Sebastain Shadow, In The Dark Of Night

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Stephanie Swift is an ordinary girl on her last year at secondary school, until she's attacked by a strange creature and meets Sebastian Shadow, a Wolverine detective searching for the reason why school children are going missing who helps Stephanie with the "changes" that the creature had done to her.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Sebastain Shadow, In The Dark Of Night

Submitted: March 25, 2013

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Submitted: March 25, 2013



1: Bump in the Night


Stephanie sat in her room looking out of the window, the night was clear and a full moon watched over the sleepy country side near London. She sighed; wishing something exciting would happen and snap her out of the usual routine of her life.

Her life was boringly normal, she longed for something strange, exciting and dangerous to happen. Stephanie herself wasn’t too different, but not too normal either, she had flame red hair, deep blue eyes, a pale but pretty face and a splashing of pale red freckles across her cheeks. She dressed in black with a lot of silver buckles and straps and chokers and chains.

Her room was pretty much the same, black and red walls, a gothic mirror, and posters of the band Slip Knot, Breaking Benjamin and other loud heavy metal bands covered the walls, as well as her favourite movie star David Tennant. Her bed was black with a black pillow and black blankets. She walked over to her desk and sat down in the chair; she put her skull candy headphones on and cranked the volume of her radio up playing Breaking Benjamin Crawl at full blast. She put her feet up on the desk and lent her head back, listening to the music.

After a while Stephanie turned the volume down to normal levels and unplugged the headphones, she lay in her bed and fell asleep after a while.  Her dream was strange and distorted; she tossed and turned in her sleep, unable to shake the feeling of anxiousness that engulfed her. She woke with her face damp and her hair sticking to her face. Stephanie sat there, gasping and panting, the dream had felt so real even though she couldn’t remember anything.  She shivered, remembering feeling a malevolent presence in her dream, that feeling hadn’t dispersed with the memory. 

She looked at the time; she had been trapped in that dream for three hours even though it hadn’t seemed that long. 

Tap, tap, tap.

The sound made a chill shoot through Stephanie. It sounded like bony fingers against stone, like someone buried alive. She really wished she hadn’t just thought about that.  She sat up and walked over to her window, she opened the curtains just a crack, to her relief there was nothing there, just a tree branch tapping against the window in the breeze. She went back to sleep, the nervousness always on the edge of her dreams, vying to get in.

Stephanie awoke the next day feeling silly about being scared of the strange dream and the tree tapping against the window. She got up and dressed in her usual school uniform, looking in the mirror she thought, only one more year of wearing this stupid uniform. She went downstairs and ate her toast that her mother, Eleanor Swift had made for her, her father David hadn’t made an appearance yet.  Eleanor Swift was a short blonde haired woman who liked to put red streaks in it, her eyes were brown. Her father, David, was tall, muscled and stubbly. He worked as a builder so he often looked raggedy and rough, but she didn’t mind. Stephanie had no siblings so it was just her, but she didn’t mind.

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