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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Believe You Me

Submitted: November 30, 2015

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  Caiser speeds through the streets in the cruiser. He knows Thompson didn't order his men to follow him, but he hasn't drove in 13 years. "Dad, slow down, no one is behind us" Erick pleads gripping the seat for dear life. None of the triplets have ever been in a car before. Caiser slows down. Fiona stares out of the passenger side window, away from Caiser. He doesn't want to break her silence and get barked at. Zack is all giddy and excited looking out the back window behind Fiona and Erick is sitting behind Caiser.

"Which way is back to the hideout, we need to get RAIN" Caiser asks. "Take this right" Fiona mumbles. Caiser looks at her, shocked she answered. But she never moved her gaze from her window. Caiser went for it, "You seem to know your way around here" Caiser said referencing her when she told him the same thing back at the Genetix outpost. She turned her head towards him slowly and scowled at him with fiery eyes. "STUPID STUPID STUPID, WHY DID I SAY THAT" Caiser said to himself as his eyes returned to the road. "Two more blocks dad" Erick said when they got close. Suddenly the cruiser began to slow down.

"REMOTE LOCKDOWN INITIATED" the cruiser spoke, as it came to a complete stop in the middle of an intersection of the abandoned streets. "Uh, what happened" Zack asked, his excitement stripped from his face. Fiona fidgets with the door handle. "We're locked in" Erick says pulling at his door handle. "They shut off the cruiser remotely, we're stuck" Caiser says and put his head on the steering wheel. "DAMN" he yells and bangs onto the horn. "We're stuck, they'll catch up to us" Zack says as he bangs his body weight against his door. Fiona tilts in her seat and attempts to kick out her windows. "It wont work, these windows are reinforced bulletproof glass, they're aren't shattering" Caiser said in a defeated tone. They sit in quiet for about 60 seconds before Zack has an idea. "What if I power up the car myself" he says in the quiet.

Without responding Caiser ripped open the control panel and reached for any and every electrical wire he could find. "Here try these" he said and tried to stretch the wires to the back seat. Zack put his hands on the wires and sent electricity through them. The sound of the cruisers quiet hum returned. "YES" Erick shouted. "Hurry up and unlock the doors" Caiser told them. They all unlocked their doors and left, Zack let go of the wires and stepped out of one of the open doors. "See, we can make this a team" Caiser says to his kids in the middle of the intersection next to the disabled cruiser. Fiona scoffs "Whatever" and walks towards the hideout.

They get up towards the building a realize the door is blown off. Zack runs at top speed, sparks flittering behind him as he rushed into the building. "MAAAA" Zack yells into the hideout. RAIN slowly rolled into view, Zack rushed her and hugged her dented metal body tightly. The other three walk into the hideout, dead Manhunters everywhere, blood on everything. "What the hell happened" Fiona asked in shock. "I was forced to engage foes for my own protection" RAIN answered in a nonchalant voice. "They must have sent them while we were trapped, how did they know where the hideout was" Caiser asked confused. Fiona walked away and avoided the question. "Grab your stuff, they know where we live now. We need to move" Erick commands.

The triplets gather their most prized belongings into backpacks, each colored to match their dyed hair. They didn't have much, they were definitely struggling. Caiser looked at his kids, tattered bloody clothes, dirty exhausted faces, backpacks hanging from their shoulders. He envisioned them going to school, one of the many memories he will never have as a family. The sound of yelling and maniacal laughter broke his train of thought. "That's them" Caiser said. "Already?" Zack asked trying to get his teddy bear into his bag. "Come on, we have to leave out the back" Erick said and rushed through a back exit that led them to an opposite street.

"Where are we going to go?" Caiser asked his kids, he relied on them more than he should have. "This way, I know a place" Fiona said and ran down the street.

The trucks rolled up to the entrance of the hideout, "STOP" Thompson says from the roof of a Manhunter truck. One of 8 in his convoy, searching for Caiser and his bastard kids. "This is the place, shoot to kill, take no prisoners" Thompson ordered. The Manhunters jumped off the truck, making their signature screaming sounds and raced into the hideout, Thompson stood outside. The Manhunters rampaged through the hideout, tearing down everything, paying no mind to the other dead Manhunters already in there. They were breaking things just for the hell of it. Thompson heard enough, he stepped in. "Did you find them you imbeciles" Thompson asked as he stepped into the destroyed building. "No sir, they're not here" one of the Manhunters responded. "They knew we were coming" Thompson said shaking his head. "I swear, Eddy is going to drive me crazy" Thompson said as he left the hideout. "Mount up, I want patrols everywhere in the area, they couldn't have gotten far. Don't come back until sunrise, and you better had caught something" Thompson said as he entered one of the trucks. "Yes Director sir" they yelled. They fanned out across the Bronx streets.

Caiser, RAIN and the triplets rush through a wooded area of The Bronx, running pass trees. "We have to stay in the parks until we get upstate" Fiona said as she ran. "How do you know this" Caiser asked, trying to keep up, which was tough even though he wasn't carrying anything. "She always used to run away for days at a time when she couldn't have her little way" Zack mocked. Fiona ignored him. Caiser is stumbling, falling behind, he can't keep up. He fell right onto his face, and rolled over. The orange sky let him know the sun will soon set. 'WAIT" Erick yelled, noticing his father wasn't behind them. "Dad, are you okay, do you need water". "No, no ... my ribs are just baddly bruised, and I'm far too old to be racing through the woods" Caiser said in a breathy voice. "We might have to camp out here" Erick told the others. "Not happening" Fiona responded. "My battery is low" RAIN mentioned. "I can charge her, she wont make it the rest of the way" Zack added. Fiona looked at Zack and Erick with strong eyes. "For RAIN, fine" she said. Erick rolled his eyes.

