Three The Hard Way

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This Novel follows the lives of three young adults residing in Atlanta Georgia. Starting off with Nicole a bisexual accountant to the wealthy; who finds herself torn between her many lovers.She is easily infatuated which causes rifts in relationships. Donovan a wealthy business man who battles with multiple addictions and risky behavior. His addiction and poor judgment will land him in places he couldn't imagine. Bri a high class whore who does her best to hide her occupation.Her job will ruin her relationship and almost her life. These three individuals will cross paths with each other in a way no one thought possible. Will they be able to keep it all together or drop the ball or pull a three the hard way.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Three The Hard Way

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Submitted: June 12, 2014





Limp... Loose… Free… and flat on the floor. Eyes closed slightly I breathe. I take it all in. As I lay on my back my jet black waist length hair reached north, east, south, and west. My fingertips ever so softly glide against the tips of the white hairs on the rug, which complimented my all white condo. The curves of my 5’2 frame merged with the fur. Light from the crystal chandelier kiss my caramel skin. My white lace teddy draped my silk skin to perfection. I was in love with everything about this moment. A clean white smile crept upon my face. I snicker covering my mouth with French manicured nails. The bustle of Atlanta’s streets crept into my ears and I’m up. I quickly yank my hair into the poorest excuse of a pony tail make my way to the bathroom. I quickly slap the lights on and gaze into the mirror. I pucker my lips and pose on the left raising my shoulder and then on the right. I drop the act and stick my tongue out laughing at myself and slip off my teddy. My 32 24 40 measurements attracted lots of attention. I loved it, secretly being the biggest attention whore ever. The sweetest girl you’d ever meet and people knew it. I never revealed my arrogance but in my mind I was stuck up my own ass. I knew I was the shit and it felt damn good.

I slap on a shower cap and enter the steaming water. I shower slowly admiring my body. I hop out and pat myself dry quickly grabbing my silk robe and letting down my hair. I take my time on my makeup and hair. I slip into a black long sleeve mesh sheath Versace dress and Christian Louboutin Pigalle Black Patent Spikes heels. I drape myself in fine gold jewelry and put on Marc Jacobs Dot perfume. I’m extremely pleased with the end results. I grabbed my Hermès Vintage Lizard Skin Envelope Clutch and made my way to my all white 2015 Audi A3 and head to The Ambiance Lounge.


This lounge was full of high rollers. I felt entitled to be there on the night of Donovan’s celebration. He just made a 12 million dollar deal with a Japanese Studio Tech company. Donovan …. Oh Donovan. I bit my bottom lip thinking about the things we had done. He was my lover, my friend, and the only person I had when I moved to Atlanta. When I entered the lounge I felt eyes glued to my every sway. I kept my glance fixated on the sexiest man in the place. I had spotted him 2.5 seconds after arriving. He smiled and made small talk with several people in the club. I admired the way his Navy Armani Collezioni Giorgio Suit complimented his chocolate skin. He was clean cut and fine as hell. He commanded attention from all eyes including mine. I made my way closer never losing stride or sight of my man. Well he technically wasn’t mine but I wanted to remove him from the market as soon as possible. As I got closer my eyes met his and a smirk arises on his face. I approach him in a very professional manner.

“Donovan congratulations!” I say with elevated speech. My hand reaches out and falls upon his shoulder in a friendly manner. His smirk quickly turns into a full blown smile.

“Nicole… Nicole… Ni-fucking-Cole.” His says grabbing my hand from his shoulder and bringing it to his succulent lips. The feeling of his lips sent me spinning but I kept my composer. I felt so small standing in front of his 6’8 frame. I smiled and grabbed a glass of Champaign as a waitress passed to keep my hands off of him. I took a sip.

“I could have got that for you.” He smirked.

“You know me; I handle my own business, and definitely my own drinks.” I smiled. He moves closer and speaks into my ear. His minty cool breathe tickled my ear and sent chills all over my body.

“You look amazing Nicole. I would’ve been honored to enter this club with you on my arm.” He backs away. “But I’m not worthy of a queen such as yourself.” He smiles.

