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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Square One

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The ground was damp and cool, the dew has settled as the sun rose in the sky. The sunlight gently woke Phillip up as it caressed his face. As his eyes slowly crept open, he was met with the angry scowl of the red headed girl that injured him. The pain from his burn and gunshot wound quickly returned. "He's awake" she hollered, purposely loud to wake up the rest of the group. Phillip looked at her in fear, "Please don't hurt me" he begged. "Calm down Phillip" Caiser spoke from behind him. "Edwin!? How the hell!?" Phillip questioned and attempted to sit up. "Don't move, you might bust your stitches, drink this" Erick said handing him a rusty can full of water. Phillip quickly drank and realized just how thirsty he was.

"We should really kill him" Fiona scoffed looking at Phillip as if he was disgusting. "Don't mind her, she'd kill me if she had the chance and I'm her father" Caiser told Phillip and kneeled next to him as he drank out of the dented can Erick clearly found lying around. Fiona kicked Zack awake, "Get up butt-face, you can sleep through anything" she sneered. "How did you guys find me?" Phillip asked and winced as he slowly sat up. "RAIN did, remember that robot I used to always tell you about, she saved my kids, and she saved you too" Caiser said proudly. "Why were you out here, were you following us?" Fiona asked him. Phillip chuckled a little. "Yeah, I was totally following the people that nearly got me killed" Phillip said with a smirk. "I am heading towards my hidden laboratory, you weren't the only one sneaking out of Genetix Edwin" Phillip said proudly.

"You have a place out here?" Fiona asked. "Yeah I do, right over that hill and in between ..."" .... the two brown rocks" Fiona said cutting him off. "You know about it?" Phillip asked. "Yeah, I used to run away and hang out there all the time, it's hardly a lab though. More like an outhouse, you're wasting your time" she told him and packed her bag. "Oh, then you've never been inside, that's just a small shack I built to make it look less peculiar. Come on I'll show you guys" Phillip said and reached out a hand towards Caiser to help lift him up. Phillip leaned and limped on Caiser's shoulder as they made their way through the rest of woods towards his supposed lab.

Meanwhile back at the Genetix outpost Thompson is going on a rampage. "I have to do something about Eddy, I want him either dead or within my grips, DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME" Thompson yelled at some Manhunter leaders. They all nodded and ran out of the shabby office. Thompson knocked the crappy trinkets off of the dusty desk and sat on it. A knock at his door broke him out of his slump. Thompson stood up straight, dusted off his suit, fixed his hair and kicked the trinkets underneath the desk. He walked towards the door and opened it. Cathy walks in and passes him completely. Thompson closes his eyes in frustration.

"The hell are you doing here Cathy?" he asked. "Weren't you expecting me, you look sharp Director Thompson" she teased. "Not in the mood at the moment, what do you want?". "Pushy, gosh. Ok, well listen. Project Kane is near completion, we just need you to sign off on some paperwork before we move forward. And since you are on some silly goose chase up in The Bronx, I thought I'd come to you. I wanted to travel anyway" she spoke assertively. "What a crappy office by the way" she said looking around the room. "Yeah, it's not mine. Let me see the folder." he said. Cathy handed him the folder and watched him quickly sign off on everything in it.

"If I knew you weren't going to read anything, I would have put a million dollar check in there" she quipped. "I trust you, you haven't betrayed me in 13 years. If you do now, I'll just kill you" Thompson said in all seriousness. Cathy smiled at him. "Are you still looking for Caiser?" she asked with a concerned look. Thompson didn't answer her. "He's a sneaky one isn't he? And you guys used to be so close" she added and sat in one of the rickety chairs. Thompson sat down next to her and loosed his tie and top button of his dingy dress shirt. "You look a mess honey, you've been up here for like 3 days now. Let the Manhunters do their job and come back to Manhattan. I'm sure Project Kane is more important." she said trying to convince him. "I know, yeah ... I mean it is. But ..."" ... but what Quincy? And you look tired, when is the last time you had a dose?" she asked as she felt his forehead. "Don't worry about me, I'll be fine.""Nonsense, if I don't worry about you, who will? Look what I brought" she said and dangled a capsule of Genetix brand O+ blood. Thompson looked at it, and then looked away.

