Friends to Foes

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Chapter 16 (v.1) - Chapter 16-Rob

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Chapter 16



I looked at the two of them. Chris just couldn’t bare looking at him. Sam looked as if he was about to cry. It was really me driving a wedge between their relationship, but I didn’t realise it. I was guilty. I took away Chris’s virginity and somehow Sam found out. He had reasons to be mad with me before. I got Chris pregnant; I deserved that punch in the nose. It certainly knocked some sense into me. But Sam wasn’t mad now. The fact that I am in hospital because of Sam, is what made Chris angry. But Sam is her brother and it was time she forgot the past and moved on, the same way I did.

  I told Sam to come closer. I held both of their hands and joined them. They looked at each other, I was a bit jealous inside it was the same way Chris and I looked at each other, but I had a dirty mind they were siblings. They both started to cry as they hugged each other. Mr Lothario has done it again, that should be my nickname. 

  Sam then started apologizing to me. I smiled at him, I was glad to have my best friend back. Donnie and Adele entered holding hands. I was amazed I grinned at my sister. “I see you two were hit by Cupid’s arrow” I told them. Donnie blushed. “You damn right he did” Donnie said as he smiled at me.

  Adele rushed over to me, I was glad to see her. I ran my hand through her blonde hair and patted her on the shoulder. For some reason, it was as if a family tree had formed. Chris was going to be my future wife, Sam was going to be my future brother in law, Adele was my sister and hopefully Donnie was going to be my future brother in law if he stayed with Adele. I would kill him if they broke up, not literally.

  My mum came in, I was so happy to see her; she put her arms around all the children in my room. It was definitely a family tree. Chris’s parents came in. They comforted me, especially Chris’s mum. She and my mum then told us about the feud between the Cronin’s and the Willis’s. When I heard it, I held Chris’s hand. “Chris is nearly 16, in some churches; kids can get married at 16 with parental improvement. Can I get married to her? We are actually engaged” I asked as I showed them the ring on Chris’s finger. Chris’s mum started to cry tears of joy. They looked at my mum. It was agreed; Chris and I were going to get married next month.

  Chris then jumped as she looked at me. “I forgot to tell you, we’re going to have a baby girl, I went for a scan” she told me. I started to cry, I nearly forgot that I was going to be a father. That added an extra branch to my family tree. Also we heard that Chris’s parents were going to remarry after Chris and I got married. Two weddings in one month, it was going to be great craic.

  The doctors decided I was well enough to leave; I just had to give up football for a while. I was allowed to see Chris every single day as her bump got bigger. We decided to delay the wedding because Chris claimed she would never be able to fit into her wedding dress. It was a good idea to wait until the baby was born and then we could get married. But Chris’s parent’s marriage still went on and it was one fun night.

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