Friends to Foes

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Chapter 18 (v.1) - Chapter 18-Rob

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Submitted: June 11, 2013



Chapter 18



It was my wedding day. I stood at the alter with Sam as we waited for our brides to appear. I looked at all the guests; it was amazing seeing all the lads dressed formally. My sister was a bridesmaid and she smiled at me. Donnie was sitting on a bench just beside her, checking her out. It was going to be their big day soon. Newreece-Hazel and Samantha were sleeping in cots beside my mum and Chris’s mum.

  All of a sudden music was being played and I saw Chris and Sylvania coming down the aisle with their dads. Chris smiled at me through her veil as she approached me. The priest delivered the ceremony. I only paid attention to the part that Sam and I would put the rings on our wives and say “I do” and kissed them. It was so romantic. I walked with my wife down the aisle as everyone cheered and threw flowers at us; they did the same to Sylvania and Sam.

  Chris’s mum handed us Newreece-Hazel and we waved to the crowd, we were a family now. An old limousine arrived and took Chris, Sam, Sylvania and I away. We waved goodbye to the crowd and started out lives as spouses.

  I could never ask for a better wife than Chris. A couple of months went by and Chris revealed she was pregnant again at a Christmas dinner. Everyone raised their eyes up to heaven but it was only a joke, we were so happy for her. This time it was going to be a boy. Chris told me that his name would be Rob J.R. I could not disagree with that name, I loved it, but I was going to be a senior, I felt old, if you know what I mean.

  Time flew by real quickly and Rob J.R. was born. Newreece-Hazel was one now and was learning things real quickly. I loved my family. Donnie told me that he had proposed to Adele. I was so happy; it seems our family always has a celebration and Donnie decided that he was going to give up smoking, Adele had changed his life and he didn’t want to get cancer and ruin everything, I’m so happy for him. 

  Sam, Sylvania and Samantha were doing well. Samantha had started Montessori school and was a smart and talented student.

 Oh yeah, I also have a sister in law. Chris’s mum had given birth to a beautiful baby girl a couple of months ago. Jodie is her name. Sam hoped to God that she was not going to be a little trouble maker like Chris was but then he realised he would be a fully grown adult when Jodie grows up to be a teenager, he has nothing to worry about.

  Years went by and Donnie got married to Adele. They had a beautiful set of twin boys. Dylan and Richie are their names. People describe our family as the never ending family tree. There are probably about 20 new branches growing on it now. But that is why I love my family.


I could never ask for a better family than the one I have right now and I hope I will never part from it because we made history. 

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