The Lords

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Return

Submitted: September 28, 2011

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Submitted: September 28, 2011



Chapter 5: The Return Of The King

Tahkshi brandished the blade in mid-air, before bringing it down on Trexor, who swung his sword in the way, holding it in both hands to deflect Tahkshi, who brought the sword down on Trexor's blade, hoping for Trexor to weaken and buckle, but he did not. Tahkshi fell to the ground, rolling away from Trexor's blade, which he swung at Tahkshi as he fell.

Tahkshi got to his feet as Trexor ran at him. Trexor swung his sword, but Tahkshi leapt over it, before ducking into a corner and running into the shadows.

“Where are you, Tahkshi?” Trexor hissed, “You are a god, for fuck sake! Act like one! Act like me!”

“You ain't a god, so don't even bother comparing me to you!” came a voice from within the shadows.

“Why? You and I are the same, Tahkshi. Both working with a former enemy. But I aim for justice, where you aim to topple governments. What is the difference aside from my reasoning?”

Tahkshi smiled. “The only difference, I guess, is style.” And with the word style, seven columns of fire erupted from the ground along a line, illuminating the shadows he was standing in. He looked directly into Trexor's eyes, holding a pistol pointing at him. “Goodbye Trexor.” he pulled the trigger, bullets flying forth, one after another into Trexor's forehead, the first penetrating, before getting knocked further in by the next bullet until the first bullet ruptured Trexor's skull, emerging through the other side. Trexor bled not, having no blood vessels nor organs.

Instead, he merely shook his head in disbelief. “Really, Tahkshi?”

“Indeed, Trexor. You may be a Shadow, but I know that you're only this shape due to your armour.” Tahkshi grinned. “Let's see what you really look like!”

He launched himself at Trexor, who caught Tahkshi's blade and swung it over his head, throwing Tahkshi at Cronus's throne. The impact was vertebra shattering, as Tahkshi found out. Solid gold was a bitch to be thrown into. Trexor stood over him, his dark form solid and impending. He raised his blade. “Tahkshi. What I do now really pains me. But you shall die, and I shall have your soul for the Original.” He brought the sword down...

“Trexor,” Came a strained grunt, “you're right about it paining you!” Trexor looked down at the source of a new found pain; the fist that was holding his blade had been stabbed straight down the centre of one of his knuckles.

“This is getting annoying now, Tahkshi!” Trexor roared, shaking the Terran blade from his knuckle. Tahkshi smirked, holding now the Terran blade and Trexor's blade.

“Good!” said Tahkshi, quite happily, “you need to learn not to betray your brethren!”

“Well, you need to learn not to commit wanton genocide!” Trexor spat.

“While that is true,” Tahkshi conceded, “You need to know that-”

Cronus raised a huge axe and swung it down on Trexor. “That regicide is wrong!” He hesitated for a minute or so, before saying uncomfortably, “sorry, I felt forgotten about.”

He lifted the axe to check the status of Trexor underneath it. He wasn't there.

Tahkshi backed up, nervously looking around: light is a dangerous tool for one as intelligent as Trexor. “Cronus.”


“Get the fuck down!” Tahkshi yelled, before aiming a fireball at the figure flying through the air behind Cronus. Good guess, Tahkshi thought.

Trexor clattered to the floor, cursing in some long-dead language. “How did you see me?” he spat.

Tahkshi smiled, as if he'd actually known rather than guessed. “Know the man, know the method, Trexor.”

Trexor got to his feet and started to circle around Tahkshi. “Why do you do this, Tahkshi? You try in vain to fight, when I only want what is best?”

Tahkshi laughed drily. “Best? Ha! Is your idea of best the idea of a government of tyranny? Ten Lords to rule them, they say. But who rules the Ten Lords, Trexor?”

“One of us, Tahkshi. Xaos! The First Child Of Destruction.” Trexor explained, “The most powerful of us all! Me and Pandora work for the government now! Incarnate is incarcerated at Cinradahs's fortress! I am merely trying to gather us all! We must be united!”

“Indeed,” said Tahkshi, “But not like this. For the good of the universe, it must be done my way!”

