Locked in Introspection

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Chapter 6 (v.1)

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Submitted: June 01, 2008



The ground surrounding her was now completely black. The creatures here were much larger than the one she saw before. Most likely due to the fact that these ones weren’t dead and in a jar.

Brooke remained motionless. She waited, calmly, for her death to arrive. She stopped caring once she realized that it was inevitable. There was no way she was going to get out of this, so she gave up. There was no way that she could change it.

She closed her eyes and steadied her breathing. Beyond the scurrying of the spider-like things she could hear the footsteps of the others getting closer. When the twins and the young girl finally reached Brooke, they froze in their tracks. In the middle of the herd of black quintapeds was a bleeding, panting Brooke.

“Ena?” spoke one of the twins. Brooke snapped out of her daze and shot her head around. The twins tried to step forward, but a group of quintapeds hissed and stood in the way. “Ena, how long have you been like this?” Brooke shrugged her shoulders.

“A while…” she answered. “Five minutes. Ten tops.” The others looked at her in shock.

“They haven’t attacked you in that long? In that state you’re in right now, you should be nothing but bones right now.” the young girl said. Brooke shrugged again.

“I guess that’s what I’m waiting for.”

“WHAT!?!” the twins screamed. Brooke raised an eyebrow in confusion. “What do you mean you’re waiting for it?!” Their cracked a bit. Brooke lowered her eyebrow and turned her head back around.

“There’s no point in trying to save myself. If I stay in this world any longer, I’m going to die. I may as well let these thing eat me. it would be better than being captured and tortured because I was with the two of you. And besides, you guys don’t need me around. I’m no use to you. It would be best if I just die, then I wouldn’t slow you two down. You need to worry about each other, not some miserable, confused girl you found in the woods.” Brooke paused and looked down. “Just go. Leave me here. This is best for everyone.”

“Best for everyone?” The twin that was speaking balled up his hands. “This is best for everyone?” Brooke raised her head and turned to face him. “How is this best for everyone? WHO WOULD BENEFIT FROM YOUR DEATH!?!?!?” Brooke stood from her seat on the cold, stone floor. The tunnel was silent except for the constant echo of water drops.

“She doesn’t need me around. It’s best for her. Her life will be much better if I wasn’t around.”

“Her?” the other asked. Brooke laughed to herself. She took small steps towards them. The quintapeds surrounding her took a few steps back. She knelt down in front of the largest one near her. The twins couldn’t stand watching her giver her life away.

“ENA, PLEASE STOP!” they cried. Tears began to run down their faces. “PLEASE DON’T DO THIS!” Brooke started to cry as she reached over to the five legged creature.

“Don’t do this!” one twin pleaded.

“You’re not a problem to us, we like you being around.” the other whined. Brooke ignored them and continued to reach for the quintaped.

“BROOKE, STOP!” the two yelled. Brooke froze and lowered her head, letting her hair fall in front of her face. “Come back with us, please. Please, Brooke, don’t do this.” Brooke stood, her head still lowered.

“Why should I? Why should I go with you?” she asked. Her voice was low and hushed. “WHAT REASON CAN YOU GIVE ME THAT WOULD CHANGE MY MIND!?!” The twins took a step back and looked at each other. Brooke watched them, waiting for an answer. When they didn’t respond, she decided on what she was going to do. Brooke, even though pissed off to no point, didn’t have the heart to kill herself in front of other people. And if these things weren’t going to kill her, then she might as well leave. “Thanks guys, thanks a lot.” She began to walk towards them. To everyone’s surprise, the quintapeds moved out of the way. The others stepped aside as well.

“Brooke…” the twins said. She ignored them. But, hearing her voice escape their lips made her the happiest she’s ever been in a while. She stopped, but didn’t turn around.

“If you don’t want me to leave, then why are you just standing there?” she asked. she turned her head and smirked at them. The twins looked at each other and smiled.

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