From the Big City to the Middle of Nowhere

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Sally loved her life in the city. She had great friends, a nice apartment but when her mother looses her job they have to move from Toronto to Ottawa, where Sally meets the guy of her dreams, but wait there are two!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - From the Big City to the Middle of Nowhere

Submitted: July 27, 2011

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Submitted: July 27, 2011




“I refuse to move,” I said, “I will not go, no way.”


“Come on, you with love it in Ottawa.” My dad insisted


“It’s small and it’s like a city in the middle of no where.”


“We aren’t going to be in the city.” My mother added.


“What,” my voice was a bit squeaky, “Not in the city, are you crazy, if we have to move it has to be in the city or I’m for sure not going.”


“We will be on a beautiful farm, we can have a dog and buy horses.” My dad said.


“Oh, I’ve always wanted a puppy, sure let’s go right now.” I said sarcastically, “Why do we have to move, why can’t we just stay here in Toronto.”


“Because I have to work now in Ottawa,” my mom said.


“Yeah but won’t that be in the city,” I said.


“No, well yes but…”


I cut off my mom, “Then why can’t we live in the city.”


“The farm is close to the city and I nice town where you will be going to school.” My dad said.


“What about my friends, I will be the new girl in the middle of the year.”


“No” my mom said, “it’s almost the end of the year there, they end in June.”


“In three weeks to be exact, so you won’t have to go to school other than to check it out so your not wandering around like a lost puppy on your first day.”


“Still, I won’t have any friends.” I complained.


“You can make some.” My dad said.


Parents are so impossible sometimes. I like it here in Toronto, in the city, where there are shops everywhere you go. People crowding the streets, car horns and sirens. All those things I love and I will miss because when my parents make up their mind they never change.


I did not want to talk to my parents anymore so I turned around and walked home from the coffee shop that they told me to meet them at not even an hour ago. I thought the big surprise was that they had bought the shop or something, instead we are moving in two days to Ottawa. How could it be the capital of Canada, it is so stupid.


As soon as I got to our apartment, I went straight to my room. The apartment we live in it huge and has many rooms and when I was little I chose the pink room and that is where I have stayed.  Now at the age of fifteen, I still enjoy that room even though it is a very childish colour. I sat at my desk and turned on my computer and while I waited for it to turn on, I played with a bouncy ball with a Hello Kitty picture inside. When the computer screen asked me for my password, I typed in happy.  I do not really know why that is my password but when I got this computer I was happy.  I checked my e-mails and sent an e-mail to all of my friends saying that I am moving in two days and then can come over tomorrow night for a sleepover on the floor of the guest room.


I have four friends, Kristine who is the cool one so we call her Kris. There is Sam who is the smart one and her nickname is Smart Sam but we never call her that.  There is also Alice who is the pretty one, with her blonde hair and blue eyes. Last, there is my best friend of my friends who I will miss the most and will never forget, Taylor. We have been friends since grade one. We look alike with out dirty blonde hair and blue-ish green eyes.


I heard my parents come home and before I sent the e-mails, I went to the front hall where they had just come in, to see if it is okay to have my friends over for a sleepover tomorrow night.


“Fine I will go to Ottawa,” I said.


“Oh, that’s great honey,” my mother said advancing with her arms open about to give me a hug.


“On one condition,” I said and my mother stopped.


“And what is that,” My father asked.


“I can have all my friends over tomorrow night for a sleepover” I replied.


My mother looked at my father who nodded then looked back at me and gave me a hug, “Of course, you won’t see them much after the move but will you girls sleep on the floor, the movers are coming tomorrow to put all the furniture in the trucks.” I hugged her back.


“Yeah,” I said letting go and backing away towards my room, “I will write to bring a sleeping bag in my e-mails.”


“Oh alright then,” my mother said.


I went back to my room, “Hey, have them over anytime after four thirty, the movers should be don’t by then.” My dad called after me.


I went straight to the computer typing away, P.S. bring sleeping bag and come after four thirty. I sent the E-mail.  Within a matter of minutes, all of the E-mails were replied saying we will miss you and of course, we will come over. Tomorrow night, I have a sleepover.

I went onto facebook and chatted with Taylor. She was sad that I was leaving since I am her best friend. We started to talk about memories when I got a chat from Kristine asking if she could have Alex, her boyfriend over. Of course, I said no, and then I said that I did not want her to come anymore since she wants her boyfriend to be with her the last day she would ever get to see me.


Once I was finished on the computer, I shut it off and put the Hello Kitty ball that fell on the floor, back on the desk. I felt a little hungry so I decided to make myself something to eat for dinner even though it was only four thirty. I went to the kitchen and looked in the fridge. I just want something quick. I looked into the freezer and grabbed a frozen pizza. I popped it into the oven, set it to 450, and bake. I went to the living room and on my way; I looked into my mom and dads office. They were both madly working on their computers.


