Friends to Foes

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Chapter 14 (v.1) - Chapter 14-Sam

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Chapter 14



I couldn’t survive in the car. Nobody would talk to me; I couldn’t stop looking at Chris and was haunted by that bump that was going to be on her for 9 months. I couldn’t believe she was going to be having a baby. I was already a father to some kid that Sylvania gave birth too, I don’t even know if it’s a girl or a boy. I haven’t seen her since we broke up. I thought of Rob. Was he going to survive the night? I just remembered he hated bleeding that much blood in one day. I certainly gave him one punch. Chris’s t-shirt was covered in it due to the fact that she was comforting him.

  Mum drove the car and kept on looking at Chris and gave her a smile but when she saw me she frowned. I certainly messed up everything. I knew when I got back to school, nobody would talk to me. I was scared even entering my house because Rob’s mum lived next door to us. I injured her son. She would never forgive me. She acted like a second mum to me.

  Chris would not eat dinner. She stayed in her room, looking at the pictures she had of her and Rob on her I-Phone. I noticed an expensive ring on her finger. I was really curious. I bravely stepped into her bedroom. I could see I was not wanted. “The ring you have there, where did you get it?” I asked her. She sighed and took a glimpse of her ring. “Why don’t you ask Rob” she told me. I was confused. “No, it couldn’t be is it… you’re…” I tried to say. “Yep, Sam I’m engaged, at least I hope to be if my future spouse is still alive” she sarcastically told me as she continued flicking through pictures on her phone.

  What have I done? I ruined Mum’s hopes and dreams; I punched my future brother in law, Chris’s fiancé and the father of the future baby that Chris was going to give birth too, it all equalled to one person that was important in all of our lives: Rob.

  I was a fool, sure I did it with Sylvania and I thought people were harsh on me and I wanted change. I think it was me who changed. How could I do that to my sister? I knew they were in love, Cupid’s arrow hit them the moment they first laid eyes on each other at the pub. But I had to be the villain and ruin everything.

  I wanted to do something nice for Chris, but she rejected my offers. I really was a needle in a haystack, nobody wanted to know about me, I wasn’t important, I might as well just die alone, nobody would care about that either.

  Mum was talking to Dad. I heard them talking about remarrying. I was delighted but I decided not to bother them just in case they were going to change their mind.

  As the weeks went by, there was still no sign of Rob getting out of hospital. Chris went for a baby scan. She was going to have a daughter. She looked happy as she watched the x-ray but she couldn’t share that moment with Rob instead she had to share it with me I was sitting in a chair behind her.

  I missed Rob, I loved him as much as my sister loved him, maybe even more, I decided, if Rob was not going to be let out of hospital just yet it was time that we paid a visit to him. I told Chris my idea, this was really the first time she had a proper conversation with me in weeks. Chris gladly agreed to visit him. We told Adele and Donnie.

  We decided to go on Saturday because we all had school and exams. Lucky Rob, he didn’t have to do the summer exams. On Friday Chris went to a flower shop and bought a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates just for Rob. It was so Romantic. She made him a card with glitter and craft paper, it looked so nice I wanted it for myself but I knew it could only belong to Rob.

  We had to go to Newry to see Rob; thank God Chris and Rob didn’t escape to Sligo or Cork, the types of journeys that would take 2-3 hours to drive too. Thank god Newry was only an hour and a half drive from where we lived. We entered the hospital. It smelled horrible, I was about to get sick. I wondered how Rob could survive, but that’s only if he could still smell things after that punch to the nose.

  Chris looked disgusted but wanted to see Rob immediately. The nurse escorted her to where he was staying. Chris decided it should be her that should see him first. We all let her as we waited outside.

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