Dynasty Of The Dragon

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As Claire's past is revealed in front of her eyes she learns from Johnny(Vampire hunter) that she was adopted into the Valek family. Her real family was from Vlad Tepes (The Impaler)prince of Wallachia modern day Romainia. Taven her step brother was going to tell her the truth in the Carpathian Mountains (the arch) Where Vlad is burried. But she killed him in the and escaped to the temple herself. Now that she brough her biological family back as the undead. The Tepes family will reconstruct Vlad's castle and regain their dynasty to rule Romainia once again to bring back peave to their homeland

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Dynasty Of The Dragon

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Submitted: March 29, 2010



When Eric popped in the tape I saw my eight year old self being abused by my older twin brother Taven and my step father Caine (The dark Father of all vampires). My step mother Zillah (The Beautiful) didn’t even lift a finger to help me out she was so scared that Caine might hurt her as well. Every night I cried myself to sleep my tears weren’t clear like humans it was dyed in blood it stained my cold pale skin. When everyone left the club I sneaked back in to get the tapes and a few matches gathered firewood to build a bonfire out in the back woods.
It was a warm night in California very quite in the deep woods just the leaves wiping around on the ground against the wind. A sudden howl of a pack of wolves broke the silence, there is a war between Vampires and Werewolves never to cross boarders we leave them alone they wont harm us. I hate changing into my vampire form but when the time comes I have to and this was one of them. The wolves started circling around me at least twenty yards away and closing in on me fast. There were at least fifteen of them in the pack. I had no fear about them I was a vicious killer back then showed no mercy to the innocent mortals for my blood lust.
When they were attacking me I killed at least a few of them until one of them realized who I was. One of them kept an eye out for me since I was living with my family until I ran off. His name was Austin Green-worth when he changes into his wolf form his fur was so beautiful. I could still feel it run through my fingers like silk. It had white through out his body, black spot on the nose and grey on his paws. He stayed in front of me growling at his family the wolves just took off the other way letting us be. Austin went behind a bush to change back into his human form in private.
“Who the hell are you why did you help me?”
 I said to him in fear and complete confusion why would he ever save me from his own family he should join with them not against and betray his family. I guess we had something in common then.
“I kept an eye on you when you were young I’m sorry I couldn’t help back then your family would’ve killed me. But I am here to help now though.”
I sat down on a rock placed more of the tapes in stirring the fire with a long branch sighed deeply had blood tears streaming down my face. Austin sat down next to me hugged me tightly showing some comfort couldn’t hold my emotions in much longer just broke down instantly. The both of us slept by the bon-fire that night once morning hit my skin wasn’t burning he placed a ring on me to protect my damned soul not to turn into stone. It was the first time I ever saw the sun well since birth.
Chapter 2:
“What was it like seeing the sun for the first time, living in pure darkness well practically your whole immortal life?”
The young man flipped over his small little cassette tape and pressed record. Claire sat in-front of him the only thing that was blocking us was a small coffee table made out of oak wood. It had small carvings on it.
“It was over whelming as soon as it touched my skin the coldness seemed to vanish but yet I wasn’t turning into stone frozen in time is our punishment (eternal death).
“Austin wake up what’s going on with me why am I not turning into stone?” She pushed him off the rock and he woke up instantly.
“Um I placed a ring on your finger. It has an herb in it called ravine in it to prevent you from burning. As long as you don’t mix it any drink it will not shut down your body. Gabriel my father who attacked you he grows them in our mansion to poison Vampires but what he didn’t know it could also be used for protection as well. That was my ring for emergences but it looks like you need it more than I do. C’mon let’s get out of here I have a friend in Montana Harley he’s a hybrid he can help with your wounds.”