My mother is had a very important job but what I think is she been fired and now we have to move because she found another job. My dad never really worked but by the way he is madly typing, I would say that he might have finally found a one, probably in Ottawa though. I wanted to go in and ask them what they were doing but I did not and I continued on to the living room at the end of the hall. Our house has so much space all the rooms are all over the place.


I watched television for a half hour until I heard a beep coming from down the hall, in the kitchen. I turned off the television, went back to the kitchen, and grabbed my pizza. The cheese was melted perfectly and the crust was not burnt at all. I put it on a plate and went to the kitchen table and ate my pizza. When I was done my pizza I went to my room again, read for a few hours, and fell asleep at about nine.


The next morning I woke up with a cool city breeze blowing on me. The sound of car horns filled my room and that means that it seven thirty, rush hour. I got out of bed, grabbed some clothes for the day and went straight to the bathroom for a shower. After my shower I blow dried my hair and put it up in a ponytail. My hair goes halfway down my back so I put it in a ponytail to keep it from being everywhere. I put on some cover up and went to the kitchen.


My mom and dad were there. My dad was at the table ready the table and drinking his coffee and my mom was at the stove making breakfast.


“What’s for breakfast mom,” I asked looking in the fridge and grabbing the box of orange juice, “I’m hungry.”


“There is sausage,” she answered, “eggs, toast and home fries.”


“Sounds tasty, when is it going to be ready,”


“Soon,” she said popping the toast into the toaster.


“Sally,” my father said holding out his mug, “would you be a good daughter and get me another cup of coffee.”


“Sure dad,” I took the empty mug and went to the coffee machine on the counter. I took out the pot that is half empty and poor three quarter of a cup. Then I put one tablespoon of sugar and filled it up to the rim with milk. I carefully brought it over to the table where my dad finally put down the paper. He slowly picked up the coffee mug, took a sip, and put it back down on the table.


My mother finished making breakfast and we all sat around the table and started to eat. My mom got up after taking one bite and went to poor herself a cup of coffee. She only takes black, I do not know how, I need to pile tons of milk in to be able to drink coffee.


“So dad, when are the movers coming.” I asked.


“Around ten.” he replied without putting down his paper.


I looked over at the clock and it was already nine thirty. I guess I did take a long shower and it takes a while to get all the knots out of my hair. My dad had already finished his plate and we had only started eating five minutes ago. I did not even think he was eating because I could not see around his paper.


I finished my breakfast and looked at the clock again. It was quarter to ten so I went to my room and started to pack. I know I was supposed to do it last night but I was caught up reading ‘The Hunger Games’ it is a good book, you should read it sometime. I packed all the things that were on my dresser into two small boxes. The movers came at quarter after and started to take things from my mom and dads room. The bed, the dresser and all the things that my mom had already packed which are pretty much everything.


I packed all morning and the movers took all that I did pack before they left to get another moving truck. Two people stayed behind and helped my dad move big thing to the front hall. I finished packing at around two thirty and came out of my room to see all the movers sitting around the table in a completely empty room playing a game of cards and my dad was there too. My mom was sitting in the corner of the room on her laptop.


I quickly looked in every room and almost everything was gone except for the things we are leaving here and the few last boxes in my room and my two suitcases. In my mom and dads, room there were suitcases that have there clothes inside. The movers took all my things and put them in the trucks except for my suitcase that I wanted to keep.


At about four, a van pulled up on the street in front of out apartment and the movers left in that van. The trucks were left in our two extra parking spots. My dad asked when they would be back in the morning to bring the things to Ottawa and they said eleven in the morning. I went on the computer and played backyard monsters on facebook until the door- bell rang.


I was so excited that when I was turning to face towards the door, I slipped on the marble floor. I quickly got to my feet and looked through the peephole. It was Taylor, she was early and I knew she would be. I opened the door and she gave me a big hug.


“Hey Taylor,” I said.


“Hey girls,” she said back.


We hung out in my empty room for about half an hour and the doorbell rang again. We both went to the door and Sam and Alice were there. They both gave me a hug and asked where Kristine was and I told them she could not come. We all hung out in my empty room talking about memories and how much they would all miss me. We were called to the front hall by my mother. When we got there, my father was standing next to my mom. They were all dressed up as if they were about to go out.


“What mom,” I asked.


“Do you guys want to come for dinner,” she asked, “There isn’t much to eat other than your frozen pizzas.”


I turned to my friends, “You guys want to go out or stay here and have frozen pizza.”


“I’d like to stay here,” Sam, answered.


“Yeah, me too,” Taylor replied.


I looked over at Alice who may be the prettiest but she is also the shiest. She just nods and I turned back to my parents, “I think we will stay here.”


All night we talked and did girl stuff. Paint nails, brush hair and comment on how we look. We were having a lot of fun. We ate the pizzas and it was good. We had a great night and were all on the floor sleeping peacefully by ten. I think my parents got home at eleven because when I got up to get a drink of water my mom and dad was asleep.

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