Addison Malfoy: Gift or Curse?

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Addison Malfoy is going to Hogwarts for her first year, and she thinks it was going to be easy, but she was wrong. She finds things about herself she didn't even know, and some of them are things that might not be helpful in the end. She falls in love with someone her father and over protective brother certainly wouldn't approve of. Also, did I mention shes in danger?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Addison Malfoy: Gift or Curse?

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Chapter 1


Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Harry Potter characters nor do I own Hogwarts or the Harry Potter books :3 No matter how much I wish that I did XD

I was watching the sun set over the horizon with its beautiful colors of blue, pink, and purple when I heard a light tapping on my door that was obviously meant to be a knock. "Come in" I sighed. My brother walked into the huge room and looked at me, his platinum blonde hair and silver-grey eyes identical to mine. He was wearing a muggle type sweatshirt that was black, a white T-Shirt, and jeans.
"Eww" I said "You look like a muggle."

"Father said to try to look like one, since we're going to the Dawson's and we have to walk there. " Draco said with a smirk.

"Why are we-"

"Diagon Alley," He said, cutting me off "We're getting your first year Hogwarts supplies."

"Why can't we-"I said, but he then cut me off again.

"We can't use the Floo powder. We ran out and the Dawson's are giving us extra. Dress like a muggle, I expect you downstairs in five minutes"

I sighed. He's always so bossy! "Whatever" I said. He threw me a death glance, he hated when I said whatever to him, and then exited the brightly colored room, filled with blue, green, and silver. Apparently saying whatever to someone older is disrespectful. I don't know why Draco was so tightly wound- Maybe all the Dark Lord crap. I threw on my favorite clothes, a black T-Shirt with lace, and a white T-Shirt under, with a grey skirt that matched the outfit. I quickly braided my platinum blonde hair into a side braid and put a headband on with a black small bow; put some kitty earrings in and some muggle eyeliner.

"Addison lets go we're leaving!" Draco yelled. I quickly threw on some black flats and I skidded away from the dresser located across from my canopy bed running as fast as I could down the stairs, all the way to the entrance hall. My father was wearing a black turtle neck with some fancy pants and shoes, like a business man. The Dawson's were located only two blocks away, but since we didn't have a car, it wouldn't be that quick. We left the Malfoy Manor as I skipped down the street, ahead of Draco and Father. Draco quickly caught up to me. "Wanna race?" He asked with a smile creeping across his face. "Sure" I said happily, and as soon as I said that, I bolted down the street, leaving Draco behind.

"Hey!" he yelled "Unfair head-start!"
I turned my head and stuck my tongue out at him and kept on running, soon leaving Mason Street into Smith Street. It didn't take him long to catch up but as soon as we were both out of breath we stopped running two houses away from the Dawson's, we kept walking though, and as soon as we got to the Dawson's I stopped in their yard and fell into the fluffy grass, panting heavily. I did it! I thought I actually beat Draco at a race! Draco collapsed on top of me, but he was laughing like crazy. Mrs. Dawson opened the door to see what was going on and we were both laughing. "Where is Lucius?" She asked sweetly, startling both me and Draco since we had no idea she was there. I pointed down the street and my father was visible. Father apparated over here to save time from walking too much.

"Come in, come in!" Mrs. Dawson said, standing aside to let us through the door. "Where's my dear Narcissa?" She asked, sounding disappointed.

"She's at a Death Eater thing with Bellatrix and Severus." He said. "I couldn't go because I had to take care of these two maniacs." Draco looked at Father.

"I am 16! I can take care of myself!" He said crossing his arms, pouting. Both me and Father cracked up laughing at this.

"You can't even take care of your hamster!" I shouted "Never mind yourself!"
After that good laugh, We walked into the Dawson's living room. Cheerfull red paint occupied the walls and there was a black leather couch and chair sitting a distance away from the crackling fire. Some Dark Magic artifacts were here and there, but I was used to it, they were Death Eaters, like us. I didn't really want the Dark Mark, but Voldemort made me for saying that Harry Potter couldn't be that bad and arguing with the Dark Lord, knowing I would get killed. It's supposed to be kept secret. Draco and Father also had a Dark Mark of their own, and they said it was an honor for me, the youngest Malfoy, to be the youngest death eater. Yeah sure, I so wanted to die at the age of 11.

