No Humanity Left

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When Amanda's town get attacked by the terrors of the country side they are forced to move elsewhere and when she get seperated from the rest of the survivors she finds an old friend who may be able to help her!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - No Humanity Left

Submitted: March 03, 2012

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Submitted: March 03, 2012



"WORGEN!!!!!" the woman on the street yelled!

The whole town went crazy running around trying to get into their houses away from the dreaded worgen.

I feel that I should explain. Worgen are horrible creatures. It was once said that a man killed a wolf that was sacred to the people of our land and the shaman of the town that had been there at the time put a curse on that man turning him into a Worgen. I hear stories from travelers passing through from other towns of the werewolves but they joked because it was just stories and nothing more. Well here we have worgen. By the sounds of it werewolves are close to the same as worgen. Diffrences are that the worgens curse comes upon those bitten by other worgen and they are much bigger and stronger looking. The biggest diffrence is that the worgen are real!

"Amanda what are you doing!" My father yelled from behind me, "Get away from that window."

He pulled me away from the window before I could get a chance to see what was going on outside. My father pulled me down into the old cellar which he made into an office for himself and pulled me behind his desk. He hit the wall and it popped out like a door. He swung it open and opened the strong looking wooden door behind the wall.

"Get in, hurry!" he urged me.

I got in and sat down on the dirty ground, "Father, what is going on, where is Luka!"

"I'll get him," he whispered before he slamed the door shut and barred it. I heard the wall click into place and him running upstairs.

I was alone. This had never happened before. The farms outside the village would get attacked on a regular basis but they were prepared. Now the worgen were starting to sneak past our guards and into the village. I have seen the damage done by a pack of worgen to a farm house and I could only imagine what they were doing to the town and to the town folk.

I didn't dare bang on the door to get someone to let me out because for all I know there could be worgens in the room and I might get a surprise when the door opens and one of them are staring in. I heard someone coming down the stairs. I held my breath and heard the wall get kicked and click open. Then the wooden door swung open and my brother was thrown inside. He sat next to me and we huddled together.

"When I close this door, you do not come out until I come get you, is that understood?" my father asked in a hissing whisper.

Me and Luka nodded.

"See this bar here," he said pointing to a thick wooden plank, "Pull it down in front of the door as soon as the door is closed, there is a lamp right next to you there in that big crate with tons of oil that will last you longer than needed."

He looked at both of us and gave a reasuring smile then closed the door. My brother jumped to his feet and took the wooden bar and brought in down in front of the door. My father had been waiting outside the door to be sure we put down the bar, I could tell because I heard the wall click into place only after my brother came and sat next to me. There was only a little light coming from beneath the door but very very little. I crawled over using only my hands to feal around for the crate. I couldn't see a thing now that the door was closed.

"Can you see Amanda?" Luka asked.

Just then my hand hit the crate, "No but I found it,"

I heard him faintly chuckle. I felt around for a latch and opened it up when i found it. I lifted the crates top and reached in and grabbed the lamp. I hoped my father had it filled already. I turned the little nob and a little flame lit.

"Ah there you are my sister," Luka said as soon as i turned and he could see my face in the light.

I put the lamp down and crawled over to Luka and huddled up to him. This little room may be safe but it was cold and damp.

Luka is my brother, he is more of a mentor to me actually. he has taught me to hunt and to gather and all sorts of things if I ever got lost in the woods. We are best friends and almost never fight except for who gets the last peice of bread off the dinner table. My family doesn't have very much but I don't care as long as I have my family. We sat in the dim room for a long while and I fell asleep soon after my brother did too.

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