Friends to Foes

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Chapter 5-Rob

Submitted: June 02, 2013

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Submitted: June 02, 2013



Chapter 5



Rob handed Chris the painkillers and when Sam was gone he put his hand around her and kissed her cheek. Chris smiled at him. “You got one pain full weapon there Robbie” she joked. “Sorry about that” Rob replied. “Don’t worry about it, its life” Chris said as she patted him on the back. They of course had sex in the disabled bathrooms. Rob was as happy as Larry. He finally managed to really seduce Chris into doing the most illegal thing. He too had thoughts of what his baby would look like.

  Rob spotted Donnie and Corry coming in their direction. He got up and pretended he was talking to Adele; nobody could give out if he was talking to his sister. Chris stood up and opened her locker so that Donnie and Corry would not have something to tell to Sam.

  As soon as they were gone, Rob dragged Chris’s hand and they ran over to the apple tree. Nobody was around and Rob loved the feel of Chris’s body, he took off her top and started feeling her up. Chris put her hands around him and reached down to hold his boxers from the back and started pulling it as they kissed. “Trying to give me a wedgie” Rob laughed. “No, just enjoying myself” Chris replied. Soon the bell rang and Chris put her top back on and kissed Rob before she went to class.

  Rob leaned against the apple tree as he watched her go, he was so proud of himself. He went to Maths class. This was one of the few classes that he was in and Sam wasn’t. He opted for ordinary level and Sam opted for higher level. The only problem there was that Donnie and Paul were in the ordinary class too. They were angry.

  Rob sat near the front. Paul crumpled up pieces of paper and started throwing it at Rob. Rob felt one of them and bent down to pick it up. Paul wrote on it: Give up Chris for one day or we will never be your friend again. Rob turned around to face them and shrugged his shoulders. Donnie broke up pieces of rubber and threw it at Rob. Rob shook his body it was annoying. The teacher noticed him moving about. “Is there something wrong Rob?” she asked. “Yes miss, I’m trying to do my work and they are throwing stuff at me” he explained. They then decided to turn this fight into a joke just to annoy the teacher and seek attention. Rob turned around and winked at Donnie and Paul. “No miss, he threw this pencil at me” Donnie said as he went into his pencil case and grabbed a pencil and showed it to the class. “Oh well Donnie, congratulations you can keep it” The teacher said as she raised her eyes up to heaven. “Class, thanks miss” Donnie laughed. “But miss look I have evidence, look at the rubber pieces on your beautiful floor” Rob said as he pointed at them. “Well Rob if it is annoying you why don’t you picked them up” the teacher suggested. “Me… no way, it isn’t my mess it’s Paul’s and Donnie’s they should clean it up” Rob said as he made a funny face at the boys.

  The teacher got tired of all the nonsense happening in her class. “I’m not going to ask you again just turn around Rob and ignore them” The teacher shouted. “But miss, they’re slagging my mum” he whined. “What the hell” Paul laughed. “Look I got better things to do and you have a leaving cert next year so I suggest you be quiet, turn around and ignore them” The teacher explained as she walked over to the blackboard and continued with her writing.

  Paul threw another piece of paper at Rob, it read: can’t you see why we miss you Rob, your great craic. Rob turned around to face them and smiled. Then he continued with his work. But then he started thinking of Chris. Chris was his planet Earth now and nobody could ever keep them apart, not on his watch.  



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