“Shut up D.” I giggle slapping my clutch against his arm. “Ahhh” He laughs. “Enjoy your night boy.” I kiss his cheek and walk away swaying my hips to perfection. I know the image of me walking away from him would be embedded in his mind for the remainder of the night.

I make my way to the bathroom leaving my drink on a crowded table. Upon arrival I check my make up and do my usual poses in the mirror. As I put my lipstick back into my clutch a dark skin woman appears from the stall. Her beauty makes me pause for a moment. Her figure demanded my attention. She looked down at her breasts as she pulled up her White Strapless Herve Leger Bandage dress. She wore my shoes in fresh turquoise and which made me cut my eyes at her. When she walked up to the mirror she posed and fondled with her hair after washing her hands. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of this woman. She was so attractive. For once I see someone who could compete with me.

“Nice shoes.” I hissed at her. She steps closer to me. Too close for a bitch who I didn’t know.

“I see you have impeccable taste.” She says looking me in the eyes and then giving me the up and down. She switches away leaving Versace Bright Crystal perfume lingering in the air.

I leave the restroom right after. I shake the chocolate goddess from my thoughts and head towards the VIP couch Donovan had reserved for me. Shortly after I sit down my phone alerts me of a message.

“Hey boo! I miss you! We have to do something soon. When are you free?” I roll my eyes at the message and put my phone in my clutch.

The message was from Gabby a “friend” from back home. We secretly hated each other and only hung around each other when we had something new to brag about. Horrible I know. We were good friends once but she can’t be trusted. Any bitch who will deliberately cause stress and or drama in your life is not your friend. I had to learn that the hard way. We attended high school together. She was Ms. Perfect and I was Ms. Puffy. Our roles switch quickly when she became pregnant after graduation and I went to college. Now she calls whenever she feels as though she has caught up to me. But that won’t happen until she stops chasing after her baby daddy and start chasing the money. I laughed at the thought of her trying to compete with me. When I raise my head chocolate goddess was there.

“You look lonely. So a bitch is gone crash ya lil VIP couch.” She gives a quick smile and rolls her eyes.

“Bitch, don’t get embarrassed in this club.” I snap my neck at this rude hoe making sure to keep eye contact.

“Shut the hell up.” She laughs sipping her drink.

“Bitch you lucky I don’t have any friends here that I would dare borrow clothes from. You seem like a good candidate but don’t push your luck.” I look her up and down our eyes meet with a devilish glare and we both burst into laughter.

“Bri.” She extended her hand and I replied with my name and we shook on it.

“Why haven’t I seen you around Nicole?” She questions

“I moved here about 7 months ago. I don’t know too much of anyone.” I stated

“Well then how is it that you’ve made it onto the list of high rollers that were invited to this club? I see you have the attire and class but you’ve only been here 7 months. It takes years to get in with these folk.” She smiled intrigued

“If I told you everyone would know.” I smile insulting her trustworthiness. I’ve never been one to tell my business and that wasn’t going to change for sexy silky skin, a killer smile, and banging body. I look at that every day in the mirror. I smiled to myself.

“Mhm Bitch.” She smiled. We went on for the rest of the night laughing and talking like besties. Donovan kept sending us rounds. The more I drank the more I wanted to have this girl. We exchanged numbers and promised to keep in touch. She left the lounge with an older white man with salt and pepper hair. He looked to be about 42. I admired her as she left. She looked so good. I smiled at the thought of being with her. But as soon as she was gone my focus was back to Donovan who had been having the time of his life.

I watched him as I sobered myself up for the drive home. I kissed him on the cheek before leaving. He asked me to join him at his place but I declined. He’ll miss this ass tonight. I loved to torture him like that. When I arrived home I stripped and hopped in the shower. This time I showered quickly. My bed cried for me as I tied my hair up. I slept bare. My soft skin felt amazing gliding against my sheets. My bed felt like heaven and it wasn’t long before I was dozing off. Then I was interrupted by a text.

Good night beautiful - Bri I smiled.