Erick poured water into his fathers mouth, as Zack charged up RAIN. Fiona started a fire, and the sun seemed to set faster than it ever has. The cold crisp air began blowing through the trees. "Don't make the fire too big, we don't want to be spotted" Erick warns Fiona. "I got this, mind your daddy" Fiona snaps back. "I'm sorry" Caiser says, the glow of the fire dancing off of his face as he eyes down Fiona. "What?" Fiona asked as if she didn't hear him. "I said, I'm sorry". "You're gonna have to be more specific than that, there is so much you have to be sorry for" she said and rolled her eyes. "Really Fiona?" Erick said defending his father.

"I got this Erick" Caiser told him. "I'm sorry for not being there for you as you grew up. I'm sorry for not being able to be the father you needed because I was held against my will. I'm sorry I tried everything in my power to find you guys, even though in the back of my mind I thought you all were dead. I'm sorry for putting my life on the line just trying to get back to you guys. I'm sorry for creating RAIN to protect you. I'm sorry for finally finding you, and attempting to catch up on all the time I missed. I'm sorry" Caiser spoke. Fiona never looked in his direction.

"Dad is not responsible for what's going on" Erick told her. "It's going to take a lot more than a heartfelt apology to earn my trust Dr.Caiser" Fiona said, looking right at him through the fire. Caiser didn't know what to say. "And stop calling him 'dad'. It's not going to catch on, he is not my father, he is not yours either" she snapped. Zack looked on at them bicker as RAIN came to a full charge. After she said this, they all fell quiet for a while. The sky was jet black, the moonlight shone through the treetops, the wind whipped the flames from the fire wildly. "I'm hungry" Zack says, once again breaking the silence like he always does. "I can retreive sustenance" RAIN answered. "I'll go with you" Zack added. "No" Caiser said, putting another stick into the fire. "Why?" Zack questioned. "It's dangerous, you're loud and RAIN is more than capable of hunting on her own" Caiser said looking up at his son who had already stood up to go with RAIN. Zack looked at Erick and Fiona, like the devil and angel on his shoulders. Their looks were different, Erick's face read "Just stay" and Fiona's face read "Do what you want". Zack sat down. Erick smiled and Fiona looked away. RAIN rolled into the darkness, on the hunt for food. 

A couple more minutes of awkward silence proceeded and finally the silence was broken, but this time not by Zack. "So, what happened to our mother" Fiona asked. Caiser was taken aback by the question, out of nowhere. Erick and Zack both looked towards Caiser, they wondered the same thing. Caiser became nervous, he was put on the spot. There was no way in hell he was going to tell them the truth, not right now. "She died, giving birth to you guys" Caiser said in a sad tone. "She had complications during the c-section and couldn't recover in time." Caiser told them. The kids looked on as if expecting more. "We were trapped in a cabin, upstate. Genetix wanted us dead, so we had to go into hiding off the grid. She got pregnant and we were so happy" Caiser explained, he looked to the sky as he told these lies, making sure not to make eye contact. His kids hung on to every word he spoke.

"After you guys were born, I created RAIN to protect you guys, knowing that one day Genetix will hunt me down and find me. And they did. RAIN protected you guys, and well." ... "Genetix was after me because they lied, saying that I experimented on children and started the desease that ruined the world. They even named it Caiseritis." Caiser looked down at the fire. "So, you were framed?" Erick asked. "Yes, I was framed. I would never do experiments on a living human being. I used animals, and even that tore me apart" Caiser lied through his teeth. "Your mother, she was happy. She knew she would have problems giving birth but she knew she had to risk it all for her babies. When she was nine months pregnant, she would come up to me and hug me. Telling me that I will make a great father." he continued. "Who did the c-section if you couldn't go to the hospital" Fiona asked. Caiser froze for a second. "RAIN" he answered. "I thought you created mommy after we were born" Zack questioned him. Erick gave him a weird look. Fiona glared. Caiser was stuck. Suddenly the bushed behind them began to rattle. They all turned around.

RAIN rolled into the light of the fire through the trees, and dropped off 6 squirrles. But that wasn't all she had. "Um, mom?" Zack quizzed and stood up. "I discovered this injured man" RAIN said and gently placed him on the ground. "OH SHIT" Caiser gasped. Phillips burned, mud covered, bloody body was laid before him. "That's the guy that lied to me back at the outpost, he followed us" Fiona said standing up now. "No, wait. His name is Phillip, he's my firend" Caiser told them. "Oh, of course he is" Fiona responded. "He's still breathing, maybe I can heal him" Erick said and rushed to his side. "Are you freaking kidding me" Fiona barked. "Dad says he's ok, and I believe him" Erick yelled at her. Fiona just shook her head and sat down back in her spot. Caiser looked on, why was Phillip out here in the woods? What was he doing, and why does he have a bullet hole in his chest?






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