Friends to Foes

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Chapter 6-Sam

Submitted: June 02, 2013

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Submitted: June 02, 2013



Chapter 6



I had a maths test. I had studied so well for it, but when I got my test paper, Chris and Rob sprung to my mind and I could not concentrate. The first question asked me: to calculate Rose’s gross income. I looked at the question, and then I looked at it again and saw: Are you really protecting your sister Sam? I nearly jumped when I saw it. I took a few deep breaths and realised that it was probably my mind playing games with me. I skipped that question and moved on to the next question. It was on sets. No freaky things will pop up I said in my head. As I was filling in the Venn diagram, I saw Chris and Rob’s faces instead of the two circles. Sweat was pouring down my face just the same way it did when it was the football match.

  I needed air. I picked up my bottle of water and drank nearly half of it. This maths test was haunting me; each question would change the second I first looked at it. I decided to answer the questions that I thought I was seeing. I am protecting my sister, I always look out for her, I wrote for the first question. Then I looked at the Venn diagram of Rob and Chris’s faces. I wrote: My sister doesn’t like him; there is no chemistry between them just a friendship, my sister is a tomboy. I flicked through my paper and found more questions that were being changed by my mind. But one really scared me, it asked me: are you ready to be an Uncle, Sam? I shook my head and shouted out “no”. The teacher looked at me. I stood up and gave him the paper. “I’m sorry but I can’t do this, I just can’t do this” I managed to say as I ran out of the classroom to get some air.

  I walked back into the school and saw Chris going into the bathrooms. I ran over to her and hugged her. “What the hell get off me, your embarrassing me you idiot” She shouted. “Oh Chris you’re ok” I said breathlessly. Chris screwed up her face and backed away from me. “Why wouldn’t I be ok” she said as she went into the bathrooms. I could hear Chris talking about me among her friends in the bathroom. I decided to leave because Chris would hate me forever if she found me ease dropping on her conversation.

  I returned back into my maths classroom. “I’ll have to ask you to repeat this test tomorrow Sam” the teacher told me. “Ok, sorry I wasn’t feeling well” I explained. The teacher pointed at a table for me to sit while the rest of the students finished of their tests.

  I realised that the only problem I had was Rob. I hadn’t talked to Rob yet. It was him that was making me worry. When that question asked me, am I ready to be an uncle, what was that supposed to mean? I thought for a while, when I saw my sister crying, when Rob came with painkillers, when she awkwardly looked away, when she held her crutch as she looked away. Was that question telling me that Chris’s virginity was lost? Chris was my only sibling and if I was to become an uncle, Chris would have to have a baby. I widened my eyes. It’s probably true. If Chris was such a tomboy, why did she cake her face with make up each day? It was to impress Rob. Rob mentioned that he had things to do and he left with Chris, it was obvious they left to have sex.

  I decided not to give out to Rob, because I didn’t know the truth. For all we know Chris could have just hurt herself because she was careless. Maybe she was tired of me teasing her about Rob, maybe she didn’t fancy him and she just wanted to be friends with him, but I guess my mates and I always have a way of embarrassing people. Was that just a coincidence that those questions were changing? Maybe it’s just because I worry about them too much when I should be caring about other things.

  I decided just to leave it and forget about everything that happened. If Chris just wants to be friends with Rob, I’ll let them be friends. If they want a relationship, so be it. But so help me God, if they had sex, the cemetery down town would be building Rob’s gravestone.

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