Was this girl flirting with me? I was too tired to stay up and find out

Night Baby girl – Nicole

I woke up at 6 am on the dot. I dragged myself to the bathroom and cleansed my face and brushed my teeth. It was Saturday and my schedule was clear. I threw on a fitted superman t-shirt and black boy shorts and made my way to the kitchen. I fixed a bowl of peanut butter capt’n crunch and plopped down on the couch. I began watching Law and Order SVU reruns. I watched two and turned off the TV. I knew if I started one more I would be in front of the TV all day. I threw my bowl in the dish washer and ran upstairs to check my phone.

2 missed calls 3 text messages 6 emails.

I checked my voicemail. First message:

“Hey sexy, just making sure you made it home safe. Give me a call when you get this.” Donovan’s voice made me smile. I made a mental note to give him a call later. The other voicemail was a hang up. I checked all my emails. Then I checked my texts.

Give ya Old Man a call. Miss you. Love you – Dad. My dad and I were pretty close. He texts me almost every day and I call him whenever I have free time. He’s always been a constant guidance and positive motivator.

Bitch! I see these photos from that party! My bitch is bad! –Nyla. Nyla was a girl who lived in my building. She’s funny as hell and cool to be around.

I’ll have your heart one day Ms. Nicole – Donovan

I threw down my phone and headed for the shower. As I washed my body Donovan slid into my mind. His athletic build coated in deep chocolate engulfed my thoughts. I ran my hands over my face and neck and worked my way down to my full breasts. I massaged them as I bit my lips. The things he did to me, the things I did to him took over my soul. My heart beat began to quicken as I made my way in between my legs. I rubbed my clit slowly moving my hips to match the rhythm. The warm water splashing against my skin made my whole body feel amazing. My breath became heavy as my fingers fasten there movement. I called his name as I climaxed. Shit! I missed him.

“Fuck that I miss no one.” I said laughing to myself aloud.

My feelings towards others hand been drained from me for the most part. Yes, I wanted to date Donovan but nothing more. I wanted people to know he was mine. I feel entitled to that. But then again I felt entitled to many things. Being Bisexual I’d been burned by both sexes. No one ever stuck it out with me. I had yet to get a rider. I rode for my significant other but it felt like just drove over me in the end. So from then on I was a dog. I claimed the bone I wanted and still ate whatever bone I dug for. And trust if I dig your mine. Back in the day I fell time and time again. But the last time I fell for someone I never stopped falling. I fell for a guy I graduated High School with. We didn’t start to date until college.  I still felt as though we would be together. In the back of my mind everyone else was temporary. I was still going to marry Christian. Christian was a passionate hustler. The only difference about Christian is that he hustled legit. He left that illegal shit alone and flipped whatever he got his hands on. He actually ended making a business of it and was very wealthy now. When I first got to Virginia State University he was a familiar face. We clicked instantly. We sat up many nights hot boxing my 01' honda civic bumping Illmatic - Nas. We recited lyrics and laughed all nigth. We were inseperable.  I missed Christian so much. He knew me; all of me, which made me care so much about what he thought. I never wanted to disappoint him. He was my summer nights and winter days. His deep mocha skin is what made me fall in love with darker toned people. It was so rich and soft. His lips so big and moist melted my soul whenever we kissed. Christian and I had history, too much history. Deep feelings of betrayal drove us apart and we split after we graduated. I moved to Atlanta and he moved to New York. He had been a city slicker at heart. We had taken many trips to the city at the end of each semester. He was originally from Jersey so he took his buisness to his home town. He moved back in forth from Jersey to New York with his business. I flew up from time to time to visit. We both remained single. Every time I flew to see him I would fuck his brains out. His was my true love and eventually we would be together is what I told myself. I quickly picked up my phone to call him. My rendezvous with Donovan made me forget about my true love.

As I lay on the bed air drying I thought what in the hell is wrong with me? I was just fantasizing of Donovan and now I’m calling Christian. I felt horrible and I didn’t even know why. 

Then he answers. “Yea…Hello?” His smooth voice slithered into my ears.

