Falling For Neecie

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Chapter 4 (v.1)

Submitted: October 31, 2008

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Submitted: October 31, 2008



We went and sat down at the same table that we sat yesterday.

Neecie scavenged through her bag and brought out her glasses.

She took her contacts off and put her glasses on.

“Ugh” I said mockingly.

“Thank you” she said smiling.

“Why’d you take ‘em off?” I asked a bit irritated.

“Because! They were uncomfortable” she growled.

“Now, lets begin” she said.

I just sat their and studied her face.

I could hear her blabbing on about something but I was to preoccupied to notice what she was even saying.

“Do you mind not looking at me like that!” she said in a loud angry tone.

I snapped out of it in seconds.

“What?” I said dumbfounded.

“Do you mind not looking at me. Y’know it’s very annoying” she glowered.

“I was not looking at you” I protested.

“Whatever” she sighed.

She shot me a cold look.

“As I was saying” she said continuing where she had left off.

I heard the bell ring and I shot up.

“Oh Tyler, no tutoring for the rest of week” she announced.

“Um sure, sure” I said shooting out of the library.

The rest of the day went by like a shooting bullet.

I drove slowly home.

I drove past Neecie and Renee’s house to see Neecie on top of her roof.

I drove past quickly.

When I got home I couldn’t help but feel annoyed that I wouldn’t have classes with Neecie the next day.

I tried to block out the thought of Neecie from my head.

Instead I pulled out last years year book from under my bed.

I flipped straight to the back of the book to look student photos.

Every photo that had a heart on their face were girls I had dated.

I flipped to the last page to see Renee’s photo she looked exactly the same.

Her end of the year quote just said “-Party, Party, PARTY-”

Then I scanned the page to find Neecie, the very last person in the book.

She had a nice smile I glanced at her quote which sort of hit a nerve it said.

“-most people never seek for the inner-beauty most people they seek only the outer-beauty-”


The next day I woke up late.

I got changed as quick as I could and I sped to school in my BMW.

I walked into biology and slouched in my assigned seat next to Yen Ling.

She was pretty but not my type.

I heard my phone vibrate.

I looked at it and saw that it was a text from Dave.

-Yo dude!


I looked across the room to see him laughing quietly.

I replied.

-Dude I’m right across the room.

I pressed the send button when I looked up I saw Mrs Nought looking over me.

“Tyler Grey, you never learn do you?” She said hand gesturing her hand to hand my phone to her.

“I never learn in here” I mumbled.

“Watch it young man” she said.

“Only if you do” I growled under my breath.

I felt my phone vibrate.

I didn’t care weather Mrs Nought was looking or not.

I was already in trouble.

I glanced at the message.

-Dude looks like Mrs Noughts & Cross’s is gona bite yr head of.

I looked across the room to see Dave laughing and waving at me.

I rolled my eyes.

“Mr Grey, either you give me that phone or you can have a week’s of detention” she growled loudly.

“I don’t mind you might as well give me two week’s of detention” I snickered.

“Tyler Grey!” She yelled.

“I will not have your utterly Rude, obnoxious behaviour in my class it is not acceptable. Not only are you disturbing my peace but your disturbing the whole class” she said her voice a bit shaky.

“Is that all?” I said looking up at her.

She slammed her fist on my desk.

She turned and walked to her desk and picked up her phone.

She started trembling.

“Ah yes Miss Hambroader, a word with Mr White please”


She nodded then waited.

“Hello Barry I have a problem”


“Yes I know that, but I can’t stand it”


“I need him out of here!” She yelled.


“Thank you.” she said putting her phone down.

She looked directly at me.

“Since you haven’t been following my instructions. I will no longer be your teacher” she said.

“Good, maybe then we’ll learn a thing or two” I said.

“No, that’s not what I meant. From now on you will have Human Biology instead of Biology, do you understand!” she said hitting her desk.

“Sure whatever” I said getting up.

I walked past the Library to go to Human Biology.

I thought of going to the Library to see if Neecie would be their.

I shook my head.

Stop it!

I thought.

I walked into Human Biology their were at least 15 students in this class.

They were all throwing papers at each other.

Everyone stopped and looked at me.

I saw Chris, I walked over and sat next to him.

“’Sup man” he said hitting knuckles against mine.

“Nothing. Just got kicked out of Biology” I said chuckling.

“Radical!” he said.

Their was no teacher.

“Where’s Ms Frey?” I asked.

“She left crying after Fat-so their told her she needed to go an buy some new Teaching skills.”

I raised an eyebrow.

“Hah! That’s a-” I got interrupted by my phone.

I looked at it, their was a message from Dave.


You wouldn’t believe what I just heard.

Renee just texted Julie that you were taking Tutor lessons with that freak Neecie.

What a joke huh?

I sank into my chair feeling like a complete looser.

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