Friends to Foes

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Chapter 15 (v.1) - Chapter 15-Chris

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Submitted: June 04, 2013



Chapter 15



Chris entered the room and took a deep breath as she looked at her sleeping fiancé. She placed the flowers and the other gifts on a table beside the door as she rushed over to his bedside. She started to weep. She was so happy to see him. She also was having some pregnancy pains but she tried to ignore it.

  She started stroking his face and Rob opened one of his aqua blue eyes. He yawned and looked at Chris. Chris grinned as she cried tears of happiness. Rob started to smile as he stood up in the bed. None of them said anything to each other but their actions could tell us that they were greeting each other.

  Chris lifted up her t-shirt to reveal the bump and how much it grown. Rob rubbed it and patted it before he held on to Chris’s hand and told her to sit on the bed. “I did say to remember that I will always love you, I wouldn’t die on you. I’m so glad you still love me, it was your love that kept me alive, your love that’s keeping me immortal” Rob told her. Chris was flattered and started to blush. “You know I will never stop loving you, my necklace…did it bring you good luck?” Chris replied. Rob lowered the neck of his top and revealed that he was wearing it and nodded. “Can you believe one of the nurses was trying to take it away from me and place it with my other belongings, they’re crazy” Rob laughed. 

  Chris went over to the table and got the box of chocolates. “I saw this in some movie, I’m not going to tell you which flavour these chocolates are, we will try it and decide which ones taste nice and which ones taste bad, it will be fun” Chris suggested. “There is only one piece of chocolate that I will ever like and that’s you, you’re my caramel chocolate” Rob smiled. Chris laughed. “And your my French vanilla” she replied as she kissed Rob.

  They opened the box of chocolate and threw away the flavour list and picked out a few. Rob went first. He picked up a tobacco shaped piece of chocolate. He put it in his mouth but didn’t eat it yet. He pretended it was a tobacco. “Look I’m Donnie” he joked. Chris laughed. “You know he just right outside” she told him. Rob ate the piece of chocolate. “That tasted amazing, but you taste better” Rob said. Chris raised her eyes up to heaven and smiled. She picked up a piece of chocolate and fed it to Rob as she kissed him. “Sugar is sweet, but it ain’t like you” Rob said as he enjoyed this pleasure.

  Chris took a look at her necklace around Rob’s neck. “I will find it hard returning it to you, I can’t stop looking at the picture of you inside it” Rob told her as he held onto it. “You can keep it then” Chris smiled as she rubbed noses with Rob. Rob moaned a little, his nose was still hurting him. Chris realised that and kissed him on the cheek.

  “How’s Sam?” he asked her. Chris hissed her teeth. She didn’t want to talk about Sam. He was the reason why her fiancé was in pain and in hospital. “He’s ok, he’s annoying, I will never forgive him, he’s sorry for what he did to you, but I just hate him” Chris replied. “You shouldn’t hate your brother, it was because of him why we are in love, he brought you to the pub and he told me about you, he let us talk for those extra five minutes, remember that?” Rob said. “I guess he did, but he punched you” Chris replied. “I’m glad he did because I wouldn’t be sharing this romantic moment with you right now, if he didn’t punch me. We would be in school, doing horrible exams and all that if he didn’t punch me” Rob continued.

  Chris started to smile and held hands with Rob. A knock came on the door. Sam entered. Chris looked away but Rob smiled and waved at him. He looked at Chris and decided to repair their friendship.

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