When Vengeance is Justified

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A brother's loss of two brothers by Indians sends him on a trail of vengeance.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - When Vengeance is Justified

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Submitted: March 17, 2010



When Vengeance is Justified
Captain Jim Duncan reined up his dark bay gelding and held up his hand and the
123 other mounted men all stopped. Then motioning for them to dismount and for
Sergeant Tim Duncan (One of two brothers) to join him said; “Have the horses held here
as we will set up on foot bout 200 yards from here”. “Yes sir”. Leaving men to hold the
horses the remaining Confederate Calvary troopers set out single file just to the right of
the road and made there way to the site they would use. The date was April 7, 1865. This
company was part of the 6th Tennessee Calvary Brigade of the Army of Tennessee
commanded by Major General Braxton Bragg that was being hounded by Northern troops
and especially the 12th Calvary Regiment, of the 2nd Division of Illinois Volunteers. But
today, Captain Duncan was going to exact a little revenge from knowledge there would
be a sizeable force of the 12th using this road and trying to outflank the Tennessee
Brigade. Then directing the deployment to his Lieutenants they set up there ambush and
waited. Around one o’clock around 60 Cavalrymen of the 12th came down the road riding
two abreast and long before they reached the ambush site you could hear the jingle,
jangle of the gear slapping against the horses that were in a trot. Riding into the ambush
and the ensuing volleys from the Rebels were accurate and deadly and while the Northern
Calvary was still in confusion, Captain Duncan led his troopers in a charge to meet the
remaining Yankees with sabers and pistols. Men were falling from both sides as well as
many horses but the fury of the Rebel attack soon had the remaining Yankee trooper that
were still mounted fleeing back up the road they had just ridden down and those that were
on foot were either gunned down or slashed with sabers and then it was quite along the
little dirt road. Two days later on April 9th, 1865 General Lee would surrender at
Appomattox Court House and the long Civil War was over.
Jim, Tim, Walt, and Randy Duncan were brothers and had fought for the
Confederacy for almost four years. The four were from Red Eagle Station a town located
along the Texas and Oklahoma border. Randy Duncan had been killed at the battle of
Shiloh. The news of Lee’s surrender reached the 6th Brigade on April 20th and they
surrender to the Illinois Volunteers but not until May 12th, and the three Duncan brothers
fearing reprisal or worse left the morning of May 12th heading to Texas and home. The
Brigade was located in southern Mississippi when they left but they crossed the
Mississippi and headed west across Arkansas toward Texas. The brother’s kept there
mounts and weapons and other assorted gear on leaving the Brigade.
Traveling toward Eldorado, Arkansas and Walt Duncan hands Jim a large
package wrapped in a water proof paper tied with string. Jim; “What’s this, Walt?”
“During that last ambush I came up on a Yankee but he would not fight but was just
holding onto a pouch with both arms but I took him down anyway and wondering why he
acted as he did reached down and took the pouch with me”. “Just kept it to myself till
now but apparently he was a paymaster and in the pouch was $3500 US dollars and now
Jim, you have it”. “Thanks Walt, this will make our trip home a little easier”. Riding into
Eldorado and getting a room for the three and then down to a restaurant for some finally
good food the three all dig into the largest steak the restaurant has to offer. While they
were eating a man with a crutch and missing one leg comes over to there table. “Howdy,
my name is Junior Johnson and lost this leg at battle of Jenkins Ferry, now I see you boys
are wearing the grey and I must warn you that color around here aint to popular these
days with all the Union soldiers that are around, so spect if’n you can you need to find
different clothes”. “Where you three be heading anyway?” Jim; “Why thanks, Junior but
we have just left Mississippi and are heading for home in Texas”. “Well, Sir I see you
were a Captain so I just wish you boys’ good luck but I’d see bout them there clothes
soon”.  Jim; “Guess that money is coming in mighty handy bout now, lets finish eating
and go find some decent clothes”.
