The Lords

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Chapter 27 (v.1) - Darkness Falls

Submitted: September 28, 2011

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Submitted: September 28, 2011




Chapter 27: Darkness Falls


Original turned and caught the blade by its handle, before swinging it round to parry Xaos's lazy blow. “Xaos...” Original muttered.


“Father!” Xaos hissed, pulling his blade from the sword-lock they were in and swung it around to hit Original's blade, which wavered slightly, before the owner pushed it round, sending both blades into Xaos's hand.


“I should've destroyed you long ago, my son,” Original stated, holding the blade in the air above him, ready to swing it down on Xaos, when...


He noticed something about Xaos's face under the hood. It had changed, full of sadness and remorse, perhaps even disappointment. His eyes had turned less red and more to their natural blue. Original realised, for perhaps the first time truly, that Darkness had his son, his precious, beloved son, in his cruel grip. A droplet of salty water trickled slowly down Xaos's face, and he dropped the blade. The transparent floor rippled as it hit; the floor was never really stable. Original also dropped his blade and threw both arms around his son, realising how fragile he must be, pulling him close.

“I'll never let you go again.” Original vowed quietly.


Enough of this! roared Darkness, interrupting the tender moment. You may have freed him, Origy, but you have a job stopping me doing it again.


Original let go of Xaos and turned towards Darkness, who was smirking in his chains. His eyes were full of fire as he bent to pick up the Terran blade. Xaos bent and picked up the Shadow Blade, and held it as Original did: with malicious intent.


The Darkness chuckled and spread his arms as wide as his chains would allow. C'mon then! he taunted, Kill me!


Original and Xaos looked at each other and nodded, before running forth. Darkness's smile grew larger. Tahkshi saw, even over Agnos's barrier and smiled before Darkness looked at him and winked. Then Tahkshi realised.


“No!” he yelled, “Original, Xaos, stop!”


But they looked too late: they brought their blades down on Darkness, who swung a chain in the way. Two soul's powers travelled through the blades and into the chains, which turned instantly to stone. Original and Xaos took a shocked step back as Darkness uprooted the stone chains and threw them aside, before raising an arm quickly, blasting Original and Xaos across the chamber, before they fell to the floor.


Well well well...Darkness flexed his limbs and surveyed his mechanical one. It's good to be back at last. He watched as Xaos and Original got up, looks of vigil carved into their faces. Darkness clapped his organic and his artificial hands together and the ground erupted beneath the two Gods. Darkness shook his head. You call yourself Gods? He held one hand out in midair and a sword, with such a thin blade that only a mere shimmer could be seen, materialised in it as he closed his hand. Original ran at him, but Darkness swung the sword, causing the air in front of him to suddenly explode into nuclear mushroom clouds: the blade tip was so thin, it could slice through atoms. How can you do so, when I, a Mortal, can defeat you?


Xaos put his hands together and muttered, before a wave of fire rushed towards Darkness, who merely smiled and leapt, doing a roll in the air as the flames passed beneath. Incarnate put Tahkshi down and watched in sheer horror at what he inevitably must become.


You call yourself omnipotent? Spat Darkness. Of all of us here, I am the one who is most omnipotent, most omniscient. I have been to the end and the beginning of the Multiverse. You know nothing of the depths of time. Fools...


Tahkshi charged through the barricade, shattering the part in front of him. Aran spun around, raising a blade in defence, but Tahkshi ducked under the blade and punched him in the stomach. Aran fell, dropping the blade, which Tahkshi bent to pick up without breaking pace. He swung the blade around as he reached Arias. The blade connected with her sledgehammer, a sound of metal upon metal resonating through the chamber. Trexor followed Tahkshi, but with no enemies in his path he charged at The Darkness. The Darkness brushed Original aside and thrust the blade at Trexor, who clumsily tried to stop in time, before the electron-thin tip of Darkness's blade pierced his skin. One atom in particular. The neutrons and protons were split, the bonds holding them together broken as the one atom exploded with such force and power that Trexor was quickly vaporised. Trexor's blade fell to the floor: able to resist such conditions, forged as it was in the fires of the Pillar. His armour fell shortly afterwards, shattering as it did so.


Incarnate stared, horrified, at the death of Trexor, unable to comprehend it: I just killed Trexor. Or will. There is nothing I can do to change that. He clenched his fist tightly, his nails digging trenches of blood into his palm. I Can change this.


