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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Daddy Dearest

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Daddy Dearest


Caiser sat in the same spot that the blue haired kid left him after blasting him with water. Drenched, kind of cold, but none of that bothered him. Did he just see what he thought he saw? Finally standing up as the sun turned the sky a bright yellow. Looking around, it seems as if this entire neighborhood is abandoned. There is a light wind, and small pieces of trash are blowing around, but even that is scavenged into extinction. Limping and walking slowly towards the area between the two buildings to follow RAIN, Caiser speaks loudly, "...h-hello". He hears nothing in response. His own foot steps echoes between the two run down buildings, he continues "I'm, I'm not going to hurt you, I swear". Still no response, where did they go?

Caiser continues walking until he reaches an area behind the buildings, obviously where trash was once collected. Mice ran around, shattered glass everywhere. The clinking sound of expended bullet casings rolling around under his feet filled the ominous ambience. "RAIN" Caiser yelled. He could clearly here his voice echo, it felt as if everyone in the city heard him. Then he saw a door, a rusty steel door, but still in slightly better condition than the other doors which were open. It was the door to a basement. This is the only place they could have gone.

Caiser walked up to the door and knocked softly. No one responded, but he did hear shuffling on the other side. "RAIN, it's me Edwin ... D-Dr.Caiser" he said through the closed door. Then he heard more shuffling, and then a loud "NO" from the voice of a little girl. Caiser stepped back as the door knob began to jiggle and turn. He put his hands up, hoping not to get attacked again. "Good Morning Dr.Caiser" RAIN said to him in her robotic voice. Caiser could not believe it. Behind RAIN was the little blue haired boy who blasted him with water, and he didn't look too pleased.

"She's going to get us killed" the little girls voice spoke, but Caiser couldn't see her from where he was standing. "Who is he mommy?" the yellow hair kid asked from behind her. "Dr.Caiser is your father" RAIN spoke, still standing in the door way. "C-Can I come in" Caiser asked RAIN, but looking at the blue haired boy. "NO" the blue haired kid responded adamantly. "Can I ask you name?" Caiser question, his heart beating faster than normal. This next answer would blow his mind and change his life. The boy looked up and away from Caiser, then looked back at him and parted his lips "My ... my name is ... Johnny"

Caisers hidden anxiety subsided at the disappointment, he wished that was his son. "Oh, ok" he said looking down. "False, his name is Erick" RAIN said. These words instantly made heat shoot through Caisers body, he grew dizzy and fell to his knees. He started crying uncontrollably. Sobbing and pounding his fist into the opening of the rusty doorway. The kids looked on from behind their robotic nanny. "E... eri..... Erick" Caiser could barely get the name out. Erick looked confused, but worried. RAIN still standing between Caiser and the kids. "Erick ... I ... I am your father, you .... you're my son. And that's Zack, and ... oh my god ..... Fi-Fiona ... oh my god" Caiser said between sobbing and hiccups. Snot running down his dirty, sweaty face.

"Why do you know my name" Fiona asked with an attitude. "RAIN, is this really ... our father" Erick asked again in disbelief. His eyes began to well up with salty tears and he didn't even know why. "No way" Zack said trying to squeeze his head between RAIN and the door frame. Caiser was at a lost for words. He could not believe he found all four of them, he didn't even know how. He thought they all were dead. "Would you like to enter Dr.Caiser" RAIN asked. Caiser frantically nodded over and over, he could barely speak through his overjoyed emotions. Caiser stepped in, Erick stood in front of Zack and Fiona. RAIN closed the door and locked it.

Caiser looked around, it was a utility basement. Cold and empty, blankets were makeshift walls. Pipes were leaking and there were rat traps everywhere. It smelled like mildew and dirty socks. They were living in horrible conditions. "He is not our father" Fiona said again, drawing Caisers attention towards his kids. His crying stopped except for the occasional sniffle. "This man is your father" RAIN reiterated. Fiona shook her head with a frown. Her hair was bright red, frazzled and nappy, but still down to her lower back. Her eyes were a piercing blue as was all of theirs. Just like Caisers. Her lips were very red compared to her almost pale skin. She wore a red short sleeve shirt, almost as red as her hair and brown cargo pants that looked like it had once belonged to one of her brothers. She wore unlaced military combat boots that completed her aggressive look. She stood at about 5'3", very skinny. Couldn't be more than 100 pounds soak and wet. She had thick eyebrows that highlighted her Latin decent, her facial structure was a splitting image of her mothers.

