The Lost Princess

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A young girl is a princess without even knowing it. She goes through the adventure of reinstating herself to the throne.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Prologue

Submitted: September 18, 2013

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Submitted: September 18, 2013




The knight rode his horse through the dense forest, the small bundle cradled in his arms. The horse’s breath was labored, as if it had been galloping for hours. The knight kept spurring it on, desperate to complete his mission. It was a matter of life or death…for both him and the baby he was holding.

He kept looking behind him, making sure he wasn’t being followed by anyone, friend or enemy. No one else can know about what he’s doing. It was the queen’s dying wish for the baby to survive.

The forest had opened its arms out to him, concealing him from evil hands. He knew, however, he’d be dead soon. He decided that the next habitation he encounter. The trees began to thin out and soon enough, he was riding along the edge of a field. From the top of the hill, he saw a small wooden cottage, quaint and simple, but isolated from anything else. It would work. Quietly, he rode his horse, a beautiful chestnut gelding, to the edge of the accompanying barn. He tied it up by its halter. Walking up to the front of the cottage, he placed the baby on the front step, leaving the Queen’s signet ring tied to the cradling cloth.

“Farewell, my princess,” his voice rasped. The poison was taking effect.

Bowing to the infant, he backed off. The sun was just beginning to rise. Smiling, with pain in his eyes, he left the cottage and its surrounding fields. He had barely made it into the forest by the time the poison took full effect.

Back at the cottage, the baby opened her eyes, the piercing green associated with royalty and magic.


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