"You need it, you know you do. You're skin is clammy and you're losing color" she said and wiped off a syringe. Thompson stuck his arm out, and Cathy rolled up his sleeve and searched for a vein. Most of his veins had collapsed, they're very faint and Cathy had to look very hard for a good one. She found one and inserted the syringe. "It's not Edwin's fault that you got infected with Caiseritis, you do know that right? This whole personal vendetta you have is all spawned from massive regret" she told him as she had the needle to his vein. Thompson looked at her with an emotionless face. "What do you mean?" he asked. "You know what I mean, you framed your best friend. Because of that he is on the run, he is the most hated man in the world. His wife died, you kept him from his kids, there's a lot there Quincy" she told him as the last bit of fresh blood squeezed out of the syringe. "Now you blame him for you contracting a disease that YOU created, not him" she continued. "Enough ..." Thompson said lowly. "You only want him dead because if the world somehow found out it was you that destroyed it, everything you built would be ..."" .... ENOUGH I SAID" Thompson stood up and stared at her. Her gaze met his for about 2 seconds, then her eyes darted behind him.

"Nice to see you again Dr.Thompson" a familiar voice said from behind him. Thompson spun around quickly. "Commander Couts, nice to see you again as well" he said and rolled down his sleeve. "I understand you are in need of my services" Commander Couts spoke. "Need? No, I don't like that word. I like to use, want. I don't have a need for anything. But you can offer me some assistance with a small problem I have" Thompson corrected him. "You see, I have someone on the run, and he seems to have my Manhunters afraid. I want you to ... extinguish this problem for me."

"No problem, give me a name, face and last known location and me and my Reapers will have him dead by nightfall, if not earlier". "You see Cathy, this is why I called the Reapers, their can do attitude" Thompson said and smiled at Cathy. She simply rolled her eyes. "Your target, is none other than Dr. Edwin Caiser" Thompson said as if he revealed the holy grail. Commander Couts face instantly became a frown. "History?" Cathy quizzed as she crossed her legs and sat back in the chair. Couts didn't answer. "History isn't even the word my dear Cathy, you see. Eddy is the reason we even have Commander Couts at all. This beast of a man, 6 foot tall. Chiseled muscle, blonde hair, blue stone cold eyes. The look of a killer, this is all ... engineered". Thompson loved telling this story. Couts stared off into the distance.

"This is Eddy's first successful subject. Subject one hundred and some odd number, this is the first non-failed human project. And he's not all human, before me and Eddy were stuck on elemental powers, we were onto something more ... primitive. You see, Commander Couts here, has special abilities as well. All of his senses are heightened, as well enhanced strength and agility. He is trained is 7 different kinds of martial arts and mastered every weapon he ever laid his hands on. He is a ... marvel, for lack of a better word." Thompson sat in the shabby office seat and rolled it up to the desk, stepping on the trinkets he had kicked under it.

"Commander Couts and his Reapers are killing machines. They have never missed a bounty ever. They are worth their money, and he is only the ripe age of 21. You have an amazing future ahead of you." Thompson said to Couts. "Director Thompson, I will do everything within my power to capture Dr.Caiser and bring him to you choking on his last breath." Couts said, rage in his eyes. "That-a-boy, go get'em. And try to bring one of his little bastards as well, I want to study them." Thompson told Couts as he walked out of the room. "Do you think he'll get the job done?" Cathy asked Thompson. "Of course, it isn't like Eddy or any of his little shitty kids have powers right?"

Back in the woods, Fiona lead the team towards Phillips lab. "Here it is, the shack" she said and looked around inside of it. "Is that pink stickers and hearts?" Zack teased. "Shut up before I punch you" she snarled. "I always wondered who kept leaving dolls in my shack""And I wondered who kept taking them" Fiona said to Phillip folding her arms. Phillip kicked leaves out of the way of a wooden panel. "Underneath that wooden panel is a metal one" Phillip instructed. he couldn't personally bend down and type anything in. Erick did it for him. "Capitol P, then 2773" he said to Erick. Suddenly a hatch like door appeared. "Whoa" Fiona said. "I never knew this was here". "Yeah well, I'm glad" Phillip said and Erick tried to pull the door open. "It's only going to work with my fingerprint" Phillip told him. Phillip kneeled through the pain and pressed against the metal hatch. The machine barely lit up, but it recognized him just enough to release the locks. "I might not have enough juice here, I haven't been here in quiet some time" Phillip admitted. "I got this, I charge up mommy all the time, where are your generators?" Zack asked. "Mommy?" Phillip question. "He's talking about her" Fiona said pointing towards RAIN. "Oh, my guardian angel." Phillip said and smiled. "Come on in, we have a lot to go over." Phillip says and limps his way into the lab.

