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Genetix, a government funded organization created to end cancer. Misuses its funds to run genetic experiments to give humans elemental abilities. When the hidden operation is exposed, Dr.Caiser is used as the scapegoat. Desperate to clear his name, Dr.Caiser retreats with his wife. Continuing his genetic experiments on his wife, resulting in her death Dr.Caiser once again finds himself within the walls of Genetix. When his studies are used to create a world crippling disease, Dr.Caiser then finds himself on the run for his life. Can Dr.Caiser save the world with a cure, or is the world too far gone?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Spliced

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Submitted: October 12, 2015





*television blaring a female news anchor*

".... and still on the run is the evil 29 year Dr.Edwin Caiser. Dr.Caiser was exposed for using the well trusted organization 'Genetix' as a cover for his experiments. There is an unspecified cash reward for anyone that can give a tip that leads to the capture of Dr.Caiser. He was last seen heading north from New York City, officials say he ......"

"BULLSHIT" ..... "THIS IS BULLSHIT". The TV suddenly shuts off. Dr.Edwin Caiser paces back and forth in his off grid cabin he and his wife Bethany purchased a few years back.

"Edwin, calm down. I'm sure it is a mistake. Quincy wouldn't do that to you" Bethany explains trying to calm her husband down as she unpacks.

"You have no freaking idea Beth, you don't know what that man is like. I can't believe he framed me". Caiser stops pacing and leans against the oak wood door frame to their cabin bedroom. Bethany is folding clothes neatly into the matching oak wood dresser drawer. "Really Beth? You're folding it as if we're going to stay here, we can't stay in New York, you know this" Caiser tells her, slightly frustrated. She glares at him through sharp eyelids.

"I didn't ask for this Edwin". Her Puerto Rican accent more apparent when she's angry. Caiser closes his eyes, realizing what his wife may be going through.

Beth sits down on the bed letting out an exaggerated exhale, folding her arms. Caiser sits next to her, his weight makes her body fall slightly onto his left shoulder. The one oil lamp in the room sets an orange glow on her already tan face.

"Beth, you know I don't want this for us. I will get us out of this, I swear. I will clear my name, we're not some kind of Bonnie and Clyde, I will get us out of this"

"AYE! Edwin, I don't want to hear it. You keep saying 'us' as if I was in those labs with you". This takes Caiser aback a little.

He looks at her as she looks towards the doorway. "You don't believe I'm innocent do you?" Caiser questions her. Her silence answers his question."I admit, I did some things I'm not too proud of, but I was forced to do it. I was forced to run those experiments on those children. I didn't want to see the life drain from their eyes as we 'cancel' another trial. It killed me inside"

"You sure didn't sound like you were about to quit. Some nosey journalist had to expose you for you to even consider quitting" Beth snaps back.

"I HAD NO CHOICE" Caiser yells and stands up walking towards the doorway. "You're 500 dollars high heels sure didn't disagree with what I was doing" he says and walks out. Beth scoffs and kicks the shoes off of her feet and into the corner of the room.

A few weeks went by, Beth had made the log cabin more and more home like. The sun is high in the sky when Caiser walks in through the front door carrying logs for their stove. He looks around the place, as if he was seeing it for the first time.

"You know, the more you decorate, the more you're going to have to leave behind when we get our tickets to Puerto Rico" he says sarcastically.

"We're never going to PR Eddy, stop lying" Beth says with a smirk as she washed dishes.

"I can get us there, obviously I can't use my money, but I have a friend who is willing to buy the tickets for us" Caiser explains for the fifth time that week. He walks towards the kitchen where Beth is when something spots his eye, he picks up the baby blue colored knitted boot. "I'm sorry" he says out of the silence.

"You'll have to be more specific than that baby" Beth says sarcastically. Knowing she wasn't grasping his seriousness he grabs her arm and turns her around. Startled she looks at him intensely, trying to scan his intention.

"Bethany, I'm sorry I never gave you what you wanted ... a baby" he says. The guilt in his eyes is heavy.

Beth dries her hands on her apron and grabs his face with one hand, forcing his lips to pucker. She lays a forceful kiss on them. Caiser closes his eyes as a single tear rolls down his cheek. She doesn't want him to feel bad for things he can't control.

"It's not like we haven't tried, God just doesn't want us to have a child at the moment, can you imagine going through this with a baby?" she says to cheer him up.

"There you go with that 'God' stuff" he scoffs, holding her by her waist. "It's my low sperm count, not an imaginary being who has my balls held hostage" he jokes.

"You make light of the almighty, he will give you what you ask for when you least expect it" she reassures.

"Well, let's see how much truth that holds" Caiser says before kissing her softly. They make their way to the bedroom.