When Vengeance is Justified 11
Leaving Eldorado that afternoon with all three wearing new outfits complete with
a good pair of boots they continued riding in a western approach toward Texas. Tim;
“Wonder how Ma and Pa are getting along been a long time since we seen them”. Jim;
“Spect they are ok or we probably would have heard something in almost four years
although I did post a letter to them about Randy”. Walt; “Sure will be good to be home
again”. “You got that right”. Jim; “Been thinking that maybe we need to head for Fort
Smith and go to Red Eagle Station through Oklahoma instead of through Comanche and
Kiowa country”. Tim; “No, let’s head straight up and get there as soon as we can, don’t
want no long about way to get home”. “Don’t figure we will see any Indians anyway and
if we do we have good mounts to outrun them”. Jim; “Well see, as we still have a ways to
ride before making that decision”. The banter between the three brothers continued each
day and evening as they continued there ride toward Texas and home. Most of the
conversations were about times past when they were home and working for there Pa at
the warehouse which built wagons and surreys with a big blacksmith shop connected or
the feed lot he owned when a cattle drive was successful in coming through Indian
country to reach Red Eagle Station before heading to Dodge City, Kansas and the
railhead. The three seemed to avoid any talk about the last four years and the fighting and
bloodshed they had been involved in during the war except when one would mention
anything about Randy. Then there conversation would only focus on there younger
brother’s exploits and the quick humor he had to keep the three laughing at his tales.
Then reaching Texarkana, Arkansas, Jim gives in to both Walt and Tim about
going home by way of Fort Smith and they cross the Red River and into Texas and now
head toward Red Eagle Station. The first two days were uneventful as they traveled but
just before dusk on that second day they were overtaking a single wagon ahead and they
all broke into a trot to see who would be riding through Indian country alone. Tim was
the first to ride up along side and sees a tall man wearing a tall black silk hat and a long
waist length black silk duster. He had a long beard that was solid black and was slapping
the mules to go faster as he apparently heard the riders coming up behind him. Tim;
“Howdy, where you heading?” “Names Jacob Turnstell and heading for Fort Hobson, I
hope?” “Well you are heading in the right direction but why out here all alone in Indian
country?” “Just figured being alone would be less likely I would be spotted, I’d hope?” 
“Mr. Turnstell, you are in the middle of Comanche country and lucky they have not
spotted you”. Jim now along side the wagon; “What business you have at Fort Hobson?”
Turnstell turning and looking at Jim says; “Have guns to sell”. “You’re carrying rifles
and guns to sell and riding through here alone, you must have a lot of luck or just plain
crazy, were you not warned about this country and the Indians?” “Yes, but I was told that
a lot of travelers are never bothered too, do you know how much further it is to Fort
Hobson?” “At least another day”. “Oh, you three heading that away?” “Yes”. “Mind if I
ride along?” “No, we would enjoy the company too”. The four stop just a little further to
set up a night camp and using tarps from Turnstell’s wagon and light a small fire to cook
over but still not show any light outside the tarps. After eating and setting around the
small fire and Jim; “Mr. Turnstell, what kind of rifles and other weapons you have, and
why are you bringing them to Fort Hobson anyway?” “Just call me Jake and to answer
your question, I bought these guns three months ago to deliver to the Union soldiers in
Arkansas, but the war ended and there was not a market as the troops pulled back north”.
“An old timer in Hope, Arkansas though told me that I could probably sell them in Texas
so here I am”. Jim; “What kind of rifles and pistols you have?” Jake; “Oh the latest kind,
I have 16 shot repeating Henry rifles and the Volcanic repeating pistols, and they say you
can load the Henry rifle on Sunday and shoot it all week without reloading”. Lots of the
Union soldiers bought them with there own money and I sold a bunch back then”. Walt;
“Spect we could take a look at them?” “No, let me get a few out for you three”. The
Duncan’s being Southern Calvary only had a short barrel musket and a cap and ball pistol
along with a saber. But all three holding the 16 shot Henry and examining the Volcanic
repeating pistol knew if they could acquire them from Jake they would buy them. So a
deal was struck that night and Jake even supplied the scabbards to carry the Henrys on
the saddles along with several boxes of cartridges for each rifle and pistols. The cost for
the rifles and pistols came to just a little over $210 dollars but was a great deal for the
three brothers.
“Now you have mentioned Indians several times and what are we talking about?”
“Jake, you are now in Comanche country and just after Fort Hobson is Kiowa territory
and both tribes are nomadic and live in tee pees as they both are buffalo hunters but also
known for there raids on settlements, wagon trains, and sod busters that brave this
country”. They are brave and fearless warriors and I fear that in the next few years we
will have to fight all the Indian tribes”. “Kiowa’s have been known to ride all the way to
Mexico to carry out there raids but both Comanche’s and Kiowa’s are not pleasant to
meet or to fight against”. “Wish that ole timer had told me all this as I probably would
not have come here”. Tim; “Well we’ll try and see you get to Fort Hobson anyway but
with the war over and there were no Union troops in Texas you might not find a bunch of
buyers for you guns”. “But then again Fort Hobson although not really a fort now did
have a sizeable town last time I went through there”.