"My generators are over there, if you can see" Phillip pointed. "Fiona, I need light" Zack asked. Fiona lit a fire in her hand. "I still can't believe you can hold fire and not get burned" Phillip told her. "Well, get used to it" Fiona said with her signature attitude. "Found it" Zack shouted. "Mommy, can you take this plate off the front" Zack asked RAIN. RAIN rolled over and pulled the panel right off of it. "Careful, I still want to use this place after all of this" Phillip joked. Zack placed his hands on the receiver of the generator and charged up his whole body. Sparks flew out of his body and flew everywhere. "WHAT THE HELL" Phillip said and backed up behind Caiser holding his wound. The loud crackling sound of electricity was matched with flashes of lightning and sparking. "Nice" Erick said smiling as his brother put on a show. Suddenly the generator kicked on, lights turned on and computers began to start up. The air system turned on and a cool breeze surrounded them.

"Sorry about the AC, like I said, I haven't been here for a while." Phillip said and limped towards a glass door. Erick looked around wide eyed. "Wow, this place is amazing" Caiser complimented. Everything was shiny and silver. Clean, spotless like if it was brand new. Aside from the smell of stale air, it was pure scientific perfection. It was modern and fresh, rivaling the labs of Genetix themselves. "Wow Phillip, what did you do here?" Caiser asked as he played with a monitor. "I used to come here to work on different stuff here and there. I didn't want everything I did monitored by Genetix, you know?" Phillip told him. "Trust me, I understand" he said and looked at his kids. Zack and Erick were in awe, even Fiona didn't seem to have an attitude.

"What was that back at the generator room? Did your son ... get electrocuted? Because he said he could do it, I wouldn't have let him if I knew he couldn't. I swear, I'm sorry ..."" ... relax Phillip. Zack has the elemental power of electricity". Phillip paused. Stared at Caiser for a couple seconds, and then blurt out in laughter. "Hahaha, yeah. Ok. But for real, is he ok?" Phillip asked. "I'm fine" Zack innocently smiled. "Remember how you got that burn?" Fiona asked. "I thought you used some kind of explosive" Phillip admitted. "And I have the ability to create water out of thin air, where do you think we got that water from? The Bronx River?" Erick joked. "Wait, seriously. You're kids have powers?" Phillip asked amazed. "So it went from Bethany to the kids huh?""Aye, I don't know anything about that" Caiser quickly responded and gave Phillip a dark look. Phillip realized the kids may not know exactly what Caiser did to their mother. "Whose Bethany?" Fiona asked. "No one, I was thinking of something else" Phillip said shaking his head as if he couldn't get his thoughts straight. Fiona and Erick looked at each other.

A few minutes go by as Caiser and Phillip are talking and Erick comes running out of the back crying. "What's wrong?" Caiser asked and stood up. "There's ... there's running water dad. I never had running water before" Erick said, emotionally distraught. Phillip and Caiser look at each other. "We've never had reliable power, a clean place to sleep, food in the fridge ... or a fridge" Erick continued. His tears kept rolling. Zack's eyes began to swell up with tears as well. Caiser looked at his kids. Fiona was stuffing her face with peanut butter. Eating it with her bare hands like a madwoman whose never eaten before. Caiser was taken aback, his kids have never lived this good. His throat began to dry up as he held back tears. "Geez Edwin, I didn't know it was this bad." Phillip said. "ye ... yeah me neither" Caiser said and stopped a tear from falling. "You guys can touch everything that is not behind this glass wall. All the food, all the facilities, all the rooms ... the PS8's in the back" Phillip said looking at Zack and Erick. Zack rubbed his eyes, and broke into tears and hugged Caiser. Caiser couldn't hold it in and began to cry with him.

Erick joined in, these were tears of pure happiness. The triplets are bunkered into a laboratory on the run for their lives and they couldn't be happier. They have never lived this good. "I love you dad" Zack said so lowly only Erick and Caiser could hear it. This made Caiser break down even more and hug tighter. Phillip looked at their embrace with a sincere smile. Then he looked over at Fiona, who had a very sad look on her face. She caught on to Phillips stare and quickly fixed her face, and kept eating the peanut butter which was all over her.

"Go play guys, have fun. For once" Caiser said and roughed up their blue and yellow hair. Erick and Zack rushed towards the back of the labs. Fiona took another jar of peanut butter from the cabinet and followed her brothers towards the back. Caiser smiled at her. "Her fiery attitude matches her powers" Philip joked. "Yeah, you can say that again." Caiser said continuing to smile. "RAIN, can you keep an eye on them" Caiser asked, "Affirmative" she answer and squeakily rolled towards the back.