So I followed him to his red van took a road trip down to Montana he said it was good for him because there was a lot of game for him to hunt at night. It was a four day journey on the road stopped a couple motels along side the highways until we reached a ranch size house. I didn’t last the last couple of days. My eyes were pure white like death, Austin carried me into Harley’s home placed me on a table so he could heal my wounds. Harley was fifty percent Vampire and Werewolf. He was a biker guy had a couple of Harley Davidson’s in the garage long brown hair ripped blue jeans and a black tang top. Austin fled since he couldn’t handle seeing me like this he was hunting for some game out in the back woods.
Five hours after Harley finished cleaning my wounds I woke up refreshed drank some of his blood. I didn’t know at the time he was a hybrid after an hour or so I started changing into one of his kind. That’s when Austin burst through the door he knew I was changing.
“What the hell did you do to her why is she like this?!”
He had Harley pinned up against the wall holding his shirt collar. Harley pushed him off his neck. He started cleaning up the lab while Austin fell to the floor.
“I changed her because she needed blood to completely heal. You need to teach her not to kill humans anymore as I did to you once before after you killed your girlfriend. Claire is a dead ringer to Melody don’t you think? Looks exactly like her now I know why you’ve kept an eye on her since she was little.”
Harley helped Austin off the floor continued to clean up the mess in the lab. Austin went into the guest room to check up on me I was still in so much pain. Harley locked chains on my wrists and ankles knowing I would get very violent during my change.
“Let me go I won’t hurt anyone I swear.”
I said with a smile on my face as if I was joking, he shook his head sat on the bed by me.
“I’m afraid I can’t do that not yet at least. After your change you will have an intense blood-lust. You will kill every human in your sight tomorrow night you will begin to feed on animals only don’t worry I will take care of you.”
My heart began to stop in the middle of the night and I died once again. During the afternoon I was reborn into a hybrid as Harley’s child. I know I’ve betrayed my kind but it was the right path to take for me. Yet Austin’s family was furious with Harley, Austin and I.
That night we began to hunt in the back woods formed our little pack. At first the blood of the animals turns cold quickly. I changed into my human form once we came upon a lake I drowned my original mother Zillah in when I was young. I slipped out my dagger that was in my left boot sliced the palm of my hand and placed it into the lake. The water started to boil with blood in the water so my mother could drink from it and be reborn again. A skeleton hand barged out of the water grabbed my wrist tightly pulled me in. All her skin was decaying her long gray hair was still there but her eyes I couldn’t see them. She put her mouth to my ear and whispered into it.” Go back to Romania your father and Taven are there. I know this because when you were little the only reason why you abused so much is that you would toughen up. Trust me just go.”
So I just left swam up to the surface Harley and Austin were waiting for me on land. They asked me what happened and I said.
“I have to go back to Romania can you guys take me there my brother Taven is meeting me at a Tavern called “Tepes”.
The both of them agreed to help me out we got onto a private jet couple of days flying we landed in Transylvania. My hometown they call us hybrids Lupine’s, I was terrified returning to Transylvania didn’t know what my father and Taven would think about me being a Lupine. Besides that it was great returning back home land it was exactly the same as I left it back in 1887. Us Romanian’s are so terrified of vampires so my family had to keep it on the down low. But there have been recent attacks on the residents all the bodies drained of blood. Now that sounded like my father and brother so I went to the county sheriff’s department gave them information on their where bout’s.  I left the building late that evening returned to the pub. There was a local band that was playing Nocturne, as I walked over to the corner of the pub there was my brother Taven. He brought me in the back where I met my father for the first time within centuries he noticed I’ve changed yet he didn’t say a word to me he was disappointed in me.
Chapter 3:
“So they weren’t abusing you at all and you brother Taven is protecting you from Caine? Why?”
“I suppose they wanted me to return back home to keep me away from Harley and Austin.”
As we walked up stairs into my new room my brother closed the door behind us locked it.
“Your probably wondering why I am acting like this. It’s because you broken a law and the other vampires want to leave you dry. I just wanna help Claire they want to kill you and we need to hide.”
“Yeah I know they do Taven so does Austin’s family. Are you sure you will keep me safe?”
