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Andy is a typical girl living in the year 2800 discovers that there was once to types of human beings. A male and female. She doesn't understand why or how the male died out. Could she be the first to realize that the male still lives?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Once there was a man...

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Submitted: June 11, 2009



"Three thousand years ago there was a different type of human being. Can anybody tell me what that human being was called?" Mrs. McKin asked.
Mary Goodsworth raised her hand high in the air and waved it back and forth so violently a startled Mrs. McKin had to call on her. "It was called a man," She said, "The only use for them was to act as the sperm suppler for women."
The teacher nodded. "A man did what science does now." Mrs. McKin said. As she spoke the electric board produced the words on the large screen in the front of the room and on the personal computers on each and every one of the student's desks. "They created sperm and gave them to the female so that she could become pregnant. If you look up at the main screen you will see a photograph of a man. You see men had more angular bodies and obviously more hair on their bodies than their heads. You will learn more about this in Male Anatomy Studies next year. Now does anybody have any questions?"
Mary Goodsworth began to shake her hand violently in the air again, knocking my hand out of the way "Sorry," she whispered. She began to shake her hand again, "Mrs. McKin! I have a question please."
"Yes Mary? Then Nicole, Then Andrometer." Mrs. McKin said pointing to Nicole Winston then to myself. I smiled. Mary, though one of my best friends, wasn't the only one who could come up with a question. Nicole Winston on the other hand was the most obnoxious person in the entire class and would do absolutely anything to keep me from getting to ask my question.
"Mrs. McKin, why haven't we learned about men in the past? I mean can't have been the only one who had wondered what had made the sperm before any type of sperm maker came along."
"Well when there where men children your age were just learning about what goes on when a couple wants to have a baby."
"What’s a couple Mrs. McKin?" Mary asked.
"A man and a woman who made an alliance sort of thing and lived in the same house and usually became the mother, and they called the man the father, of a child." Mrs. McKin tied to explain.
"Oh. Well that answers my question. Thank you." Mary Goodsworth said.
"Good. Now Nicole? Or is it Andrometer?" Mrs. McKin asked.
"It's me." Nicole asked. She glanced up at the clock as she said this. I followed her gaze and saw that there were fifteen minutes left in the hour. She was going to have to waste A LOT of time to not allow me to ask my question. Her eyes bored into mine and I glared back at her across the little white classroom with the wall screen, the thirty student desks, and a teacher desk all holding personal computers. The polished tile reflected a distorted image of me, with Nicole Winston glaring at me. "Mrs. McKin," Nicole said slowly she waited for Mrs. McKin to say yes or something but got no answer. Mrs. McKin had to be the only teacher that didn't give her the same polite nature they gave the normal students. She must be able to see right through everyone's little masks. Not that my insides were going to get me in any trouble with Mrs. McKin. I found other human species fascinating.
"Nicole please continue, I only have thirteen minutes left in the period and I will not let you waste it." Mrs. McKin said sounding annoyed. I could see Nicole struggling to come up with a question that would take up ten minutes.
"If your not going to ask a question then would you let Andy ask her's?" Sen Maskey asked. Sen got bored easily.
"Wait," Nicole said stalling for time, "I just remembered it. I have two." Nicole said pausing again.
"Nicole!" Mrs. McKin said sharply, "Ask your question in the next ten second or I'll have Andrometer ask heir’s first." I glanced up at the clock. There were only nine minutes left.
"How did men," Nicole paused, thinking of a good question, she opened her mouth to speak then closed it and glanced up at the clock, seven minutes left, "How did men," she repeated, "how did women," she paused, "How did women," she paused again and the clock changed. Five minutes. She took her breath, "overcome," she paused again, "How did they overcome..."
"How did who overcome? Who is they?" Mrs. McKin asked. Four minutes.
"Women!" Pause. "How," pause, "did," pause, "women," long pause two minutes, "over," pause, "come," long pause, one minute, "men?"
"I'll explain tomorrow, meet me after class. Andrometer?" Mrs. McKin said. As I opened my mouth the bell rang. "First thing tomorrow." Mrs. McKin said. I waited with Steffie for Diella, Hazelle, and Mary. For this reason we were nearly always the last ones out of the class room. The bright hall lights hurt my eyes and the blackness of the walls overwhelmed me. It was like walking out of a movie theater into fire on a stormy day except it happened every seven hours! I had begged Mami to let me be home schooled but she simply wouldn't budge and said that if I kept asking I would end up in private school. I mean I had the grades for it. My friends Mam's had said the same thing so if need be we would keep badgering them until a, one of them gave in, or b, (the more probable answer) we all ended up in privet school.
"Do you think Nicole's going to get detention?" I asked.
"She should," Hazy said, "I mean we didn't learn anything. All she did was drop the bomb and answer questions. Me, I drew three Manga pictures in that one hour."
"I agree. I mean she decided she hates me and won't let me ask anything. It's such a stupid way for her to get revenge. Can I see them?"
"Yea next hour. Wait what does she want revenge for?" Hazy asked.
"Winning the science fair last year. I mean we all know that Mary s the smartest one in our science class." I said just a little louder to see if Mary had any input in this conversation.
"What? Sorry Andy I'm just thinking. Mrs. McKin didn't really answer my question. I mean if they didn't learn about sperm until they were our age then why have we known about it since we were little? And then why didn't we know anything about men till now?"
"Mar, you did know about men. You gave the name."
"I was reading ahead in the textbook, you know that." Mary said. "Your right Mar. It is kinda weird. So are we going to bug our Mams tonight or tomorrow?" I asked.
"Tomorrow." Diella replied, "If we do it tonight we won't be able to sleep over at Mary's."
"Good point Dielle," I said, "What do you think Stef?" I turned to see a completely oblivious Stef bouncing around probably listening to music on the micro news chip we all have implanted in our heads. "Stef! Stef! Steffie!" She turned to look at me.
"And Stef is still completely oblivious." I said, "Do you want to bother our Mams tonight or tomorrow night so you can sleep over?"
"Tomorrow night." Stef said.
We carried our laptops up and down the hall stairs. Our schedules were made to especially as part of Matriarch City School's student exercise program. There was a certain amount of steps we had to walk up and down everyday. To keep us in shape. Even in the offices there was the thousand steps method. We also had to go to the work out room every day. Matriarch City is the capital of Matriarch Valley, the capital Matriarch. There was only one school and like the name it was pretty girly. We had manners class, academics class, science class, technology through the ages, robotics the basics, and we now had Males class. I walked all the way home however six hundred and twelve steps after I had left school my shoes stopped my from talking another step and they said
"Thirteen thousands steps reached. Initialization of roller skates beginning.”
I groaned. I had always hated when this happened. If I had to take one extra step every time we changed classes I wouldn't have enough to get home. I tried to reset the shoes to allow my two hundred extra steps every day but I still hadn't figured out how to. Mother said that this was not something ladylike and that only filth would think of such a thing. Mrs. McKin's words still sorta haunted me. Well her words mixed with Mary's. Why hadn't we learned about men? We had learned about them just today yet they should have taught us with history. It all just seemed suspicious. Why is it that adults never would listen to that? That's why I'm not gunna be the one to ask.­­­­

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