Give Into The Night

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Chapter 11 (v.1) - Prom

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Submitted: May 02, 2015



Chapter 11 


"How excited are you now?" Knight whispered behind me as we stood outside waiting for Amy

"Very and all because you will be there too" I smiled as I put my head back into his shoulder. He laughed softly at my actions. Amy appeared out hand in hand with Niall and to keep our secret until tonight me and Knight broke away and stood apart. 

"When we gonna tell her?" Knight smiled 

"She'll find out tonight" I smiled 

"Evil" He replied with a wink. I giggled. Niall and Amy had a bit of a PDA before she walked away from him giggling. I glanced back at Niall who glared at me. I smiled and waved. 

"What's wrong?" Knight whispered

"Nothing it's fine" I smiled as we walked home. Amy was the first to leave us and I stood hand in hand in front of Knight. 

"Remember when my mum said she needed pictures? Yeah well she wants more" Knight laughed. 

"I thought her and your father was working and would video call you?" I asked confused

"She made some calls and got tonight off and with my father well, Mad scientist he doesnt leave the house no more" He said with a smile. 

"Ah I see, do you think your mum can do me a favour?" I asked 

"Is that do what she did last time, your hair and that?" He asked 

"Yeah" I said going red 

"She would be delighted" Knight smiled, "You wanna come and see, watch how excited she will get?" 

"Sure" I smiled. "My mother loves you, Think I should tell her about us?" He asked 

"If you want to" I smiled. He took my hand and I couldn't help but think about how my life was going to change for 3 days, how I didn't have to see Him every night. How I got a break. 

We walked into Knight's house. "Mum we're home" He shouted. 

"We?" She shouted back as you heard her quick footsteps race to see who Knight meant by We. 

"Oh my god, It's Ebony, Hello sweetheart,how are you? Excited for tonight?" She aksed 

"Hello Mrs Kingstone" I smiled 

"Layla sweetheart" She corrected 

"Sorry Hello Layla, Im fine, I am really excited for tonight, should be a great night" I smiled. 

"Goood" She smiled 

"Hey mum, Ebony was wondering if you could do her hair and make-up like you did last time for her? She really liked it" Knight told her. Her face lit up like a firework on the 4th of July. 

"Ebony, I would adore to, you wanna change here?" She asked 

"That would be really handy, I don't think I could walk over here in heels" I giggled

"Great, I can't wait" She giggled as she walked away all happy with herself. 

"Told you" He smirked.I burst out laughing. "We will be upstairs mum" He called

"Knight come here a second" She called. 

"Wait here, she is probably away to warn me not to do anything" He smiled . I giggled and waited. 

There was silence until she screamed out with delight. Knight came running to my side holding his ear. 

"Yeah I was warned and also deafened," He said 

"Why?" I giggled 

"I told her you were mine and  she screamed with delight. 

"Can I be honest?" I asked 

"Of course" He smiled as we walked upstairs

"I honestly didn't think you'd want me" I said 

"And why is that? Let me tell you something,"he  said as he sat me on his knees on his bed. "You are just the sweetest for a kick off. You were determined to help me even though I made of a fool of it. You're gorgeous, cute, really attractive, dainty and so many other words to describe you but you will end up think I have eaten a thesarus. I fell for you when I first saw you. You being my buddy was just even better" He smiled. I couldn't help but smile back. 

"Your smile drives me crazy.....You drive me crazy!" He winked as he lowered me to his bed

"Now now member what mummy said" I winked as I saw her standing quietly at his door. 

"Mummy won't know" He smiled 

"You sure about that" I laughed looking at the door. 

"Fuck!" He muttered as he turned his head and quickly looked away. I burst out in ends of laughter

"Knight!" She said 

"I was only gonna kiss her jeez" He smiled 

"Hmm" She said before she gave in and smiled. "I have way too much trust in you Knight," she laughed before leaving. He waited until he heard her hit the bottom before continuing

"Bad boy" I smiled 

"Damn right" He grinned before I got my kiss session. He sat with one knee on the bed his other foot on the floor and his arms at either side of my head. 

"Gorgeous" He smiled before placing his lips on mine again. I ran my hand through his hair. 

"Awwwh" A voice cooed. We stopped immediately and snapped our heads to the door. 


"For the love of god mum" He said quickly. I lay on his bed looking at his ceiling trying to contain myself from laughing. 

"It's cute to see you happy son" She replied. 

