Give Into The Night

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Prom Shopping part 1

Submitted: November 22, 2014

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Submitted: November 22, 2014



Chpater 7

Prom Shopping (Part 1)

"Oh and Ebony, It tracks you. I wont lose you when you go to prom. But Im nice so it looks like a nice bracelet" He smiled 

Really? You call a piece of metal with a glass dome of what looks like liquid, sown to your skin a bracelet?

"When will I get this on?" I asked

"The night before" He winked

"Wait, what happens to me if I try and leave with it on?" I asked 

Dammit you don't know when to keep your mouth shut!!! a little voice raged

"Well my little girl, See this liquid stuff? Its a type of poison that will slowly release into your blood stream once all gone it will eventually kill you" he smiled


I gasped. "I suggest you stay where I have told you" he reminded me before transporting me home. 

I was ready to cry, all this for prom night? A risk of death for a stupid night out? Was I stupid and bat shit crazy? 

'Yes you are' 

I wasnt too sure if I wanted to go now. Stumbling inside, I had gotten used not being greeted by my mother and father. Crawling into the kitchen, I pulled myself onto the counter to grab a bowl and mug from the top shelf and made cereal and hot chocolate in hope to settle my nerves. 

I gave up with the cereal and my hands shook most of the chocolate out the cup. 

Man did it really freak me out that much?

Amy: Hey girl how was the night

Me: eh..erm.. fine.. perfectly fine

Amy: Wow really? You've never said that before, Are you okay? xx

Me: Yes Im fine long night away to sleep, Night Amy xx

Amy: Night Ebony :) xx

I rubbed my temples,way to close. I was in a complete shambles tonight. He had scared me far too much. 

Crawling into bed the fear plus being tired knocked me cold


I woke to the sound of my name and the screaming of GET UP!

I jumped out of bed and my legs still shook with the fear of what he said, "It will eventually kill you"

I shook, my heart raced and I felt like I was away to take a convulse. 


Knight<3: Hey my pumpkin you ready for school? xxx

Shit was it that late?

Me: Im so sorry Knight Im not even ready give me 2 minutes I slept in xxx

Knight<3: Take your time we do still have another hour xxx

Me:Phew, Again Im sorry...... :/ xx

I had managed to get my whole uniform on before Knight messaged me back.

Knight<3: Are you okay? xxx

Me: Yeah xx

Knight<3: Hm.... x

I knew he knew it wasn't hard to know I wasn't myself. I was an open book, People in the North Pole, who had no clue who I was could read me like a book. It wasn't rocket science. 

Me:Im nearly ready :) xx

Knight<3: Okay

I knew today was going to be bad, I think I had just annoyed Knight, Amy knows something is wrong, And my parents have no clue. I don't even want to leave my house ever again. It replayed in my mind that I was going to die if I step a millimetre out of the area. My heart raced. 

I grabbed an apple, vitamin, blazer and bag before setting off to Knight's. 

I knocked and waited. 

Knight<3: Up!

I looked up and he was leaning out the window. "Starting to think you were ditching" He said, He looked angry. 

"Im here" I smiled, fighting tears.

'Dont say anything' 

I knew I had to tell him. He disppeared and soon reappeared at the door. 

"Hey" He said 

"You ready?" I asked. He nodded. 

As we walked to school we acted like we were giving each other the silent treatment. 

"Knight..." I asked softly.

"Yes sweetie?" He sighed 

"Im sorry" I sniffed. He took my hand and laced his fingers through mine.

"It's okay Ebony, I promise" He said. I looked into his eyes and I knew he was hurt. 

"Knight please..."

"What?" He asked, a smile tugged at his lips. He turned to face me and lifted my chin with his finger. "Come here" he said with a light chuckle. He took me into an embracing hug. 

"What's wrong?" He asked, swaying me gently. 

"The night was really rough and I was scared about dying!" I mumbled. I could feel my heart pound hard against my chest. 

"I can tell that scared you, Your heart can sure beat fast, Bet it's with being with me" He winked. I giggled. I would admit it was a little but I was scared and didnt want to do anything anymore. 

