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After Commander Couts and his Reapers left the group hurt and confused, Caiser decides to stop running and bring the fight to Thompsons front door. How will 5 people and a robot take down the global entity known as Genetix?

Chapter 9 (v.1) - Upgraded

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It's been two weeks since the group was ambushed in their make shift home of Phillips laboratory. The gaping hole from the breach has been sealed with wooden planks, something they had to throw together. Since RAIN has been destroyed, there is no one to keep an eye out as they slept like usual. The group has been taking turns every night, they can not afford to be attacked like that ever again.

Erick and Caiser has been working tirelessly on the new RAIN, or as they've been calling it, RAIN 2.0. Fiona has kept herself busy by watching over Zack, who hasn't been the same without RAIN. The only mother figure he has ever had, the only parental figure they've ever had.

Zack lays on his bed quietly, like he's been doing every night since. Listening to Phillips iPod that hasn't been updated in 13 years. But to be fair, there hasn't been a new song for the last 13 years. The world is bleak and miserable without music. Out of the 3 triplets, Zack is the one who relates to music the most. Whenever he would hear a song, he would dance to it, his happy-go-lucky attitude stripped from him 2 weeks ago.

Fiona watches her brother sulk, she tried to talk him out of his depression, but the way she speaks is too straight forward to be soothing in any way. She stopped trying days ago, now she just brings him food that gets pushed to the side. She hasn't seen her brother eat anything in days. She may pride herself on being tough, but this is destroying her inside. She can only imagine what Zack is going through.

Zack can't hear a thing, he rolls over from his back to his stomach and fixes the headphones in his ear. He gravitated towards rock music when he was really young, the energy it gave him let him face the scary things he endured growing up. He puffs up the pillow under his chin and closes his eyes, the drums and guitar let his mind wander to memories, that were filled with moments with RAIN.

"........Zack hurry up" a 5 year old Fiona yelled through the gun fire. Zack's little legs could barely hold out any longer. Erick is trapped beneath a car that he hid under to escape the Manhunters sight. It's midnight, and it's moonless. The Manhunters love to hunt at this time. Zack races to Fiona's side behind another car adjacent to where Erick was. Zack can hear Erick crying. But so can the Manhunters.

"Where is mommy" Zack asked innocently.

"I don't know" Fiona answered as she maneuvered around desperately trying to keep eye contact with her other brother.

The Manhunter truck drifted around the corner and slammed on its breaks. Erick held his breath, if he even so much as whimpered, they'll find him and take him away.

Zack and Erick make eye contact from beneath the cars, brothers separated by a street full of killers. The Manhunters maniacal hyena like laughter and shouts scared them to no end. As they searched up the streets they looked in trash cans, behind shattered windows, inside and under cars. The triplets watched in fear as they came closer and closer to them.

Erick became nervous, he wanted to get to his brother and sister on the other side of the street. He went for it. Shuffling his way from underneath the car and bolted across the street, he was within 3 feet of Zack and Fiona when a rope surrounded him and he fell to the ground.

"I's gots one ya'll. O'er here" a dirty Manhunter shouted.

He looked under the car and saw 2 more children, shivering in utter horror.

The Manhunter's eyes lit up, "I's gots all of'em. Right here under this here car" he said and reached his smelly hand under it to grab at the two kids. Zack and Fiona rushed out the other side and began to run up the block.

"Ya run anymore, ya gonna havta say g'bye to ya frien' here" the Manhunter threatened and picked up Erick by his head.

Zack and Fiona turned around to be greeted by 2 more Manhunters. As if they had the same thoughts, both kids fell to their knees crying. This was it. As the Manhunter picked up Fiona by her hair, his head was severed and rolled into the street and into the headlights of the Manhunter truck.

Fiona looked up and watched as RAIN decapitated the Manhunter that grabbed Zack. Zack and Fiona hugged each other.

"I knew mommy was coming back" Zack said happily as if they were in the clear.