When Vengeance is Justified 111
The next morning and starting, they hoped, there final day to reach Fort Hobson,
Walt and Tim rode off to the side of the wagon and Tim; “Now with these 16 shot
repeating Henrys we could stand off a whole passel of Indians”. Sure wish we had these
during the war though”. Walt; “You heard Jake say that many of the Yankee’s bought
them with there own money and probably one reason we always seemed outgunned”. “I
know some of them Illinois troops had repeating rifles”. “Hell brother we never had enuff
money to hardly buy food with”. Jim riding beside the wagon with Jake and; “Jake after
we reach the Fort and you do your business I would be very leery of striking out again all
alone”. “Both the Comanche’s or Kiowa’s would love nothing more than lifting your
scalp and taking everything you are carrying in the wagon”. “Yea, I hear you now,
shoulda stayed where I was”. Well, that’s done now”. With the slow progress of the
wagon they would have to spend another night and reach the Fort the next morning.
The next morning around 10 they rode into Fort Hobson and could see the fort
had been abandon but the town had thrived in the last four or five years and the main
street had stores, livery stable, saloons and one two story hotel with houses on a street at
the back of the main street and at each end. Planning on replenishing there supplies as
they still had several days ride to reach Red Eagle Station they stopped at the livery stable
to leave there horses’s and see about a room. Jake also stopped but after talking to the
man (Al Steed) at the livery stable said; “Jim, he told me there is a gunsmith just past the
mercantile so think I’ll mosey on down there and have a talk with him, sure appreciate
you boys riding with me and getting me here safely”. “Well we didn’t see any Indians but
you just never know and happy to have met you, Jake, you ever get up to Red Eagle
Station look us up”. “That’s mighty neighborly of you, and will do just that, Jim”.
At the hotel they were only able to get two rooms and Tim and Walt took one and
left the other one for Jim. Then walking down to the saloon and each getting a beer and
then over to a table the three set and talked; “Think we need to buy a pack horse and buy
a few things to take home to Ma and Pa, what do you ‘all think?” “Sounds ok to me”,
both Tim and Walt answered. Tim; “That sign over the bar says 20 ounce beef steaks
served here and I’m hungry, anyone else want one?” “Get three”. Tim goes to the bar and
orders the steaks and brings back three more beers as they wait for the steaks. Walt; Jim,
maybe 4 or 5 more days to the Station?” “More like 7”. “Damn sure be nice to be home
again”. Tim; Can’t wait to see Ma’s face when we ride up, hot damn”. Walt; “Yea Pa will
just won’t us to go to work again”. Jim; “Sure will beat the hell out of what we have been
doing for almost four years, I think I’ll enjoy it more this time”. The conversation would
continue through there meal and one more beer then Jim; “Think I’ll walk down to the
livery stable and see about buying a pack horse you two want to go?” “No we will stay
here and have a few more beers first”. Jim gets up and hands Tim a 20 dollar bill and
says; “You two have a good time then”.
Walking into the livery stable Jim finds Al working on a harness but he stops and
says; “Mighty fine looking horses you three are riding any for sale”. “No, don’t think so,
but I would like to buy a pack horse if you have any for sale?” “Spect I do and you three
must have been Calvary riding them horse’s, that right?” “Yes, with the Army of the
Tennessee for almost four years”. “Where you heading then?” “Red Eagle Station”.
“Hmm, them Kiowa’s grounds and they have been pretty riled up that away for a time
now”. “Only one way to get home from here and that’s straight there”. “Your right but
I’d sure be on the lookout for them heathens”. “Thanks for the information”. The two
then settled the deal on the pack horse and Jim paid and said; “We’ll be here another day
or two and pick the horse of then”. “You bet”.
