much more better than calling you Brooke!” the other informed her. Brooke just stared at them. Moments later, the young girl came back. In her arms was a large jar full of some yellowish liquid. She smiled, walked up to Brooke, and shoved the jar in her face. Inside was a hairy, spider-like creature, about the size of Brooke’s head, with a large opening at the top of it. the opening was surrounded by razor sharp teeth. It had no eyes and no ears . It was pretty much a mouth with legs.

When Brooke saw the spider-like thing, she screamed and jumped back, falling out of her chair. The twins ran to her, trying to prevent her from hitting her leg on something, but they were too late. She hit the ground as her leg entangled itself in the legs of the chair. Brooke let out a scream of pain that could bring the dead back to life.

One of the twins walked to the window and peered out. There was a small group of people forming just outside the building.

“We should get moving. If the guards see us here, we will never get to the Fair One.” he said. The young girl chuckled.

“You’ll never get to the Fair One anyway, guards or not. You guys know how she feels about you two. You should be lucky that she’s not like the Dark One.” The three started to argue about what to do. Brooke, still confused about everything that was going on, used the chair to push herself up and limped to the back room the young girl cam out of.

The room was dark except for a few lit candles. Brooke could make out a few more jars full of the yellowish liquid. On the floor was a brass ring. It was shining from the candle light. Brooke hesitated, but stepped across the room to the brass ring. Before picking it up, she turned her head to see if the others followed her. When she heard them still arguing about nothing, she slowly bent down to pick the ring up. she tried no to put too much weight on her leg, but when the ring wouldn’t life gently off the ground, she realized she had to.

She grabbed the ring with both hands and began to pull. Pain shot through her leg again, but she ignored it. the ring finally lifted, taking many of the floorboards with it. Underneath was a set of stairs leading down into darkness. Brooke didn’t know if she wanted to go down, but she knew that if she wanted help, would have to get out of this place. She took a deep breath and took her first step. She knew that if she continued, she would end up alone.

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