"IT'S THAT DAMN ROBOT" the Manhunter yelled and dropped Erick onto the ground and raced back to the truck.

But his dusty boots could not escape the wrath and wheels of RAIN. She chased him down and swung her scythe. The Manhunters head was taken off with such force that it shot right threw the windshield of the truck. The driver then caught on to what was happening and put the truck into drive and launched the truck right for RAIN. Erick, Zack and Fiona watched as the huge truck raced towards their protector at full power.

As the truck approached, RAIN blew herself into the air with jets of air from near her wheels. She landed on top of the speeding truck which now aimed directly at the triplets. RAIN stuck her scythe into the top of the truck and pulled the roof away. The screaming of the triplets impending death by the truck made her move faster. She dropped into the cab of the truck and severed the head of the driver, steered the truck away from the kids and crashed into an abandoned building. The crash echoed throughout the empty Bronx streets.

Zack couldn't believe his young eyes, he rushed towards the crash site to save his mommy. Fiona tried to pull him back but he got away from her and ran towards the fire. As he approached, RAIN busted out of the drivers side of the truck and fell onto the street. Zack hugged her metal body that was warmed by the fire.

"Mommy, you save us" Zack said as tears rolled down his face.

"My mission is to maintain your existence until Edwin returns" RAIN replied.

Zack rolled over to his side, shaking the memory out of his head. That is just one of the thousands of times RAIN has saved their lives. And he does not believe that his father can fix her.

Yet, that is precisely what Caiser intends to do. It took two weeks, and a lot of elbow grease, but that genius of a man had finally fixed RAIN. But, it isn't quiet the RAIN they all knew.

"ZACK! FIONA! PHILLIP!, COME HERE" Caiser yelled into the common area. Fiona physically pulled Zack from the back rooms and pushed him into the middle of the common area. He was not happy to be there, and his face proved that. Erick rolled a gurney out into the room with a sheet covering it. It was obvious that the new and improved RAIN would be under it. 

"Where is Phillip?" Caiser asked looking around for him.

"I'm right here" Phillip responded from his lab room and rolled out a gurney of his own with a white sheet covering it.

"I know what's under their sheet, but what do you have under that?" Fiona asked.

"You'll see, but you first Edwin" Phillip said and made a gesture signifying that the "floor was his"

"Ok, are you ready for this Zack" Caiser asked and looked at his yellow haired son, whose brown roots were beginning to show.

Zack shrugged his shoulders, he didn't care. What was under the sheet looked nothing like the outline of RAIN; and a replacement would not make him feel any better. Caiser then dramatically pulled the sheet away, and what was underneath was stunning. Zack eyed the shiny marvel before him.

It looked like a shiny, chrome woman. A very curvaceous shape and even a chrome 1920's like wig. Her face was metal and shiny like everything else, but you could make out facial features. It was as if Caiser had dipped a porn star into metal.

"Who is this?" Zack asked, pretending to be unimpressed.

"This my boy, is RAIN 2.0" Caiser replied. And then he continued, "I don't need to explain her to you, she can do that herself. Isn't that right, Rain?" Caiser prompted as the new Rain sat up on the gurney.

"Hello Zack, I am Rain." she spoke. Her voice had a human tone to it, instead of the old robotic one.

"H ... hello Rain. Do you remember me?" Zack quizzed, trying to see if the memories have lasted through the blast. And what Rain did next scared Zack, she giggled!

Her metal face formed a smile, something the old RAIN couldn't possibly do with a digital display.

"Of course I remember you silly. You're my little boy. Dr.Caiser was able to save my memory and program me to be more like ... like you" she told him.

"Like me?" Zack replied.

Caiser stepped in, "Human Zack, I programmed her to be more human. I thought the old RAIN was too emotionless and cold. So I gave RAIN 2.0 emotions, feelings, and the ability to think outside of what she's been programmed to do" Caiser said smiling at his son.

Zack shook his head is disapproval. "This is not my mother" he said angrily.