I walked into their well decorated kitchen and saw what I was looking for- Snuggles. The most awesomest, fluffiest, cutest cat ever! I ran over and hugged him until he meowed in annoyance.

Go Away Addison Snuggles mumbled in my mind.

"What if I don't want too?"

I'll bite you. Snuggles Responded.

"I'll tell them about your secret stash of catnip."
Snuggles eyes suddenly widened, he was the cutest grey tabby I have ever laid eyes on!

"Addison Malfoy, where the hell did you go?!" Draco yelled from the other room. I kissed snuggles good-bye and walked into the living room. "Lets. Go. Now." Draco said. That impatient little git. I'll show him one day. I thought. I took a pinch of the green Floo powder and sprinkled it into the fire. The fire turned a neon green color. I walked into the fireplace, the only thing bothering me was the smoke, and I shouted clearly "Diagon Alley!" As I remembered to tuck in my elbows I was quickly spinning seeing plenty of fireplaces before slowing down. I fell out of the fireplace at Diagon Alley and landed on my face.

"Addison are you okay?!" Draco asked, coming up behind me after I got up. I shook my head yes and quickly got up, dusting the dirt off my shirt. "You're bleeding!" Draco said frowning, and I noticed I had a bloody nose.

"Don't worry about it Draco, its fine.." I said, whipping some of the blood on my arm.

"Don't do that!" He said, and took out a napkin whipping the blood off my face and then giving me it. "Just hold it there" he said. Father quickly came behind us and gave me a concerned look. "She fell…" Draco said, and started to lead me out the door, I was still holding the napkin to my face. We walked onto the streets of Diagon Alley and people giving us some weird looks. Once my nose stopped bleeding Draco and Father made their way towards Knockturn Alley saying that I could get my stuff on my own, Draco handed me the list and a bag of Galleons, Knuts, and Sickles. I took out my first year list and read it again:

First Year students will require:
Three Sets of plain black robes
One Plain Pointed Hat (black) for day wear
One pair of Protective Gloves (dragon hide or similar)
One Winter Cloak (Black, silver fastenings)
Please note that all students clothes should carry name-tags at all times.
The standard book of spells (Grade 1) by Miranda Goshawk
A History of Magic by Bathilda Bagshot
Magical Theory by Adalbert Waffing
A beginners Guide to Transfiguration by Emeric Switch
One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi by Phylida Spore
Magical Drafts and Potions by Arsenius Jigger
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by Newt Scamander
The Dark Forces: A guide to Self-Protection by Quentin Trimble
Other Equipment
1 Wand
1 Cauldron (Pewter, standard size 2)
1 Telescope
1 Set of Brass Scales
Students may also bring an owl OR a cat OR a toad.
Parents are reminded that first years are not allowed to bring their own broomsticks!

I smiled at the letter. I couldn't wait to actually be apart of something! I walked into Flourish and Blotts and I grabbed all 9 books. I quickly shoved them in a bag, I really couldn't wait to get my owl! And my wand is something else to look forward too on this trip… I also wanted to pay Weasley's Wizard Wheezes a visit. It sounded cool to me. I got up and got my Brass Scales and Telescopes, along with my Cauldron and School robes. It had been about half an hour already and I'd say I spent quite a few Galleons, but I still had a lot left. You see, my family is rich. The Malfoy family is a full on Pure-Blooded wizarding, rich family. Yeah, I feel bad for poor Mudbloods and just poor people in general. They'll never get to experience the full wizarding experience.. Anyways, As I was making my way towards Weasley's Wizard Wheezes after a good half an hour of shopping. I walked into the crowded wizarding shop, these bags were weighing a ton… After this I'm getting my wand. I thought to myself.

A group of kids were looking at me struggle with my books and I saw a girl with hair that looked like if she didn't brush it, it would be wild. She had brown hair and brown eyes, and gave me a welcoming smile. "Hello, Would you like some help?" She said sweetly and I nodded. She took the bag with my robes in it as the black hair boy with the green eyes rushed over and took my books. I smiled shyly at him and muttered thanks.

"Where's your parents?" The boy asked nicely.

"Well… my Dad and Brother are out... Erm… shopping…" I was a horrid liar under pressure.

