Lost in the Air

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Kate and Matts dad is a pilot. He flies big planes and owns his own small plane. Since he is never around he dicides to bring Kate and Matt arround the world in his small plane. Something goes wrong and they end up in a place no one knew existed!

Chapter 1 (v.1)

Submitted: July 25, 2011

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Submitted: July 25, 2011



Beep, beep, beep. I awoke to the sound of the alarm clock beside my bed buzzing. I rolled overto turn is off thinking I had room on the bed but found out I was wrong. I flipped off the bed and landed on the cold, hard floor with a thud. I landed on my stomach so it didn't hurt too bad but I still didn't want to get up off the floor. The annoying sound of the alarm was hurting my head so I rolled onto my back, sat up, almost hitting my head on the bedside table, turned and hit the button. Part of me wanted to get back on my bed and fall asleep, another part of me wanted to just lie down on the floor and stay there but I chose to just get up. I went to my closet and grabbed my clothes for the day then made my way to the bathroom to take a shower. When I finished my shower I quickly dried my hair and put on a little bit of makeup. I ran downstairs and joined my brother Matt at the table. He was eating an egg and some bacon. My mother was in the kitchen baking some muffins for tomorrows breakfast. I grabbed a bowl and filled it with Cheerios and topped it off with milk then went to sit across from my brother at the table.

When I was younger my father would be at the head of the table and we would all have breakfast and dinner together but now that my father is a pilot and works all the time we rarely see him. This has been the longest he has been gone. 2 month and we all miss him so much. Now I'm fourteen and my brother is sixteen so we probably wouldn't all sit at the table even if he were here. I finished up my breakast at the same time at Matt. We both carefully placed our plates in the sink. He went upstairs to his room to wait for the school bus to come in ten minutes and I went and sat on the counter stool and watched as my mom pulled the muffins out of the over and placed them on the counter in front of me.

"What type of muffins you making mom," I asked. Whatever they were they smelt delicious.

"They're double chocolate chip muffins," she replied slowly removing the muffins from the tray.

"Wait you only make those for dad." every time dad came home mom would have freshly made muffins here waiting for him.

Before mom could try and save herself from possibly giving herself away the front door opened and a man sang, "Honey I'm home" My face lit up and so did moms. Of course she knew he was coming but she still hadn't seen him. I ran into the living room where my dad was standing. He dropped his big bag full of clothes just in time so I could jump in his arms. I hugged him tightly and wished I could never let go. He returned the hug and after a few second I let go. Mom was next in line for a hug. She pretended she was going to jump into his arms but didn't and just gave him a hug but he lifted her in the air and twirled her aroundthen gave her a kiss before putting her down.

"Where's Matt" dad asked heading toward the stairs to put his stuff in his room.

"Take a wild guess," my mom said pointing upstairs.

Dad quietly ran up the stairs two at a time and put his stuff in their room, then he went down the hall a bit to Matts room. I saw him open the door and disipear inside. I heard him yell"Boo!" thenthe computer chair roll around a bit. There was laughter and yelling to stop and then dad appeared again with Matt swung over his shoulder. Matt had been saying stop but I think it was because dad was tickling him not because he wanted dad to go away. Matt was smiling as dad brough him into the kitchen. We followed, and stood across from dad and Matt who had been set down sitting on the counter. Dad took a muffin and took a bite. He dropped it right away but luckily it landed on the counter. We all started laughing as dad when to the garbage to spit it out. He grabbed a glass and filled it with water that he then chugged.

"Gosh," he said, "I burn my tongue every time." then he started to laugh with us.

That night we all ate together even though I thought we wouldn't do that anymore. Dad told us he was going to stay for a while, at least a month. He missed us just as muchas we missed him. After dinner Matt actually did something other that be on his computer up in his room. Now it didn't help me and mom with cleaning up but it did help dad cheer on the football players. After my mother and I finished the dishes and put them away we all sat and watched americas funniest home animals. It finished at nine so Matt and I headed up to bed. I changed into my clothes I wear to bed and went to brush my teeth in the bathroom. Matt was just coming out. When I was done in the bathroom and was a bit thirsty but I always had a water bottle by my bed. I went to my room and drank the rest of the water. I lay in bed a while and was soon thirsty again. I gabbed my water bottle and went downstairs but stopped before going into the kitchen when I heard mom and dad talking quietly. It didn't feel right to listen but if they saw or heard me I could just say I was getting water which is what I had planned on doing.

