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Caiser was miraculously reunited with his children, but that dream became a nightmare when his daughter Fiona ran away. Fearful of who the man claiming to be her father was, she returns to the same people who tried to kill him. What is Caisers next move, what will Genetix do with his daughter?

Chapter 4 (v.1) - No Love Lost

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  "I can't believe I'm going back to Genetix" Caiser says trekking through the deserted streets. Erick and Zack lead about 5 feet ahead of him. Avoiding the streets by walking between buildings and under overpasses. "Psssst, you're going the wrong way. A Genetix outpost is that way" a strange voice spoke from behind a cracked door. "Yeah, we know" Caiser said and slumped his head down. 13 years slaving away at Genetix, only to escape, find his kids, and then return back the next day. These last 24 hours were an emotional rollercoaster.

"There" Erick said pointing. The outpost was shaggy, no where near as high tech as the headquarters from which Caiser escaped. "This is it?" Caiser asked as he closed the distance between him and his sons. The morning sun highlighted the outpost in high detail. The 10 foot wall was made out of brick, and there were guard towers on either side of the gate. Search lights and alarms, Caiser knew Genetix infrastructure all too well. He studied it every time he made an escape attempt. "No way we're getting in there" Zack said shaking his head.

"Oh yeah we are" Caiser told him. "But how dad" Erick asked. Caiser paused for a moment, his whole life he wished to hear someone call him dad, he still hasn't gotten used to it. "We go through the back, Genetix always uses the same code for their emergency rear exits, I remember the code number by heart" Caiser told his kids. They dipped back behind a building and made their way to the rear of the outpost.

Meanwhile, Fiona sat in a chair that was far too elegant for its surroundings. Her feet couldn't reach the ground so they dangled right above it. The Manhunters listened to her story when she told them she ran into a man named Dr.Caiser. They know Caiser is a high value target, and they alerted Dr.Thompson to come to this outpost. Of course, Fiona had no idea what she has started. The doorknob squeals as it turns, and in comes a tall, tan man. Thick mustache, spiffy black suit, shiny black leather shoes and eyes so green you'd think he was radioactive.

"Fiona ... I presume" the man spoke to her. She innocently nodded. "Well, my name is Dr.Thompson" he smiled and stuck his hand out to her, waiting for a handshake. Fiona looked at his hand, made a face, and returned to swinging her legs. Thompson slightly frowned, he disdains disrespect, but he doesn't want to scare her. He retracts his hand and sits down in a chair of equal size, nothing between them but space. His deep voice continues "Well Fiona, I came all the way from downtown, if we can still call it that, just to chat with you. I hear you claim a strange man entered your ... home" Thompson says with a slight smirk.

"Yeah, he says he's the evil Dr.Edwin Caiser. I thought he was dead. This guy is crazy and he was wearing a Genetix lab coat" she told him. Thompson almost giggled in happiness when she told him this, but he held his composure. "Was he about 6 foot 1. Blue eyes, white and black shoulder length hair, slim, mid 40's-ish" Thompson asked with a notepad in his hand as if he was using it. Fiona was surprised at how accurate his description was. "Umm ... yeah actually" she said. Thompson couldn't help but smile.

"And here we are" Caiser said to his boys as they snuck up to the back gate. Just like the one in Manhattan, this one had a lock on the outside and a doorknob on the other side. "Great, no keypad" Erick said frustrated. "God, Fiona better be here or I'm gonna kick her ass" Zack said getting angry. Suddenly the low tone of voices came from the other side of the gate. "Hide" Caiser said. Erick, Zack and Caiser hid behind a rusty car near the rear exit, as the gate swung open violently. The gate crashed into the wall making a loud banging noise as 2 Manhunters exited.