"I don't know about this" Zack spoke from behind them. Zack looked exactly like Erick, except his hair was spiky, and bright yellow. He looked like some sort of anime character. Just as skinny as his siblings but wearing tight leather rock star like pants. They obviously didn't fit as they rode high above black rock star boots with far too many leather straps. He looks like he tried to hard to be a band member. He wore a yellow tank top that was loose and untucked yet his huge metal belt buckle still shined in front of it. he wore a black choker with pyramid shaped steel studs coming out all around it as well as black leather gloves with studs all around the wrist straps. Zack definitely raided a rock store.

Caisers eyes brought him to Erick. Even though he was the one who attacked him, he seemed to be the most tame out of the trio. With his neon blue hair in a overgrown bowl cut that covered his eyebrows. He wore a striped shirt that alternated dark blue and light blue and black jean shorts. He wore black boots  as well, but without buckles and with dark blue socks sticking out of the top of them. He and his brother stood slightly taller than Fiona, at around 5'5". But what really stood out about Erick was the fact that he wore his fathers emblem. The same emblem that RAIN has on her chest, but on a silver chain.

"I can't believe I found you guys" Caiser said breaking the awkward silence. Suddenly Erick ran up to him and hugged him, crying. His sobbing was muffled due to him shoving his face into Caiser chest. Caiser hugged back. Trying not to start crying again. "I missed you Erick, I missed all of you" Caiser said waving the other two to come over. Zack shrugged his shoulders and walked over and embraced the hug, Fiona stood exactly where she was.

"Idiots, he's wearing a Genetix lab coat, we should kill him now while we have the chance" Fiona spoke. Zack pulled away from the hug. Erick sucked up snot through his nose and wiped his eyes and looked at her. "No, no don't. I can tell this is our dad" Erick said in Caisers defense. "You just met this man" Fiona argued. "Mommy wouldn't lie to us, would she?" Zack said referring to RAIN. "She's not your MOTHER AND HE IS NOT YOUR FATHER" Fiona screamed and suddenly the room lit up a bright orange as she conjured up a huge ball of flame and pitched it at Caiser. Erick dodged it and Caiser was blasted back into the concrete wall behind him, knocking him out cold.

"FIONA" Erick yelled. Zack looked on surprised. Fiona unlocked the door and ran out, leaving it open. "Zack, go after her, don't let her get too far. She always does this" Erick told his brother. Zack shook his head and went out of the door after her, closing it behind him. Erick created a ball of water in his hand that seemed to dance along his fingers and he placed it on Caisers steamed skin. After a minute or so, Caiser regained consciousness. "What the hell was that?" Caiser asked looking at Erick, trying to sit up. "We have powers" Erick responded straightforward. Caiser was in shock. Did his experiments on his wife somehow transfer over to his children?

"P-powers?" Caiser asked holding his head, pounding from a headache. "Yeah, I have the power to manipulate water, Zack can do the same with electricity and Fiona has fire" Erick said, folding his legs Indian style on the cold cement floor next to his father. "Holy shit" Caiser said looking off into the distance. "I don't understand it either, we all don't. Even RAIN can't tell us how it happened. But ... but maybe you can?" Erick asked in an innocent tone. "Where are Zack and Fiona?" Caiser asked looking around. "Fiona ran off like she usually does when she doesn't get her way and Zack chased after her" Erick told him. Caisers brain was still trying to absorb all of the new information he was getting in the last 20 minutes. Erick interrupted his train of thought.