Incarnate vaulted over the barricade wall, one hand holding onto the wall, while the artificial one blasted waves of gravity at Agnos. He fell to the ground, his barricade crumbling as he fell, no longer able to sustain it. He ran at Darkness, who turned to face him.


This is where it ends, then, Incarnate.


“Indeed it is.” Incarnate sped up and bent down, tackling Darkness. Darkness fell down, before rolling away from Incarnate's artificial arm, which had now spouted a blade on the knuckles.


Bastard child! You will gain eternity! Let the Darkness Personality loose! Darkness got to his feet and kicked Incarnate in the back of the knees. He fell to the ground, before Darkness kicked him in the face. Why won't you awaken? Let it out!


“No.” Incarnate muttered, not all defiantly.


Come on! Darkness roared. Behind him, Tahkshi threw Arias aside, only to be brought down by Creeper and Assassin. Your allies fall while I wait for it to awake! And it will awake eventually, even if it's just to save reality. It is your destiny! You must complete the circle. Kill me as Darkness, and become what I am! I am here! You cannot deny your destiny, your path! He kicked Incarnate in the face again, before aiming a kick at Incarnate's crotch.


This ends now! Incarnate grabbed Darkness's foot just before it made contact and the personality changed halfway through the sentence. Incarnate stood up, toppling Darkness. Incarnate/ Darkness stood and surveyed Darkness on the floor. You want me to kill you, Darkness? Is this what you had always meant by “Darkness Falls?” Because if so, your wish will now come to reality!


Ah, good. Darkness retorted, But, you can only kill me if I deem you worthy.


Darkness sheathed his blade, choosing instead to use his bionic arm as a suitable weapon. As did Incarnate, and they clashed as they both tried to block the other's attack. The arms creaked as they grinded together in brutal warfare. Incarnate stared deep into those dark pupils, seeing his own eyes looking back at him. He realised that he now had the chance to kill the one person he hated the most: himself. He jerked his arm away, knocking Darkness back, before tripping him again. Darkness stumbled backwards, exposing his chest for just a second. Incarnate ran at him, but Darkness sidestepped, throwing Incarnate off balance. As he regained his balance, Darkness's artificial fingers extended into thin metallic talons. He leapt at Incarnate, who raised a hand and blasted him back, through one of the fiery walls of the Dark Chamber. Incarnate raced after him, using the power of Reality to move the flames and lightning aside. He stopped abruptly as he reached a ledge. He nearly hadn't noticed, what with the transparent ground. He shook precariously, waving his arms around to try and steady himself. Fear gripped him for a second, but only a second. It may have gripped Incarnate's personality for long, but The Darkness's.


Incarnate finally managed to steady himself, before leaping down into a seemingly bottomless abyss.


Time to end this... he thought.


Darkness stood in front of Incarnate, cracking his knuckles. Incarnate... Darkness hissed, I've changed my mind. Perhaps I don't want to die anymore. Perhaps I'll kill the others, before I finally kill you.


Rage flared up inside Incarnate, his hands balled up into fists. Die now. Incarnate leapt at Darkness, who tried to block, but him moving his hands only unblocked the sheath holding the Darkness's sword, which Incarnate grabbed, unsheathed it, spun around so he was behind Darkness and plunged the blade through his chest. Darkness stopped, as if time had stopped still, before Incarnate pulled the blade out, letting the blood flow out with a sickening squelch. Darkness fell to the floor, groaning in pain.


How? Darkness spat blood at Incarnate, How could you?


You let your guard down, Incarnate responded, That's all there was to it.


Darkness shook his head, You know nothing of what you must do. I have seen the beginning and the end...


The end? Of the Multiverse? Or something else? Incarnate grabbed Darkness by the throat and hoisted him up, bringing him to eye level.


The Darkness smiled, before saying simply, You'll see. In time, it will all become clear. But, I will warn you: your universe ends tomorrow, and you will die tonight, in millions of years time. Find the Oblivion Gate and the Ring Of Cronus. Then, your path will take you to where I lie tonight. His head fell back and his eyes rolled back into his head. Incarnate dropped him on the floor, before realising the implications of Darkness's final statement: he now knew his time of death, what he must do before then. He would be revered as a god, with an army of machines and followers. But he wanted none of this, if his home, family and friends must be ended to do so. Incarnate felt himself reverting back to his usual personality as he pondered one fact: Darkness said he, no, I will be there at the end. But what end? My end? The universe's? The Multiverse's? I wish I knew!


Incarnate called up to Arias, Agnos, Aran, Assassin and Creeper. Just like that, they vanished: Incarnate needed time to think.

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