"FUCK!" one of the yelled. "Look bro, calm down. Mischa was just playing" the other responder. "She know's that pisses me off, I'm cool. Give me a light". A cigarette is lit as they stand in front of the gate. Caiser looks at his kids behind him. He whispers "we need to get their key, they closed the gate behind them so one of them has to have a key". "Alright, lets go" Zack said and jumped out from behind the car. Caiser almost yelled in fear. Zack just rushed out. "Oh no" Erick said and followed after him. "HEY, what the hell" one the Manhunters said putting out their cigarette underneath his boot. "It's just kids, we can take them" they said as they pulled out their machetes. Caiser stayed put behind the car, he feared the worst. But his timid personality kept him from coming out.

One Manhunter charged Zack and the other charged Erick. The Manhunter Zack fought swung his machete, barely missing and Zack blasted him with an electrical ball, knocking him down. The other Manhunter looked back surprised, big mistake. Erick jumped in the air and came down with a wave of powerful water that knocked him right next to his fellow Manhunter. The first Manhunter sat up only to get kicked by an electrified boot, knocking him unconscious. Erick seen the other reaching for his dropped machete, he washed it away. Then put his hand over the Manhunters face and covered his mouth a ball of water. At the same time Zack electrified him, the Manhunter was simultaneously drowning and being electrocuted. He passed out. Zack and Erick dragged the bodies behind the car next to their father, who was still there. Zack looked at him with a face of disappointment.

"I couldn't ...."Caiser started. "Don't even explain, this isn't our first rodeo" Zack said and proceeded to snap the Manhunters neck, effectively killing him. The whole time keeping his gaze on Caiser. Caiser eyes widened in shock, then the sound of the other Manhunters neck being snapped made him flinch as he watched Erick wash the blood off his hands with water. "Look, this is what we had to do to survive dad. Now help us get our sister back" Erick told him and searched the bodies for a key.

"YES" Zack shouted happily. "You found the key" Erick asked. "Uh, no. But I got some gum, half a pack, want some?" Zack said as he put three sticks of it in his mouth. His face gleamed in happiness. "Ugh" Erick scoffed and returned to searching. "I go the key" Erick said taking it out of the back pocket of the dead Manhunter. Caiser was still kind of speechless and he finally stood up. "Come on" Erick said and ran towards the gate. Caiser followed, Zack continued robbing the dead Manhunter of his candy. "Oh my god, Goobers" Zack said happily. "ZACK" Erick yelled from the gate. "Coming, coming" He said muffled, mouth full of an assortment of candy.

Caiser now leads the trio, he knows the layout of a Genetix outpost. He enters the main building, many Manhunters are walking around inside. He knows Zack and Erick can't beat them all. "If we're seen, we're dead" Caiser tells them as they hide against a wall. The halls were narrow, doors on both sides every 10 feet. Genetix guards patrolled the halls vigorously. Caiser realized this is where all the manpower went. The headquarters in Manhattan wasn't even this heavily guarded. "How are we going to get by" Zack asked. Ericks face looks like it had the same question. Caiser could not jeopardize his kids safety in this place. "We have to avoid cameras, and guards, enter rooms, try to go through the vent system ...'"SIR" the guards barked in the hall interrupting Caisers whisper.

"Carry on" someone responded. "Thompson" Caiser said, face in shock. With nowhere to go, they're all trapped. If Thompson sees them it's over. Thompson footsteps neared, Caisers heart pounded through his chest, then Thompson passes them, not looking in their direction as his walks through the intersection of the two crossing halls. "Fiona" Erick whispers. Fiona is walking casually with Thompson. Caiser wanted to scream. His baby girl, walking with the man that kept him from her. Suddenly the door behind them opens. A scientist walks in, looking down at her paperwork. She bumps into Zack, and looks up.

"Well, fancy meeting you here babe, I'm Zack" he smiled trying to charm her. Caiser and Erick looked on as surprised as she was. "INTRUDERS" she yelled. Suddenly Zack knocked her out with a charged fist, papers flew into the air. Zack and Erick run through the door. Caiser took a second to move, but then he heard guards running down the hall. He ran through the doors as well and headed back downstairs and through the exit gate that they entered. Placing a rock in the way to keep it from closing all the way.