"How can we know you're really our father" Erick asked him, looking him dead in the eyes. Caiser looked back at him. "We have the same eyes" Caiser smiled. "I'm serious" Erick responded. "What's you're name" Erick asked him. "My name is ... Edwin Caiser" Caiser told him, hoping he didn't know who the evil Dr.Edwin Caiser was. "RAIN, is that true" Erick asked. "That information is correct"  RAIN responded. Erick smiled and hugged his father. He returned to his sitting position. "How did you find us" Erick asked. "I traced RAIN's radio signal from where I was in Manhattan all the way here." Erick continued to smile but then stopped. "Wait, what was your name again" Erick asked. Caiser knew it clicked.

"Don't be alarmed" Caiser said reaching for Erick's hand. Erick pulled away and stood up, obviously scared and slightly trembling. "RAIN, y-you let the evil Dr.Caiser into our home" Erick said backing up. "Dr.Caiser is your biological father" RAIN said, in her monotone voice. Erick backed up and bumped into the wall. An old plastic landline phone fell and hit the floor, bouncing as it dangled by the twisted chord. Erick picked it up, "We have to call someone, anyone." Erick said fearfully. "No, no don't. I just escaped from there." Caiser begged. The phone wasn't working, hasn't been for years. Erick hung it up. "What do you mean by 'escaped'" Erick said making quotation marks with his fingers.

"Genetix held me captive, they made me experiment. They created Caiseritis, they destroyed the world and blamed it on me" Caiser said standing up, his feet still sore from all that walking. "RAIN, is this true" Erick asked. "I have no way to verify this information" RAIN responded. "Are you saying, Dr.Caiser, is our father. My last name is Caiser" Erick asked and slumped against the wall. "Yes, that is true" RAIN gave an unneeded answer. Erick looked distraught, his father was responsible for destroying the world.

Then the door swings open, Zack pulls in an angry Fiona. "Let go of me" Fiona said, Zack finally letting her go. "I don't want to be here when Genetix captures you idiots" she declared. "Genetix isn't coming, they don't know I escaped yet. They wont check my room until 8 o'clock, and it's way too late to track me down" Caiser told her. "You really think I care what you say, if it weren't for my stupid brothers you'd be dead" Fiona told him cold heartedly.

"Fiona" Erick spoke standing up from where he was slumped in disbelief. "I don't want to hear it waterboy, this man is evil and you're stupid for thinking otherwise" she snapped at him. "This man, this man is Dr.Caiser" Erick said, sadly. Fiona looked at Caiser when Erick said this, Zack looked shocked as well. "WHAT" Fiona barked in anger. "Dude, holy hell" Zack said backing up as well. "We're all Caiser's" Caiser told them, taking time to look at all three of them. "My last name is Superstar" Zack growled. Erick sucked his teeth at the statement. "He thinks he's going to be famous" Erick spoke and walked over to Caiser. "He's our father, our father is Dr.Caiser" Erick told them. "Wait, so we're evil spawn? We're the bad guys? All this time I thought we were heroes, but we're villains .. so cool" Zack said with a smirk. "You're an idiot" Fiona glared at him.

The rest of the day Fiona stood quiet, eyed every movement Caiser made. Meanwhile Caiser looked at how his children were living, like homeless people shacked up in a dirty, smelly basement. He found out that sock smell was actually from Zack ... and his socks. Erick embraced the fact that his dad was Dr.Caiser, calling him dad throughout the day. Zack reveled at the fact that his father was some kind of evil scientist and this would bring him so much street cred. Fiona never said one word to him. She kept her distance. Caiser didn't pressure her, he felt that she'd slowly open up to him. Either way, life can go on now. He is free from Genetix, he found his kids and they can all live happily ever after. This is everything he ever dreamed of. All 13 years trapped in that hell of a corporation, he always dreamt that he would be reunited with his kids. But then he'd wake up to the grim reality that they were most likely dead or harvested.