About a month goes by, and Caiser has somehow collected enough equipment to begin his studies in his cabin. The vials and fluids delivered in secrecy by colleagues and friends from Genetix that know he is being framed. The living room that Bethany painstakingly decorated has become some sort of make shift lab. This irritates her to no end.

"Isn't this the shit that put us in this situation" she snarls at Caiser.

Caiser ignores her, ever since he began his experiments again, he has become more withdrawn. Beth clears her throat with the lack of a response.

"I'm on to something Beth, I'm close, I can feel it" Caiser says, never looking up from his microscope.

"You won't stop until you're dead, and then what? If this is who you're going to be, if you wont learn from your mistakes, I don't want to be a part of it anymore" Beth exclaims.

"NO" Caiser says, his head jolting up from his microscope. He scruffy black hair falls over his eyes.

"You can't leave, I won't ... I can't let you leave me" Caiser says staring at her. His eyes darting left and right as they focus on both of Bethany's.

"What do you mean? You have me shacked up in the fucking wooden cabin that you won't even let me decorate or get comfortable in. You haven't paid any attention to me in weeks and we haven't had sex in forever" she says angrily.

"You can't leave" Caiser repeats himself, looking at the ground now.

"Why can't I leave Edwin, I feel like a hostage. Am I trapped? Do you have me trapped? I feel like one of your fucking experiments" she snaps.

Caiser's head jolts up once more when she says this. But he remains silent. Bethany looks at him and shakes her head,

"I'm going to my brothers house Edwin, I don't want to be here anymore" she says surprisingly calm. Caiser doesn't say anything. He goes back to looking at his microscope. "Tomorrow, I'm leaving" Beth says again, as if she came to a realization. Caiser ignores her. Bethany quietly goes into the bedroom and closes the door. Caiser slept on the couch that night.

The sun always seemed brighter out in the middle of nature. It's warmth beamed through the clouded dusty windows of the cabin and landed on Beth face. As the sun politely woke her up, she goes to rub her eyes. But she can't move her arm. Her head dashes to the right and left, her heart starts to beat faster. Panic takes over as she realizes she is strapped to the bed. Not only her hands, but her feet as well.

"EDWIIIIIIIIN" she yells as loudly as she can, fearing they took him. Edwin slowly enters the room.

"Why am I tied up?" she asks, trying to wriggle her way out of the restraints. Caiser looks at her with the saddest face she had ever seen him make.

"I couldn't risk you leaving me" he says with a voice way too calm for the situation.

"What the fuck are you talking about, let me out of this NOW" she yells in anger.

"I can't Bethany, you are too important to me, I need you" he says in the same calm manner.

"I won't try to leave you Edwin, I love you. I was just angry. But this is crazy" she says, her accent showing again.

"I ... I just can't risk it. Not now, not yet" he says and walks out of the room. His words struck a chord in Bethany's mind, but she didn't understand why those words made her feel so uneasy.

"EDWIIIIIN" she yells.

Bethanys screams were muffled by the thick wooden door. The truth was, Caiser was experimenting on his wife. He wanted to clear his name. Caiser feels that if he can prove his studies were effective it would lessen the punishment. If his wife was able to shoot fire, manipulate water, or redirect electricity, he would be scott free. His love of genetic engineering is all he can picture, even as his wife begs for mercy in the other room. She has to show a power, anything. Something that can fix his reputation. He doesn't have anyone else to study on, it has to be his wife. She has to understand, she can't leave. He's close, and he knows it.

2 more months go by, and Bethany isn't showing any signs of having any powers. In a turn of events, Bethany seems to have accepted her fate as his captive. She can no longer fight it, what was she going to do? No one knew where she was, no one was coming to save her. Edwin kept her healthy, feeding her, giving her plenty of water and changing her bed pan whenever she needed it. He even kissed her on the forehead sometimes when he thought she was sleeping. It was as if he was taking care of someone who was sick. As the days go by, Caiser notices a bulge under Beths shirt. He lifts her shirt and places his ear on her belly.

"If you think I'm pregnant, I could have been told you that" she says nonchalantly. He lifts his head up, looking at her with a confused look. "I knew for about a month now, I felt the changes in my body, and I haven't had my period in months" she continues.

Caiser places his head back on his wives stomach. "You won't hear anything, babies don't kick this early on" she says, shifting her body as much as she can to get comfortable, still restrained.

"There's a baby inside of you!" Caiser says, trying to grasp the reality. "Beth, I ... I put a baby inside you" he says more excitedly.

"I wish I could celebrate with you" Beth says, never making a facial expression.

"I know, it's bittersweet, but this is what we've wanted for years now, ever since we got married 8 years ago" he says, as if he isn't talking to a women held against her will.

"Is it ... is this really what we wanted Edwin?" Beth says finally looking at him.

"Like you said, God works in mysterious ways" Caiser says with a smile.

