Give Into The Night

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - Prom Shopping Part 2

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Submitted: February 25, 2015



Chapter 8

Prom Shopping Part 2

I came home again and had racked up the guts to tell Amy I was allowed to prom.

Me: Hey Amy.... Im home and have good news

The thought brought back pains from the last night 

Amy: Ooooo :D xxx

Me: Im allowed to prom (: xx

Amy: YAAAAY!!!!! We have to go shopping on Friday and Saturday xxxx I am claiming you 

A smile tugged.

Me: Haha, I will let you sleep see you tomorrow? xx

Amy: yes you will :D Bye Ebs xx

Me: Bye Ams xx

I knew she was going to be happy about it, I wasnt though. 

I didnt want to die 

I contemplated messaging Knight but decided eventually to leave it until tomorrow


I opened my eyes and blinked quickly. My room was flooded with light. Checking my phone it was only 6:00am


I was shocked, I was wide awake with only 3 hours of sleep. I got up and changed before silently going downstairs. 

1 new message 


Knight<3: Morning xx

Me: Morning xx

Knight<3: Your up early x

Me: Yeah strangly wide awake x

Knight<3: Haha not like you, Since your up tell me when you are ready and we can go for walks before school if you want? May sound stupid but oh well xx

Me: hey that sounds like a good idea give me 5 minutes xx

Knight<3: Sure sure x

I was kinda excited to just walk about with him before school in the early morning, sounds cute huh?

I put on my shoes and left a note on where I was going. Since Im a 'Good Girl' 

Me: Hey im ready x

Knight<3: Awesome meet you at the end of the street in the middle type thing xx

Me: ?? xx

Knight<3: Remember where you were standing to suss out where I lived? xx

Me:Yeah? xx

Knight<3: Meet me there ? :P

Me: Sure :D xx

I slowly left my house and strolled down to the corner, It was still kinda dark. I saw a figure standing and as I approached they turned on a torch and shone it at my face. 

"Hey!" I squealed, shielding my eyes. 

"Hey Ebony" A voice said cheerily. 

Knight ?

They removed the light and as I thought it was Knight. 

"Hey Knight, what was the torch thing about?" I asked, as he laced his fingers through mine. 

Are we going out?

"Oh well it's dark and I wanted to make sure it was my Ebony" He smiled pulling me close. 

I giggled "Okay you have a very good point, I have a question" I said 

"Haha hit me" He said with a laugh. I punched him in the arm. 

"Hey!! What was that for?" He asked with a sad face 

"You said hit me so I hit you" I winked. 

"Your evil" He laughed 

"Wording, careful how you word things" I smiled. 

"I will thank you Miss Ebony" He said in a childish voice. All I could do was smile and before I time to stop myself, My head fell onto his arm. I twitched and quickly lifted my head away. 

"Why'd you move?" He asked. 

"Sorry, I wasnt sure if it was right, like it's weird since I dunno if we are going out and stuffs" I confessed

"Ah well remember I told you how I felt and I said to tell me when your ready for that kinda thing, but you walking with you head on my arm doesnt bother me nor all the other girly flirty things girl's do" he winked and smiled.

Why cant I tell you I love you?

I smiled and carried on. I knew he enjoyed me being there. We strolled up to a park and sat on the bench. We sat civillised for a while before I ended up sitting on his lap cuddled into him. 

I love this

"So there is one thing you need to tell me though" Knight said 

"What's that?" I asked confused 

"Are you allowed to prom?" He asked 

"Oh right.... Yeah I am" I said, with a slight smile 

"Yay, glad to hear it.....What's wrong" He asked 

"Oh.. nothing just happy on thinking about my first prom night" I smiled


"See, thats the spirit, You'll enjoy yourself I promise" he winked.

"Why because you're there?" I asked winking back 

"Exactly, ain't baby Ebony smart" He laughed. 

"Yes baby Ebony is smart baby Knight" I said with a childish smile

"So am I a smart good girl?" I asked 

"Haha, your my smart 'good' girl" He said. I giggled.

After a while we had to get up to continue the walk but final destination was the dreaded school. 


It was thankfully the end of the Friday afternoon torture of double Maths. 

"Hey Hey Hey Im stealing you both" Amy said as we slumped out of maths 

"Why we just did maths my brain in a mush" I replied whining 

"Your coming with me to do dress shopping, and we can pick a suit for Mr Lovely here" Amy laughed. I smiled and Knight winked. 

"Im down for that" Knight replied. 

