Give Into The Night

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Chapter 12 (v.1) - Prom Part 2

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Chapter 12 

Prom Part 2

After I pulled Knight up to dance again, I sat happy beside Amy, who dragged me to the ladies room. 

"Why didn't you tell me,He's gorgeous and so so nice" She gasped.

"I didn't tell you because I wanted to surprise you tonight, now shows you don't have to stay glued to my side and vice versa," I smiled 

"You my dear girl are an arse" Amy smiled as she finally went in cubicle. 

I stood in the mirror enjoying the night as it quickly went by, enjoying being in the company of friends and not Him. Finally I was enjoying life. 

"You are in a dream babe" Amy's voice rang out

"Shussh, Im enjoying it" I laughed. 

We walked out and was greeted by our dates. Although Amy's one just pulled her away, Mine backed me against a wall. 

"Hey you" He whispered. 

"Hey" I smiled running my finger under his jaw. 

"Was starting to wonder if my munchkin was eaten by a cubicle. 

"Nah, Amy was just telling me how stunned she was when she saw me glued to you the way I was" I smiled. He laughed. 

"Soo I have you all to myself without friend interruption?" He said alluringly. 

"Indeed you do" I whispered running my hand through the back of his hair. 

"Come on, let's go" He smiled as he took my hand and jogged off. 

"Where and woah, can't run in heels my friend, Im lucky if I can walk" I laughed. He picked me up and jogged instead. 

"You are off your head Knight" I laughed as I relaxed into his arms. I quickly looked at the dome on my wrist and it was still full.

"Knight we have to watch where we go, I have poison waiting to be injecting into my bloodstream" I gasped. 

"You'll be okay here Im sure, just the beach," He smiled. I nodded and relaxed a little, still under the constant fear of dying tonight. I was constantly checking the dome just to be sure. 

Knight had ran down to the bottom beside the sea and all I could see with his silhouette in the moonlight. Even then he was beautiful. 

"Ebony come on" He smiled. I walked down sinking in the sand. It felt like quick sand.

"Erm Im stuck" I laughed. I was very cautious of being down here with Knight, just for the simple reason I was in a dress showing skin I didn't usually. Self-conscious. 

Knight came up behind me and pulled me out the sand. I stood trying to pull the dress down. 

"Hey you're beautiful, no need to hide it." he smiled 

"Im self-conscious,I hate showing too much skin," I replied back

"But you in that dress isn't showing that much skin, or enough that I think would catch the wrong attention. But Im here and not for that. I promise you are fine the way you are," He smiled

I felt slightly better and took his word for it since he was male.

We walked along the sand and I made my fatal mistake. 

I went out of where I was supposed. 

I stepped into the water and the dome lit up and I felt a severe burning in my wrist. 

"Ebony!!" Knight called out. I fell to my knees screaming. 

Knight's POV

Ebony had fell to her knees in pain with her wrist. To begin with I didn't understand until I saw the little dome light up. Fear engulfed me from head to toe. I was unsure of what to do and I was running out of time. Tears streamed down her face as she shrieked out in pain. 

"Ebony...Ebony, Im here you are going to be okay I promise.....Im soo soo sorry this is all my fault" He told her as I picked her up and ran from the beach to my house. I kept an eye on the dome. It still looked pretty full. That was my time. 

Opening the door quickly my mum came running just at sound that came from Ebony who was still screaming.

"What happened?" My mum asked quickly. 

"She is cursed and for her to go to prom she had this dome filled with posion sewn onto her wrist. The poison is now slowly being released into her bloodstream as we speak, Mum help me. I can't lose her" I said almost crying. 

"Did you say sewn on?" She asked. I nodded. 

"NICK!" My mum shouted. He appeared."Here's your time to shine, you have a real person to work on!" She said loudly, to be heard over Ebony's screams. He nodded and we rushed her down to the basement where my father worked. 

"Get her there!" He said as he quickly pulled on gloves. I laid her down on the dentist like chair and my father strapped her arm down. 

"She needs to be kept still, one of you get to her side," My father ordered. I ran round and took her hand into mine. 

"Knight?" She said, trying to stop herself screaming, 

"What..Im here" I said 

"I love you" She said trying to smile, Tears were like waterfalls, as my father started to inject her with something. 

"I love you too" I said kissing her quickly. She had finally told me she loved me.

"Ebony sweetheart has your wrist went kinda numb?" He asked quickly.

" A little... It hurts!" She gasped. 

"Layla get Knight out of here!" My father said 

"What.... You can't make me leave her" I said shocked and scared. 

"Knight, leave!" 

"NO!" I said. Ebony screamed out again and my mum pulled me away. I felt the tears come to my eyes and I caught what could be the last ever glimpse of my girlfriend. 


My mum had got me into the living room and fought with me to keep me there as I was determined to see Ebony. I could still hear her screams over whatever machine my father was using.

"I need to see her mum...please" I begged her. 

"No Knight stay here your father's orders," She replied as she pushed me into the sofa and knelt beside me

"I love her, I need to be with her mum please" I said, this time I felt the tears stream down my face "This is all my fault, I took her to the beach not actually realising" I cried.

"Awh Knight, She's gonna be okay,your father is specialising in this area and will help her, but for right now you need to stay put here," She said as she grabbed me into her arms.

"Im sure she's going to be okay" She whispered. 

A good had pasted and in that hour I had an exact 5 minute shower, changed, drank 4 cups of water and ran up and down the stairs-so much so I counted 235 steps. I was sitting down wide eyed staring into the wall when I heard my mother and father talking. I couldnt focus on what they were saying. 

"Knight sweetie" My mum said. I looked up and tears formed in her eyes.I automatically thought the worst. 

