Epic Journey The Legend of Lardinia

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Chapter 5 (v.1)

Submitted: June 20, 2012

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Submitted: June 20, 2012




Chapter 5


As Ringmore approached the derelict ruins before him, a great, looming shadow crossed over the scattered stones and broken tiles. The vast shadow landed within the decrepit tower and shortly after a great roar like thunder came from inside, shaking the ground beneath their quaking feet.

“That would be him then, he’s a lot bigger than I pictured him" Haylie remarked.

“Yep that would be him, Dracon the terrible dragon.” replied Elera “I think I can use my powers to distract him for a while, while you two go after the sword”

As they planed, Elera conjured up chests and hoards of jewels and gold to try to entice Dracon away from his precious treasures. Naturally he was instantly mesmerized by the shimmering treasures laid before him; he heaved himself up from his jewelled bed to secure the priceless items for his own; for everyone knows that no dragon can resist the temptation of a priceless item or a mountain of gold. Meanwhile Ringmore and Haylie had sneaked into the tower through a hole in the back wall; Haylie spotted a large mound of gold in the centre of the hall in which was embedded a shimmering, golden sword decorated with jewels and silver laid into the handle.

“Quick grab the sword and let’s get out of here” whispered Ringmore urgently, he ran straight for the sword and sank his foot straight through a rotting floor board, he was stuck fast and by now Dracon had began to return with his cache. Suddenly his topaz eyes caught sight of Ringmore; in his rage he dropped his trinkets and made to lunge at him. His talons spread out ready for attack. Haylie had to do something, thinking on her feet, she ran as fast as she could, narrowly missing Ringmore’s hole in the floor, pulled the sword from its place in the centre of the hall and stood in front of Ringmore to protect him pointing the polished blade at Dracon, the blade still shining brilliantly in the light after all its years of being hidden away.

The beast came to a sudden halt and knelt down in front of Haylie, his head bowed against is chest. Seeing the commotion Elera rushed to help Ringmore out of his tight situation.

“Master” said Dracon, his colossal head still arched.

“Huh” said a puzzled looking Haylie, still holding the sword before her, unsure of what to do.

“You were able to take my one true treasure and faced me without fear to protect your companion and for that you are my new master” Dracon grunted. He stood up tall showing off his true height and majesty, the sunlight reflected upon his sapphire-like scales.

“Excuse me, did you say that I’m your master but that’s ridiculous, isn’t it?” She laughed half heartedly looking back at Elera and Ringmore.  

“No, it is the spell that was planted on the sword by a master magician. He said that whoever was courageous enough to retrieve the sword, would be brave of heart and a true leader.” He answered.

Elera was still trying to prise Ringmore’s leather booted leg from his hole in the floor. Haylie had an idea, she swung the sword above her head and smashed it through the rotting floor boards; narrowly missing Ringmore's actual leg, and Ringmore pulled is foot free. Still completely bewildered about what had just happened Haylie helped Elera and Ringmore set up the tents.

“Night Hay” Cried Elera.

“Yep night guys” Yawned Ringmore but Haylie was to excited to go to sleep, she sat just a little way from the tents that they had set up in the shelter of the tower; Dracon trudged over, his vast talons perfectly curled and glinting in the last rays of sunlight, he crouched down next to Haylie on the grass, laying his sharply pointed cobalt blue, scaly head upon his crossed legs, staring over at Haylie with intense eyes.

“You know master if you are going to defeat Merdock you’ll need to learn how to fight, I’m sure Ringmore will teach you how and give you a proper education”

“Look I’m not your master and wait; did you say Ringmore would teach me?”

“Yes after all he was once a magnificent rider”

“A what?”

“Why didn’t he tell you he was a beast tamer? One of the very last”

“It’s been a long few days. So what is a beast tamer?” Her interest in the mysterious Ringmore Rider could not have been more obvious.

“Well a beast tamer is a human that can communicate with other creatures that usually avoid people, such as Unicorns and Dragons”

“Oh I see like horse whispers?” She confirmed with herself, " so what happened to him then?"

“I think it is time you got some rest. Good night little master, sleep tight” Dracon whispered.

"Fine, as long as you stop calling my Master, please Haylie will do just fine!" Haylie walked off to her tent while Dracon blew flames at the ground to make it warm enough for him to curl up on.

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