“Like hell!” Trexor leapt at Tahkshi, who drew his sword and parried, before countering, knocking the sword aside and slashing at the back of Trexor's legs. Trexor leapt over the blade, turned to see Cronus and leapt at his face.

The sound of the collision was one of uncertainty. But one thing was certain: Cronus fell, unconscious, down to the ground. Trexor looked back at Tahkshi. “Are these the people you wish to help you? They are easy to take down! Size only impedes them! Remember the phrase: the bigger they are, the harder they fall!” Trexor chuckled. “If they all fall, then so do all your hopes. I'll be surprised if many of the First Children even bothered to join you. Foton and Hurricane would, the damn terrorists. Tao would, too: he's always sneaking around on Earth. But Pandora works with me, Incarnate is jailed, Cinradahs and Xaos are with me. Devilclash is rumoured to be dead and none of the Enforcers will take you back!”

“I'm quite proud of Tao, Foton and Hurricane, then. Oh, and Devilclash. I saw her earlier, along with Tao, Maria and Cody. You remember? The Department H operatives who have nothing to do with us? They're joining me. Working on a little project I have in store for your boss.” Tahkshi smiled, noticing Trexor's lack of comfort. “Cinradahs won't know what's hit him when the Tower goes down, down, down.”

“I'll raise the guard.” hissed Trexor, “They'll never get a chance to destroy it.”

“Or you could always activate it?” Tahkshi suggested, “Kill them all?”

“What do you know about the Tower?” Trexor spat.

“Oh, only the fact that it's an extremely dangerous Darkness Inhibitor.” Trexor's intake of breath made Tahkshi know he was right.

“How do you know this? How are you even alive?”

Tahkshi decided to keep Trexor in the dark for now. “Oh, I've got a knack for not dying. Why don't you ask your master?”

“I'm sick of this, sick of you!” Trexor let loose a blast of light that blinded Tahkshi momentarily. Tahkshi's vision cleared just in time for him to dive out of the way of Trexor's blade.

“Quite it, Trexor. You know I'll defeat you.”

“You don't have the guts!” bellowed Trexor, before swinging the blade at Tahkshi on, final time. Tahkshi's blade caught Trexor's and knocked it upwards and out of Trexor's grip. It clattered to the floor, taking what seemed like a lifetime.

“You sure, Trexor?” Tahkshi asked, smirking: no happiness could've existed in that smile.

Trexor sighed heavily. “Perhaps, you are not so misguided.”

The edges of Tahkshi's lips turned up. “Really?”

“Perhaps. You could do it, I think.” Trexor admitted, “You're stronger than I probably could take down Xaos and the government. But I don't take chances. My way is easier and has a higher guarantee of success. You'll see in time.” He clapped and everything went dark. Tahkshi heard running sounds, before the light came back, revealing Prometheus and the Earth Titan, Gaia, who seemed to be made of forests, in the doorway. “Where'd Trexor go?” They asked Cronus, before helping him up as he regained consciousness.

“He's gone.” Tahkshi proclaimed.

Prometheus stared at Tahkshi for a minute, before running over and picking him up by the head, raising him up to his eyeline. “You...Tahkshi.” Prometheus turned to Cronus. “What is he doing here?”

Cronus shifted uncomfortably. “He says he needs a Titan army and in return, he'll bring Hades back.”

Prometheus snorted. “We'll need a bit more than that, I think.”

Tahkshi tried to nod, but couldn't in Prometheus's grip. “I can tell you something that will make you help me.”

“What?” Prometheus spat.

“Zeus was ordered by Xaos, or Prototype, to overthrow you lot. They did so, and Xaos gave them power. Hades saw through Xaos's deception and was exiled to the Underworld. He then tried to stop the Olympians' dreams for power with the Cornopticus and we all know how that ended. I did not know this last year. I'm sorry.”

Prometheus put him down. “We never knew this either. This...Xaos? He's the one you want to kill, right?”

“Yeah.” Tahkshi said simply.

“Count us in.” rumbled Gaia.

Tahkshi nodded. The day hadn't turned out at all how he'd expected, but something about what Trexor said had got to him: how many of the others would be in on this?

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