Friends to Foes

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Chapter 17 (v.1) - Chapter 17- Sam

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Submitted: June 11, 2013



Chapter 17



Months had past. It was so great living as a family again. More great news came, Mum was pregnant again, another baby to the family. Chris was nearly due. Each day I watched out for her, for a small little girl she was carrying a big weight; it was so funny as she awkwardly walked around. Rob was always with us.

  During the night, I heard a scream. I rushed into Chris’s room. Rob was holding her, her water had broke. There was no time taking her to the doctors but we were neighbours with a doctor. We phone Dr Cleo and she arrived as quick as a flash.

  Chris was puffing and panting and going red in the face. She laid herself on the bed and listened to Dr Cleo’s advice. She pushed and pushed, oh the pain she was in, I’m so glad I’m a boy and will never have to experience that. Rob held onto her hand as she closed her eyes and pushed again. The doctor could see something coming out.

  Finally Chris let out a big scream and the baby was born. It was so funny seeing her reaction. She lay on her bed with her eyes closed with a smile forming on her face. She opened her eyes and looked at Rob. Rob smiled at her with amazement and kissed her. “Is it done?” she laughed. “Just look at her” Rob replied as he started to cry.

  The doctor handed Chris the crying baby and she started cradling it. Rob put his hands around her and looked at his child. “What will we call her?” he asked Chris. “Newreece-Hazel. Those where the places we stayed in when you got me pregnant. Ballyhazel and Newry” Chris explained as she smiled at Rob. Rob laughed and stroked the baby’s head. It was such a funny name but it was their baby and I was so happy to see my new niece, Newreece-Hazel.

  A knock came on my door, I decided to answer it. I opened the door and saw my ex-girlfriend Sylvania with a baby in a pram. I started to cry as I hugged her. She kissed me and we got back together. She showed me our baby; we had a daughter as well and Sylvania told me that her name was Samantha, named after me.

  I carried the baby and walked up the stairs with Sylvania to show her my sister and her baby. Chris smiled. “Hey Sylvania I’m so glad you were able to make it” Chris told Sylvania. I looked at them funny. “What’s going on?” I asked. “I contacted Sylvania and told her to come, I want to get you two back together again” Chris told me. I was so happy; Chris did the best thing ever for me. Even after all I did to her; she still forgave me and brought happiness to my life.

  Samantha started to cry and so did Newreece-Hazel, probably greeting each other as cousins. Rob held his baby in his arms. “She’s got mummy’s green eyes, daddy’s brown hair, her uncle’s smile and her auntie’s laugh” Rob explained. Chris laughed she remember the time when she was thinking what her baby would look like.

  Chris tried to stand up but she was still in a bit of pain after giving birth. Rob went over to her and lay down beside her as he cuddled her. He handed Newreece-Hazel to me and I realised he was right, she did have my smile. She looked so like Chris and Rob, even though she was just born, but all the features would come together when she got a bit older.

  Sylvania looked at Newreece-Hazel and looked at me. I handed the baby to mum as I put my hands around Sylvania’s waist and kissed her. “Do your parents still hate me?” I asked her. “No, they wanted me to get back with you” Sylvania replied. I remembered that Chris and Rob was going to get married soon, then I decided that we should make it a double wedding, I wanted to get married to Sylvania. I told this to the rest of the family, it was a good idea.

  As the days went by, Chris was fit enough to walk and went with Sylvania to look at some wedding accessories. Rob and I did the same but in a different shop. It was so good having Rob as my friend again and I couldn’t wait until he was my brother in law. 

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