And There She Was.

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Beau and Addison have been on the run for 2 years. Laughing is their only way of staying happy, and being together.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - And There She Was.

Submitted: April 29, 2013

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Submitted: April 29, 2013



Who are you?

What is your name?


My name is Beau. 




"Beau...Beau-ling...Beau-tie...Beau-ne.." Addison laughed, a large smile plastered on her lips. She continued. "Beau-gy...Beau-el.." She continued messing with my name. That's what I loved about her. Her laugh, her humor. 

Addi was my everything.

"Beau..!" She said, and I looked over. Her face was nothing but scared. I blinked, and tilted my head. "What?" I said, and froze as I heard sirens. Police sirens. My breath caught in my throat as I grabbed her hand and dragged her off the grass, and down the park path.

We ran.

We ran until we reached a small forest, east of town. 

I looked behind me to Addison, seeing her eyes a bit watery, shedding tears. We slowed our pace and went deep into the trees, soon finding a good camping spot. We set our bags down and set up a small, sleeping area and made a fire.

"Beau, we only have a can of soup.." Addi said, her voice hushed. I nodded. "I'll go out tomorrow and get some more. We can't have too much stuff with us, okay?" I spoke in a soft tone.

She sighed, getting a small metal dish and made a little "stove" over the fire. She dumped the vegetable soup in it, stirring it with a plastic spoon until it became warm. We ate in silence.

But comfortable silence.


Me and Addi have been on the run for 2 years. We were both raised in a abusive foster home. No, we aren't siblings. Less than that in fact, we are 'partners'. 

So, after a year of stress, we pakced as much stuff as we could and ran. We are now "criminals". We stole, broke into peoples houses for food, stole purses, hid in grocery stores overnight. 

But we still seem to be happy, and yet, we are becoming closer.



I watched as Addi put everything away and made out "bed". Which consisted of a stolen blanket, a small tarp over our heads, and crumple sweaters for pillows.

I put out the fire and layed back, patting the spot next to me for Addi. She layed beside me, head on my chest and arm around my torso. It was like this every night, but I couldn't ever get enough of it. I closed my eyes and sighed contently.




I opened my eyes and saw Addi leaning over me. I gave a yawn, seeing she had packed everything up, and all that was left was the tarp I was laying on. "Oh..Sorry." I apologized, rolling off it and standing up.

"Morning.." She said. I gave a weak smile, still tired. "Where are we headed today?" She asked me. I gave a yawn and leaned down to pick up my backpack.

"I want to run into town and grab some more food..." I said. Addi nodded.

"I have some extra cash, we can go to that lady we saw a few days ago and ask for a shower?" She said. I nodded.

Yes, to get a simple 10 minute shower each, we paid a lady $15. My life.

"Alright, let's get a move on."


Adreneline rushed through me as I packed canned foods, aswell as bottles water. I stuffed some into my bag, and some in my sweater. Good hiding place.

I began to walk out, stepping out of the door and hearing the loud alarm. The sound of victory. 

My feet took me straight behind the store, and I hopped the fence, falling in the process, but managing to get away without being seen.

I saw Addi as I slowed my pace behind another store, and saw her smiling in happiness. "The lady said we can shower for free, for as long as we want.." She said.

I gave a huff of approval and shoved the stolen items into my bag. 

We walked down the street and to the lady's house. We knocked on her door and she gave us a 'awe', seeing how gross and homeless we looked. 

She ushered us in, letting Addi shower first. Meanwhile, she gave us some blankets and cash. I couldn't thank her more.

As Addi continued to shower, the lady told me about the articles in the newspaper about us. 

"They said the police spotted you at the main town park...And now are searching behind stores, outside of town, and inside homes.." The lady said with a sigh. I nodded, remembered.

Our conversation got cut off as Addi came out, hair wet and changed. I gave her a warming smile, now it was my turn.

I entered the steamy bathroom and undressed, entering the shower. I noticed the various shampoos and body washes. Seeing a mens of each. Clearly, this lady had a husband.

I washed my body, face, and hair. What a good feeling to be clean.

Once I finished, I changed into a pair of jeans and a sweater, with socks. Worn, dirty socks.

I stepped out with my hair dripped wet, knowing it would dry later. I saw Addi and the women hugging, saying goodbye. This was the first lady to actually accept having criminal 16 year-old in her home. 

I smiled, listening to the ladyu as she jotted down a note and gave it to Addi. "Keep this. It's my phone number, address, and cell phone. Please, call me if you are in trouble. I can't keep you here right now, since I'm having problems with my...Husband." She said, sighing at the end. 

I nodded, giving her a hug and saying goodbye.

Ms.Lou was her name.


New story!:D This is Chapter one, and two will be up tomorrow. If you donèt understand, just wait and I will explain the characters father on in the story. Thanks for reading!




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