"She's dead isn't she?" I asked 

Had she finally given into the night?

My mum shook her head. "She's alive Knight. She made it" She smiled as tears rolled down her face as she grabbed me into her arms. Tears came tumbling down my face and I couldn't believe it. 

"Your father said she is a strong and brave girl and you got her in the nick of time. If any longer your father wouldn't have been able to get rid of the poison that was already in her bloodstream, But he isn't too sure about sleeping tonight. He's confident she's going to be just fine but that doesnt mean she will be. She was in a lot of pain and that drains you. But for now you have had a long night and I want you to go to sleep," She told me

Soo soo many emotions flooded me. "How can you expected me to sleep after telling me that?" I asked, anger was one of those emotions. 

"Knight, As soon as your head hits your pillow you're gonna be out of it. Me and your father will stay up and keep an eye on Ebony and make sure she's okay, I promise we will make sure she isn't alone tonight" She told me as she pushed me towards the stairs. 

"Can I see her once more before bed?"I asked, I had a feeling the answer was going to be no.

"Honey, I don't think it's a good idea just go to bed," She told me. I gave in and slumped to my room. Extremely tired, upset, angry and emotional. Tonight was never meant to end like this. 

Layla's POV 

I walked down into the basement where Knight's girlfriend lay dead looking on the seat.

"Nick you sure she is alive?" I asked fearing. 

"Yes of course, you can feel her pulse as clear as day" He said as he gently pushed my fingers into her neck. 

"Good, I feel heart sorry for them both. She is such a strong girl, I really hope she makes it through the night," I said as I ran my hand through her hair. I gazed at the hole in her wrist where the dome had been. Nick was busy stitching the gap and bandaging it up. 

"She will surely, there is no more posion in her bloodstream and she is healthy overall. There is no reason she shouldnt make it" He replied unbuckling her arm. 

I got her out of her dress and into some spare loose fitting clothes. Nick carried her upstairs into the living room where it was warm. 

"Layla honey go and check on Knight and make sure he's okay or asleep or whatever you sent him to do. He can't see her right now. It's only going to upset him," Nick said as he gently laid Ebony on the sofa and covered her with a blanket. I nodded and tiptoed up the stairs. Peeking into my sons room, he was fast asleep on his bed. I remember peeping in yesterday with Ebony lying with him. He looked happy and so did she. I couldn't help but sob a little.

Running back down, Nick had just finished injecting her with a pain relief. "That should be her for the night, you want me to take watch first for a few hours? Let you sleep for a while?" Nick asked. 

"No I think you should, you have been working" I replied 

"Yeah but you have been dealing with an emotionally wrecked teenage boy I think I had a slight easier job," He said with a small laugh. I smiled. 

"Only if you're sure" I replied. He nodded and kissed my head. I went through to my room and cuddled down on top of the covers. I personally couldn't wait for morning. 

I woke with Nick beside me, "Nick!!! we left Ebony" I gasped as I ran through into the living where Ebony lay asleep. I pressed my fingers onto her neck and her pulse was exactly like last night, clear as day. I felt more refreshed and ready for a long day. Just as I thought that Ebony started to stir and cry a little in her sleep. 

"Ebony honey, open your eyes" I said as I took her hand into mine. Her eyes fluttered open and I felt my heart lift  as she had made it through the night.

"What happened? Where am I? Where's Knight? Is he okay? Can I see him?" She whispered

"You got poisoned by the dome on your wirst, you are okay don't worry, You are at Knight's house. Knight's okay sweetheart don't worry about him," I said. She began to cry again. 

"I can't all I remember was seeing him cry, I feel so bad and want to see him" She sobbed. 

"Ebony you are in no fit state and seeing him might only make your condition worse.You are still in shock. I need you to keep calm and I will get you a drink" I said. She nodded and gasped as the pain hit her again. I ran and got Nick who injected her again with a pain killer. 

"Thank you ever ever soo much Mr and Mrs Kingstone, I can't thank either of you enough" She whispered as Nick set up a little IV bag. 

"You're very very welcome" We replied. I smiled and Nick started to head back through to our room when we heard Knight's movement upstairs. Ebony had fallen back asleep

"Go and check on him make sure he isn't trying to break anything or hurt himself," I said as Nick quickly dashed up to our son who you quickly heard roaring out in tears. 

"Knight calm down you are okay, she's okay and alive" I heard his father say in attempt to comfort him. 

"I wanna see her" He sobbed. After a few minutes you heard him come down the stairs. 

Knight's POV 

I woke in the morning and had a breakdown. Knowing that she could be lying downstairs dead killed me.

"Knight calm down you are okay, she's okay and alive" My dad said as he pulled me into his arms.

"I wanna see her" I sobbed into his shoulder. He kept me in my room for a while, I had to be competely calm before I was allowed down stairs. I pushed opened the living room door and found my mum who stood in the corner just watching over her. 

"Can I sit with her?" I asked. She nodded.

"She asked for you this morning when she woke in pain. You were all she could think about," She smiled. I smiled and sighed out in relief. She still knew everything and that was an automatic good sign. My mother left me alone with her for a while. I stared at her, just looking over everything. Her arm that was now bandaged was placed on a stool which behind it stood a little stand with an IV bag. Her hair was taken down and flowed over her shoulders, She was in comfy clothes and looked peaceful asleep. I took her hand into mine and couldn't stop thinking about how mymum told me I was all Ebony could think about.

I fell back asleep knowing I was with her. Waking up I found Ebony cuddled up beside me with a bottle of water in her hand. I smiled. Kissing her forehead, I removed the bottle from her hands and covered her with the blanket. 

"I love you" I whispered.

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