"Well I'm Hermione. Hermione Granger, This is Harry Potter and that's- RON COME HERE AND SAY HI. Oh there you are, this is Ron Weasley. And you are?"

I was too amazed and shocked that I was in the presence of THE Harry Potter. Harry Potter was holding my books- The guy that Draco absolutely hated, was standing before me, and talking to me. He was the reason I got my Dark Mark. He was why I was punished by the Dark Lord; all because I said he wasn't that bad, and honestly, he wasn't. "I'm Addison…" I said, unwilling to say my last name. I rubbed my nose because it felt dry and it started to bleed again. I didn't notice until Hermione told me to stay still and did a quick healing spell. "Thanks" I said with gratitude. I looked at the time- 7:30 P.M "I should get going, and get my wand and owl before it gets to late… it can be dangerous with all these Death Eaters running around" I said with a half smile.

"We'll go with you!" Harry said happily. Ron and Hermione both nodded their heads in approval. "Alright let's go!" I smiled. We walked all the way to Ollivanders, the wand shop. They were telling me how much fun I'll have at Hogwarts and the cool things it has to offer when finally the moment I dreaded came. "What's your last name, Addison?" Ron asked curiously "You seem to be a pure-blood, or at least a half-blood, you seem to know a lot" Hermione kicked Ron. "Not like that Hermione- You know what I meant. She's only 11 and knows everything." Hermione grumbled something I couldn't understand. I couldn't exactly lie to my new friends, even if they were five years older than me.

"My last name is Malfoy…." I muttered. They all seemed to exchange nervous glances. "You mean as in… Draco and Lucius Malfoy?" Ron asked, seeming to keep his distance away from me now. I nodded with a frown; people sometimes didn't want to be my friend because of my family, them thinking I'm like them. "Why do you seem sad to be related to them?" Hermione asked nicely.

"Well most people don't want to be my friend if they know I'm related to Draco and have a family of Death Eaters." I said, Approaching Ollivanders. "I'll grab my wand then we can go get an owl!" I said, excited and ran inside. It was an old dusty place, with boxes upon boxes of wands. A grey haired man came out from behind the counter with a smile. I've met him before.. When Draco got his wand. "Hello, Sir" I said with a polite smile.

"Hi Addison, The Malfoy's and their manners… Anyways, I've been expecting you for quite some time now." He said, handing me a wand "Just give it a flick."

I flicked the wand and something fell off the wall. I jumped about a mile, and Ollivander handed me wand, taking the one I just had. I flicked it, and it seemed to have shocked me, Literally. After a few rounds of exchanging wands, we finally got to one that worked. I flicked it and red sparks showered me, I smiled. "Powerful wand there, Addison, Supple, Dragon Heartstring core, 12 inches." He announced. I payed him 7 Galleons and walked out the door, with Hermione, Ron, and Harry waiting for me.

"Wow," I said in disbelief "I thought for sure since you knew my brother you'd ditch me by now." Harry shook his head no.

We walked in akward silence all the way to the pet shop. I ran in and there were all kinds of pets, Rats, Cats, Toads, and then I saw him. He was the most beautiful owl, EVER. His yellow eyes greeted me from across the room, with his mixture of brown and black feathers that made a swirling pattern on him. I immediately looked at the price, I wanted this so badly. It was 15 Galleons, I went to get my money and counted but I only had 10. It obviously looked like I was about to cry, so Harry walked over, still holding my books.

"Whats wrong Mal- Addison?" He asked, almost calling me by my last name.

"I don't have enough money for him I'm five Galleons short…" I said.

Harry took out a bag and slipped 5 Galleons into my hand. I smiled and I never thought I would ever hug anyone before… but I ended up hugging Harry. It was the nicest thing for anyone to do, give someone money when they needed it. I grabbed the Tawny Owl's cage and went up to the counter and bought him. "He's very well trained" she said with a smile. When we walked out, me, Harry, Hermione, and Ron all were brainstorming name ideas.

"How about Biscuit?" Ron suggested

"No No, I like the name Minerva" Hermione said.

"Minerva is McGonagall's name." Harry said.

"What about Tyche? The Greek God of luck?" Hermione suggested. I loved that name the moment it came out of her mouth.

