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"You think you just can arrest me with that evidence so easily," the fox says.

Melain screams.

"Shut up! JUST SHUT THE LIVING HELL UP!" the fox tightens his grip. 

Melain struggles to free herself.

"Oh... But, I can't allow that Melain. Your viewers would love to see you. Good thing I have my phone. I hacked your account and it's time to expose yourself," he lets go of Melain and she starts to run.

The fox runs towards her and slashes her leg. She falls down to the ground and screams. 

"That's what you get, bitch! ALL THAT LYING FOR NOTHING," he yells at her face.

"Leave me alone," Melain cries.

"Oh, leave you alone! Let's include more people." he says tapping on Twitch. "Get ready... You're live!"

Melain doesn't make a single sound.

"TALK MELAIN!" he screams.

She doesn't respond.

"Fine. I will then... Hey nutmeg... Your streamer is so much pain. You can't help, but to call those cops. Of course, those cops won't care because I have a monster on my side. A MONSTER THAT SMILES HIS WHITE HUMAN LIKE TEETH. I love that animal... He's so evil... He's not of good... AAAAAA!!!" the fox gets hit with a large branch in the head. 

"THAT'S RIGHT!!!! He's knocked out! MELAIN!!!" John becomes very worried. Embers follows John. 

"Grab his machete Embers and kill him," Melain says.

"Okay!" Embers grabs the machete out of knocked out fox.

She stands there looking at him. 


"I... can't do that," Embers smiles very widely.

"What... Can you say it louder? You speak too god damn quiet." John gets up and walks closer to Embers.

"JOHN. BACK AWAY FROM EMBERS!" Melain knows whats going to happen next.

Embers's head begins to twitch. John slowly moves closer and closer to Embers.

"Would you just ki--." John sounds like he is choking.

"NOOOOO," Melain cries.

The red river flows upon the shirt. John collapses to his knees and looks at Melain. The metal stuck inside of him is slowly taken out and once it is, he collapses. John is still taking his final few breaths. He slowly tries to reach for Melain's hand, but his muscles become stiff. 

"HAHAHAHAHA... I love helping Joe Verne," Embers laughs. "I'll let you escape... Make us known... I WANT TO BE KNOWN."

Melain starts running away. She kept looking behind her and she is in utter confusion. How is Embers evil? How is John even dead? Those thoughts never really appeared before, but Melain kept running. She has a blood trail following her. Sirens cry out triyng to look for her. She cries out to be free from the forest. Then, it clicks in her. Embers is the one who came up with idea for camping in the forest, not John. John talked to Embers about that three years ago. 

The police eventually finds her an hour later. She lies on the ground cold and she begs to be free... This event will always sticks with her as horror and nightmares mix together. 


This is not the end...



The Talking Kind will continue this story...

Submitted: November 17, 2018

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Note: The Talking Kind is getting a rewrite. Expect the book to be deleted eventually and rewritten. It is very confusing and a rewrite would be nice. Joe Verne is out there... Be careful.

Sat, November 17th, 2018 5:57pm

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