The brothers would spend almost three days as having plenty of money and
wanting to surprise there parents with items and gifts they probably did not have they
explored all the stores in Fort Hobson to purchase the items. But the next day early and
checking out of the hotel they walked to the stable to saddle and leave. Having stored all
the items they had bought there and working together they soon had the pack horse
loaded and even would have to carry some things on there own horse’s. Al standing by
and even helping some said; “Never seen so many things leaving here at once, know your
folks will be happy”. Jim; “Al have you seen Jake in the last few days?” “He left
yesterday”. “Left going where?” “He said north, I tried to stop him and told him about the
Kiowa’s on the warpath but he weren’t listening and pulled out aint nothing I could have
done or said was gonna stop him”. “Know you tried, Al, but sure wish you had came and
found me before he left”. “Tried to stop him and ain’t no skin off my nose and maybe
should have looked you up Jim”. “He have all them rifles with him?” “Yep, sold a few
here but that wagon was still loaded with them”. “Well thanks for everything, Al, guess
we are ready to head for home, you take care”.
Leaving Fort Hobson and for the last part of there journey back home the three
enjoying each others company and excited about the things they were taking back home
just made the time seem to go slow. Jim; “Sure hate to hear that about Jake striking out
again by his lonely”. Tim; “Oh maybe he’ll make it ok”. “Sure hope so, would hate to
know them Kiowa’s got there hands on all those repeating rifles”. Walt; “Jim you ever
meet any Kiowa’s?’ “Once when I was working for the Jackson ranch and about twenty
of them tried to take a small herd from us we were pushing to new grass and it was touch
and go whether we would be able to hold them off”. “We did but still lost about ten head
of cattle”. “They are excellent horsemen and back then they mostly just had arrows and
lances to fight with”. “Give them repeating rifles and they would be fearsome to deal
with”. “I vividly remember one brave that rode with them and came close to getting me
once and he had a long scar down one side of his face but I was able to roll away from
the lance he threw at me and it just missed”. Tim; “Brother, I did not know that”. “Just a
time ago”. But the second day out and they would make the grisly discover of what
happened to Jake Turnstill and they came up on his burnt wagon and Jake tied to one
partially burnt wheel staring up in the sky and scalped. The contents of the wagon were
all gone. Taking a partial burnt board from the wagon they dug a shallow grave and
buried Jake and Jim saying a few words they mounted and rode on toward Red Eagle
When Vengeance is Justified 1V
Continuing on the ride toward Red Eagle Station and just about ten miles from
there and they came to what is known as High Ridge canyon a long ridge of rocky and
steep sided bluffs and there was only one way through. Stopping outside of the only way
through and Jim; “We should take the longer route and go around the canyon and come
into Red Eagle that away”. Tim and Walt; “Now Jim, we are only ten miles from home
and taking that way will only make us not get there till tomorrow”. We are almost home
and neither of us can see waiting any longer to get home and besides we have seen no
Kiowa’s all the way here”. Jim; “This canyon is a perfect place to be ambushed in and I
for one don’t want to be in a fight this close to home”. “Anyway I need to tighten the
girth on the pack horse as the packs are slipping, just give me a minute and then we can
decide which way to go”. But Tim and Walt both smiling just said; “Ok brother, we will
see you on the other side then”, and started through the canyon in a gallop. “No wait for
me”, but Tim and Walt were already gone. Jim hurried to tighten the girth strap and
reposition the packs on the horse but it took several minutes to complete it. Then
mounting his horse and starting into the narrow and twisting trail through the canyon
hears many shots being fired and echoing down the canyon walls, he reaches for and
pulls the Henry out and held it across the saddle. He knew from the amount of fire he was
hearing that it was from repeating rifles and fearing the worst he spurs his horse to reach
the sound and place that he could hear but before reaching there the gunfire stopped and
all he could hear was the sound of the hoof beats of his horse and the pack horse.
Coming around a bend Jim’s eye’s instantly took in the scene before him for after
four years of fighting he was tuned to events quickly. Both his brothers horses were down
and Tim was lying at the front of his horse face down and Walt was pinned under his
horse and trying to reach his rifle but three more quick shots and he slumped back down
and was still. Then another volley of fire from the rim of the canyon rains down on Jim
and his horse and by only kicking free of the saddle as the horse fell was he able to keep
from being pinned under the horse. Then using the horse as a shield he fires three rapid
shots toward the first Kiowa he could see and watched as he tumbled off the bluff and fell
to the canyon floor. Then looking around for he knew he had to find better cover as the
Kiowa’s were moving to better firing positions above him. Spotting a fairly large boulder
about 20 yards away grabbing the saddle bags he spins around and makes a run for the
boulder. Again a number of rifles fired from the heights and although Jim makes the
boulder he took one bullet in his left leg through the fleshy part of his thigh. He takes off
his handkerchief and ties it around the leg and then looking up sees a figure moving to his
left and aims and the figure dropped out of sight. “Damn, Damn, why didn’t they wait for
me”? “Four years of war and they die just ten miles from home, oh hell, what will I tell
Mom”. Jim looking around for he knew he had to find better shelter than a single boulder
spotted a crevice in the canyon wall behind him and thought; “It is deep enough and if I
can make the wall and slide into the crevice just might have a chance to hold them off”.
