Give Into The Night

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Blowing Off School

Submitted: October 18, 2014

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Submitted: October 18, 2014



Chapter 6

Blowing Off School

" I love you" Knight told me. I stood... well pinned in mid air in silence. His words had shocked me as well as his actions. Our faces were still close. He leaned his head in so our foreheads touched. I bid silent. I just wasn't to sure how to answer him.

"I'm sorry if this is all to quick, You can tell me later" He smiled. That felt like 10,000 bricks had been taken off my shoulders 

"What happened to your eye?" he whispered, His voice still quick. I hesistated, I wasnt sure weather to tell him, weather to just spill the beans on personal life to a guy I just met. 

"Er..." I bit the inner part of my lip. 

"Your not accident prone Ebony I know, It's something more" He sighed. It felt like a blade had ripped me apart, he seemed upset about it.

"You don't want to know" I said not making eye contact. I was ready to take an emotional break down and I wasn't caring who was watching. 

"Why don't I want to know? Do your parents hurt you?" He asked with shock 

"No no, it's..... You might not believe me, You will think Im crazy" I said quickly. He had admitted he loved me and telling him I was cursed might then put him off. I didn't want this to end. 

"Ebony.." He let out  a soft chuckle and gave me that signature half smile guys do. "I know your crazy but your my crazy, I'm still going to love you that won't change" He said "It wouldn't be love if I changed my mind for something you cant help" 

Wow it was like he knew already

"I.." I could feel the tears lingering. 

"Ebony" He sang. I was down on the floor and he sat himself down on his bed. "Come here" He patted his knees. I looked at him. This was weird and I wasnt used to it. I pressed my back against his wall. He smiled before getting up and walking towards me. My breath hitched in my throat. He stood in front of me and took my hands in his.

"So.." He shrugged. Indicating me to carry on.

"I'm cursed" I whispered. 

"Your what?" He asked confused, his voice seemed loud. 

"Knight ssh It's something that only me, my family and Amy know," I said desparately. "Im cursed" 

He laced his fingers through mine. His looked me in the eyes and smiled. I was so confused because I was positive he was going to look at me with disgust and what not. 

"You look confused" He said 

"Uh huh" I said nodding my head. 

"Why, Was you expecting me to get up and run for the hills?" He laughed. 

This was weird 

"Erm kinda yeah" I said. 

"I told you, It wouldn't be called love if I left because of something you can't help. That's being an asshole" He smiled.

I felt my heart melt. "You can't tell anybody though" I said quickly. 

"Ebony I'm not going to say nothing I promise" He said. I smiled. It felt weird knowing I was in a boy's house when I should be at school. I knew my game plan. Be home before parents are, quickly change into jammies and pretend I have been asleep all day since the curse was rough last night. 

"What you going to tell your parents when they find out you stayed at my house with me?" Knight asked as we sat on his bed. 

"Im gonna say I felt ill because of last night" I shrugged. 

"What happened last night" He asked. 

I forgot to explain the god for saken thing. 

"I am cursed with a scary night life. I am how you could say taken hostage until 3:00 am. This happens every night Im back again tonight at 9:30" I sighed 

"Awww...." I knew he was lost for words. "Can't you just not go. That's going to kill me knowing I can't do anything to help you" He whined.

"If I could I would but he will get people to come and get me. He will keep me for 24 hours and god knows what will happen" I said the desparation still lingering in my voice. Knight sighed before giving me a sympathetic smile. 

"Okay, I understand, I promise" He smiled. He gently placed his lips on my eye and kissed it. He held me by my shoulders and he looked into my eyes. His icey blue orbs were soft. My eyes were a sharper colour but by his expression they were soft too. 

"You know me I want a little about you" I grinned. 

"Oh Im getting full on grins now am I?" He grinned back. 

"Yeah" I smiled

"Okay then, Before the scholar, I went to what people might call an ordinary school and I was a pain in the actual ass. Never did my homework, always blew school off and hung about the streets. I was what some girls call a badass and what others might call an asshole." He said 

This shocked me 

"Really?" I gasped

"You seem so shocked," He smiled. 

"Well.. yeah because your parents seem so strict" I said

"Nah, my mother is a big softie, I was determined to keep how much I liked you secret from them until I had to explain the story of detention. She told me not to follow in your footsteps like what the head did and as soon as I said that I liked you she changed." He said. 

"What about your father?" I asked, pretty intrigued by his family. 

"He adores you by the sounds of things. I sometimes hear them speaking about how good you are, How much of a good example you are towards me but I know you have a bad side." he said getting seductive. "There is no such thing as a good girl"

"Is that right?" I asked catching onto his game. I stood in the middle of his floor with my hands on my hips. 