"They really miss you" my mother said.

"I know and I miss them, thats why I have an idea what the kids and I can do."

"What would that be," my mom asked.

"I could take them for a days ride in my plane, tomorrow if they want. I called my buddy who had my plane and he had it brought to the runway in the city. The only chance I would get is tomorrow atone in the afternoon."

"I'm sure they would love that," there was a pause, "Ok I guess they can go with you,"

"They will have lots of fun and I will bring them back in one peice."

"You better"

They were quietly laughing for a bit then I heard dad give mom a kiss. This was my time to enter the room. One, two, three go!

"Hey mom, hey dad" I said passing by them to get to the tap.

"What are you doing up little missy, your bed time was..." he looked at his watch, "five minutes ago" he laughed his playful laugh.

I smiled and so did my mom. My dad couldn't be serious even if he tried. I filled my water bottle with cold water and said goodnight to both of them. As I passed Matts room to get to my own I thought about telling him what we were going to be doing tomorrow with dad but I dicided that Matt missed him the most so he should find out from dad himself. I went to my room, crawled into bed and soon fell asleep. I had a dream that we crashed on dads plane on an island that had flying creatures.

The next morning I woke up to the alarm clock going off but this time I opened my eyes and say how much I had to role to be able to reach the alarm clock. I got up got dressed and ran downstairs. Matt was at the table talking to dad who was sitting in his spot at the head of the table, I sat down across from Matt. Mom was just coming to the table with four plates. She placed them in front of each of us then went back to get the plates of food on the counter. She came back with a plate of bacon, a plate of toast, a plate of eggs, each the way we liked it and a bowl full of fruit. As soon as mom sat down we all grabbed for food off the plates.

"So" dad said mouth full of eggs, "I have something to tell you kids, do you guys like going up in the air in planes?"

"Ya that would be so cool" Matt said.

"Well would you guys like to come with me for theday on my plane"

"Awesome" Matt gave me a high five over the table.

Dad gave the rest of the details that I had already heard the night before. It was dads and Matts turn to do the dishes but Matt was let go by mom so she could help dad. Dad wanted us to pack and extra change of clothes in case something happens but I think he just wanted to make mom worried but we both did it anyway. After I was packed I went into Matts room for the first time in a while. Most sixteen year old guys who are in their room all day long have half eaten sandwhiches and banana peals all over the place. Matt keeps his room clean but sometimes there are clothes on the floor but today it was nice and clean.

"What ya doin' " I asked coming up to look over his shoulder at the laptob on his desk.

I saw the words I love you before he slammed the computer shut. He turned to face me, "Nothing,"

"Whydid it say I love you." I asked

"Well I um I think you were seeing things."

"No I saw it with my own eyes, I'm going to tell mom you have a girlfriend and if it's not true then I can say that you wrote I love you to someone who isn't your girlfriend which could sound a little bit strange."

"Fine, yes I have a girlfriend," he whispered, "but don't tell mom okay, I will tell her when I want to."

"Why can't you or why won't you tell mom." I asked.

"I already told dad and she will be a little mad I told him first."

"That's nothing, tell mom when we get home, she doesn't care."

"Ok but can you get out of my room now."

"Oh yeah,"

I left Matts room and went to my own room and lay down on my bed. I grabbed my book next to my bed and started to read. I read four chapters of my book and when I looked at my clock it was noon. I knew the chapters were long but apperently I read really slowly. I put the book back on the bedside table and grabbed my little bag with my things inside. I went downstairs. Matt was watching television with dad and mom was in the kitchen on her laptop checking e-mails.

"So are we leaving soon?" I asked dad.

"Yeah after this movie is over," he replied, the credits came on, "Ok lets go,"

We got all out things which wasn't much and got in the car. Mom waved to us as we left the driveway. I forgot my book so the drive into the city was long. Half an hour later we arrived at the airport and we headed straight to the runway. This runway wasn't used. It was old and bumpy but dads plane is tough so that runway is what we used. Dad took Matts and my bags and through them in the very back of the small little plane. There was one seat in front up with dad and two in the back. Matt wanted to be up front with dad so went in the back. I still had a nice view not that the run way was very beautiful. Dad was turning everything on, testing things and making sure we were ready and all buckled in.

"Ready you two." dad yelled over the sound of the plane.

"YES!!" Matt and I both yelled.

Dad taxied into place and took off. After we were out of the city all you could see was the green of tree and fields. We were in the air

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