Friends to Foes

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - Chapter 9-Donnie

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Chapter 9



I didn’t tell a living soul about Rob and Chris’s relationship. From that day on I hanged out with Chris and Rob. We always texted each other when we were going on a mitch. I of course was going out for a smoke, while Rob and Chris flirted with each other. I offered them a cigarette. None of them smoked but they took it anyway. “Give me the lighter, I need this” Chris said. She looked so stressed. I handed her the lighter and taught her how to smoke correctly. “What’s wrong?” I asked her. “It’s Sam, he knows I had sex with Rob, but I denied it” she said as she started to cry. “Guess what, he came to my house yesterday and started asking me questions, that little bastard, I swear I’ll kill him, he doesn’t even have proof but he invades my space” Rob complained.

  Chris sat Rob down beside her and put her hand around him as she kissed him. I felt sorry for the kids. It must have been so annoying. I don’t think Sam has ever managed to experience love after his break up with Sylvania. I was in love with Rob’s sister Adele. I knew it was the wrong time but I told him.

  He looked at me and started to smile. “I’ll give you a tenor if you ask her out” Rob laughed. “Rob, I’m going to ask her out, no need to force me I was just taking my time” I replied to him. I realised that it was time to sort things out between Rob, Chris and Sam. I felt like the hero here, even though I hadn’t done anything.

  Chris finished her cigarette and looked at me. “Give me another one I’ll keep it for later, just in case Sam wants to do that horrible thing he done to me yesterday” Chris said. I handed her the cigarette and she placed it in her pencil case and put her pencil case back into her bag.

  “I got so mad yesterday, I threw a magazine at the bastard” Rob sighed. Chris held onto his face and rubbed noses with him as they kissed. “I wouldn’t blame you” I told him, “He’s as sneaky as a fox”. I was about to cry, I could imagine how Rob and Chris were feeling. I have never seen Sam mad before, but so help me God when I do I hope to be a grave man, I don’t want to hear it.

  “We…we are running away” Chris shouted. Rob looked at her. “What do you mean?” he asked. “Your 16, can you drive?” she asked him. “Yeah, I’ve got a few lessons” he replied. Chris smiled and held Rob’s hands to lift him up. “We are going to run away, get away from Sam, and go somewhere where we can have the entire world to ourselves and all the bants till noon” she explained. “And sex all day, every day, just think of it” Chris whispered as she rubbed noses with Rob again.

  I smiled. “Don’t you think that would be a great idea Donnie, you can come with us” Chris asked me. “I would love to come with you two, but it’s your relationship, I have to worry whether Adele will take me as her new boyfriend. It’s a great idea. Start packing your belongings at night and wake up early in the morning and get the hell out of here” I told them. I was so happy for them. I gave them a hug before we left for our classes

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