Friends to Foes

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Chapter 10 (v.1) - Chapter 10-Rob

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Chapter 10



Rob packed everything he needed. He fetched his keys and drove his BMW to the entrance of Chris’s house. Chris was there beside her chestnut tree with a torch and she was smoking the cigarette Donnie gave her. She stood up and jumped into his arms as he ran around the garden with her, falling down and rolling around the ground with her.

  A dog could be heard barking in the distance, Chris looked at Rob; it was time for them to head off. The sun was rising and Sam can wake up any second as he practiced waking up at 6am because he was always late for school.

  Chris entered the BMW and took a deep breath. She held hands with Rob and looked at him just before he turned the keys into ignition. “I can’t believe we are doing this” she said. Rob smiled and patted her on the head as he reversed and headed out onto the road.

  They passed their school and the O’Neill’s pub. Soon they were not in Dawson town anymore. They were heading towards Ballyhazel. Ballyhazel was a scary place at night, especially the fields. All the scarecrows really took their name for serious.

  Soon they were in the city of Ballyhazel which looked way more pleasant. Rob decided to drive towards the forest. This is where he was going to park his car; this is where they were going to stay.

  When they arrived at the forest, they both sighed and looked at each other. Soon they were laughing, they finally did it; they ran away. Chris and Rob climbed over to the back of the car. Chris lay herself down on the three seats as Rob lied on top of her. They started kissing each other, if you witnessed it, you wouldn’t think they would stop. Then Rob started pulling at Chris’s t-shirt. She laughed and held his cheek. Then she took off her top and undid her bra. Rob took of his top and unfastened his belt and pulled his trousers down. Chris felt up his body before taking off her jeans. They both hugged each other before they made love.

  Soon the two off them fell asleep in the car only to be woken up by the sound of nature. If anything you could say they were Adam and Eve. Chris rubbed noses with Rob and realised she was hungry. As she put her clothes back on her phone started vibrating. “It’s Sam” she told Rob. “Reject it, reject it” he whispered to her. She allowed her phone to ring away until her phone told Sam that she was unable to take his call. She turned off her phone as she exited the car.

  She walked around the forest and let the cool breeze surround her. Rob joined her and placed his arms around her waist. “I will never forget this day” he told her. “Nor will I” she replied.

  They walked hand in hand down town. They found a Café called the Minwana Café. They looked at the menu and decided this was the place they were going to eat. They ordered Cappuccinos and bagels for their breakfast. It was nice to cool down. “If we stayed at home we would be going to school right now, can you believe it” Chris laughed. “I know, I feel sorry for my mates who have a geography test today on the third world, I’m in heaven right now” Rob replied.

  Chris finished her cappuccino and smiled. “How long can we pull this off for?” she asked Rob. Rob bit his lip, “Nobody knows who we are so nobody will find us. Sam would not expect us to be here, nobody goes to Ballyhazel” Rob replied. Ballyhazel was described to be an A town. This was where all the gangsters were around. But this only scared Chris because she could be killed and so could Rob. But that was only a myth about all the gangsters, at least it is now.

  Chris and Rob returned to the car. Rob dot a text message from Donnie: “Hey, how are things, I see you two ran away, Sam is shitting himself right now, I suggest you don’t come back, LOL”. Rob showed Chris the message. Chris texted Donnie back on her own phone: “We won’t come back, were having a great time in Ballyhazel”. Donnie texted her a smiley face back. Chris felt her stomach, she was about to vomit.

  Rob widened his eyes. “Was that just the bagels, or are you….” He tried to say. Chris looked at him in shock. “Are baby might be born in Ballyhazel” she replied. They hugged each other. For some reason they were happy to know that Chris might be pregnant. But they were worried how they were going to take care of it as soon as it was born. They couldn’t return back now, especially because Chris was experiencing pregnancy. They had to stay but they only had a few supplies, they had to find a place to live.

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