"I will be extremely happy if you left us alone" He said. 

"Im sorry this will be the last time, Ebony, honey would you like to stay for your tea?" She asked 

"Oh...I would love to but I must go home and make sure my parents won't kill me for not appearing after school" I said with a little laugh "Thank you soo much for the offer though" I added quickly. 

"That's not a bother sweetheart, I will see you either before you leave or before prom" She smiled and left. 

"Thank fuck" Knight said sighing a sigh of relief. His focus was back on me again.

"She's only looking out for you" I said sitting up and hugging his arm. He wrapped his free one round me. 

"It's probably you she is worried about, She doesn't think I can control myself with girl like yourself" He said grinning. 

"And can you?" I asked challenging him. 

"I will only go as far as you want me too" He smiled "You have my word munchkin" He said with meaning in his tone. 

"Awwwh" I said kissing him lightly. He ran his hand down my back stopping in the middle of my spine, pushing me closer to him. 

"Knight sweetie dinner time" His mother called. 

"I will walk you home" He smiled as he stood up and put out his hand. I smiled and laced mine through his. 

"Don't want my girl being stolen on prom night." He said 

"Who would steal me?" I asked 

"I would if I got the chance" He winked. I burst out laughing. 

He left without telling his mum and walked me home. 

"Your mother is gonna kill you" I said as we stopped at the top of my street. 

"Indeed she will but she loves me at the end of the day sooo" He smiled as he gently pulled me into him by my waist. 

""You're such a flirt Mr Kingstone," I said biting my lip. 

"Can tell you love it" He replied. I placed my hands on his arms and I got a kiss goodbye. He shot off down the street and I watched until he disppeared. I laughed. I was still annoyed I couldn't rack up the guts to tell him I love him. After everything we have done in the past 2 odd weeks. 

I was determined to tell him tonight I love him. Running down the street I ran inside to be greeted by my mother.

"Hello Ebony....I have been worried sick" She said. 

"Couldn't have been that worried since you have no shock or worry in your voice." I replied I shot up the stairs. 

"Your feeding yourself tonight Missy" She replied. 

"KAY!" I shouted. That was my punishment for not telling her things,I must fend for food myself in the kitchen. 

Knight<3: Howmuch trouble you in ;)

Me: Oh heaps, I have to fend for myself in the kitchen XD xx

Knight<3:Awwwh baaby, Be safe, don't let any knife monsters get yah ;) xxx

Me:I can fend for myself, I must :D xxx

Knight<3: Im a text away, if you need me ;) xxx

Me: Thanks sweetie <3xxx

Knight<3: Text me when you want to come down so  Ican let mother know. So she can set up her gear. You're in a for treat babe :D xxx

Me: Awwwh, tell her Im really thankful for her :) xxxx

Kngiht<3: I will, See you sooooon<3 xxx

Me: Seee you sooooon<3 xx

Yep we were saps, but he was adorable and that is all the mattered. I ran down stairs and the kitchen was empty and I heard the door slam shut

"BYE!" I screamed. 


Dad: Hello we are going to see grandma, Have fun at prom xxx

Me: K thanks for the immaturity, having to text me where you are going instead of my face, but yeah that's just you guys it aint? 

Dad: Ebony don't start this over text 

Me: Noo it wasn't me who started anything, it wouldn't have happened if you just told me where you were going instead of texting it to me. You knew I was upstairs in my room.

He nevered texted back but I refused to get annoyed since I was really excited. I found a packet of noodle things and cooked them up. I sat at the breakfast bar and munched away checking Amy's Instagram page

Ammms<3: Love my dress, can't wait for tonight with my bae and BF :D xxx Niallxo Ebbbsxxx

Ebbbsxxx: Whos the bae and whos the BF 

Ammms<3: You're bae Ebbbsxxx XD 

Ebbbsxxx: Yas!!! xxx XD 

I couldn't help but smile at her. She is off her head. 

I finished up and purposely dropped the bowl in the sink. It cracked like I knew it would. Rushing around, I brushed my teeth and put on cream to help the mark round the dome on my wrist. Grabbing my dress and shoes I was off and texted Knight. 

Me: Hey on my way down xxx

Knight<3: Sure, coming to meet you xxx

Me: You dont have too xxx

I never got an answer so I had a feeling he was meeting me. Reaching the top I found him jogging towards me. 

