Shadow Core: The Elite Team

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The world's leaders have knelt down to a organization named "7." None of the world's civilians or military know of this organization that is resposible for all the world's wars. The organization is leader by 12 main experimental human beings that lead to the perfection of super soldiers. The only people who can stop this organization is Baby Joker and his assassin team KOGA. 12 experiments vs 9 assassins, only one group will be able to play checkmate.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Shadow Core: The Elite Team

Submitted: July 22, 2012

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Submitted: July 22, 2012




Section 1: The Story

From the beginning…our country among others have been controlled by shadows unknown. No one in this country knows of this great power, only theories emerge among the cities of those who know the truth yet no one will listen. Those who oppose this organization have been murdered or targeted since the very beginning by train assassins who live by a code. Murder after murder, war after war, law after law, these were all planned by the organization…more so by a man who is bent to control the world. No one could have stopped this rising power, not the world’s leaders nor the military, everything was controlled from the shadows, much like a puppet being controlled by a marionette. As time passed, the people began to think that wars and murders were just part of daily life, ignoring the fact they could have been in danger.

Originally, the organization experimented on those who had nowhere to go, with no hope or faith in the corrupt world…then using them as assassins to kill off innocent people who refused to give in to the organization. However, when a successfully trained assassin aborted his missions, and refused to let the organization continue its bloody path of world domination…he escaped, and made a rouge team of assassins.

The rouge team of assassins is not known to the world in the light, who know nothing about the shadow world. Nothing much is known of them, not even their names, all that is known is that they walk among the crowd awaiting for activity from the organization and placing their lives on the line. Each assassin has their own story, their own reasons to go against the organization, to risking their lives for complete strangers, and for each other. They do not stray from their resolve, nor do they run from the truth of what they are…killers…cold blooded murderers with the instincts of animals…with no obligation to live, other than to free the world of these people who control them.

This is the story of the group…that took it all…gave all…and lost all things…in the end. Yet their names were remembered as heroes of the world…and of the free people


Section 2: The Beginning

Death filled the air, blood stained the concrete ground, sighs of ending breath was heard in the absence of the light. Shadows moved amongst the dead, much like death itself was leaving soon. From the shadows a man commented, “Boss I think we took it a little too far…don’t you think?” Another man chuckled, a dark low chuckle as a flame was lit and the face of a man appeared. “It’s only fair,” He began to reply; “They attacked us first.” He said to the man. “Leave it be Roc, the man is as bloodthirsty as a vampire.” Commented a young boy named Ace.

“He’s right Roc…you should know better than that shouldn’t you?” Baby Joker asked as he lit a cigarette with his lighter.

“Unfortunately yes I do Baby Joker, I wish I didn’t though.” Roc joked playfully.

“Careful Roc, you may be the muscle of the group, but Baby Joker can still kick your ass.” A woman named Tex said as she leaned against a brick wall of the alley. “She’s right Roc; I can put a gun to your head, and pull the trigger without hesitation.” Baby Joker said as he blew out the smoke from the cigarette through his nose.

“You’re a sick man boss.” Scorch said from behind Roc.

“You’re point being what my young idiot?” Baby Joker replied.

“Can we get the hell out of here before they begin to notice some of their operatives are dead?” Tex impatiently asked.

“Yeah…let’s head out men…and err…woman.” Baby Joker teased as he began to walk towards the end of the alley and back into the light of the world. “Hey how ‘bout for dinner tonight we have Chinese food?!” Radio said as he walked beside Fix. “Please, then I’ll have to be the one that orders everyone’s food and we all know how much Baby Joker and Tex eat.” Fix replied with a grin. “Watch it Fix, or I’ll have Ace here kill you in your sleep!” Tex threatened. “Okay, okay, keep your womanly wrath kept inside its cage.” Fix replied jokingly.

Tex gave an aggravated sigh, walking ahead of the group with her revolver gleaming in the back of her skirt.

“Remind me again how I am the only girl in the group?” Tex asked.

“Because you give us lap dances!!” A man named Dom yelled as everyone laughed.

“Maybe you’re not a girl after all Tex, I mean none of us know for sure if you are.” Scorch added.

“Would you like me to tell my boyfriends from the past tell you what has happened in the sheets at night?” Tex said with an evil grin. Everyone eyes widen as they jumped back and said, “Nooooo!!!”

“Geez sis, now I will never sleep again after the images you put in my head!!” Ace yelled as he shuddered from the thoughts racing in his head.

“No one said for you to think of it little brother.” Tex replied with a giggle.

“You evil harpy!” Ace retorted jokingly.

“I love you too LITTLE brother.” Tex said softly with a chuckle.

“Looks like we got some activated to the north,” Scorch interrupted, “it was only a matter of time before they came rushing in.” He stated. Baby Joker looked over to his left, seeing the rushing operatives going past them. “Well, we better go and give them a proper beating as always.” Baby Joker said with a murderous look in his eyes while taking out his revolver. The others grinned, taking out their own weapons, and all said, in perfect unison, “Let’s go boss.” With that said, they charged at the operatives, attacking without hesitation.

And thus the missions for team Koga begin, telling the story of their sacrifice to the world so that it may live a peaceful one and get their revenge towards the organization that gave them a reason to fight…


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