"I dont have a choice now do I?" I asked giving in

"Nope you dont, and I dont know my way and your my buddy and you can't leave me buddy" he said giving me the Haha-Im-Right-And-There-Is-Nothing-You-Can-Do-About-It smile. I smiled and squeezed his hand before setting off. 

"Lets walk down means we can catch up and stuffs" Amy said as she bounced ahead running down the street like a 5 year old. 

"No fuck off" I whispered. 

"Don't be bad Ebony" Knight laughed as he took my hand behind his back. 

"Sly Knight sly" I smiled as I quickly laid my head on his arm. He laughed. 

We quickly broke apart as Amy bounded towards me and took my hand and raced down the street with me. I was lucky to have been in my trainers.

"Come on Knight" Amy shouted. 

He shook his head and continued to walk slowly. 

"I'll get him" I smiled before running up. He started to run towards me then stopped. 

I couldn't

"KNIGHT!" I screamed as I collided face first into his chest. He caught my shoulders just a little too late. I covered my nose. 

"Shit Ebony you okay, Im sorry, I shouldn't have stopped" He said quickly. 

"Yea, Im fine just a little bit of a busted nose" I laughed before whinning that it hurt. 

"Look we are about two minutes from my house, my mum is home and was a nurse" Knight said quickly. 

"Amy come on!" Knight shouted to her. 

Knight messaged his mum and she came to meet us as Knight and Amy guided me. 

"Oh dear oh dear come on sweetie" She said rushing me inside. 

"Knight can you lift her onto the work surface and get the little medical kit please" She said. I was fine and didn't think this was necessary, but Mrs Kingstone went all mum on me and made me get it sorted. I didnt argue further.

"Im so sorry baby" He whispered

"It's fine" I whispered back before he shot away to get what his mum asked for. 

"How did this happen" She asked 

"I ran into Knight's chest" I laughed before regretting it. 

"Ouch, ouch ouch" She giggled "Do you want me to phone your parents or will you be alright do you think" She asked as Knight appeared back. 

"I will be alright, Thank you very much Mrs Kingstone" I replied just before she pinched the bridge of my nose to stop the bleeding. I squeaked and she smiled and so did Amy, but Knight looked deeply upset. 

After about 5 minutes, I was blood stain free and slightly bruised. We set off again and Mrs Kingstone told me to be careful. 

"Ebony Im really sorry" Knight said again once we left. 

"Knight I promise, Im alright it's not and wasnt your fault" I said squeezing his hand. 

A smile appeared across his face and we caught the bus to town. 


Knight was quick with his suit picking and knew exactly what to look for and what he wanted

"Hows this" He asked. Amy was really excited she nodded and wondered off. He fixed his jacket and winked at me 

"You look beautiful" I whispered. I was completely shocked at how a suit could make him even more hotter than he already was. 

"You like it?" 

"Im not the one who is wearing it but...Yes I like it I..." I trailed off

"I what?" He asked "Come on say it" He grinned

"I think you look very hot and smart" I said before I collasped into an embarrassed heap. (Not literally) 

"Aww thank you baby" He whispered as Amy came back round the corner

"I will go get changed and we can look for some dresses for the princesses" He said before hiding behind the curtain. 

Amy being Amy had a bit of a blonde moment, forgetting he could still hear us

"He looks really smart and just gorgoeus" she smiled 

"I know I agree, he's gonna be the best guy there I think" I smiled 

"You think? Just remember Niall Cove" She pointed out 

"Nah, Knight wipes the floor with him" I said, I knew Amy liked him 

"Well we will see" She said before going red

"What?" I laughed 

"I forgot he can still hear us" She said covering her mouth 

"Yeah hun blonde moment right there" I said patting her shoulder as Knight came out

He had the biggest grin ever. We paid for his suit and set off again

We next went to a dress shop and thankfully didn't have to go to another. 

"Right Ebony try on this one.....this one... and.........this one" She said handed me 3 different dresses. 

"Seriously maybe I wanna pick one" I said

"Well I know for a fact your dress sense is worse than my sister" Amy said. 

Amy's sister can't pick out clothes that match to save her life. Pink trousers and yellow tops and sandals for going out in the snow. So you can probably guess how I am.

"Fine" I sulked as she pushed me into a dressing room.

The first dress was knee high and bright pink with little sparkles across the chest. She also put in pink heels. I sighed before stumbling out the curtain. 

"Wow!.." Knight said. 

