Lies, Guys, and Hair Ties (Chapter 1 Test Run)

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Julia Ponterelli is a highschooler who is full of life, until she meets a young man named Blake Peters, who rocks her world. Julia, at first doesn't realize it, but meeting Blake will forever change her life. This is a book/novel I'm in the process of writing/finishing/typing, and everybody I've let see it has liked it and wanted to read more. But, I just wanted to see if anyone else liked it as much as they did.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Lies, Guys, and Hair Ties (Chapter 1 Test Run)

Submitted: February 05, 2013

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Chapter 1:

Sounds Great ;)


Julia walks up to the gym doors. Her feet slowly crunching the gravel beneath her size 4 tennis shoes. She holds in her hand, a football jersey, wringing it as if it was the thing causing her nervous feeling. She wipes a tear from her cheek, that is so scalding hot, that it burns her clammy hand. Her long blonde brown hair is wrapped up in a tangled bun, with a duct-tape bow, bobby-pinned to it.


Her eyes dart from left to right, as if someone were chasing her. Kids and teachers push and shove past her, as they rush to their buses and cars. People see Julia's smeared make-up and whisper to their friends. As more and more people take notice of her tears, Julia puts her head down to her binders.


Without even knowing it, Julia ends up running right into the person she was going to see. “Oops, sorry,” she mumbles.


“Where's my jersey, Julia?” exclaimed Blake. He had brown hair with little blonde highlights on the top of his head. His doe brown eyes burned with anger and anguish. His muscles clenched underneath his grey v-neck t-shirt.


“Ummm... here. I'm really sorry Blake. I thought it would be okay for me to wear the jersey. I wasn't trying to upset you.” Julia stuttered between sobs. Blake stopped dead in his tracks, sighed, and turned around. The smell of faded Axe body spray, wofted through the hallway as more and more people left school for the weekend. The sun peeked through the openings in the hall, only to highlight and illuminate Julia's tears and the streaks that they'd left behind. Blake and Julia both looked at each other, thinking about all the things that have happened to them, between them, and because of them. Julia's guilt and sorrow built up into a burst of air, and more tears streamed down her red and freckled cheeks. Blake's eyes let go of all his anger and he felt a little guilty, which he was to macho to ever admit to.


It's not you. It's the fact that I didn't know who the hell had my jersey. And if I lose this thing, I have to pay $140 dollars to replace it.” said Blake. He secretly wanted to say he was sorry, but, again, he was too macho to say it. He snatched the jersey from Julia's little hands, without so much as a thank you, and started walking away.


“Okay, it's fine. But you didn't have to be so rude to me. I didn't deserve that!” Julia said, in a mixture of sniffles and sobs. Blake walked away as she said this, but pretended that he hadn't heard a thing.


As Julia watched Blake walk away, down the hall, she started crying again. She found a spot and sunk down. Her phone buzzed from inside her pocket. It was a text. A text from Blake. It said, “Next game, we'll hang out, okay?” Julia got a rush of excitement up and down her spine. She replied, “Sounds great ;).”

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