Taven smiled at his little sister touched her cheek and nodded.
“Yes of course.”
“Can I trust you?”
He shook his head very annoyed with the questions she was asking he sighed deeply.
“Now come on we gotta make a pit stop to Carpathian arch first then we go to our old home in Transylvania.”
Claire followed her older brother to his small car out back drove off to Carpathian arch (Mountains). 
Meanwhile back at the pub Austin and Johnny were looking for Claire when they ran into her father Caine.
“Where is she ? Why isn’t she here?”
Caine sat down on the red velvet chair starred at them both with a sinful grin.
“My son Taven took her to the Carpathian arch in the mountains back home. She is running away from you Austin she’s scared of you. He’s going to kill her I sent him on a mission to do so. Claire killed my wife by drowning her you’ve might of met her at a lake few days ago.”
“You son of a bitch he wont kill her I wont let him I will rip his heart out!”
Austin turned into his wolf form started attacking Caine into bits blood was on him and everywhere else.
While Taven was driving to the entrance of the arch Claire woke up from a nightmare knowing something was wrong. She sat up in her seat yawned a bit to wake up.
“Caine is dead. Austin he killed him for some reason I don’t know. I’m sorry Taven but he wasn’t really a father to me.”
Taven pulled over the car along the side of the road got out went over to the passenger side. Unlocked her side door dragged her out by her long black hair, she fought for her life became viscous ending up killing her brother for her own defense but when she goes back to Romania the towns people wouldn’t like what she has done. They would have a ceremony the sun-dance (burning the vampire at the steak in the morning sun in village square.
Meanwhile Austin and Johnny were searching for Claire as well when they came across her brother’s car on the side of the road. Johnny got out of the car with a loaded gun with silver bullets just to find out that she had killed her own brother. He had blood dripping down neck, Johnny knew it was for self defense but he knew also that she was turning into a monster as well. “Well what’s going on Johnny what happened?” Austin said has he walked towards him smelling the stench of rotting flesh with flies swarming his corpse.
 Once he got to the car he almost hurled from the stench covered his mouth. “She did this to her own brother why?” Johnny climbed into the car placed Taven’s body in the back rolled the window down and put the key into the ignition started it up. There was a cliff near by with a body of water down below he drove the car as he walked starting off slowly and gradually it picked up some speed. Eventually he got his watch caught on the stirring wheel of the car and it was only few feet away from the drop off. He got lucky it broke off his wrist when it went over the cliff. Austin came running up behind him picked him up on his feet. “Your crazy man you got lucky though.” “It’s called covering up the tracks Austin don’t worry about it.”
He patted his shoulder as he walked back to the car and continued to drive down the country side road where they met up with Claire. Johnny pulled over the side of the road went up behind her putting her hands behind her back  taking her to the back seat where Austin was to make sure she didn’t bale out down the road .
“What’s going on guys C’mon it’s me I’m not a monster I swear I only killed my brother for defense that’s all he was going to kill me on the side of the road anyways. Why don’t you believe me?” She said as she had tears in her eyes no one ever believes her didn’t know why she ever tried to convince them. “He’s not really your brother Claire.” Johnny said as he was looking through the rear view mirror. “He’s your step brother you’re adopted. Well not really you were born in 1500’s something like that from Prince Vlad Tepes (The Impaler).”
“Caine UN dug your grave saw that your corpse wasn’t completely rotted away decided to spare your body.” Claire was shocked about the whole thing took off her seat she picked locked her cuffs escaped the car headed towards the temple Carpathian arch to be with her family once again. Johnny stopped the car along side of the road as Austin changed into his wolf form started chasing after her. When Claire saw Austin few yards away from her she flew on top of the trees knowing he couldn’t get up on the top.