The guards turned the corner, the female scientist laid on the ground unconscious, face burned from the punch. Papers raining down as if it fell from the ceiling. The guards scratch their heads in confusion. Caiser huffs and puffs against the brick wall of the outpost perimeter. Then he realizes Zack and Erick weren't out there. "ZACK .... ERICK" Caiser yelled in a whispered tone. No answer. Just then a huge Manhunter truck drove up the back path, why were they coming in this way? Caiser hid behind the same car he did before, next to the two dead Manhunters.

Erick and Zack ran up the stairs, to the top floor, the fourth. They leaned against the wall. Zack walked over to the staircase and looked down, he didn't see his father. "Where is he?" Zack asked Erick as if he knew. "He must have went back out the door downstairs, damn" Erick answered. Out of the corner of his eye, he spots two scientist coming down the hall towards the staircase through the little square window in the door. "Zack, hide on the wall now" Erick told him, as he hid behind the door himself. Zack spun around looking for a place to hide, but it was too late. The two scientist opened the door and looked at him, stopping their conversation. Zack smiled and waved like a little kid. Then Erick came from behind them and put a water wall over one of their faces and then Zack fills the others body with 10,000 volts of electricity. Passed out, Zack and Erick snapped their necks. 

Zack went through the door, but Erick paused. Looking back at the dead bodies. Something his father seemed to not approve of, he never had a second thought about it before. He snaps to reality and runs after his brother.

"Sit down Fiona, we're going to talk about our escaped convict" Thompson tells Fiona, closing the door and handing her apple juice. She places the paper cup of juice on the small table to her right. Thompson notices this. "So, where is this strange man now?" Thompson asks as he sips his coffee. "He's at my home, about 2 miles away" Fiona said. "Ok, can you point out where on this map that is" Thompson says and handed her a map of The Bronx. Fiona looks at him with sharp eyes. "I don't know" she says, second guessing again. "You don't know what? Sweetheart" Thompson says looking at her intently. "If I tell you where I live, you will harm my brothers" she told him. "Oh, you have brothers?" Thompson asks looking interested again. Fiona perched her lips, knowing she gave too much information.

"Why don't I bring him to you?" she suggested. "No" Thompson said immediately. "This man, this man he's ... he's a killer. He's dangerous. He'll kill you if he thinks you're leading him back here" Thompson tells her. "He doesn't seem like that to me, he seems like he cares about us" Fiona said disagreeing with him. "Well then darling, why are you here?" Thompson asks her in a "matter of fact" tone. Fiona looks down at the floor. For once she didn't have a smart remark. If this man actually was her father, and treated her nicely even after she attacked him, why was she here? Why was she being so difficult, her trust issues have her sitting in a Genetix building, the same people that RAIN has made her avoid her entire life. Thompson saw the concern on her face and went in for the save.

"Look, you were right to come here. Your gut told you that he was dangerous. We have to save your brothers. Always listen to your gut Fiona" Thompson told her. "And, I will grant immunity to you and your brothers for bringing this fugitive in. You can live here, and get a life time supply of free blood" he told her trying to coax the truth out of her. "We don't need blood, we're not infected" she told him. Thompson sat up when she said this. These young kids will make perfect test subjects he thought to himself. Fiona takes the map out of his hand without saying anything.

"Here, we are at the back of this building, basement door all the way on the left" she pointed out. Thompson circled it with a red pen. "You just save your brothers" Thompson said and called in a Manhunter from outside the door.

"You saw that Manhunter go in there?" Erick asked Zack who of course wasn't paying attention. "Zack" Erick repeated. "Yeah yeah, I see it" he says annoyed. Erick turns around and looks at him, his face is sad. "Bro, what's the matter" Erick whispers to him. "I'm out of candy" he says like it's the end of the world. Their attention shifts back to the door when they see the Manhunter leave with a map in his hands. "I wonder who's in there, it could be Fiona" Erick says. "Well, lets check" Zack says and stands up and casually walks over towards the door. "What the hell Zack, you're going to get us killed" Erick yells at him in a whispered tone.

