Friends to Foes

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - Chapter 8-Sam

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Chapter 8



As I entered the car to go home I looked at Chris. She was reading her text messages and smiling. I have never seen her so happy in her life. Well that was because I lived with her until she was six, then our parents separated and the only time I got to see her was Christmas. But now she was living with me and it was great to see her change. I never told anyone that I had a sister, if teachers asked me during language classes I would reply “Nil aon deirfiur agam” in Irish and in German, “Nein, ich habe keine schwester”. This means I don’t have a sister. She meant the world to me and if anyone hurt her I would burn them like an auto de Fe.

  I knew asking my sister about Rob, would annoy her but I was still confused about her crying. “Why were you crying today?” I asked her. She looked at me and shrugged her shoulders, “I fell and kicked up such a fuss, I hate pain so that’s why I use pain killers for everything” she said as she returned back to her phone.

 That was not the answer I expected. I knew that was a lie. “Chris, you had sex with Rob, don’t even deny it, I know you did, there is no way you could have fell and needed pain killers, just tell me the truth” I told her as we went into the house. I acted as if I wasn’t mad so I could get some answers out of her.

  “I didn’t have sex with him, you’re such a bitch and I hate you” Chris shouted as she started to cry. I tried to comfort her but she ran up the stairs and slammed the door. I knew I shouldn’t have said that. Maybe she was telling the truth, she didn’t have sex with him. I know how girls look like after their virginity is lost. When I was with Sylvania, I had sex with her and left her with a child. I wanted to take care of it with her but her parents banned me from seeing her so we had to break up.

  I decided to visit Rob; he was our next door neighbour. I rang his doorbell and waited for him. He opened the door, he didn’t look too happy to see me. “Rob, what’s up, why are you ignoring me, I see you made friends with my sister but you know we miss you and we just want you to hang out with us now, just for a while, Chris is not going anywhere. Sure she has her own friends in her year as well. Please Rob” I explained. Rob leaned his head against the door. Did I come at a bad time? What was up with Rob? When he is with my sister there is a smile on his face. But when he sees us, especially me, the smile disappears as if we are strangers or something.

  I entered his house. “Come on we have a lot to talk about” I said as I held his arm and walked with him to his TV room. He sat on a sofa biting his lip trying to avoid looking at me. “Why are you ignoring us?” I asked him. “I’m not Sam, I just want to talk to someone new” he replied looking into space. “But that does not mean you have to be mean to us and act as if we don’t even exist, what is up with you and my sister?” I asked. “Ah, were just friends, nothing more, just friends, she’s a great little kid, really pretty, but were just friends, we could not date, it would be awkward, dating your best friend” Rob laughed awkwardly and then he stopped, looked at me and then looked away.

  I was beginning to get worried now. “Why was my sister in pain today?” I eventually asked him. I knew this was the question that Rob wanted to avoid. “I…don’t…” Rob muttered. “What was that?” I asked him. Rob then stood up, his face went red. “I don’t know, just leave me alone will you. God I’m tired and sick of you, you blame me for everything, Jesus Christ, just leave me alone, get out, just get out of my house please” Rob shouted as he started to cry. He picked up a magazine and threw it in my direction.

  I rose from the chair and left Rob’s house. I had gathered all the information I needed. Rob’s actions, Chris’s reaction, the event that happened during the maths test. It all summed up. Chris and Rob had sex, they were in a relationship and I was going to kill somebody right now. I clenched the anger that rose within me as I entered my house.

  I saw Chris in the kitchen watching TV. She avoided looking at me. I laughed in my head. She was dead meat now, but I decided to delay her punishment I wanted to witness them having sex so I could have real evidence. 

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