Locked in Introspection

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Chapter 5 (v.1)

Submitted: May 30, 2008

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Submitted: May 30, 2008



Brooke traced the dark tunnel wall with her hand. Her leg was still tingling from forcefully pulling the hidden door. Echoes of falling water surrounded her. Chills when down her spine. She began to have second thoughts about wondering into the unknown darkness, but there was no turning back now. She was already in to deep to go back. There was no place to go back to, anyway.

Out of the darkness of the tunnel she could see a small light. She continued in that direction until she came to a fork in the path. One tunnel continued into the dark. The other went into the light. Being in her tired and woozy state, she went down the tunnel filled with light.

The tunnel kept going an going. Every turn was filled with disappointment and no end. Brooke started to think that she would never get out. She was going to be stuck down there and nobody knew where she was. Then it hit her. Nobody knows where she’s at in the first place. She woke up here the other day and was found by the twins.

The twins. She left them behind. The only people that promised to help her. Besides, she didn’t even know their names. All she knew was that the only person who could help her, as far as she knows, doesn’t like them. Plus, someone was after them. Staying with them would most likely mean her being hurt again. She didn’t know whether or not to return to them or to continue her path down the lit tunnel that may never end.

“Die with the twins, or die in the tunnels?” she asked herself. “Hmm…tough choices. Both have some advantages, but, some major disadvantages. If I went back to the twins, I would be found by whoever was after them a could possibly die a horrible, painful death. If I stay here, I could die from starvation.” She thought for a second. “But, there is a chance that I won’t be found by, oh, who was it? on, the Dark One…or something. But…” She paused. What if I am found? What if I do die? Her eyes started to water. “What if I can never get out of this place?” Her legs gave in and she fell to her knees. “I want to go home…I want to go home…I WANT TO GO HOME!”

She listened to her voice bounce off the nearby walls. She couldn’t stand it anymore. She knew that whatever she did, where ever she went, she was going to die.

“ENA!” three voices yelled. “ENA! WHERE ARE YOU!?!” It was the twins and the young girl. Brooke could hear their footsteps growing louder.

“I’m over here!” she screamed back. Her voice was trembling.

“Ena…” one hollered.

“…Get out of there!” the other cried out. Brooke looked around confusingly. Why would they want her to get out of the tunnel? As she pondered the reasons, the walls around her started to move. Well, not the wall themselves, but the layer of creatures that covered it. Some started to crawl off the walls and onto the floor in front of her. She recognized the beasts. They were the same ones that the girl had in the liquid filled jars.

Brooke froze in fear. She wasn’t sure if she should run. Her fear soon faded, leaving her sitting calmly on the ground as the flesh eating monsters crept closer to her.

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