"No such thing as a good girl, just a 'good' girl that hasn't been caught yet" He winked. 

"Are you sure I havent been caught yet" I challenged 

"I know you have been caught" He retorted placing his hands on my waist.

"By you?" I asked placing my hands on his arms.

"Exactly" He laughed. You would think he was the type of guy to try and make kissing sly and unexpected but no. Although I liked it, gave me time to react. He might not be sly about that thing but god did he tease you. Everytime I moved in he pulled back. 

"Am I teasing you yet?" He whispered. 

"Your always teasing me" I whispered back. He finally kissed me and I made it last. Pulling away he seemed pretty satisfied for now. 

"Right come here, Lets take this off" He said, pulling my blazer off, "And this" he said trying to undo my tie

"Knight what are you doing?" I asked trying to pull away. Not getting far with his hand near my neck. I got very scared. 

"Knight....Stop it" I said trying slap his arms away. He still never answered me and pulled the tie undone. I was ready to slap him... He stopped. He took my hands and gave them a reassuring squeeze. 

"Do you really think I would do something like that?" He asked. I stared at him helplessly. "I forgot to mention one thing about my parents.... They would kill me if they found out I did something like what you thought I was trying to do" He smiled. " I know how far to go....just now" He winked. I couldn't help but smile at him. 

"Okay" I said letting out a sigh of relief. 

"I just don't want my little bad girl trying to fool me with a school uniform" He grinned. 

"Im happy with that" I laughed. 

Suddenly an idea sprung to mind 

"Hey, so I know something that wont get our asses burned with this school" I said

"Talk to me" He smiled folding his arms.

"I can phone and say I am with you because your parents are off to work and we were away to leave and you felt really dizzy and sick and stuffs, meaning you had to stay off and I was being the good buddy I am making sure you were okay" I smiled. 

"I like how you think, makes you sound even cuter." He smiled, "And it makes it quite believeable because the head knows your my buddy. Nice thinking Ebs" He said with an impressed look across his face.

"Okay right" I said taking a deep breath. I took out my phone and dialed the school number

"Hello Mr Acker speaking" 

I forgot to mention his name is Mr Acker

"Hello Sir it's Ebony, I wanted to phone to say Knight and I wont be in today as I went to pick him up for school and his parents had left for their work and he felt really dizzy and sick. So I stayed to make sure he is okay" I said 

"Oh right I was starting to wonder what had happened to you Ebony, But I am glad you are taking Knight into consideration and you are looking after him that is very nice of you, I appereciate you letting me know, I was away to phone your mother. I will mark you both off for today. Thank you Ebony, Hopefully see you tomorrow. I hope Knight feels better. " 

"Thank you Sir I will let him know, Hopefully see you tomorrow too, Bye Sir" I said before he killed the line. I hung up and look at Knight. 

"So we free?" He asked. I never answered him "Helllo, Earth intelligence to Ebony" He said waving his hand in my face. I smiled and slapped it. 

"Lying is a piece of cake" I laughed.

"See good girl...bullshit" He laughed. 

"You know me too well already" I giggled. "So how you feeling now?" I winked

"Really dizzy still" he sighed. I laughed, I couldnt believe we had gotten away with it. 

"Come on then, let's put you for a sit down, And I will source you a drink" I laughed. He grinned at me. 

We followed through with my plan and he went and sat in the living and I headed to the kitchen to get us something to drink. 

The kitchen was huge. When you stepped into the kitchen there was a family dining room in the far left that looked big enough to be 2 rooms on its own. Straight in front of me was the back door that led to a beautiful spacious garden. I looked to my right and the long row of counter tops attached themselves to the cooker and the cooker attached itself to another row of counters. I stepped in further and behind the door sat a washing machine a dishwasher and a fridge freezer. I was astounded. 

The kitchen equaled beautiful. On the walls was also cupboards. There was at least 6 of them. Any of them could hold what I was looking for. I eyed up the first cupboard and opened it. 

Plasters, bandages, medicines

A first aid cupboard maybe? 

I shuffled across to the cupboard that sat above the sink. This made me think cups. I opened it and it was plates and china and all that sorts of things. 


Next cupboard I opened and..... screamed. I stood with my hands up like I was surrendering. My eyes were closed and I was covered from head to toe in....Flour. 

A laugh filled the air and it wasnt mine. "Oh my god Ebony what the heck" It laughed 


"Flour attacked me" I said opening my eyes and blowing the flour sifting about in the air in front of me. I looked at the work surface and the bag of flour sat upside down. Flour everywhere. 