“Here I go”, raising up and firing as fast as he could lever a bullet in until the Henry
clicked and then running as fast as his leg would let him he slid into the crevice and
squatted down. Then taking a box of shells from the saddle bags he reloads and tries to
think; “Now what do I do?”
“How deep does this go back?” Moving in a crouch and finds it is about 10 feet
back and looking up it is mostly dark but he can see daylight high above him. Then
unloosening his belt he puts it through the lever on the rifle and hangs it behind him, then
loosening the handkerchief as it being tight would cut the circulation off and he needed
the leg to climb up the chimney to the top and finally put the saddle bags over his
shoulder. The blood oozed out some but he would just have to chance that. “Can’t climb
wearing these boots but can’t leave them here and taking a rawhide strap from the saddle
bags ties the boots off and puts them over his other shoulder”. A couple of bullets
slammed off the crevice walls but were high as he started to climb. Finding hand holds
first then using his stocking feet to find a place to step he slowly starts the climb up. He
could hear shouts from the Kiowa’s and expected them to come down to the canyon floor
and see what they could find off Tim and Walt and there horses.
“Just keep going”. It was slow going but relentlessly he continued to find new holds and
continue toward the top. Almost three quarters of the way up the chimney narrowed and
then hearing the Kiowa’s just outside he stopped climbing and hugged the wall and
waited. Two entered the crevice and not finding him apparently looked up but was unable
to see him against the wall and the darkness and then went back outside. “Must have
thought I slipped out while they rode down here”. Then he continued climbing and
knowing the sharp rocks he was grabbing hold of were cutting his hands and feet and he
could feel the blood oozing down his leg from the wound but no other thought but to
continue to the top and out.
Then reaching the top of the chimney he takes a good hold at the top and pushes
up with his feet to grab another hold and pulls himself up and out and lies grasping for
breath and looking at his hands could see the fingers were shredded from the sharp edges
of the rocks and were covered in blood. “Spect my feet are worse but I’m still alive”.
Then standing up he removes the rifle and tightens the handkerchief a little bit tries to put
the boots on but his feet were too swollen and he just kept them over his shoulder and
knowing it was about one-half mile across High Ridge Canyon he starts limping toward
the other side using the butt of the rifle as a crutch to help pull his left leg along. “Don’t
rightly know when I’ve ever been in this kind of fix before but I’m going home”. It took
the better part of one hour for him to reach the edge on the other side and now; “Got to
find the easiest way down as don’t believe I can make another climb down now”.
Looking down from the top he could see the grassy area that stretched for about one-
quarter of a mile before there was a small stand of timber that had a stream and water and
by now he was desperate for water. Then as he walked along the edge and about 100
yards spotted an old game trail that just maybe he could negotiate down the canyon onto
the grassy area. It twisted and turned and several times he thought he was going to fall
but finally he stood at the bottom and now there was only 10 miles to home.
Jim stooped down and took a small rock and placed it under his tongue and then
started through the waist high grass to reach the other side as quickly as he could. But not
over 100 yards into the grass and he heard horses behind him and quickly drops down
and waits but holding the rifle to at least get off a few shots if he had been spotted. The
Kiowa braves all 18 of them passed in single file within less than 20 feet of where Jim
lay. He could plainly see each one as they passed by and the first Kiowa had a long scar
down the side of his face, they all wore breechcloth and leggings some with designs, no
shirts and there hair was in braids. Then looking at each brave as they passed by and
remembering the markings of the buffalo shield across there chest or the way he set his
horse and he had them firmly fixed in his mind. The thing that froze in his heart was
seeing them carrying some things of Tim and Walt and the gifts and things they had been
taking home to there parents. “Next time we meet it will be different”.
