Just a Myth?

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You may think that elves and goblins are just the stuff of myths and legends, but sixteen year old Tia knows better.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Just a Myth?

Submitted: December 24, 2012

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Submitted: December 24, 2012



 Just a Myth?

Written by Chloe Taylor





Legends tell of ancient races of great and terrible beings, monstrous horrors, the stuff of nightmares, and creatures so magnificent that they were beyond description. Tales of faraway lands, soaring mountains that brushed the heavens, vast oceans that reached fathoms deep, and grand kingdoms ruled by the forces of both good and evil. All of these things have long since passed, muted by the evolution of the world, mankind has moved on and all that was once magical and mysterious has been lost. But there are those among us, who still remember.



Chapter 1


The deafening ring of the morning bell tolls throughout the empty halls, reverberating around the hollow classrooms and lonely stairwells. The racket subsides, and for a moment the buildings are quiet, then suddenly an almighty clamour erupts as hoards of children swamp the corridors and flood into the classrooms ready for the first lesson of the day. Pushing and shoving are a daily occurrence, the odd fight breaks out over a simple nudge, black eyes are dished out before registers have even been taken. The crowds of children and wandering supply teachers subsides until only a few stragglers are left behind, dawdling in the doorways. I stroll along the third floor corridor, I have plenty of time, a few passersby nod in acknowledgment of my existence, a couple of first years fly past, fearing they will be late for their first lessons of the term and eager to get into the teachers good books. I on the other hand know that I have a good five minutes to get to class before the second bell, after being at this retched school for nearly six years, knowing when you have a spare minute or two is a godsend, and helps to avoid the mad morning scramble.

Since I have a minute I may as well introduce myself, my name is Tia Woodrow, I'm sixteen and I live in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire I have a brother called Tailor but he's only seven, and a right pain in the backside; I have very short dark red hair and emerald green eyes, according to my mum. On the outside I may look like an ordinary teenage girl, a changeable temper, the occasional zit and the desire to go about unnoticed by the rest of the world whenever possible. But underneath lies something deeper, within my skin I hide a secret, centuries old, one that can never be retold, the only give aways to my true identity are the slightly pointed tips to my ears, barely hidden by my scruffy, boyish haircut. Mum is forever telling me that I'm foolish not to try and hide who I am, and that one day my candid behaviour will be my downfall, she's such a cheerful woman my mother! Now I've left you guessing I probably should put you out of your misery and tell you the truth, but do not repeat.

My name isn't really Tia, it's Tahrium, I am the daughter of  Tardoliel, a direct descendent of the great mother herself, powerful blood flows through our veins, our kin have fought epic battles against the forces of evil, our relatives have kept the piece since ancient times, my father was the last great warrior elf Edrasil, son of Eithelonnen. Yet somehow, even with my great heritage, I find myself doing battle with double maths, confronting mountains of English essays, tackling history assignments, slaying year twelve bullies and warding off detentions, not really what I would call a life worth documenting for all eternity!


"Tia! Tia!" My best friend Ethan calls my name from the end of the corridor, snapping me out of my little nostalgic moment and back into reality, I smile half heartedly at him as a saunters towards me, he likes to think he's some kind of dashing hero in a movie, most of the time I just let him get on with it, but today I feel I should spare him from facing the horrors of teenage mockery.

"Ethan, I've told you once and I'll tell you again you are not Brad Pitt, and this isn't high school musical!" I say with just a hint of sarcasm in my voice.

"Not yet!" He says slyly, "You just wait, something big is coming for me I can feel it, maybe a dragon or a troll!" He winks at me, exaggerating the gesture.

"And what would you do if they did? Fight them off with your charisma?!"

"Ha ha, not funny" We both laugh at our pathetic jokes as we stroll off towards our class.

I should probably mention at this point that Ethan knows about my secret, not that I told him intentionally of course, it's a long story but since this bell is taking forever to wring I may as well tell you some of it. First day of secondary school is always daunting, you leave primary thinking you know it all, the tallest and most grown up in the world, then you walk through those doors to 'big school' and discover that you know next to nothing and that giants actually exist in the shape of sixth formers. I didn't know anyone at Huntingdon Academy, I was the lonely weirdo at the back during the first assembly, avoiding eye contact with the chavs, emos, and general drudge of mankind, however it took me a while to notice a boy sitting on his own staring me straight in the face, he had a mop of black hair, brown eyes and his tie was slightly askew.

No matter what I did I couldn't seem to ditch him, we were in every class together, he sat next to me at lunch and he followed me during break, the only time I was able to break away from him was when I darted into the ladies for a few minutes, and even then he loitered outside waiting for me. After three days of being stalked by this strange boy I finally gave up, he had been following me around the maths block when I spun suddenly on the spot and stared him back in the face.

"What is your problem?" I had barked at him, a little too aggressively now I think about it.

"Nothing" Ethan had said plainly.

"Well why have you been following me, why are you still following me?"

"Do you want a Kit Kat?" and with that he produced the chocolate bar from within the depths of his rucksack and held it between us. Slightly baffled by this development I declined the Kit Kat, then he asked me something that rocked me to my core.

"Are you an elf?" My jaw dropped, I lost my words, my heart started beating faster than I can ever remember. Then I said the stupidest thing I have ever said in my entire life

"How did you know?" After blurting out my response I immediately regretted it, the boy's  face lit up with delight and he started jumping about on the spot.

"I knew it, I knew it, I knew it! You had to be an elf, the ears give you away you know" Subconsciously I reached up and covered my ears with my hands, a ever more worried look spreading across my face, "Don't worry I won't tell anyone, not like they would believe me anyway"

Ethan still has a mop of black hair, and I'm forever nagging him about his tie, but he's Ethan and he's my friend, so generally I take his oddities as they come. Today he has made some sort of attempt to tame his hair by borrowing his sister's straighters as far as I can tell, causing his fringe to fall about in front of his face in a rather odd way. History awaits us this morning, and together Ethan and I reach room 56 just as the second bell tolls out, my heightened sense of hearing causing me to recoil violently from the bright red bell to my right.

"I hate those monstrosities!" I whisper angrily to Ethan as we take our seats in the classroom, they are easy to find as they are the only two chairs without occupants. I always find history fascinating, listening to how mankind thinks stuff happened, giggling at their version of events, the things we have allowed them to believe to keep them oblivious to our existence. However today's lesson isn't half as interesting as usual, Mrs Henderson is rebating on about the French revolution, missing out all the key points and completely breezing over the storming of the Bastille, looking about at the half dead students in my class, I presume that no one else has noticed the lack of facts in this lecture. All of a sudden Mrs Henderson turns from the white board and looks at me, she's so short she's almost looking me directly in the eye. I look about and realise, my classmates aren't dyeing of boredom, they've been sent to sleep by a monotony curse, I quickly check Ethan, he's just as awake as I am and seems just as concerned.

"Tahrium" My ears perk up as my real name is said to me, by my history teacher.

"I am"

"What are you doing? Don't tell it who you are!" Ethan has a theory that evil forces are going to try and kill me!

"The White Council has summoned you and your kin to the next gathering, before the full moon in the Eternal Kingdom"

"Yeah ok, so why are you telling me this disguised as my history teacher?" I ask what I presume is a shapeshifter, an agent of the White Council.

"It is unwise for the elders to leave the Eternal kingdom at this dangerous time, you and your kin shall attend the next meeting of the full moon."

"Dangerous time, what are you talking about?" suddenly the shapeshifter turned to a glittering dust and the spot where my history teacher had been stood was left empty, Ethan and I exchange confused glances as the rest of the class groan and pull their spotty faces from their blank sheets of paper. 



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