"So prom night you able to go?" He asked

"How do you know more about it?" I asked. 

"My mum got a phone call yeterday, I wasnt given a choice on weather I wanted to go" he sighed. 

"I dunno yet" I lied. Im able to go, Wanting to go is a complete different story.

"Aww, It's okay" He said. I embraced him a little longer before the torture of school pulled us away from each other. 

We headed into maths and I sat in the middle of Knight and Amy,Like I do in every class since Im Knight's buddy. 

"Urgh somebody kill me already" Amy sighed. 

"It will eventually kill you" 

I bit my lip and tried my hardest not to take a major panic attack. 

Maths was about fractions, easy enough until Satan decided to shove in the alphabet too. 

"Hey did you get the answer for 5?" Knight asked

"Like hell I did I can't get past 1" I laughed. He laughed too, "How not? It's easy" 

"What are you?, Math when Satan has had a hold of it is not easy" I smiled. 

"Yes it is you silly girl think about it" He winked. Amy nudged me and gave me that face friends give you when it's obvious a boy likes you. I put my finger to my lips and motioned Shh. 

It was finally break after a double maths. I was ready to die. 

"Hey Ebs you allowed to prom?" Amy asked 

"Dunno yet" I replied. 

"Oh okay, Let me know" She said before wondering over to her cousin Kaia who hates my guts but thats another story

"Hey where's Amy" Knight asked sliding a bottle of water to me.

"Its fine I dont want it, She's speaking to her cousin" I sighed. 

"No please drink something you look dehydrated" he urged. I was thirsty but didn't have the enegry. Knight sighed and opened bottle, Found a straw and made me drink it. 

"Thanks" I smiled. During drinking he made a stupid face and made me choke. He laughed. "Urgh Knight-W-Why" I choked, trying to laugh.

"You love me it's fine" He laughed. 

Walking to our next class Knight whispered something to me 

"You know Im going to get out of you whats bothering you right?"

"Probably but just not right now" I whispered back. 

We entered cooking and I was bricking it. I couldnt cook even on a good day. 

"EBONY STOP YOUR BURNING IT" The teacher yelled

"SHIT" I replied turning off all the switches. 

"Ebony please go sit out for me, I will get Knight to finish yours for you" She said 

"No, it's okay I can do it" I replied. 

"No Ebony your sitting out" She said walking away 

I groaned and sat trying to pull myself together.

"Hey burny" A voice said. I looked up and Knight was standing in front of me with my cake I tried to make. 

"Shush, and Thank you" I replied with a little smile on my face. 

"You hurt?"He asked sitting in a chair backwards. 

"Does that not hurt?" I asked looking at his very weird position

"Nah its what we do" He laughed. I giggled. 

"No just gave me a fright," I said staring at my cake. It was beautiful. 

"Thank you Knight" I smiled. 

"Your welcome" He smiled back. 

"You want to come to my house for a while after school?" He asked checking the clock. 

10 minutes 

"Er..." I said I wanted to be but tried to remember if my parents were working 

"My parents are working" He winked

"Haha, I cant remember if mine are though" I said. Giving up I just agreed. 

I wanted to tell you I love you

For the next 10 minutes we sat writing down our method. 

"Guess I should write see Knight Kingstone's since he made mine" I laughed

"Yeah you should" He laughed. 

So I did, in my fancy swirling writing I wrote in the middle of my book, See Knight Kingstone's Jotter. 

"I hate you" He laughed 

"No you dont" I replied winking. 



The bell finally rung and, Knight, Amy and me started walking home. Amy ditched us quite quickly when she went off with her cousin and I was left to thankfully walk to Knight's myself. And with Knight of course. 

"So my little source of Darkness how are you?" He asked. 

I laughed in confusion until it click. I was sort of his girlfriend and my name was another name for Black, Darkness? Yeah point made. 

"Haha Oh my god Knight, Im okay what about my Knight in shining armour?" I asked before bursting out laughing. 

"ooo, back to this name calling thingy, we advancing?" He asked. 

"Yeah we are, its now phrases babe" I laughed. 

Knight had certainly cheered me up :)


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