When Vengeance is Justified V
Jim lay in the tall grass for over thirty minutes to make sure the Kiowa’s would
not double back or were looking for him in the grass. But they apparently continued on
and standing up he starts across to reach the timber line and water. Then finding the
stream he lays down and drinks his fill of water first then soaks his hands and feet in the
cold water of the stream. “Well, first things first and now just a few more miles to reach
home”. But still unable to put the boots on he rested for a few more minutes and then
started walking to Red Eagle Station. It was tough going and Jim would have to stop
often but always going just a little further each time as he knew it would take him two
days to reach the Station. All the time thinking; “Just how do I break the news to Ma and
Pa, what do I say or how do I say the words for I know it will break there hearts”. These
thoughts kept Jim going and helping forget about the ache and pain in the leg and the
condition of his feet as the stockings had long ago shredded and provided no cushion for
The second day and reaching the outskirts of Red Eagle Station Jim hobbles down
the main street as onlookers watched and wondered who he was and what had happened
to him. For he had been gone a long time and in the shape and condition he presented no
one could recognize the Jim Duncan that left long ago. But his goal was to reach his
parents house that was located at the far end of town just past Pa’s warehouse and
nothing was going to stop him. The Sheriff of the town even stepped off the porch and
approached Jim and said; “Mister, do you need a Doctor?” Jim just waved his arm and
with the help of the rifle butt continued down the dusty street for home. Then
approaching the large warehouse Jackson Bridges, a black man that had been with
Raymond and Sarah Duncan since before they left Ohio saw Jim and hollered; “Mr.
Raymond, come quick, one the boy’s is home”. Raymond hammering on a horse shoe he
was making quickly laid it down and rushed to the door. Raymond Duncan was a large
powerful man and even at the age of 61 you would never know it. Seeing the shape of his
oldest son he ran to his side and looking back down the street and not seeing Tim or Walt
started to say something but seeing the shape Jim was in just reached down and picked
him up in his arms and said; “Mr. Jackson would you go get Doc Tanner and bring him to
the house?” “Yes sir, Mr. Raymond, be right back with that Doctor”. As Raymond
reached the steps of the large two story house he called for Sarah; “Sarah, open the door
Jim’s done come home, hurry”. Sarah opens the door and; “Oh my lord, what has
happened to Jim, bring him to the front bedroom, did you get the Doctor?” Yes, Mr.
Jackson went for him”. Sarah; “I’ll put some water on and bring a wet cloth and you get
his clothes off”. “Yes Sarah”. Sarah comes back in and seeing the wound in his leg and
how it was festered and very red became worried but tenderly she washed her son and
Jim delirious managed to mumble; “water, water”. Raymond hearing that turned and
went for a bucket of water and dipper. Then holding Jim up he slowly let him sip the
water and almost cried out from the shape his son was in. Doc Tanner entered the room
and quickly examined Jim and said; “First things first and we need to get his fever down,
I’ll need water and wet towels to help bring the fever down and in the meantime will start
doctoring that wound in his leg”. “What happened to him?’ “We don’t know nor do we
know where the other two boys are?”
Jim would stay in and out of consciousness for two days but every once in awhile
he tried to stay awake long enough to tell his Pa who remained a bedside vigil where Tim
and Walt were. Then finally he was able to croak out; “High Ridge Canyon, Tim, Walt
there”. Raymond Duncan needed nothing else for he went to the warehouse and
harnessed up a wagon and fearing the worst laid in some tarps to take with him and
Jackson climbed up and said; “Mr. Raymond, I go with you”. Slapping the horses the
two start out for High Ridge Canyon. Finding his two sons was not a pretty site but
Raymond Duncan and Jackson picked up the remains of both and wrapped them in the
tarps and started back toward Red Eagle Station. Back in town they stop at Bob Wilson’s
the undertaker and Raymond says; “Make strong coffins and seal them tightly for I don’t
want Mrs. Duncan to see her boys like this”. “It will be done, Mr. Duncan”.
The next morning the fever broke and Jim woke up to find both his parents setting
beside his bed. “Ma, Pa” His mother comes over and feels his forehead and manages a
slight smile as she knew he would now recover. “Need to tell both of you about Tim and
Walt”. Sarah; “It can wait, Jim”. “No, have to tell you now”. Then for the next several
minutes he relates the events from the time they left Mississippi and the Kiowa’s at High
Ridge Canyon. Neither Sarah nor Raymond said anything as Jim talked but he could see
the terrible hurt in there eyes and tears flowed down his cheeks but all of it had to come
out now. Finishing and Sarah; “I know your hungry Jim; I&rsqu

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