"I need to show you something stand stil for a sec" Knight said trying to surpress a laugh. He took out his phone and took a picture and showed me it. On the top of my head sat a little flour duane. I burst out laughing. He opened the back door and I ran outside and shook my head and ruffed up my hair to try and get all the flour possible out for now. 

Knigth came out and stood in front of me. The sun hit him at an angle. 

He was even more beautiful in the sun

The sun almost made his slightly tanned skin sparkle. He was standing grinning. I took a quick pitcure of him and he laughed. 

"HEY! No sneaky shots missy" He laughed. I put my phone away and constantly ran my hands through my hair. Flour sifting in the air. 

"Im sorry for the mess" I said as we went back inside. 

"Ha, it's no bother I will get it cleaned and get a new bag before anybody gets suspicous" he winked. 

"Okay" I said. I kept trying to get rid of the flour that had drowned me. 

"If you want you can leave your bag and that here and run home and get rid of the flour" Knight said. 

Good point

"You sure you wont fall over because you feel dizzy" I teased. 

"Okay you.... I promise I wont" He laughed. I smiled and ran to the hall and slipped on my pumps and ran home-Literally. 

After fumbling with my keys I ran up the stairs,ignorng the purple envlope on the floor. I ran into the bathroom and ripped my uniform off. a light dusting of flour covered the floor, some areas lighter than other. 


It felt better to be clean. I cleaned up the bathroom and changed into fresh clothes. I felt so clean it was brilliant. My phone buzzed

Knight<3: Hey you feeling better? ;Dxxx

Me: Oh yeah so much better :D xxx

Knight<3: Yay you coming back?

Me: You want me back? 

Knight<3: Of course I want you to come back xxx

Me:Okay, I will be round in 2 minutes :D xxxx

Knight<3: Good see you soon :) <3 xxxx

I rolled my eyes and smiled.  I slipped on my new trainers, Shush don't say to my mother and walked out the front door, locking it behind me.After clsoing the gate I looked up to my neighbour's house. Now I must explain this neighbour hates me, If she could have me assassinated and then killed 6 more times after so would. She is 21 and lives like a 60 year old. I caught her watching me like her prey. She shook her head and pretended she was holding a gun to me. I flicked my fist up and stuck up my finger. She did the same back to me before I decided to walk away. 

Knight<3: Where are yooooooooou xxxxx<3

Me: Coming got slightly held up <3xxxxx

As I reached the end of the road I remembered the purple envelop on the floor. Curiosity was going to kill me. I ran back and slammed the door shut. It was still there lying face down in front of me. I crouched down and flipped it over. Written in swirly black gel pen was 

Ebony Quinn

11 Rosa Avenue

Curiosity Killed The Cat

Indeed it did since it was the death of me. It read 

Dear, My lovely Ebony

Your father has discussed with me about prom night, Now since I am nicer than you think I am going to let you go but your going to have to face the consquences of this palava by being extra good and cute until this prom. But I have a wee thing that I will give you the night before so I cant lose my girl. Have fun and I will see you tonight 

He signed it X and I knew who it was, although it was pretty obvious. I felt my heart sink but rise. I was allowed to prom but I will have to be extra good and cute and that will kill me. I felt my eyes tear up. 


Knight<3: Where's my girl :'(

Me: Sorry, I had to answer the door it was the mail guy asking for signatures and giving me parcels Im coming this time I promise :) xxx

Knight<3: Okaaay xxx<3

For some reason I had a feeling he wasnt too sure but I suppose he was going to find out soon. 



I arrived back at Knight's with him leaning in the door frame. i quickly wiped away the remaining tears and put on my brightest smile. 

"Don't lie to me Ebony" he said smiling ssympatheticly at me 

"Im sorry, Got kinda emotional" I said standing on his door step. 

"Come on, inside and talk to me" He smiled taking my hand and leading me inside. I obeyed.

We sat on the sofa with the music chanell on. 

"So what happened?" Knight asked. I was too busy humming along with 'If I Lose Myself' By OneRepublic. 

"Ebs" He said interupting me

"What happened" He asked again maybe for the 3rd time 

"Oh right well it's prom this year for school, we will get mre info tomorrow by the way and it's held at night you know romantic and stuff. I was written a letter from 'Him' and hes letting me be out for that night" I said smiling. It brought back happy tears. I left out the part about something happening tonight.

"Oh that's ace good to hear, Prom's are amazing nights" He smiled 

"Really?" I asked, this was my first

"Yeah, My old school had one when I was still there, Good fun" He winked. 

"Oh bet you looked smart as always" I smiled. 

"Bet you'll look gorgeous as always" My face went red. 

Today had been the best blow off ever



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