La cucaracha: Rise of the Roaches!

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This is the beginning of the end. They say cockroaches are the only species that can survive a nuclear winter? (I know some that lived through a minute worth a cooking in a microwave)Why and How? I don't know. I'd like to step on them all. But let's read about them first. They may know something we do not - or do they?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - La cucaracha: Rise of the Roaches!

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Submitted: December 10, 2012



LaCucaracha: Rise of the Roaches!

Chapter One The Infestation

It was starting to get cold and we were hungry.  We had to come out.  Some of the expectant mothers were so weak.  We just had to come out.  I hated to come out because I knew how we would get treated.  It was the same in every household I had ever been in.

“Get ready you cock-a-roaches,” shouted The General.

Two scouts scurried over the wall and scuttled towards The General.

“Lights out General,” said one scout. 

“All are sleep and they left meat!” rhymed the other.

This news tinged our feelers and set our antennae on edge.Everyone was excited about gathering meat for the colony.  I was apprehensive at best. 

This house had been us-free for two decades because the previous owners were children free clean freaks who hired assassins to keep us out.

The new owners were our types with the bonus of four messy little ones who would not pick up behind themselves.

“You ready Captain?” Frop nudged me.

“Yeah, snap out of it!” whispered Froppo

Frop and Froppo always knew when I was feeling a certain kind of way.  They were my lieutenants.  They had been with me through five regenerations. 

“Maybe you were wrong about the poison levels in this house now,” reasoned Frop. 

“It’s not that,” I said as I watched several military units infiltrate the hole in the wall. “The General didn’t even glance at the profiles we made of these new household inhabitants.”

Lacucaracha: Rise of the Roaches!

Chapter Two  The New Household Inhabitants


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