"I'm going to name him Tyche!" I beamed. I was carrying my things but we stopped at the bench Draco and Father told me they'd meet me at.

"Guys are you sure you don't want to leave? My father and Draco don't exactly like you guys…" I said with a giggle. They all smiled "Sucks to be him then, doesn't it?"Harry said.

I smiled. "By any chance Addison… are you a Death Eater too?" I looked over quickly at Harry who had just asked that question. "Erm…" Was all I could make out… I wasn't a voluntary Death Eater… Hermione then grabbed my arm and took the bracelet that usually covers the Dark Mark off. There it was, the skull and the snake. They all looked super surprised as I took my hand back and hid it. I was about to cry… I didn't want them to think I wanted this!

"I-I didn't ask for it.." I stammered. Harry looked at me with pity in his eyes.

"Obviously you didn't want it…Voldemort- oh Ron, get used to it!- wouldn't accept an 11 year old if they asked.. you probably did something… what did you do, exactly?" Harry said.

"Well.. I said that Huh-Harry Puh-Potter probably wuh-wasn't that bad…"
Harry obviously felt like this was all his fault.

"I feel so bad now-" Ron said, stopping short when two people walked around the corner… Draco and father were here, and I was quickly trying to pull my bracelet back on. Father saw that they had obviously seen my Dark Mark and now he looked really mad- Draco was just upset at the fact I was with the three people he hated the most.

"Addison!" He said, his voice somewhat louder than usual, he was obviously not trying to make a scene, even though there were only a few more witches and wizards left in Diagon Alley due to the late hour. "What on earth do you think you're doing!" He yelled

"I-It was an a-accident!" I stammered, cowering into Hermione "D-Don't hurt me, please, I'm really sorry!"

Draco was now looking at Harry. "Potter, I swear, If you did anything to my sister-"

Ron cut him off. "I highly doubt you care about your sister, Malfoy. Your poor sister has the Dark Mark and you both seem to still worship You-Know-Who, even though what he did. Gits, the lot of you are! Well besides you Addison…"

Draco looked deeply offended, someone saying he didn't care about me, Yet father was furious at the amount of information I had let slip.

"Addison…" Father began "You're coming home with me right now or I swear you won't go to Hogwarts.."

I didn't move. Father walked up to me and slapped me across the face, and I immediately got up, crying. My father took my hand and my stuff then dragged me to the fire place.

"You disrespectful git!" he said as we were almost out of earshot of the trio. "How dare you show them your Dark Mark, Especially to them?! What would happen if they turned you into Azkaban?"

"Th-They wouldn't!" I said, crying now.

"Yes they very well would, do you know who that was? Harry Potter, Addison. His goal when he is older is to become and Auror. They catch Death Eaters. Anyways, why were you talking to a Weasley?"

"He was nice!" I said, defensively.

"Well whatever, I don't want you being nice to another one."

We had finally reached the fireplace. I sprinkled the Floo powder into the fire and stepped in to the neon flames. "Malfoy Manor" I mumbled, and it took me back home. As soon as I stepped out, I ran as fast as I could to my room. I slammed my door shut and sat on my bed. Harry wouldn't turn me in, right? Anxiety washed over me, what if he told on Father? Or even worse, what if he turned Draco in? I was sitting on my bed with my school supplies, looking at all the stuff I just got. I was holding my wand, examining every inch of it, then the door burst open. I looked up expecting to see an angry Father, but instead Draco was standing there, looking worried.

"May I come in?" He asked. I nodded. He walked over to my bed and sat next to me and he put his arm around my neck. "You know, Potter isn't as bad as to turn you in. He's a pretty nice guy, I guess, if you're his friend."

"You're complimenting Harry?! Wheres did video camera go?" I said, sounding excited.

Draco smirked. "I'm just telling you, Father does have a reason to be worried, though. If anyone else saw your Dark Mark we could be in deep shit… You're lucky it was dark out. Also, like I said, Potter wouldn't exactly turn YOU in, but, that might of given away that the rest of us has one… and the only reason he wouldn't turn you in is because you're somewhat nice… he doesn't exactly like me, so I'm not as lucky."

"Wait" I said "Hes going to turn you into Azkaban?!"