"Phillip, if you had this lab, why did you keep going back to Genetix?" Caiser asked his old assistant turned lab partner. "Because, if I left for good, there would be no way you would be able to escape" Phillip told him. "They'd be on you like white on rice, and you had a lot more to escape for than I did"."How did you even escape? I tried a million times". "Simple, my room had a window, yours didn't. Plus, you trying to escape all the time left me enough 'elbow room' to go about my business without worrying about being watched". Caiser looked at him, smiled and shook his head. Then he looked at his chest. "Phillip, there's a hole in your chest" Caiser pointed out. "Yeah, Thompson is a shitty shot. How do you manage to miss every vital organ in some ones chest from point blank range?" Phillip joked. "I have a healing machine over here, can you help me with it? I should be back to normal in no time."

Back where the group spent the night in the woods, Commander Couts scans the area. "They were here" Couts told his Reapers as he picked up the rusty can Erick used to give Phillip water. "We're not far off Reapers, they left in this direction. There looks to be 5 people, judging by their tracks. And some kind of vehicle, with a messed up wheel. If they're near, it'll probably make a loud squeaking noise when it rolls. One of them is injured, you can tell by this track where one of their feet are dragging" Couts explained to the Reapers. "Should we follow the tracks sir?" one of the Reapers asked. "No choice" Couts responded and lead the way.

Erick and Zack are playing with the PS8's hologram feature. Jumping up and down laughing and giggling. They're dodging digital lasers as they dance to save the universe from aliens. Fiona sits behind them on a pillow on the floor. Peanut butter all over her mouth, she stares off into the distance. She's thinking of how she treated Caiser all this time. How all of this may be her fault, the fact that they're on the run. What if Caiser is her father and she's being a royal bitch for no reason. She's starting to feel sad, guilty for putting her family through this.  Wait, did she just think of him as her family? She shakes the thought out of her head and closes the jar of peanut butter.

Commander Couts comes up to a wooden shack. He walks up to it, nothing inside. "There not here sir" one of the Reapers stated. "We keep moving, they couldn't have gotten .... far" Couts says and pauses. 'What's wrong sir""Shhhhh" Couts says and bends down on one knee. "I feel vibrations beneath my feet, usually those vibrations disperse due to the rock, but they're resonating. There is metal under here somewhere.

Zack and Erick jump up and down and shoot back at the aliens. "GET MY BACK BRO" Zack orders and jumps over an obstacle, slamming his feet into the ground. Erick jumped over an obstacle and rolled to the left. "I GOT YOUR SIX BRO, ALIENS TO YOUR RIGHT" Erick yelled. Fiona and RAIN watched them play. RAIN suddenly sprouted her small radar from her head. She sensed something. "Can you put this back in the cabinet RAIN" Fiona interrupted. The small radar retreated as she responded to Fiona's request. "WATCH OUT" Zack screamed and knocked Erick over, who burst into laughter.

Commander Couts has his ear to the ground. Erick jumps, Couts hears it. Zack yells, Couts ears perk up. "Boys, we got them" Couts says and stands up. As RAIN rolls back towards the cabinet, she stops and her radar pops out again. Suddenly Phillip's computer makes a ping sound. "What's that?" Caiser asked curious. "Oh no" Phillip says as he steps out of his healing machine. "Wait, you're not finished" Caiser warned. "Computer, display perimeter" Phillip says. A screen flashes on and the camera's show Commander Couts and his team outside the laboratory. "Shit, the Reapers" Phillip says worried. "Who?" Caiser asked and walks up to the monitor as well. "Get your kids" Phillip says as he starts pressing buttons. "RAIN, get the kids, we're under attack" Caiser orders RAIN.

RAIN squeaks towards the back of the lab. "Prepare to engage" RAIN told the kids. They knew what that meant all too well. "What?" Zack asked confused. Not wanting to stop playing. "You heard her, lets go" Fiona said and rushed to the front towards Caiser and Phillip. "Who is it" Erick asked as he walked up towards Caiser. "Our worst nightmare. If we show no resistance, maybe we'll be able to live. I couldn't get the perimeter defenses up and running yet, we'll have to surrender" Phillip explains. "I'm not surrendering" Zack says angrily. "You'll end up dying otherwise" Phillip said bluntly. Caiser looked on as scared as everyone else. "INITIATING PROTECTION MODE" RAIN said and her armored body buffed up and her arms withdrew and turned into razor sharp scythes. "I guess we're fighting then" Phillip says and runs back to his computer.

Commander Couts orders the Reapers to place charges on the steel door and back up. "Ok boys, once we blast inside, they won't know what hit them. Kill everyone except one kid and Dr.Caiser, understood". "HOOAH" the Reapers respond. "3 ... 2 ... 1 ...." BOOOOOM. The door to the lab is blown inwards. The Reapers storm in and aim into the smoky lab with infrared beam laser. Suddenly electricity, water and fire shoot threw the smoke ....


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