"Don't say that Zack." Rain spoke. "Remember all the times I saved you from Manhunters. Before you even had a memory, I was scavenging baby formula to keep you and your siblings fed. I did everything I could to make sure you woke up the next day. I am every bit your mother." she answered him.

Zack looked wide-eyed. The old RAIN could never put together sentences like this. Her answers were short and to the point. Probably where Fiona got it from.

"By the way, her name is Rain. It's no longer an acronym. She is no longer a robot, she is a humanoid." Caiser told him boastfully.

Zack looked at his father, and then looked at everyone in the room. To them, this was an upgrade. But to him, this felt like getting a new mother. He looked around, everyone stared at him, waiting for HIS reaction. Is this some kind of spectacle? Did they really think he was going to just approve of this and move on? Even if she retained her memories, this was not RAIN, this was just ... Rain. Zack ran to his bed and slammed the door.

"Was it something I said?" Rain asked and looked around at everyone in the room.

"No Rain, he's just got to get used to you, that's all" Caiser said and helped Rain off of the gurney she sat on.

"This is truly impressive Edwin, I must say. I did not know you were capable of such feats anymore" Phillip said eyeing down Rain. "She's so ... feminine" he added looking at her pronounced breast and buttocks area.

Caiser had to admit he got carried away with her design, and having the assistance of a teenage boy was no help either.

"I am happy you approve of my aesthetics Phillip. I can tell by your increased heart rate" she revealed.

"And she can scan vital functions? Amazing. She'll be a great help for our team" Phillip exclaimed. "Speaking of improvements, it's time to see what is under my sheet" Phillip said walking over to his gurney.

He pulled the sheet back and 3 exosuits were laid out before him. One in yellow, one in blue and one in red. They were thin, steel framed and lightweight.

"These are the upgraded suits I made for Erick, Zack and Fiona.Each one designed to amplify their already amazing abilities."

Caiser had a huge smile on his face, so did Erick and Fiona.

"Holy crap Phillip, these are amazing" Fiona said to him. Showing signs of appreciation for once. Fiona runs to the red one, knowing it was for her.

She slipped her arms into it and made a fighting stance.

"Whoa whoa now Fiona, hold up. Let me show you how it works" Phillip laughed. He then walked over to her, "Now, use your right hand to flick this switch". Fiona obeyed and flicked the switch.

"Great, now you have gas and gun powder flowing through the suit nozzle. The top shoots the gas, the bottom shoots the gunpowder, on both hands. This not only makes it possible to shoot fire further, but it makes it explosive if you choose to make something go boom."

"Wow, this is amazing, I wish I can try it out right now" she said smiling happily.

"You will get the chance soon, now for you Erick. Yours was tricky. I had to figure out how to make water powers, dangerous. And I think I did the trick". Phillip handed Erick the suit and Erick put his arms into the light metal frame. It was even lighter than it looked.

"Now for you Erick, I decided to give you the ability to shoot ice. You have a liquid nitrogen pack on the back of your suit, it's small but it holds a nice amount. That matched with freon ionization technology from the common 2029 refrigerator and you can blast subzero ice straight out of your hands. The air that freezes the water is extremely cold, so you can even freeze something without using water if you're close enough. Isn't that amazing" Phillip explained.

Erick was ecstatic. He jumped up and down with joy. "Can I shoot it, can I shoot it please?"

"No fair, if he can shoot his, then I should be able to shoot mine" Fiona pouted.

"No one is shooting anything in this lab, we barely got it all fixed" Caiser laughed."Trust us, you'll be using your new suits soon." he added.

"What about Zack and his suit?" Erick questioned.

"He'll get his chance, at the moment he isn't feeling very well." Caiser explained.

Rain walked up to Caiser, "Should I attempt to console him?" she asked politely.

Fiona scoffed, "No, he's like a mouse. He won't come out if you watch him. Let him be and you'll suddenly see him everywhere. He'll warm up eventually" she told Rain. Caiser was so proud of Fiona, she has finally shown at least the semblance of caring. He feels like he finally got her to open up.