Draco shrugged. "Dinners going to be done, if you want to come downstairs and eat with the rest of us, you can."

I shook my head no. I was in no mood for food.
The next few days were kind of slow, I was in my room most of the time reading up on spells and magical creatures. I woke up one morning to the bright shining sun in my face. When I looked at the calendar, it was September 1st at 9:30 A.M. I got up throwing the covers off me. I couldn't believe it, I was going to Hogwarts today! I quickly threw on a navy blue laced Hollister shirt, a skirt, a white tank top, and a flowered headband. I kept my hair straight and I grabbed my things and started packing.
I got my robes at the top, so I could change on the train.

Where are we going, Mistress? Tyche hooted

"Hogwarts" I said with a smile.

Yes! I have always wanted to go to that school!

I took Tyche's cage and walked downstairs with all my stuff. Draco and Father were already there, smiling and talking. Draco had his things already and was surprised when he turned around and I was completely ready.

"Wow..." Draco said "I thought you were still asleep…"

"Well I'm not. What time are we going?" I asked in a totally polite voice.

"In about 20 minutes." Father said. I put down the things in my hands and hugged Father.

"I love you Daddy." I said. He smiled.

"I love you too, sweetheart."

Awww, that is the cutest of love! Tyche said

I looked over at Tyche while pulling away from the hug. "Mind your own business."

"What?" Draco asked. He didn't exactly know I could talk to animals, neither did Father.

"Nothing" I said.
They nodded and we went on our way to King's Cross. The ministry had lent us a car, so that's what we went in, a ministry official driving the car. It took a little while to get there, about half an hour, but that was good because it was 10:20 and we would be able to get on early and I could meet some First Years. We got out and saw the barrier.

"Just watch Draco…" Father said, and Draco casually leaned on the barrier, and then went to platform 9 ¾ .

"Now all you have to do is walk into the barrier, if you're not confident enough try getting at a running start."

I nodded. I took my things which were on the trolley and I started walking towards the barrier, but then not feeling confident enough, I started running. When I felt like I was about to hit the barrier, I went through with ease and I was on the other side. I sighed with relief and waited for Father with Draco. Father came through the barrier and smiled. "Time for you guys to go!"

"Love you!" I said, running to the train. I got on and took my place in a cozy compartment, since we were early, Not many people were here, and I got an empty seat. I sat alone looking as my Father apparated away. Draco had invited me to go and sit with him, but I like being alone… I had kept Tyche in the compartment with me, just in case I got bored. The train was about to leave and it was now busier than ever, and my compartment door slid open. I was startled and I probably jumped about a mile. It was a young boy, about my age, with his eyes a milky brown and his scruffy brown hair that was up to his ears. He actually was quite cute…

His teeth were a pure shade of white when he smiled. "Excuse me, would you mind if I sit here?" He asked

"Go ahead." I said as he made his way over to the other side of the table.

"I'm Gavin Dorcent, and you are?" He said with a loving smile.

"Addison Malfoy" I responded, trying to get words out of my mouth.

"Nice to meet you, are you a first year too?"

"Erm… Yes…" Was all I could get out.

"What house do you think you're going to get? I'm hopping Slytherin. I have a pure-blood family."

"Same!" I said with a smile.

The train started moving, and the compartment door slid open again. Two young girls stood at the door, with a young boy behind her. "Excuse me, there are no other compartments open, mind if we sit here?" the girls said in unison.

I nodded. The first girl that sat down seemed to have pink hair and blue eyes, and the other girl, had purple hair and green eyes. "I'm Makia, and that's my twin Aliza." The pink haired one said with a smile. "This is Mason, Mason don't be shy, get in here." Mason turned a slight shade of pink as he walked through the door and sat next to me, which was the only seat available. "And who are you guys?" Makia asked.

"I'm Gavin Dorcent," Gavin said with that attractive smile of his

"I'm Addison Malfoy" I said with my stupid looking half smile.

"Oh you're a Malfoy?! For real?! I've always been so jealous of that family…" Aliza said.

"Don't be," I said "Nothing to be jealous of, really. What house do you guys all want to be in? I want to be in Slytherin."

"I want to be in Gryffindor!" Makia and Aliza said in unison.

"Slytherin!' Gavin said

"R-Ravenclaw…" Mason said.