Fiona sees something yellow from the corner of her eye, near the door. She turns towards it, making Thompson turn towards it as well. "Zack?" she says confused. Zack waves at her through the door. Erick tackles him. "Well, what do we have here" Thompson says and walks towards the door, opening it. Erick is laying on top of Zack, covering his mouth. Zack and Erick look up at the tall man. "Who .... are you?" Thompson asked looking bothered. "Those are my brothers" Fiona says from where she was sitting. Erick gets off of Zack. "Well, come on in" Thompson says gesturing them to enter. "Sit, sit. Make yourself at home" Thompson tells the boys. Fiona looks on happily. "Fiona, what's ... what's going on?" Erick asks looking around. "I just ..""She was just telling me how she was lost and missed her brothers" Thompson says and looks at her.

"I was asking my sister" Erick spouts at him. Thompson frowns. "We we're looking everywhere for you. We lost Mr.Caiser right outside the back entrance" Zack told her. Thompson eyes bulged. He could not be this lucky. "Outside the back you say?" Thompson says and stands up and walks over to the door, he dials a number in his phone, speaks for a couple seconds and returns. "Zack, you idiot. You're going to get dad killed" Erick told him. Zack shrugged his shoulders in an 'oops' gesture. "He's not your dad, he's a killer. He is posing as your father because ... uh .. because he is also a known child molester" Thompson spoke, making it up as he goes. Erick wasn't buying any of it. Thompson looks at Erick, "Ok, honestly, he's looking for immune children to experiment on" Caiser tells them as if he caved in and is telling the truth.

"How do you know we're immune" Erick asked. "Immune to what" Zack adds, everyone ignores him. "I told him" Fiona says, eyes closed in shame. "I mean geez Fiona, did you tell him where we live too" Erick scolds. She slumps further into her chair. "Fiona ... you ... you didn't. Say you didn't." Erick begs her.

The Manhunter truck pulls up to the rear entrance. Bodies of immune humans hang off of the sides. They are all crying in pain. They're hanged off of the side like dead deer. They are tied up, begging for mercy. One of them spots Caiser behind the car. She looks like she could be about 25 years old. "Please, please help me" she cries, wincing through the pain. Caiser shakes his head no. And places his finger over his lips to keep her quiet. "Oh god mister, get us off" another man yells. Suddenly, every person hanging off of that side of the truck tried to plead for help. Caiser ducked behind the car when he heard the door of the truck open.

"SHUT UP BITCHES" the Manhunter yells at them, then shocks them with a electrified staff. "Nobody is coming to save you, stop ya crying" he says then spits in the womans face. "Where the hell are the gate guards?" He asks his partner. "They tell us to go through the back, but don't have anyone here to let us in" they complain. Caiser is afraid to look from behind the car. He can hear all of the people crying, whispering to him. Asking him to get them off. They all know he's there. "THERE IS A MAN BEHIND THAT CAR" a voice yells from off of the truck. Caiser froze. "Whatcha talkin' bout now?" the Manhunter says coming towards the guy who yelled. "There, behind that car, he's trying to escape" the guy snitched. Caiser had nowhere to go. "Come from behind that there car and we won't kill ya" the Manhunter bargains. Caiser has no choice, he stands up. Hands in the air. "That'll teach you for not helping us, jerk" the snitch yells from off the side of the truck. "Well I'll be damned, look at this Virgil, it's the one an only Dr.Caiser" the Manhunter laughs. His face painted in red and black, cigarette out of the corner of his mouth not even lit. "And is that ... is that Mason and Luis" the other Manhunter says spotting the two dead bodies. "And ya killed two of our own, oh, yer' a tough one. Director Thompson is here, he's the reason we had to come through the back. What luck" the Manhunter says as he walks towards Caiser.

"Lets take you little ones to our ... daycare facility" Thompson says to the triplets and stands up, guiding them to the door. When the door is thrown open, startling Thompson and the kids. 2 Manhunters throw Caiser onto the floor with a thud. "DAD!!" Erick yells. Caiser looks up, his eyes meets Thompsons. They glare at each other. The hatred in their glare was enough to start a global war.




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