Friends to Foes

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - chapter 7- Chris

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Submitted: June 02, 2013



Chapter 7



Chris left the bathrooms with Adele and Aoife. She told them about her relationship with Rob and that they had sex. She trusted them with every secret she told them. Adele patted her on the shoulder, glad to know that her brother was dating a pretty girl like Chris.

  As they walked on they met up with Rob when he was going to the bathrooms. The three of them smiled at him. Rob lifted Chris up and cradled her in his arms as Adele and Aoife took pictures. “Don’t put them up on Facebook” Chris warned them.

  Chris and Rob walked to the apple tree. This was their place to express their feelings. This time Rob went shirtless and Chris climbed up the tree as Rob followed her. Donnie happened to be around because beside the apple tree was a tank, where Donnie would smoke his cigarettes.

  Chris fell off the tree and landed on her two feet. “You tell Sam about this and I will kill you” she said as she grabbed onto Donnie’s t-shirt. “Donnie, please, alright the reason why I’ve been ignoring all of ye, is because I’m in a relationship with Chris. Do not tell anyone you understand me” Rob pleaded.

  Donnie smiled and grouped hugged the two of them. “I didn’t know Rob, don’t worry I won’t tell” he said as he leaned against the tank, taking out another cigarette and lighting it. “So is this the place where you two stay when you mitch classes?” Donnie asked as he exhaled on his cigarette. “I guess, it’s where we had our first kiss” Chris replied. Rob put his shirt back on and held Chris’s hand as they backed away from Donnie.

“Let him finish his bad habits, come on let’s go” Rob said. They both ran hand in hand laughing with each other. Rob rolled on the ground and Chris lied on top of him as they kissed. Donnie walked past them. “I suggest you go back to your apple tree before somebody finds ye” he said as he walked away. Rob and Chris did what Donnie told them.

  “My brother is really getting concerned with me, he thinks something bad is going to happen to me, he’s so protective” Chris complained. “I wouldn’t blame him, a pretty thing like you, would be taken by plenty of boys, but no worries you have been taken by me” Rob laughed. Chris turned the frown on her face into a smile as she jumped on top of Rob making him fall on the floor and they kissed.

  The bell rang, Chris made a sad face; she did not want to leave. She gave Rob one last kiss before she stood up and went to class. When she entered her class, Adele and Aoife raised their eyebrows at her, knowing she was having a romantic moment with Rob.

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