“Christian. It’s me.” I smiled rolling onto my stomach

“Ha-ha, what’s up?” He said “

Nothing, I was thinking of taking a trip soon.”

“….Ahhh now isn’t a good time.” “Why what’s up?” My expression changed drastically. Christian never denied me. Christian loved me. Our trips is what motivated him is what he told me. How could he pass up on this?

“You know what. Maybe you should come so we can discuss some things face to face.” “Uhh… okay.” I said nervously.

“I’ll book the flight soon.” I hung up. I knew I wouldn’t book that flight. I had a feeling that Christian want to seriously end the games we played and I couldn’t handle that. I would call in a few weeks and see where his mind was then.

“Fuuuuuuuckkkkkkkk!” I screamed. “Fuckkkkkkkkkk.” I slammed my IPhone down and went to my walk in closet.

I threw on a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans and my Jimmy Choo Flint Leopard print Calf Hair Sandals, with a fitted white top, and gold accessories. After I perfected my makeup I grabbed my Versace VE2130 sunglasses and hopped in my car. I applied my YSL lipstick in the car as I headed to the mall. I went to Lenox mall and as soon as I entered I regretted my attire. No one in this fucking mall could compete with me. I smirked and strutted through that mall with class and ass. I turned heads left and right as my hair bounce along with my ass. These Jimmy Choo’s had it sitting right and everyone knew it. Of course a couple bitches hated but I loved that shit. I purposely didn’t wear a bag. I was in need of something chunky and brown and Gucci called my name. When I entered I was greeted by first name and handed a glass of Champaign. I kissed Havier on the cheek and gave him a smile. Havier knew what I liked and always had the flyest bag on my arm.

“Havieeee, I need something Big and Brown.” I smiled

“I’ve got just the thing. Have a seat.” He smiled back. He went into the backroom.

I studied the place and looked around at who shopped. There was a well-dressed black guy. He looked to be around 30. There was a familiar silhouette beside him. I smiled, it was Chocolate Goddess. How come I’ve never noticed her until last night and why was she popping up everywhere now? I decided not to approach. I came here to get a bag and look good doing it. I was still debating in my mind about Christian and I didn’t need her clouding my judgment. I looked back in her direction and she turned to meet my gaze. FUCK it was too late. All of me said go talk to her. I couldnt believe I was crushing on this girl.

She wore a white maxi dress from Versace that made her look amazing. Her long curly hair hung with elegance. I hated this bitch for making me like her. When I seen her I decided I wasn’t going to call Christian for a very long time. The past was the past and University was long over. I needed to make room for my new bone. Donovan was already a handful but Bri she would be a challenge that I would have to rise to. I quickly walked in her direction removing my glasses.

“Hello beautiful!” She smiled kissing me on the cheek.

“Bri” I smiled back not wanting to give her too much attention.

“What you got going on today?” She asked excitedly

“Well, I-“I begun to say but she cut me off.

“Fuck that, you’re coming with me. Let’s have drinks at my place.” She clapped excitedly

“I-“she did it again

“I’m not taking no for an answer.” She protested walking closer to me. I give her a smirk.


Havier came back with a Vintage Web Original GG Canvas Boston Bag. I snatched it up so quickly.

“It’s not big and not totally brown but it’s you Nicole.” He smiled.

“Havieeee I love it!” I gave him a big hug and kissed him.

I ended up agreeing to her invite and followed her home. My new bag rode shot gun. When I pulled up to her place everything was to perfection. Greenest grass and immpeacable curb appeal. She lived in a neat town home on the upper side of town. She hopped out of her BM W and made her way to my car. I stepped out to meet her. I stood 6 inches taller than her because of my heels compared to her flats. “Girl you look bad as hell. You know how to break a fucking neck.” She teased

“Ha-ha, thank you honey. Now show me why you lured me to your place.” I teased back

I dont know why she invited me to her home so soon withought really knowing me but I didnt care. She was sexy and I was sexy. If I played my cards right everyone on the block would know the name Nicole.


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