"Hey you" He smiled as he reached me not even gasping for breath. 

"You're really fit" I said smiling at him

"Weekend running baby" he smiled as he took my free hand and draped my prom dress thingy over his arm. 

"I can carry that myself" I said as I tried to clasp it in my hands as he stole it. 

"I got it now" He smiled. I gave him the puppy eyes and he kissed my nose. I burst out laughing. "You laughed Im off the hook." He said as he danced forward. 

"You're a dafty" A smiled 

"Would you have me any other way?" he asked 

"Like hell I would, You are perfect" I smiled as we reached his house. 

Layla greeted us quickly apologising for the putrid smelll. 

"Knight's father is being a mad scientist again. That man is off his rocker. Sorry for the scream everynow and again he's practicing on a human like robot, It can be scary" She said with a laugh as she shook her head. I giggled and she rushed us upstairs so we could breathe. She started by getting me to put my dress on before she did my hair and make-up.

"Knight has a little present for you, since this is your first prom" She said as she walked me out to the landing where Knight stood in his suit and his hair all done up. 

"Damn you're beautiful" We both said together. I laughed and he handed me a box. 

"What is it?" I asked.

"Open it and find out silly" He smiled. I opened the box and inside sat a pink flower corsage. 

"Oh my god Knight, It's beautiful" I said as I wobbled into his arms. 

"Like you" His whispered. 

"Thank you so much" I whispered. 

"You're very welcome, Anything for you" He whispered back. I didn't want to let him go. A.because I would fall and B. He was cosy and I was emotional and was trying not to cry. 

"Am I okay to let you go?" He whispered. 

"Maybe" I giggled. He placed his hands at my waist to steady me and I was fine afterwards.

Getting down stairs we were rushed into the living room for some pictures. His father appeared looking normal and his hair wasn't sticking out his head like I thought it would. 

"Okay like last time sweetiepies," His mother cooed. Knight was first then I stumbled up. And then we got cute scene pictures down. Different to before since I was sorta comfortable kissing Knight in front of his parents.

"Lovely!" She squeaked. 

Knight stood with his family as I took a lovely family picture of them and then I was marched up to stand beside them too. My face was red and all I could do was smile. 

Taking off my shoes I ran to the upstairs bathroom to stop my make-up running with the tears I felt brimming. 

"Ebony you okay?" Knight asked as he knocked on the door and came in. 

"Yeah Im fine, I took a little smiling fit which usually ends in me crying uncontrolably and I didn't want the make up to run" I smiled. 

"Aaah, as long as you are okay" He said as I slipped my shoes back on for height against him. He was still taller. 

"Selfie?" He asked with a grin. 

"Sure why not" I smiled. 

We posed for both out phones in the bathroom mirror. In both I hugged his side and he had his arm round my back. We got one with a little kiss 

I was sooo excited


The limo picked us up, Niall and Amy were sitting inside. She was still to excited to expect anything. 

"Wooo" She smiled as we got in. 

"Damn you're looking hot" We both said to each other. Shouting over the music that blared in the back. 

We sat smiling and taking pictures before arriving. Niall and Amy were the first out and in. We strolled in hand in hand. 

"OH MY GOD YOU NEVER SAID!!!!" Amy screeched as she quickly spotted my hand and me attached to his side. 

"WANTED TO KEEP IT A SECRET!" I yelled back. The music was soo loud. 

We wondered around and got drinks and were out of the dance floor. 

"Hey this is my favourite song, would you take this dance with me?" Knight whispered in my ear and I sipped on the non-alcoholic cocktail thing I was given. I nodded and took his hand. 

'If I Lose Myself- OneRepublic'  

"I stared up just to see, with all of the faces you were the one next to me. You can feel the lights start to tremble,washing what you know out to sea yeah. You can see you life out the window, Tonight! If I lose myself tonight, It'll be by your side. If I lose myself tonight,Yeah yeah yeah" Knight sang. I stood dancing slowly, being in his arms and just being around him was the best thing ever. The night had only started and I was having the best time ever. 


It had been a few songs later when a new one came on, one that I only knew one line to. I grabbed Knight's hand and stood him up. 

"Shut up and dance with me," I sang. He pulled me close and pressed his lips against mine. 

"Anytime" He smiled. I was happy to dance the night away with him. 



There is a part 2 to this and the book is coming to an end very soon *Sad Face* But I am thinking on another way to continue it. Thankyou :)

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