Thompson and Cathy make their way back to Manhattan, finally. The whole ride there, Thompson couldn't stop thinking about Commander Couts' defeat. Something he'd never thought Caiser would be able to pull of. It bothered him, especially the fact that with less technology and resources, Caiser was able to successfully give elemental abilities to humans; how did he do it?

Cathy often glanced over at Thompson, and she could tell something was bothering him. But she let him think, she got him to leave The Bronx and give up his personal search for Caiser and that was good enough. Deep down she really loved him, no one else ever sees Thompson's vulnerable side. She leaned back in the soft cruiser seats being driven by a Genetix employee, and fell asleep as the sun rose behind the tall buildings.

Thompson stayed awake, his thoughts raced. His mind drifted to Project Kane. Cathy said she made amazing breakthroughs with it, and Thompson can't wait to get his hands on it.

"Shall we go through the front entrance sir?" the driver asked. Snapping Thompson back to reality.

"I didn't even realize we were here already, yes, go through the front" Thompson responded and gathered his thoughts.

The Genetix Tower stood out amongst the damaged lower Manhattan sky scrapers. Thompson took a second to admire it as he stepped out of the cruiser. The only tower in Manhattan with lights, and in decent condition. As every tower around fell into disrepair, the Genetix Tower remained a beacon in the gloomy abandoned city. Built near Times Square, or what used to be Times Square, Thompson's office once had the best view in the world. Now he keeps his curtains closed. He shakes his head as Cathy steps out of the cruiser to meet him in front of the tower.

"Welcome back Mr.Director sir" a guard spoke and opened the door for him.

Thompson steps into his headquarters, everyone stands at attention as he passes. It's all coming back to him, his time spent in The Bronx left him stressed and depressed. His morale is beginning to return as he is surrounded by his servants and people who depend on his existence.

"Project Kane is this way Quincy" Cathy said, smiling at him in anticipation. Then she turned towards one of the scientist "Go retrieve two vials of O+ and bring it to the Kane laboratory"

"Yes ma'am" the scientist replied and scurried away.

Cathy lead Thompson through the corridors towards her laboratory she dubbed the "Kane Lab" after her most important contribution to Genetix.

"This better be good Cathy" Thompson told her before he entered the Kane Lab.

"Hush Quincy, just be amazed" she responded as the metal doors slid open to the ping of her key card.

Cathy walked in and pulled Thompson by his hand towards a hug glass cube with a huge black man sitting inside of it.

"Stand up Kane" she ordered. The other scientist around the lab stopped everything they were doing and watched as their bosses attempted to order around the huge beast of a man.

"He is a marvelous specimen Cathy, but what does he do so special?" Thompson asked unimpressed.

"I said STAND UP KANE" Cathy yelled.

The black man audibly growled and snarled at her screeching voice. He reluctantly rose to his feet. He was massive. Thompson stepped back in awe. Kane stood at over 7 feet tall, had to be around 400 pounds of pure muscle.

"Good lord Cathy" Thompson exclaimed eyeing the behemoth. "Did you engineer this ... this thing?" he asked.

"Yes, when I found this subject, he was scrawny. Puny even. Skinny, as if he was starving for ages. When I found out he was immune, I knew this was my shot. He is the only subject to positively respond to my serum"

"Oh god Cathy, that damn serum? You're still on that? It'll never work"

"You never believed in my scientific prowess Quincy, my failures always outshine my success in your eyes" Cathy scowled and folded her arms. But she didn't let it rain on her parade.

"My serum works on Kane, his body responded to it beautifully. His muscle mass increased tenfold and his cognitive ability is unmatched." She walked towards the glass cube and pressed her hand against it. "There is just one thing I need to perfect" she added.

"And that is?" Thompson asked.

As if on cue, Kane rushed towards Cathy and punched the glass wall, cracking it and sending Cathy flying backwards into Thompsons arms. Kane huffed and puffed and continued banging on the glass in anger.