"Ugh, you've fucking lost it, my wrist itches again" Beth says, waving her right hand to let him know which wrist.

"There's still hope for us Beth, you just have to trust me" he says right over her face as he scratches her wrist.

"Yeah well, kind of hard to do when you're tied down to a bed for two months" she says, rolling her eyes and looking away.

5 more months go by, Bethany is visibly pregnant now, her stomach expanded far beyond what would be normal at this point. Caiser is shocked, but without a sonogram there is now way to tell whether he'll have a son or daughter.

"I can go into labor any day now" Bethany says as Caiser enters the room. "Am I supposed to give birth here" she asks.

Caiser looks at her with a confused look as if he didn't understand why she even asked. "It's not like we can go to a hospital" he responds.

She expected as much, but it didn't hurt to ask. "What have you been working on, I hear a lot of clanking in the living room ... I ... I mean lab" Beth asks.

"I'm building a nanny" Caiser responds.

"Nanny?" Beth says out loud confused.

"A robotic nanny, I call her R.A.I.N, Robotic Artificially Intelligent Nanny" he explains, with a slight hint of pride.

"Are you serious Edwin, a robot. I'm in fucking pain in here, haven't felt my wrist in months, I'm pretty sure both my shoulders are dislocated, but you're building a nanny" she says frustrated.

"You wouldn't understand, I don't expect you to" Caiser says as he returns her bed pan and heads towards the doorway.

The next day Caiser is startled out of his sleep by screams coming from bedroom. He throws off the blankets covering him on the couch and runs into the room. Bethany is huffing and puffing, sweat rolling down her face.

"Oh my god, it's happening, it's really happening. Shit, shit ... uhhh, what do you need" Caiser asks frantically.

"I need to fucking lift my knees, I can't push like this" she says through closed teeth.

Caiser runs to the the foot of the bed and unties her ankles. The rope falls to the floor,  jet black rings around his wives ankles becomes apparent. Her skin is severely bruised.

"Edwin, I can't do it, I can't push AHHHHHHHHH" Beth screams between breaths.

"You have to baby, push, please. You can do this" Caiser assures her.

Beth uses all her might, her neck muscles strain and her face scrunches up in agony.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH EDWIN" she yells as if he wasn't standing right there.

"What, what can I do? I don't know what to do!" he says, obviously overwhelmed. He lifts her dress and sees a pool of dark blood in the bed. "Are you supposed to be bleed profusiously?" he asks scared.

"NO AHHHH NO" Beth says between grunts and screams.

"You're bleeding, everywhere" he tells her. Beth begins to cry and falls back onto the bed. Confused Caiser asks her "What's happening, why isn't the baby coming out?".

"I can't push anymore Edwin, I need a c-section" she says as she cries.

"We can't go to the hospital, we can't. You know this" Caiser tells her.

"My water broke Edwin, the baby is in danger. If we don't get it out, it will die" she says, the stress on her face is very apparent.

"I will perform it" Caiser says, looking at all the blood.

"No, you don't know what you're doing, you can kill me" Beth says, then shutters in a sudden jolt of pain.

"I have to, I have to do it, there is no other choice" Caiser says and leaves the room.

Caiser returns with a scalpel and medical gloves. "Edwin please .. ahhh ... please. Don't do this. I want to see my baby" Beth pleads, tears pouring down the side of her face. Her voice raspy from all the screaming.

"I will do it, I will stitch you up, and everything will be ok. I am a genetic engineer for christs sake" he tells her. Beth closes her eyes in disagreement, her mouth bent into a deep frown. Caiser grabs both of her legs and reties the rope around them.

"Edwin, I don't want you to do this. Drop me off at a hospital, I can say my last name is Rodriguez or something" she begs.

"I won't take that risk, they know who you are" Caiser says.

"It's been 9 months Edwin, they aren't looking for you anymore, you're fuckin paranoid" she exclaims. Caiser grabs the scalpel and eyes it in the light to make sure it is clean.

"I can do this Beth" he says again and lift her shirt. Blood is still leaking out of her vagina.

Bethany breaks down in a sobbing fit, begging her husband to stop. "I apologize for the lack of anesthetics, but I have no time" Caiser says with a straight face.

Beth continues to beg and plead for him to change his mind up until the point where the scalpel split her womb. The sheer pain made her holler at the top of her voice. She shrieked in a way Caiser never thought he'd hear. He drags the scalpels all the way across her pelvis, blood gushes out like a waterfall over a cliff.

"Oh god, fuck, no ... NO!" Caiser cries as he sees all of the blood pour out of his wife. Beth suddenly stops shaking and crying and passes out. Her breathing slows. Caiser continues to cut away and reaches his hand into the womb of his unconscious wife.