But that didn’t stop Austin he tried climbing with his paws digging into the bark of the tree. Claire climbed down a bit fell down with him snapping his neck as they both landed on the ground. She fled once again to the Carpathian arch and by night fall she made it inside to her family seeing that her grave was UN dug still she had blood tears staining her pale skin. It was a couple days walk for Johnny to reach the arch it was cold and foggy in the mountains which wasn’t fair to Johnny it slowed him down a bit.
When Claire UN dug her father Vlad Tepes’s Just like Caine done to her in 1560 she bit her wrist fed her blood to him letting it drip down his throat.
Chapter 4:
She did the same with her uncle Vlad’s older brother Mircea Radu the younger brother was with killed in 1478 by Vlad in a small battle. Once Johnny got to the temple he saw that Vlad and Mircea were alive well sort of. Mircea took one of the swords that were left over back when they were buried. He sliced Johnny in two halves; Claire was finally at peace with her original family at last. But they would have to keep a low key change names so the public wouldn’t recognize them for who they really are.
All she wanted was to be with her real father she never got to know him; she was fourteen when he was assonated while fighting near Bucharest in December of 1476. The Turks took Claire captive and impaled her as revenge she was buried with her family at the arch in the Carpathian Mountains where Caine had found her in the 1500’s changed her into a vampire. Once the sun set in the horizon the Tepes family moved back to Romania into her father’s old castle which is now in ruins but half of the castle was still enacted. Vlad gave her his medallion as protection from the sultans to know where she came from.
As they fled back to Vlad’s hometown of Sighisoara, Romania they entered the woods of the impaled where during his mortal years he impaled his own people. Women, Men and even children who’ve missed behaved or didn’t pay their taxes. There were still skeletons on pikes; miles away you could smell the rotting flesh poison the air.
“Father you’ve killed all these people back when you ruled Wallachia right?”
She said as she looked around at the pikes.
“Yes I have my daughter I was a mad man after your mother killed herself because the Turks wrote a note to her telling her that I was dead. She fell for it but I thank you for bringing me and Marcia back we can rule again. Now come we must get into the nearest village before nightfall.” They took off towards town few yards away from the forest of the impaled. Once they reached the village the citizens looked shocked and confused at them. The villagers where Vlad was born looked to him as a hero not a murder.
“Why is everyone staring at us father?”
She looked at him as the horses trotted through the streets towards his castle. The next few months being back into the world Vlad hired slaves to reconstruct his castle. There was countless of slaves who couldn’t keep up with the work so Vlad for his own amusement he had them boiled and skinned alive. Claire was by her father’s side most of the time learning how to rule their country as his older brother Marcia was his head guard in the castle. She felt at peace once again with her real family He abhorred weakness of any kind, and was determined to be the ruler of his kingdom which would only be host to the rich and the powerful.
A couple of Turkish ambassadors came into his castle wearing their Phrygian caps. Vlad let his daughter choose what to do with them she ordered the guards to place wooden stakes in the top of their heads and ship them back as a warning to obey their customs. A few nights later Marcia came bursting into the great hall telling his brother that the Turks found their ambassadors by the docks earlier that morning. The castle was under siege. “Gather as many people as you can I will be there shortly.” He had full attention to his daughter she wanted to stay and fight knowing they couldn’t be killed.”Father let me stay we can’t be killed. I will be fine I won’t go without you I wont loose you again.” The guards took Claire to a safe Castle away from their home in the back of the horse carriage she locked the door jumped out headed back to the her castle. The Turks were hiding in the woods of Wallachia.
While Claire was heading back towards the castle the Turks attacked her on surprise. Claire was out numbered for awhile tell her uncle Marcia notice there was fighting in the woods. Took off on his horse following the noise of clashing swords in the distance by the distraction Claire was stabbed with blade that had silver liquid drenched on it. Marcia saw it all happen he took her by the forearm lifted her up on the horse rode back to the castle.
Marcia brought Claire back into her room lifted up her shirt a bit to see wound that couldn’t be fixed. “Guard go to my brother Vlad about this hurry!” An hour later Vlad received the terrible news that his daughter was in critical condition.

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