"I need to control him" Cathy admitted trying to catch her breath.

"Sedate him" Thompson ordered, and gas rushed into the cube and Kane fell to the ground in a deep slumber. Cathy turned around and looked at Thompson.

"My serum also gives his immune system a boost, making him available for your 'blue stuff' without getting sick and dying" she told him.

"Cathy, this ... this is wonderful. If this works, we will have a superhuman of our own.

Cathy looked at Thompson with an enamored look, she was finally being appreciated as a scientist instead of a hot piece of ass.

"I have something to do in the broadcast room, but get Kane to my laboratory upstairs. I want you on it with me Cathy, or should I say ... partner" Thompson said and kissed Cathy softly on her lips.

Thompson rushes into an elevator and headed straight for his lab. As the elevator dinged on his floor, he felt a sudden loss of consciousness. He dizzily placed his hand on the wall of the metal elevator and slid down to the floor. The doors opened and two of his scientists appeared and helped him to his feet.

"Sir, are you ok" one of them asked as they sat Thompson down in his lavish office chair.

"Yes yes, get your hands off of me" Thompson barked pulling away from the two men in lab coats.

Thompsons world stopped spinning and he regained control of his balance. What in the world was that, he knew what a lack of blood felt like but this was something different entirely. He slowly stood up and walked over to the radio room where he did his normal speeches. From this room Thompson can broadcast out to the entirety of the globe, reaching anyone with a radio. He turned on the microphone, tuned in his broadcast frequency and began to speak.


Inside Phillips lab, the small mounted radio they use to keep track of Genetix announcements begins to squeak into a broadcast. Some static and high pitch whines later, a voice can be heard through it. It is Thompson, addressing the world for the first time in a while.

"Everyone be quiet, I think Genetix is about to broadcast" Phillip tells the group.

"People of America, this is Director Quincy Thompson; the head of Genetix headquartered in Manhattan, New York City. I am sending out this message to inform everyone that the man we once thought was dead, was in fact, hiding amongst the people he poisoned. Evil Dr. Edwin Caiser played dead, but in fact, has been alive for the pass 13 years. He was last spotted in the woodlands of The Bronx, New York Cities northern most borough."

Thompson's voice sounds strained and dry, and he coughs a couple times before he continues the broadcast.

"Dr.Caiser is armed and dangerous, he attacked some of my patrol officers on a peace run in the area and stole supplies that would have went to the women and children he infected. Needless to say, those women and children have perished due to the lack of supplies. To make it worse, Dr.Caiser has an army of super powered genetically modified monsters with him, that burned one of my best scientists right before my eyes. Rest in Peace my dear friend Phillip."

Thompson paused for a dramatic moment of silence. Phillip and Caiser looked at each other, the anger on their face met with agreement.

"People of America, Genetix ... needs your help. The evil Dr.Caiser is slaughtering innocent men, women and babies. Kidnapping them for his sick, twisted experiments. If there is anyone out there left alive from the world crippling virus known as Caiseritis, please make it your business to hunt down and track Dr.Caiser and his genetically enhanced monsters he calls 'children'. Anyone that can bring me his head, and the head of his children, will be awarded with one billion dollars and a lifetime of Genetix brand blood to help those who are suffering from Caiseritis. I am a man of my word. The world needs your help citizens, bring this man to justice. Thank you."

The radio returned to loud static, Phillip turned it off. The group sat in silence looking around at each other in disbelief. How can he lie so blatantly without a shred of remorse.

"This is typical Thompson" Caiser said shaking his head. "This is exactly what he did to me when that reporter blew the top off of our experiments. This is exactly what he did to me when he forced Caiserium into the public. And this is exactly what he is doing to get the whole world to come after us" he concluded.

"Don't worry" Fiona spoke looking Caiser directly in his eyes. "No one speaks about my father like that and gets away with it" she said proudly.

Caisers heart skipped a beat as tears filled his eyes.






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