Caiser feels around her insides, the bleeding begins to slow. He feels a smooth ball like object, his babies head. He gently reaches to the small infants torso, and the base of it's neck. Pulling softly, the blood covered baby emerges in his hands. It is tiny, maybe 4 lbs, not suffice enough to create her huge stomach. He uses the scalpel to cut the umbilical chord. He places the surprisingly quiet newborn on the bed next to his passed out wife. Her chest rises and drops very slowly. The infant coughs so faintly that it is barely audible, and then begins to cry in an ear splitting tone. Caiser begins to sob uncontrollably. He finally has a child, a child of his own. The baby shivers and cries on the bed as Caiser admires him.

"My son ... I have a son" Caiser says out loud.

Hearing the baby crying, a huge clunky boxy robot enters the room. "Should I clean the baby" it asks.

"Yes Rain, please. Clean off my son. Erick" he says so proudly his face almost explodes.

Rain gently picks Erick up and takes him to the bathroom with a clean towel to wipe him off. Minutes later, Rain returns, Erick now quiet and calm is placed onto the bed. Eyes closed tightly, like he's not ready to face the world.

"Are you going to retrieve the others" Rain asks, her cold robotic voice has no hint of emotion.

"Others?" Caiser asks confused.

"There are two other humans in the mother" she tells him.

Caiser snaps back at his wives open womb, and places his hand inside her again. He feels around, and is surprised to feel another baby, he pulls out the next baby as gentle as the first, it's another boy. He dives in once more as if he's looking for a prize in a cereal box and pulls out his last child, but this time it's a girl. Caiser smiled the entire time, covered in his wives blood up to his elbows. Rain takes the two babies and cleans them off as well and returns with them wrapped in bath towels.

Rains wheels made a slight squeaking sound as she navigated the messy cabin back to the room. Her long tube like arms extended as she placed the babies on to the bed next to Erick who was still sleep.

"Zack ....... and Fiona" Caiser says quietly. "Erick, Zack, and Fiona" he says again ending his sentence with a small laugh. "Triplets, babe we have tri ....." suddenly he remembers his wife is unconscious. "Rain, bring me the stitching equipment, I have to close her womb" he says as he wipes off her opening.

"She is dead" Rain says casually. As if it was no big deal.

"What?" Caiser asks, and looks at his wives chest. It is no longer rising and falling. "No ... no no .... NO" Caiser says and he runs up to his wives face, putting his ear to her mouth to hear any sign of life.

"Should I dispose of the carcass" Rain asks quizzically.

"SHUT UP!" Caiser yells in rage. "Beth, your babies are here" Caiser cries, tears pouring out of his face onto hers. "I even named the girl Fiona like you asked, Beth ... BEEEEEETH" he screams. Making Zack cry from being startled. His crying and Zacks crying fill the room with unimaginable sorrow.




"Rain, did Fiona drink all of her formula this time"

"Yes, she drank approximately 6.12 fluid ounces" Rain responds.

Rain has been looking after the children as Caiser goes on a drinking binge. He isn't an abusive drunk, but a sad one. Living with the guilt of killing his wife, the mother of his children. Her grave, just feet away from the front door scars him every morning. Yet every morning since, he has gone out there and cried in front of it. As if his sorrow is somehow punishment for murdering her. He punishes himself, and this is how he gets through the day.

One morning, Caiser decides not to start his day off with a shot of whiskey. He walks out of the bedroom to Rain placing Erick in the makeshift playpen with his brother and sister. They are barely getting the hang of sitting up on their own, but they seem to be the happiest babies on the planet. Not knowing the sinister things their father has done, and the gruesome, brutal torture and death their mother went through. On this morning, it felt weird. Silent almost, and nature is rarely silent. Caiser chalked it up to him being sober for a change, but something felt off. He went outside to place a flower on his wife's shallow grave, something he's done for the last few months.

As he kneels down to place it, he hears a snapped twig in the distance. He lifts his head up, and scans the trees. The sound of a rifle cocking made his ears ring.

"Do not move Dr.Caiser, I have orders to bring you in dead or alive, you'd prefer the latter" the voice said through a headset mic sounding almost electronic. Caiser slowly raises his hands to surrender. "Davis, clear the cabin. Take alpha team and secure any and all paperwork and anything that looks like science stuff" the voice commanded.

"Yes sir, ALPHA TEAM MOVE" another voice responded.

Caiser panicked. "RAIN, INITIATE PROTECTION MODE" he yelled.

Rain heard this, her vacuum shaped body gained an extra shell of armor, and she scooped up the babies from their playpen. She scurried through the back door. Hoping Rain escaped, Caiser goes black from the hit of the gun butt stock. They tie him up, Caiser goes in and out of consciousness and only remember's being thrown in a truck. He faintly hears

"Sir, cabin clear, all equipment and paperwork seized, no one else found in the residence he was living alone". Caiser swore he smiled.




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