The lights started flickering on and off, but I seemed to be the only one to notice. I looked at the door while everyone else was talking, and I saw a little girl. She seemed only 5, and she was the tinniest transparent.
"Come here" her ghostly voice drifted through the compartment, but no one seemed to be paying attention to this. Her pale face and blue eyes matched her black hair, and I got up, still eyeing the girl.

"Hey Guys… I think I'm going to see my brother…"
They nodded and I followed the girl out of the compartment. I was pushing past people as the girl led me towards the very back of the train. Why was I even following her? I don't know. The flickering lights were making me feel most certainly uneasy.

She stopped and smiled at me, and a door to the very last compartment swung open. It was legit pushed me in, I stumbled and fell onto my face. The compartment door closed tight, and the girl came over, a devilish look in her eye. I tried to stand up but it felt like something was pulling me to the floor, like a magnet. I looked her in the eyes and she remained silent. I felt a burning in my head, kind of like the inside of my head was on fire. I winced in the pain this was creating and that's when I fainted. Next time I opened my eyes, I heard my name being called. The train was slowing down as we approached Hogwarts. I got up off the ground, my vision blurry, but not so blurry that it obscured my vision completely.

I stumbled out of the compartment, I was dizzy too. Gavin and Makia were right down the hall, which was now full of Hogwarts students eager to get inside the castle. "Thank God, Addison, where were you? We went to go see Draco to see if you were there and you weren't! You had been gone the whole complete train ride! You know how worried we were? We thought you maybe fell off the train or something!" Makia said without pausing.

"N-Nothing" I said, a little shaken up myself. Was that girl real? What had happened?

The train had completely stopped and students had started filling out of the train. I put my stuff where I was supposed to and headed to the oaf of a gamekeeper Hagrid as he was yelling

"Firs' years! Firs' years!" directing us to where you took the traditional trip across the lake.

I hopped into a boat while I was remembering all the nasty things Draco told me about Hagrid. I honestly didn't trust the half-giant. Once we had made it accross the lake we waited in the hallway, all the stupid little mudbloods looking at the moving pictures in amazement.
"Come on now, time to get sorted!" Professor McGonagall said. I had met her once before, when I went to see the Quidditch world cup. I was standing next to Gavin as McGonagall led us into the Great Hall, where the ceiling was enchanted to look like the sky. At that time it was a nice black with stars littered across it. We all lined up in front and waited to be sorted, Draco was watching me, but also talking to his friends.

"Dorcent, Gavin!" McGonagall said calling him up to be sorted after Mandy Albrate.

Gavin walked up, I could see him shaking. I knew how badly he wanted to be in Slytherin. He sat on the stool and McGonagall placed the dusty old hat on his head. After a few seconds, it shouted


The Slytherin table erupted in cheers!
After a few more people I heard it getting closer to me. "Laden, Aliza!" McGonagall said. Aliza walked up to the stool with some pride in her step. McGonagall put the hat on her head and within 5 seconds it yelled


Aliza skipped happily to the Gryffindor table, with a lot of cheers. Next was Makia. As soon as she got up to the sorting, she was shaking. McGonagall placed the hat on her head, and after a nerve wrecking 30 seconds, it exlaimed


She frowned and sluggishly made her way to the cheering Slytherin table, sitting next to Gavin and Mason who had also been sorted into Slytherin.

"Malfoy, Addison!" she said as was replaced by whispers. Not a lot of people knew that Draco has a sister, and Draco was pretty popular, not exactly in a good way with the Gryffindors. The walk to the hat seemed to be a mile longer than it should of been. I felt eyes watching me throughout the room. I sat at the stool and McGonagall placed the hat on my head, it seemed to immediately come alive. It the whispered into my mind. "I see Addison, very brave and bold, you'd be a perfect Gryffindor, yet I see you're cunning, ambitious, and stubborn very stubborn You're a pure-blood, and basically all your family has been in Slytherin... your determination is quite admirable as well That makes you... SLYTHERIN!" He said , yelling out the last word. The Slytherin table cheered as I skipped to the Slytherin table. Draco was smiling at me. I took my place next Makia. I finished watching the sorting and then the food came, tons of it! We ate and then went back to the common room.

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