Caiser could not take his eyes off of his kids. They way they laughed, the way they played and argued. Even angry little Fiona made him happy. Her attitude is what he pictured of a growing teenage girl. Even though she didn't speak to him, her presence made him happy. Maybe one day she can be daddies little girl. They didn't have much, monopoly with many pieces missing. RAIN brought in meat from a survivor camp in the area. It wasn't much but it was enough to keep his kids alive all these years. He found out they all dyed their hair from supplies they stole from an abandoned beauty store. They did it to match their powers. He laughed out of sincerity. For once Caiser could let his guard down. He didn't feel watched, he was happy. Zack and Erick made a make shift bed out of some damp blankets they had acting as walls between their sleeping areas. Caiser didn't care, he'd take this over anything in the world. Before he closed his eyes, he begged the universe that when he opened his eyes, this wouldn't change. He begged whoever was listening to make this not a dream, and if it was a dream he wished he'd never wake up. If he was dead, he was the happiest dead man 'alive' in his book. Zack's snoring put him at ease as he fell asleep himself. This was the best day of his life.

Moonlight crept in through the cracks in the walls, and the window that was barely covered with a thin sheet. It wasn't much but it was enough to let Fiona see that everyone was out cold. RAIN doesn't sleep, but she does recharge, during which she backs up her memory. This only takes 3 minutes, so Fiona has a very short window to make her escape. As RAIN's motor whined down to a low purr and her power light turned blue, Fiona darted from beneath her covers. She slipped into her boots and slowly unlocked the door. The latch was incredibly loud and rusty, and the uneven door frame meant that the door scraped against it as it opened creating so much noise. Erick rolled over, and sat up. Fiona stopped cold in her tracks, the cool air from outside making it's way into the basement. Erick scanned the room, his snoring brother splayed out to the right of him, his father balled up in the fetus position on the left of him. The darkness hid Fiona in a shadow and for some reason Erick didn't notice the door that was cracked open. The cool breeze made him shiver and he pulled himself closer to his fathers sleeping body and covered himself from head to toe in his blanket. Fiona sighed in relief.

To her, this man was definitely not her father. Dr.Caiser is a fugitive on the run, and thought to be dead. None of this sounded right, and she would bring this information to Genetix which would grant her immunity. She knew where an outpost was, not too far, maybe a couple miles away. The air was crisp and cold, and she power walked through the night. The light from the outpost was visible like a halo through the dark Bronx streets. Through the night she dodged Manhunter trucks on the hunt until she made her way to the gate of the outpost. "HALT, WHO GOES THERE" a bellowing voice barked, shining a intensely bright light right into her eyes.

The next morning Caiser jerked out of his sleep. For 5 seconds he forgot where he was and he hoped his kids were close. He hoped what he experienced yesterday was real. He looked to his right, his sons slept peacefully. RAIN stood over them, watching them sleep creepily. "Fiona is missing" RAIN spoke, her one volume voice woke Erick up, he's a light sleeper. 'What" Caiser said, voice cracking from his slumber. He stood up and walked over to where her blanket clad room was. Trying to find the makeshift opening he accidently tore it all down. "Ooh, Fiona is going to kill you" Erick said standing to his feet. "Fiona is not here, where does she usually go" Caiser asked concerned. "The abandoned building across the street Zack said still laying down as if he was sleeping. "I checked the location mentioned, she is not there" RAIN told them. Zack sat up hearing this. "She always goes there, she knows it's safe there" Zack said putting his feet into his cold boots. Erick put his clothes on as well. "We have to find her, if she went out late at night, the Manhunters could have got her"  Erick told Caiser. Caisers heart sunk into his chest. "No, this can't be happening, I just got you guys back" Caiser said out loud putting his clothes on. "I believe she went to the outpost on the Grand Concourse approximately 1.78 miles away" RAIN told them. "Why would she go there, and give herself to the bad guys?" Zack asked. "She is trying to give dad away to Genetix" Erick said coming to a realization.

"Come on, I know the route she took. We always take it looking for dropped MRE's" Erick told them and stepped out into the cool outside. "RAIN, stay behind incase she comes back" Caiser told the robot. "Affirmative" RAIN responded. "Zack hurry up" Erick called. Zack stumbled out lacing his last boot buckle and followed Erick and Caiser out onto the street, hoping they'd find Fiona.



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