"Oh my god" I said covering my face with embarrassment. 

"What... your beautiful, Spin" He said

"What?" I asked puzzled 

"Spin around" he said getting up and doing a little spin. 

I sighed before doing a little spin. Knight whistled. I was dying but enjoying it. Amy appeared and hugged me. 

"It's beautiful, you want that one?" She asked.

"I still have the other 2 to try" I said

"Right good, I have the one I like and going to try it on" She said no more before running behind a curtain. 

Knight quickly took the chance to be all cute. He took my hands and pulled me close to him. "Will you be my prom princess?" He asked

 I was away to answer him when Amy came out happier than when she went in. 

"What?" I asked "Your looking stunning hun" I added

"Niall asked me to prom, Im meeting him later" She said before grabbing my hands, jumping about and hugging me. 

"Im soo happy for you" I smiled. 

"I promise not to leave you though, since you dont have a date" She whispered

That's where you're wrong

I smiled at the thought.

"I do apologize but Im meeting him now, Im sorry hun" She said gathering her things and changing again. 

"Amy it's alright, I have my buddy for company I said motioning towards Knight he sat almost asleep in the chair. 

"Thank you Ebony, your the greatest friend ever" She said as she came out giving me hug. 

I watched her leave and I stood looking at the dress in the mirror beside me. I smiled and patted the dress sides. I smiled to myself. 

"Sooo" Knight said as he spun me to face him. I jumped. Oblivious to his presences. 

"Aww" I said blushing 

"So princess you mine for prom?" he asked with a wink

"Only if you want me to be" I said smiling softly into his face. 

"Of course I do" He said pulling me into a hug. I was having a mini girly attack in my head since this was something I would think about now and then, but back then it was a flame that was dying. Now its raging.

I deicded to go change and pay for the dress.Wondering out hand in hand with Knight I started to get more excited as it was next Friday night. One more reason to look forward to it as I was getting a break from Him for a couple of days.

"You wanna come back to mine for a while?" Knight asked

"If you want me too" I smiled

"Course it's just my mum who is home" He smiled as we walked back to his. "She loves you by the way, She thinks that you are just the sweetest" He said as he swung our arms back and forth.

Reaching his house his mother was in the garden planting flowers or doing gardening. Although that's the same thing?!? Oh well you catch my drift. She was in the garden.

"Hi mum"

"Hello Mrs Kingstone" I said with a smile.

"Oh please Ebony call me Layla" She said with a smile. She looked at the black covers draped over our arms. "Is that your prom clothes?" She asked. We nodded. "Quick go get changed because me and your father are unfortunately working but we will cam you, Need a picture of you Knight and then of you and your prom date, Is it Ebony?" She asked slightly embarrased.

"Yes mum it's Ebony" He laughed.

"Good, do you mind me curling your hair sweetie?" She asked

"It's your picture Mrs Layla I mean, Do whatever you like" I said happily. This is something my parents would never do. Layla rushed us upstairs,Knight was in his room and I was put into her room. She left me alone to change into what I had and I told her when I was done.

"Oh my god you look beautiful Ebony absolutely stunning" She squeaked. She did my hair and my make up and helped me down stairs. She ran back up to get the camera and I stumbled through to the living where I found Knight. He whistled at me

"Wow ain't you speechless baby" He said.

"Ha me? Your definitely a prom boy baby"

"Ebony you were born for dresses and prom functions" he laughed. My hair flowed in a curly manner down my shoulders and over my chest. Knight had his hair gelled and his suit sitting perfect. I sat myself down just as his mum came back through.

"Right Knight since your standing stand in front of the mirror please" She told him. He obeyed his mother and the flash was blinding

"Sit, Ebony please, Stand like this" She said as she put her hands on her hips and pointed one foot to the ground so the tip of her shoe touched the ground if that made sense. I did as I was told and I got my picture.

"Now Knight standing beside her and do a really nice cute romantic whatever you want pose.I want a couple of you both together for the little photo book," She said. I looked at him and whispered "You pick" and smiled. He smiled back and "Trust me this is cute" He put his hands on my hips and kissed me and held it there until the flash went off.

"One more  and I will scan them and send them to grandma, If that's okay with you Ebony" She said

"Yeah sure, I dont mind at all" I smiled back. We did a final pose with his ams around my waist and my arm above his stomach giving him a hug type pose thingy.

This had to be one of my days of exisitance ever. 



The Day You Entered My Life, I Became The Luckiest Person In The World <3 - Ebony Quinn


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